May 6th, 2098

11:14:36 [Elliot‘] [The spot usually occupied by his father, a soft dark leather chair in the corner of the shop, now contained one haggard looking Elliot. He was wearing the same clothes from the previous night at the show, jeans with a fairly tight black t-shirt, and even his hair seemed significantly darker. The truth was that this dark shade was his natural hair color, and that he usually added lighter highlights with his powers . A still steaming cup of plain black tea rested idle in one hand, which had mostly been brewed as a force of habit; something to do with his idle hands. His fun time the previous night at The Firebelly had been interrupted by a patronus from his mother with an urgent message, that his father was in the hospital at St. Mungos. He had apparated there without a second thought, and upon arriving at the room his father was in, he found that he had made it just in time to hear his last words. ’Take care of your mother, boy.' The healers still weren't sure what caused it, and Elliot didn't particularly care why, just that his father was gone. Well and truly gone. So much for his plan to keep wandering around the world playing his music and enjoying himself. Now it was his responsibility to run the store and keep food on the table. And this time he couldn't even argue with the man, apparently he got the last word in the end.]

11:34:54 [Lilium] Early is something Lilium did well. She had been up numerous hours now. Breakfast and orange tea was consumed, Yoga was done, shower was taken and now she just need to finish getting dressed by sipping on her shoes. She was wearing a cream colored sweater, brick shaded jeans, her brown leather jacket and brick shaded converse were the last of it all. Lilium was headed for work, tea in hand. It was a nifty mug charmed to constantly stir itself. It was, to Liliums annoyance, a rainy day. She had a love, hate relationship with rain. At times it felt truly wonderful on her skin. It reminded her of home. This didn’t apply though when the little Fox was on her way to work. Pushing the door open with her free hand she smiled, about to call back into the office. She stopped abruptly though, finding a thin figure in Lupins chair. She squinted her eyes and lowered her head a little. Elliot..? He looked different, but when didn’t he? She set her tea on the counter and walked over to the hunched boy in the chair. Why did he look so distraught? Lilium looked around, listened. Where was his Father? Lilium bent her knees to crouch beside Elliot. She rested a hand on her arm of the chair to hold her in balance. The little Fox looked up, searching for his eyes. Elliot..what is wrong?{E}

11:57:36 [Elliot‘] [He didn’t even look up as the bell dinged, signalling the entrance of someone into the store. He knew who it was, after all, the store wasn't open yet. Who else would be coming in but the sole employee? The fact that Elliot was in the store and there wasn't the immediately recognizable sound of an argument should have been a decent clue as to his father's whereabouts. And considering his father was never late, it would only have solidified the theory. His eyes lifted slightly to look at the girl as she crouched beside the chair, they were dark and dead-looking, clearly sleep deprived. There was no red around the edges, though, to imply that he had cried.] "…It's… uh," [He seemed to have trouble forming the words properly, he gave a heavy swallow, suppressing the feeling in the pit of his stomach and pressed on.] "My dad is dead." [Once he said it, his voice continued, as if he was worried he wouldn't be able to finish if he stopped now.] "Wake's tomorrow, Funeral the next day." [He wasn't even sure what day it was any more. He had been sitting in the chair since the news came, and it had felt like a lifetime, and no matter how stupid that sounded in his head he still couldn't seem to formulate a theory on the actual date.]

12:05:23 Lilium stared up at Elliot for a moment. Her eyes stung. She had formed a small bond with the man and being a live and creature lover she got upset when a frog died. This was not a frog. This was her boss. She blinked finally and moved her hand to his knee. She studied his face as the information, though vague and detached, spewed out. When he stopped the little Fox studied his face. He seemed thin, sleep deprived and even a little broken. This was confusing against the paintings of fights pasted up in her head. Lilium loved seeing Elliot..but not in the shop. They never got along and she detested fighting and hostile confrontation. It made her panicky. Lilium looked up at Elliot and offered him a warm, though sad, smile. You haven’t eaten..well at least today. I can tell. Let me take you to get some food?

12:18:12 [Elliot‘] "M’not hungry." [This was not strictly true, as he had not eaten last night either, but going to get something to eat did not seem particularly appealing to him. To use the cliche, 'Food wouldn't fill the hole in his stomach.'. It was at this point that it would have been terribly funny if his stomach groaned it's protest, but since this was not a cartoon it did not happen. Instead he simply lifted his head to stare at the girl in front of him for a moment before speaking again.] "I'm fine, I'm alright. I just need… need to…" [Whatever it was he needed to do would remain a mystery for the time being as he seemed incapable of transforming his thoughts into words. Or perhaps his mouth was just dry as a bone, because he seemed to notice the still warm tea resting in one hand and soon was lifting it to take a sip. Plain black tea was not usually his… well… cup of tea, but it seemed he was too distracted to make anything else.]

12:22:28 [Lilium] Her weight gave in. His emotional weight had defeated her and she plopped down on her butt. I had a feeling you wouldn’t be, but you’re still human. She watched him drinking the tea, trying not to cringe. He couldn’t possibly like that. She didn’t even drink Black Tea and all she drank was tea. Lilium rested her head against his knee and thought quietly for a moment. She eventually raised her head and looked for his darkened eyes. She perked up a little, turning on her determined fox face. What do you need Elliot?

