May 6th, 2098

12:38:04 [Iwamura] Izzy had been out late the night prior, doing things that surely didn't involve any sort of shenanigans. What, Izzy, shenanigating? Perish the thought. He'd never do anything of the sort. Which was why today, he was out doing more not-shenanigans. He'd chosen a spot that wasn't quite so common a haunt as the Leaky Cauldron or Liliput's - the Whistling Snidget, where he was nursing a small (and only mildly alcoholic) drink, something of an odd golden color that was vaguely sweet and vaguely tart. He was also plinking away at an acoustic piano. Whether it had always been there or not was irrelevant, he was making noise on it, kind of distractedly. (Izzy was, actually, a rather capable classically trained pianist. Not that you'd ever know that by his amused tapping at sharps and flats and similarly amused tapping at the foot pedals.) Yeeeeep. He was pretty full of awesomeness right now. Which was to say he was a little bit tipsy, and contemplating his existence. Which had recently become a convoluted soap opera full of erased memories and dark wizards and general purpose stupid. Shoulda kept wandering Europe on foot…

12:54:34 [Saedis] Stormy day was stormy and grouchy Saedis was , well Saedis. She needed some air. Rarely did she spend a moment alone , away from Sig, but he kept teasing her about the boy at the bar the night before and kept pointing out how much she had been poofing lately. It was something she had done as a child, a defense mechanism if you will. Now it was occurring more and more. She hated when he questioned her stability. Bundled up she walked the streets looking through a blur of rain into shops and eateries. Coming upon one she literally stopped dead and stared at the name. What an odd..she pushed the door open and slipped in. At the door she shook her head free of any rain that had made it through her hood. She walked to the front and stared up at the menu. An intimidating woman walked up and asked for her order, adding a sweetie at the end. Saedis swallowed, blinked and picked after a long moment of silence. “Hot tea and crumb bread please…” She fished some money from her pockets and handed it over. Being pre-prepared the woman handed over the goods and Saedis shuffled over to a corner to sit. She didn’t actually take noticed of the only other person in the pub until she had finished her bread. The piano notes caught her attention. Through sips of tea she stared, almost entranced, as his fingers moved. Saedis couldn’t tell you even the males hair color, because her eyes saw nothing but his hands. {E}

13:09:21 [Iwamura] Presently, Izzy became aware of someone watching him. And gradually, his playing shifted from a disinterested, distracted plink-plink-plink to more complex arrangements until, almost all at once, he was playing something distinct and recognizable - if, admittedly, very very old. A piece by one Sergei Rachmaninoff, albeit one that Rachmaninoff had come to hate by the end of his life: in dramatic fashion, Izzy played out the first few bars of his prelude in C#m. The bells. He glanced over his shoulder at Saedis with a sly smile. "Hello, there." He recognized her from the show the prior night - Saedis, she'd introduced herself as. As much as his attention had been on ensuring Huian stopped being miserable and alone, he didn't ever stop noticing his surroundings. He also wasn't entirely sure what her interest in his performance was. Before he noticed he was being watched, Izzy hadn't been doing… ah… anything worth noticing.

13:18:07 [Saedis] It actually took Saedis a few moments to realize she had caught this mans attention. This was mostly because he had started truly playing, only pulling her in deeper. She noticed when his voice called out and she raised her eyes up quickly. She didn’t appear sheepish like a caught child though. “That is very beautiful.”, she said before taking another sip of her tea. She had learned the Piano at a very young age. She adored the entrancing beats of her brother, but nothing painted her imagination or helped to express her complex emotions like the diverse sound abilities of a Piano. Finishing off her tea she stood and walked to a trash bin. After dumping the containers she took a seat closer to him. I am sorry if I had bothered you. I’m Saedis..Lu..Im Saedis. She pulled her feet into her seat and rested her chin on her knees.

13:28:03 [Iwamura] "I know," Izzy responded to her introduction, obviously a little amused. He continued playing, the cadence picking up as he left the distinctive opening for the far more chaotic and dissonant middle passages of the work. "My name is Izuyo Iwamura. Most people call my Izzy." Or Izzymouse, or Izzypop, but he didn't feel the need to introduce himself that way. There wasn't much dignity to it. Scratch - there wasn't any dignity to it. He put up with a lot of that from Xia and Huian… although, in fairness, Huian also put up with him showing up at her house asking to ride her pets into battle, and Xia put up with a lot more… best friends, riiiight? "You aren't bothering me. I was only thinking." And he could do that whether there were people around or not, as it happened.

