Adrian Fairfax
Personal Information
Name Adrian Fairfax
Birthdate 25 (October 27, 2072)
Blood Status Half-blood
Place of Birth Paradise, Newfoundland, Canada
Occupation Freelance journalist.
Keeper for Team Canada - it's like winning the Participation prize in preschool!
School Information
Schools Rosecross Academy of Invocation
Houses House Loherangrin
N.E.W.T.s Astronomy: E
Care of Magical Creatures: O
Charms: O
Defense Against the Dark Arts: E
Muggle Studies: O
Potions: A
Transfigurations: E
Wand 11" - Weeping Willow and Petal Wing
Broom Suisei 7
Pets Mercury, an Eastern Screech Owl
Other A journal and fountain pen. Adrian is never separated from either.
A camera.


Adrian could be called attractive, at least when he's all in one piece. He's tall and svelte, if a little scruffy on occasion, and regularly showing the scars of last night's indiscretions. When they aren't hidden behind a hematoma, his eyes are bright green. When it's not underneath a layer of mud and bruising, his skin is fair and Irish. He seems to have a hard-coded inability to be properly dressed for any occasion, though he does take very good care of his hair. Maybe he'll outgrow some of these problems eventually. Maybe.

  • Height: 6'
  • Weight: 165 lbs
  • Distinguishing Features: He has an undeniable tendency towards injury, dirt, and a generally unkempt appearance, courtesy of a complete inability to keep his nose out of the affairs of dangerous people.


Adrian is, in a word, curious. It drives him to take grossly unreasonable risks, and it makes him an extremely good investigative journalist. It also puts him in more than a few sticky and uncomfortable situations. Of course, he's also very bright, which has helped him get out of most of these uncomfortable situations in one piece. For the most part. Certainly, he gets by without any injuries a little magic can't fix! Adrian tends to be high-spirited and outgoing - most assuredly a people person. He can, however, be difficult to get along with… he holds himself, and by extension everybody around him, to a very high code of conduct. People who fail to live up to his standards of decency will hear about it.

Notable Skills

  • Photographic memory, coupled with profound powers of observation. Did you know there are 217,156 cobblestones between Kindlebird's and the The Leaky Cauldron?
  • A knack for sensationalism and promotional bluster.
  • Charisma. He's got a voice, he knows how to project it, and he's got a serious talent for spinning words together besides. He's quipped that he could talk the panties off of a Veela and back onto a bog-hag in the space of two breaths.
  • Adrian's actually quite athletic. Far more than your typical journalist. See, he fancies himself an action journalist, with an emphasis on surviving the chase scenes and outrunning his myriad enemies. He does seem to take quite naturally to most physical pursuits, in any case.
  • Last, but probably not least, Adrian's very good in the kitchen.

Magical Skills

  • Strengths:
    • That low grade on his NEWT aside, Adrian has a natural talent for brewing Liquid Luck.
    • He's also got a knack for enchantment, though he mostly uses it on simple charms and toys and trinkets of no real value or utility.
    • Though he's not about to win any tournaments, Adrian can hold his own in a duel.
    • Adrian is an extremely strong flier. At least for a Canadian.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Any potion that isn't Liquid Luck.
    • Advanced Transfigurations. That score on his NEWT? It might, possibly, have been earned through less than honest means.
    • Non-defensive magic in duels.
  • Notable Abilities:
    • He's not a true seer, but Adrian has just enough talent for Divination that he's developed an almost infallible sense for when people are lying to him.

Brief History

Adrian came of age during the tumultuous final days of the Auror Wars - a fresh graduate when Kali Anmalyashonjir made her final push for power, he was dragged into the fighting in the Maritimes and New England and involved extensively in the American Resistance during the Anhuala War. Though he only took very limited part in the fighting, his skill as a leader and diplomat both worked in favor of the resistance movement during the uncertain months of conflict. In the aftermath, he worked with the rebuilding effort, and wound up falling - quite by accident - into the life of a freelance journalist and impromptu political activist.

He doesn't exactly regret it.

Now, how he came to play for Canada's national Quidditch team… that's a question for another time.

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