Apollo Sheffield
Personal Information
Name Apollo Aurelius Sheffield
Birthdate <35, 2063>
Blood Status pureblood
Place of Birth Newcastle, England
Occupation Daily Prophet CEO
School Information
Schools Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Houses Slytherin
N.E.W.T.s •Divination - O
•D.A.D.A – O
•Charms - O
Wand 12” silver lime w/ dragon heartstring
Broom lol, please.
Pets He’s terrible with animals. 
Other •a six inch long enchanted hippogryph automaton.
•a boggart in a bag.
•an ordinary violin on which he is quite proficient.
•an enchanted motorcycle (registered, of course).


While most people are either beautiful or visually fascinating, the absence of one seeming to account for the other, Apollo seems to enjoy the luxury of being both at once. No amount of uninterrupted staring is likely to uncover some previously hidden imperfection in him, but time spent staring could never said to be wasted for the continuous discovery of his endearing expressions and mannerisms. Even the sparse scattering of moles on his sun kissed skin seems an attribute that would be sorely missed. He doesn't so much give off the impression of a plastic, factory-made boy, as he does that of the best imaginable culmination and arrangement of his parts.

Given what he has to work with, he seems to display the privilege of a careless air - wearing what strikes his fancy without worrying about flattering or hiding certain features, styling and playing with his hair (naturally a sunny, golden blond) without ever leaving it in a mess and, of course, flinging himself recklessly into hobbies of any imaginable sort without doubting his physical capability. All of this, he manages without seeming particularly suspicious for it and only such scrutiny that human beings so rarely give one another would dreg up that which seems unusual about him. His movements are without resistance and hazel eyes are never exactly the color you remember them.

  • Height: 178 cm
  • Weight: 72.6 kg


Despite, or perhaps because of, a relatively short attention span, Apollo seems to have a vast variety of hobbies, at which he is undeniably well-educated. Indeed, it would seem to take just so many activities to spend even a fraction of his mental and physical energy. In a word, Apollo is an extrovert. In two, he is a social butterfly. Flirtatious and eager to show off in lieu of empty bragging, he draws energy and drive from interactions with and, of course, attention from others.
Like any good socialite knows, first impressions are gold - some opt for quality, some quantity…Apollo likes a healthy balance and achieves it through a flair for the dramatic and memorable. He enjoys knowing lots of people and ultimately he would much rather have either loyal friends or devoted nemeses than simply a collection of vague acquaintances. He isn't one to remain satisfied as someone's 'next best friend' for long. He is not, however, a difficult person to like. His pride is usually more or less only endearing and his qualities can well overshadow it. Outgoing, inquisitive and frank, Apollo is an easy person to like and, with such a broad range of interests, usually an easy one to please.

Notable Skills

  • Music – A talented musician, Apollo is one of those people who can start to learn whatever music-making device finds itself in his hands.
  • Muggle Athletics – Not one for Quidditch, Apollo DOES enjoy staying fit and participating in Muggle sports. Among his favorites are football, swimming and free-running.
  • Being Awesome.

Magical Skills

  • Strengths:
    • Divination – From the moment he set foot in the Divination Tower at Hogwarts, all manners of the craft seemed to com easily to Apollo. What's more he seemed to enjoy at excelling where often other students were frustrated. Even today, he rarely goes a day without dabbling in some form.
    • Curses and Charms – For someone who loves puzzles, curses and charms present a very enjoyable pastime. Apollo is creative with the application of curses and excels particularly in healing charms.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Magical Creatures – Anything to do with animals, to be honest. Apollo gave it his best shot in school before resigning himself to the fact that he just didn’t have his twin’s adorable connection with creatures.
    • Flying – specifically brooms. There are a million more dignified and cooler ways to get around that DON’T wreak havoc on your family jewels.
    • The Patronus – Those rely on warm, fuzzy memories. If he can conjure one at all, it’s never taken a corporeal form.
  • Notable Abilities:
    • Apparating – Apollo is VERY practiced in apparating with a grand success rate and applaudable precision.

Brief History

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