13:36:17 Saedis tilted her head a little as if the thoughts filling her head were heavy. She narrowed her eyes slightly, studying his grin. How did he know who she was? Did he like their music? Was he at the show? But Saedis didn’t ask. Saedis liked his name and even smiled a little. His full name would probably hurt her little tongue. She moved on to his next statement. ” What were you thinking about?” Blunt and to the point. Saedis wasn’t rude, she just often lacked tact when her imagination was running like a damn hamster. She had been thinking about the rain and how it had no pretty trees to fall upon here in a city. She was thinking this before his piano playing had kicked them clear into space. “You know who I am. Did you know that I play?” She gestured towards the piano.

13:47:21 [Iwamura] What was he thinking about? Mmm. That was a big question. And the real answer was mostly things that he couldn't tell people about. "Theories. On the nature of magic generally, and of transformative transfiguration specifically." Okay, that wasn't exactly true. But it wasn't exactly false, either. He did spend rather a lot of time thinking about that sort of thing. "I did know that. You and your brother, yes?" Four more bars of that distinctive cardinal motiff, then his fingers slid effortlessly into the coda, quiet, distant, and strangely relaxed as compared to the sforzando and agitato of the rest of the piece. As he'd mentioned in passing to Huian the night before - his music was very old, and mostly instrumental, and almost all of it composed in the Romantic mode.

14:14:01 Saedis blinked. What a fascinating answer. She nodded as if she could totally relate Saedis shook her head. “No. My brother is not a Pianist. It is one of the few instruments he just couldn’t seem to conquer. “ She watched as he returned to playing, each note poking her heart a little. She wanted to just sit and watch, but her agent was trying to get her to be less..creepy. She needed to learn to interact. ” Well. It was very nice to meet you..Izzy. I will leave you to play.” Saedis stood and offered him a little smile. He couldn’t possibly know the effort it had taken. She slipped out though and headed back into the rain.

14:19:53 [Iwamura] "Mmm! It's nice to meet you. Have a good day, Saedis." He let the last chord ring, sustaining it with the pedals for some time. Then, as though he'd never demonstrated any real aptitude at the piano, he went right back to the occasional detuned plinking at the keys. He offered a slight wave to Saedis, then took a sip of his odd golden drink. Oh, he certainly could know that - it might've taken him the same sort of effort, two years ago. Not to even speak of four or six… he'd become passably social by way of necessity. And even there, it was only with a few people that he had any lasting level of comfort. (And most of them insisted on hugging him. Constantly. Gods, that was unsettling.)

14:28:35 [Xia] Saedis made her way out the door, and in the door came Xia, brushing by her with a brief smile and nod, which she offered most people on a daily basis. She flounced into the Whistling Snidget, prepared to grab a bite to eat and a butterbeer to warm her insides, when she spied Izzy. Her eyes lit up, just a smidge, and she grinned as she made her way over to where he plunked on the keys. "Izzy!" She slid to a seat in the spot that Saedis had vacated, looking comfortable in her flouncy skirt that had a mixture of purple, yellow, and green creating fun, indistinctly floral patterns. Her upper body was decked in a nice white-cotton blouse, nothing fancy or frilly in deference to the colorful skirt, and a pair of smart khaki canvas wedges. "How's your head?" she asked, eyebrows rising as she remembered exactly the state Izzy and Huian had been in the night before. When someone came by to take her order, she placed it, then watched as the person walked away before her gaze swung back to Izzy.

14:43:40 [Iwamura] "Filled with strange thoughts and nostalgia for places I've never been," Izzy quipped back. His head? It was fine. He hadn't had any alcohol the night before. Only things he'd been even remotely high on was mischief and adrenaline. Huian, on the other hand, had been profoundly drunk, mostly on account of the fact that she couldn't hold her liquor. Not that he was exactly one to talk… "There's something I'm missing, and I'm not entirely sure what it is. And I can't ask for extra eyes, because it's a private and personal matter, and not my place to bring into the light…" Hands went briefly up in the air, and then he settled them on the keyboard again. "So, the usual, really. That's now my head is. I'm sorry. Talking a lot…"

14:58:26 [Xia] He talked, Xia listened. When his hands went up and came down, she got up and moved to the piano bench, sliding to a seat on it and forcing him to scoot down just a bit. She started to play, nothing consistent…bits and pieces of things she'd learned over the years, but not with any real gusto…inevitably each bit ended within a few seconds of really beginning. "Well. You know you can always talk a lot around me, Izzy. We have to trade places sometimes." She glanced at him and smiled, her fingers running lightly along the top of the keys. A deep sigh escaped her lips, and she closed her eyes for a moment. "So. You can talk. I can listen. Sometimes that helps, right?" She glanced at him, a strand of purple hair falling over her eyes. She was tamer today than she had been in a while, only two streaks of purple at the front of her reddish brown hair…but the purple was bright and eyecatching as her colors usually were.

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