Aolani Palea
Personal Information
Name Aolani Palea
Birthdate 27 (January 1st)
Blood Status Muggle-Born
Place of Birth Kaonipaako, Hawai'i Island, Hawaii
Occupation Quidditch Player
School Information
Schools Candlecross
Houses <house(s)>
N.E.W.T.s Charms (O)
D.A.D.A (E)
Potions (E)
Muggle Studies (E)
Herbology (E)
Wand Walnut Wood, Yukionna Hair, 8 3/4 inches
Broom Nimbus Millenium
Pets A pet turtle named Turtle. Or Slow Thing.
Other Several ocarinas of various tones, shapes and sizes. Keeps an Alto ocarina tied around her neck. Usually has multiple anklets and bracelets, but always, no matter what, keeps one set the same — a set with a silvery appearance and strange, runic marks on the outside.


Not a very tall woman, Aolani has a tanned skin colouration, due to her heritage and extensive time spent outdoors playing Quidditch and other activities. Her hair is kind of a Chocolate brown, and her eyes are the same. Her clothes tend to reflect her heritage: bright colours, exotic prints of all kinds ranging from flowers to trees — rarely could her clothes be considered 'mundane.' Her hair comes down to the waist when it is let straight down, but that rarely happens. Others may call her an 'Island Beauty,' but she never considers herself such. She is a staunch believer in 'natural beauty' and rarely wears any kind of makeup. Indeed, if she's seen wearing such, it's either because somebody forced her to, or because it's a very special occasion.

  • Height: 5'03"
  • Weight: 124 lbs
  • Distinguishing Features: Likes to wear her hair in twists and knots. Talks about it being some kind of symbolism. Otherwise, it's fairly straight. Also rather short. Her clothes also make her stand out of a crowd.


Aolani is a happy, take-life-as-it-comes sort of person. She views life as too short to be taken all too seriously, though there are things that (obviously) are to be taken seriously. However, the woman is very laid-back and hard to anger, unless one touches on things that aren't to be joked about. This doesn't mean she cracks jokes at every situation (though she isn't one to turn down a good joke), but as a result, she seemed unfettered by most. Indeed, if people insult her trying to sell collections of spells she's 'created,' she just responds with "Buy them or don't. It's not like I'm forcing you by placing a wand to your head." She is honest and truthful, figuring that lying is a fool's thing to do. If people can't handle the truth, then that's their fault. She has been known to lie every once in a while, to close friends, if it makes them take a situation easier than the truth would. Even then, it's a small, white lie, that has truth sprinkled in it if one wants to search for it. In short, she loves positive thinking and having fun — part of the reason she turned to crafting spells.

Notable Skills

Great Cook
Likes to write
Seems to be a quick study of foreign languages.
Loves to Fiddle with things to create new things or use old things in new ways.
Talented Musician. As long as it's an ocarina.

Magical Skills

  • Strengths:

Spell Crafting
Charms (Offensive / Non-"Household")

  • Weaknesses:

Divination (Cannot see -anything-, no matter how small)
"Household" Charms

  • Notable Abilities:

Seems more adapt than usual with 'Elemental' Charms — in other words, charms that deal with manipulating the elements somehow.

Brief History

Aolani was born on Mauna Kea, in a small village called Kaonipaako, to a muggle family. However, at a young age, she showed an astonishing like for snow and ice, and a wizarding couple that just so happened to be staying at the village sensed that there might be something more to the child. After displaying a few.. 'interesting' feats at young ages, the wizards approached the family, set on telling them of their child's magical talents.

Most of the time, the Wizards wouldn't dare approach muggles, but with a child that had that much talent, it was hard not to. Surprisingly, the muggles seemed intrigued. They had been staunch Native Hawaiians, but the idea they had a unique child was exciting to them. They had always been open to change, and backed up the family when they said she'd have to go to a wizarding school when she was old enough.

And go she did, where she passed rather averagely. She didn't seem to have any technical weak point, except for Divination, which she was absolutely horrible at, but there was only a few things that she seemed to be above the rest at. The most profound one being charms — and especially those Charms dealing with elements. She also seemed rather good at flying. She played Quidditch, and though she was no prodigy, she was no slouch either. Always a hard worker, the girl always performed consistantly.

Once school ended, she turned to ameteur Quidditch tournaments, where she played rather well. However, during the begining of the last off-season, the Nagasaki Naiads picked her up off the Ameteur Circuit. They had seen her playing and knew that, with training, she could be a world-class Chaser. She had played every position during her gambit in the Ameteur Circuit. And while she had performed admirably as a Keeper, and wasn't a terrible Seeker, she had done the most work as a Chaser. Her insticts and capability of performing exciting dodges and steals, even on a lower-class broom, caught the eye of the Nagasaki Naiads, and she was taken onto that position.

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