Alaric Wulf
Personal Information
Name Alaric Wulf
Birthdate 31 (June 6, 2067)
Blood Status Tainted (Lycanthropy)
Place of Birth Lemoore, California
Occupation Owner and Operator (Half-Past Human)
School Information
Schools Candlecross Witching Institute
Houses Coming soon!
N.E.W.T.s Not Applicable
Wand 11 ¼”, Red Birchwood, Thunderbird feather
Broom Cleansweep Capitane
Pets Dodgson: An albino Diricrawl
Poe: An Augurey
Sherlock: A white and tan wire-haired Crup
Hermes: A rusty-brown Northern Pygmy Owl
Other He literally owns to much too fit in this space.


Gruff, tattooed, and generally unkempt, it’s easy to assume Alaric Wulf is nothing more than an apathetic leech on Wizard Society. But wait! There’s more! He also happens to be the sole-proprietor of the Knockturn Alley establishment Half-Past Human. It’s not exactly Dark-Arts-Specific, but some objects therein may or may not contain curses. For all intents and purposes, Rick runs a resale shop that isn’t quite classy enough for Diagon Alley. Do you know what the rent on a shop in Diagon Alley is? Do you?! Anyway, Alaric’s not really a bad guy… but he’s a bit… bitey if you’re not careful.

  • Height: 6'3
  • Weight: 184 lbs
  • Distinguishing Features: Too many tattoos to count, the beard of a God (or an axe murderer, if you prefer), gauged ears, and a distinct lateral quadruplet of scars above his right hip than could only be the artwork of a vicious animal attack.


Rick’s rough exterior mirrors his inner-turmoil to an exact science. Well, maybe not a science, but it’s clear that just by looking at the man, you can tell he’s not the cuddly-type. He generally remains out of public view (if and when he can help it) and disappears for, sometimes, days at a time - leaving his shop closed at least one week out of the month. If you ever run into him, Alaric is generally a passive fellow. He’s not at all passionate in either love or hate, but instead indifference. Apathy is his native language (we have buttons!). Except, you know, for the occasional outburst. C'mon, he's a werewolf, he can't be emotionless all the time…

Notable Skills

  • Alaric is somewhat of a motorcycle enthusiast - Because nothing makes you more of a badass (except being a douche-y American, that really seems to complete the ensemble).
  • He enjoys hiking, climbing, and lots of other active things - Like ya do.
  • Reading - he’s good at that.
  • Apathy - Yeah, check that box.
  • Add ‘getting wasted’ to that list - Oh, he’s a blast when he’s drunk!

Magical Skills

  • Strengths:
    • Not a lot.
    • Maybe… Nope, not that one either.
    • Muggle Studies? I think Muggle Studies counts
    • Not killing people is a good one… but then he doesn’t really see a lot of them so, jury’s still out.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Apathy - How many times should this be mentioned? I really think it’s worth noting.
    • Bouts of depression - This is usually what leads to the drinking.
    • Drinking - You know, because of all the depression.
    • I think that covers it. Thank you for your time.
  • Notable Abilities:
    • Does being a werewolf count as a notable ability? Eh, we’ll stick it here anyway. Werewolf

Brief History

Alaric’s tale is tragic and long and boring. So we’ll skip most of it and just sum up, if that’s okay with you. His family has this weird thing about keeping “Lycanthropy” in the “genes”. I know, I know. You’re saying to yourself, “But narrator, Lycanthropy isn’t genetic”. Well don’t tell Alaric’s family that, or maybe someone will forget all about their wolfsbane potion on the full moon and gobble you up! So, long story short, they usually infect their children sometime before they reach puberty. Yeah, and you thought your family was messed up.

Fast-forward to Candlecross, and our young anti-hero is forced to hide his werewolfishness from all the wizarding world and the few friends he manages to make. Luckily, the headmaster took pity on him and kept him nice and tucked away in a cave near school on the full moon. It wasn’t paradise, but it was better than living at home. When he was old enough, dear Alaric escaped the gripping tragedy that was his family-life, and fled halfway across the world to, arguably, the most well-known Wizarding colony in the world… London.

Fast-forward some more to the death of Alaric's father and the inheritance of some money. It’s not a lot, mind you, but it helps him get by with his dingy little shop in Knockturn Alley. He lives above the shop with his birds and a Crup named Sherlock, completely content with his life so far. Maybe some day he’ll even forget burdening London with his sad self and go live somewhere more depressing and out of the way. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

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