Narada Shaara
Personal Information
Name Narada Barak Shaara
Birthdate 29 (January 11th)
Blood Status half-breed
Place of Birth Paramaribo, Suriname
Occupation Curse-Breaker
School Information
Schools • Katshasan Academy of Magical Sciences
• Euro-Glyph School of Extraordinary Languages
Houses {$house}
N.E.W.T.s • Arithmancy - Outstanding
• Ancient Runes - Outstanding
• Charms - Outstanding
• DADA- Outstanding
• History of Magic- Exceeds Expectation
• Potions - Outstanding
• Transfiguration - Outstanding
Wand teak, 11¾", naga scale
Broom Suisei VIII
Pets Aleicester, the Puffin.


A particularly exotic and handsome young man, with almond-shaped eyes indicative of his Sinhalese heritage. His eyes are a startling golden colour— a trait that does not particular seem human— that are always slightly obscured by horned-rim frames. Button-ups, sweaters, and skinny jeans or european cut slacks adorn a lithe frame. To top his outfits, he can usually be seen in military styled boots or wingtips and a panama hat. Narada was blessed with cool taupe coloured skin— that always seems polished and smooth as if it had never seen a hint of work in its life; he certainly never suffered from a zit— and a thin face. His cheekbones set high and a pointed chin, find itself in good symmetry with a slender, long nose. His hair is brackish green colour and usually styled in a quiff.

  • Height: 180cm
  • Weight: 59kg
  • Distinguishing Features:
    • a scar over his right eye from a curse.


“Narada…was a very talented student, he had a thirst for acquiring knowledge; this thirst also got him in a lot trouble from time-to-time. Nevertheless, he was a good kid and all of us at Katshasan was sure that he would make something of himself.”
Arular de Silva

Narada Shaara is an extremely smart, talented, and brave individual. He is particularly loyal and can always be counted on by the ones that are held in his circle or higher-ups. He is mostly focused internally and bases many things off his own intuition— thusly he is constantly observing the world around him. He is always picking up information and is rather insightful, with a quick understanding of concepts and ideas.

Everyone that knows Narada will say that he is very systematic and organized. They would further go on to say that it is obvious that he has troubles expressing his feelings and often seems to have very little interest in those of other; however this does not mean that they are not truly there. His instinctual, intuitive intelligence is perhaps his most defining trait— the former and his particularly dry and sarcastic humour.

Notable Skills

Narada natively speaks Dutch and Sranan, though also speaks his father’s mother-tongue of Sinhala. He is furthermore fluent in English (due to both studying the language and by living in an English-speaking country). He does carry an interest in linguistics; however in ancient magical languages and thusly has become rather proficient in several magic-based languages (such as, Naga, Mermish and Gobbledegook). Due to his sharp mind and analytical nature, Narada has also shown himself to be a talented investigator. He is more than capable of finding the background information and putting the pieces together to view the greater picture. As expected, he is rather resourceful as well.

Magical Skills

  • Strengths:
    • Ancient Runes:
    • Arithmancy:
    • Charms: Received an “Outstanding” in this art. His wide knowledge of protective and powerful shield charms have aided him in becoming a rather talented duelist. Surprisingly enough, with his talent in Charms, Narada never could cast the Patronus Charm
    • DADA: very skilled in this subject and received an “Exceeds Expectations”. He is more than able to cast the Stunning spell, Impediment jinx and such. Furthermore he has showcased usage of the shield charm and the Blasting Curse.
    • Potioneer: due to his Naga heritage, Narada received ample training in the art of Potioneering and is most certainly deserving of his “Outstanding”. He is incredibly adept at potion-making and is more than knowledgable in European and Southwest Asian techniques of potion-making.
      • Alchemy: is rather the alchemist.
    • Transfigurations
  • Weaknesses:
    • weakness1
    • weakness2
      • indent like this

Brief History

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