12:35:11 [Elliot‘] [’What do you need'? What did he need? A time turner, to go back and save his dad from whatever caused his death? Some answers at the very least? A hard drink? No, none of those things would really work. Time turners didn't go far back nearly enough for him to relieve himself of his regrets. He would need a straight up time machine to go back and be the son he should have been.] "How…" [Well now, he seemed to find his voice again, but seemed to stop for a few seconds to formulate the question better.] "How hard is it to find an apartment?"

12:42:44 Lilium felt her brow narrow when he finally formed the words he was looking for. For Lilium it had taken very little time, but the Ministry tended to help its new employees adjust. None of this was important though. Encouraging words were the true need here. Assistance, guidance; not doubt. It’s not too hard if you know where to look”, she finally said with a small smile. At least he was functioning and focusing. Are you not going to stay with your mother? Lilium regretted that question immediately. This apartment thing meant he was here to stay, she felt, but that didn’t change his feelings about his family. Really, Lilium didn’t know how Elliot felt towards his mother, but she knew how well he and his father got along and parents tended to function in pairs, brains conjoined and all that jazz.

12:58:20 [Elliot‘] [With a small nod, he acknowledged her words. He needed to find out ’where to look' soon, though he wasn't sure if he would be looking for an apartment or a house. Money wasn't particularly an obstacle now, not any longer. The Lupin's were quite well off, had been for quite a few generations after Teddy Lupin made his fortune. With his trust fund and now the shop, he was certain he could afford a decent sized house without worrying.] "No." [He said flatly, turning slightly away from her.] "I uh, I don't want to be in that house. And I don't deserve to be either." [Not to mention that he was 22 and hadn't spent a day in the house since he graduated, but he would be just a constant reminder of his father as long as he was there. That was something his mom didn't need, and something he wouldn't do to her. Contrary to his relationship with his father, his mother had always been his favorite. She always encouraged him to do what he wanted, and he had stayed in contact with her by owl since he left. But now it was time for him to grow up and be responsible, which meant getting a job(done), a house(next) and settling down(fuck.).]

13:05:43 Lilium nodded and stood. She had a feeling he would feel that way. Pulling her wand from an odd side pocket in her jacket she whispered Accio Daily Prophet. She had left one on her kitchen counter. After a moment of looking over the shop she heard a thudding sound against the doors glass. Lilium opened the door and at her feet was the paper. Wizards could be a lot like Muggles sometimes. They still lived in houses and sometimes they needed to do something with a house. Flipping the paper open she found he housing ads. There were quite a few places open actually, even two near Diagon. Lilium returned to Elliot and set the paper in his lap, ads up. All you can do is move forward..”

13:33:20 [Elliot‘] [His eyes peered over the paper as it showed up on his lap, not really reading it. Without warning he stood up, the paper falling onto the floor, and he lifted both hands and slapped sharply on either side of his face. Giving his head a quick shake as his cheeks began to redden, and then executed what could only be called a diagnostic test. He began shifting apparently randomly between tall and short, male and female, his hair, facial structure, and eyes all changing to random colors and features and his skin tone swapping between the palest white and darkest black. Over the next thirty seconds, as if he was putting his metamorphmagus powers through their paces, he assumed no less than twenty seperate forms and many in-between stages. Finally it settled down and he began to return to normal, settling on what was basically his normal appearance but with bright turquoise hair, a Lupin family staple.] "WAH!" [The shout seemed to be his way of breaking himself out of the funk he had been in, and finally a smile returned to his face.] "That ain’t me, this is me. Let's go get some food." [He offered his hand to Lilium still smiling what looked to be a natural smile.]

13:42:16 Lilium jumped a little, though she won’t admit that, as he jumped up and smacked his skin. She didn’t fight him or even say a word. She could see what he was doing. The little fox watched as he morphed through so many faces and colors. When he finished she shivered visually. She hated when it did that. It gave her goosebumps for some reason. Elliot finally stopped on Elliot, but with vibrant blue hair. Lilium smiled, but jumped again as once more he yelled. The little fox blinked and took a deep breath. She looked very matronly for a moment. Now he was smiling? Lilium was starting to feel this abrupt change was unhealthy, but as he offered his hand to her, now brimming with energy, Lilium took it and allowed the man to lead her along. They slipped out the door, bell ringing loudly. Where are we going?

13:57:52 [Elliot‘] [He stopped abruptly, looking at her with curious eyes. Where were they going? What a strange question, wherever they wanted to, of course, right? But as he thought about it, it started to become a more interesting and prudent question.] "Huh. Where should we go? Leaky Cauldron?" [Yeah, that made sense, they served damn good food and the owning family and the Lupins had always been friendly, so he tended to get extra food when he went. Plus it was close by, a perfect match. And so he started up again, leading her quickly through the crowd towards the Cauldron. Some delicious eggs and bacon sounded absolutely perfect right now. He’d worry about getting a place to live later, or perhaps even after a few days, he still had plenty of time.] "M'sorry I was so mopey, I'll be alright now." [It seemed like he was saying it as much for her as for himself.]

14:07:31 [Lilium] Super, he’s lost it. Lilium just laughed and nodded as if it were a hyper child pulling her along. She held his hand tight and they headed for the cauldron. Lilium raised her eyes to catch his gaze when he apologized. She laughed suddenly and pulled them to a sudden halt. Do not apologize. Emotions are nothing to be sorry for. Ever. She gripped his hand, a gesture of comfort, before they continued to the Leaky Cauldron. Entering she took notice of all the people. Still so crowded. Lilium picked a table towards the back and waited for someone to come take their order. She watched Elliot for a few moments. Will he be okay..? “Elliot, do you need someone to stay until you find a place?”

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