May 6th, 2098

19:09:57 Noriko || It wasnt an epiphany so much as it was a little bit of clarity in the midst of a sea of uncertainties; our hero was still grateful for whatever insight she could cling to. Welcome back, true believers, where we once again join everyone’s favorite hero [the sensational Princess Sparklefists] out on the prowl! Nori hadnt told many people about the prophecy: so far four people were privy to the knowledge that her second sight had glimpsed something; only three had heard the actual body of it. She was seeking counsel of one of those three now; the most English of them [actually Scottish, Nori wouldnt dream of confusing the two], Xia Lavine. Known better as the splendiferous Lady Blossompop. Nori had sent her a note by sparrow asking to meet, then gone to the meeting place: of course it was Liliput’s, where our hero had first prophecy’d and her favourite place in London besides. For the occasion she dressed [as] plainly [as she ever did], cherry red winter bridge coat, knee-cut pleated white skirt, knee high leather boots with some heel to them. Much subtle. Nori hadnt been waiting that long but between her agitation and her lust for all the chocolate there already were a number of empty plates waiting on the table in front of her. She needed help with a theory: maybe Xia could give it and she wouldnt need to spread dangerous information further than it need spread. ||

19:30:04 [Xia] Despite the plates in front of Nori, it was true that she hadn't been waiting that long. Xia had been caught off guard by the sparrow, and had sent a return message that she would be there ASAP. She appeared, having come from her apartment, in a relaxed state, her hair it's normal shade rather than one of the violently bright ones. Her clothes consisted of a vivid pink day dress, a little too summery for the weather, but the yellow jacket she wore over it made it a little more weather-permitted. Paired with her sensible ballet flats in white, she looked comfy and relaxed, but still presentable. She made her way over to Noriko and took a seat, eyeing the plates for a moment. "Either you've been waiting a while or you're particularly antsy." She commented with a slight grin.

19:46:57 Noriko || Blossompop was a case study in colour clashing today; no more than usual though in a different way than usual: her hair wasnt dyed in some blinding hue. “Yes. No. Both of those actually, a little bit. I havent been waiting too long. I have an idea though. Also they have a French silk pie today; its magnificent. Whaaat can you tell me about Minister Brighton?” Our hero [the agitated Princess Sparklefists] didnt spend a lot of time dancing around the subject; she had things that she wanted to know and had ideas to bounce around and also maybe refine. Nori didnt know very much about Wilhelmina Brighton though. First issue with her plan. “I mean hi! I should start with that; thats more polite. I dont want to be rude.” It was just that Blossompop could help her and Nori had an idea about a thing that was very important; so clearly she was letting excitement route around her normal politeness. ||

20:00:38 [Xia] Color clashing was one of Xia's specialties, that much was very clear just in the way she looked today. But she didn't mind. She liked the colors, and it was clear that she didn't care if someone else had a problem swallowing them. "Minister Brighton? I don't know very much about her, to be honest. Izzy might know more. She took over only within the past few years…the Conclave is as much her brainchild as anything else." She said, considering it all. "Ummm…Yeah. I don't know very much. I have friends in the ministry, though. They may know more." She smiled. "I think that she was very intent on really showcasing together-ness and unity, and she is very focused on putting the bad of the past few decades behind us so that we can…uh…" Xia frowned, as though she were remembering some sort of speech. "Move forward in peace, or something." She eyed Noriko, grinned at the way she had bounced around in her words, and had said hi. Xia didn't mind the way she jumped right to the point. It was normal for her.

20:13:34 Noriko || “I think Minister Brighton is the Mother,” Nori burst out all at once; there it was right out in the open. It wasnt something she had mountains of evidence in support of: more hunch, bone-feel. But our hero [the mighty Princess Sparklefists] hadnt gotten far in the world by distrusting her instincts; distrusting left her in ugly places that she very much didnt want to keep remembering.“I dont know what her sins are; I dont know why they demand payment in blood. I think Brighton is the mother though. Something is coming in December and its because of her somehow. I think the prophecy is for her.” The point to all that that Nori wasnt articulating very well was that she needed to get the prophecy to Brighton; she didnt have any idea where to start with that though. How do you just walk up to a foreign Minister of Magic and say oh hi how’s tricks I had a prophecy about how youre going to be the cause of horrible things? Not like that, definitely. ||

20:34:41 [Xia] Wide eyes met Nori's statement, but it was a moment later before Xia actually responded. The theory didn't not make sense. She gave a small nod and tilted her head to one side. "I can see that…I would fit…" She murmured, looking thoughtful as she toyed with the idea in her mind. "There are a lot of things she could have done in the past, I'm sure. And maybe even things leading into the Conclave…" She grimaced and shook her head at the idea. "I don't know at all…but…" She trailed off and frowned. "Do you want to try and get the prophecy to her? Because we could go and talk to someone in the ministry, maybe. Someone I know." She tilted her head to one side. "Or maybe an anonymous owl? But she probably has all her messages screened by other people…So maybe not." She frowned, fidgeted a little.

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