May 5th, 2098

19:13:26 Saedis was slunched back in her chair, feet up on another chair. Her elbow rested on the table. Though most her body pointed left, her face was smashed to the right against her up held hand. She always seemed really far away and particularly “badassy” right before a show. She knew the role the record label wanted her to play and she played it well. Her natural brooding nature only helped. Saeids was wearing a silky, button, black short that had zero sleeves and a small , dress shirt type collar. She was wearing tight green jeans and black combat boots. The tops were flipped down to show the floral pattern interior as well as matching socks. She sipped away two different glasses. One was firewhiskey and the other was simply a glass of water. They were sitting in a back room of The Firebelly, wishing to be left alone before the performance, but they could still the copious amounts of buzz escaping the other rooms. A man walked in and leaned into the door way. He didn’t speak until at least she, if not both twins, looked to him. Sounds checked and cleared. He stepped back out of the room after thumbs up and Saedis looked to Sig. “Ready?” She downed the rest of both glasses and waited for her brother. It wasnt exactly time for the show to start, but she could tell by the tension of the voices, the energy in the air, that it was close. She didnt need a watch. {E}

19:25:21 Hanna was still enjoying some days off from work. Things were running smoothly in the Conclave and thus she had the amazing opportunity for a few days off. It was refreshing really. There had been a spreading rumor for a couple of weeks now that there would a very prominent band playing at the Firebelly. Because she had ran out on Elliot the other day, she sent him a patronous to invite him to have some shots and whatever else there was going to be at the Firebelly. She hadn't really partied since she had been with the Harpies. This might prove to be a fun night and whatnot. The woman waited for her date at the bar as she asked for a pint of beer.. or mug, whatever she forgot which place used what. She wore a white mini skirt, with a black tanktop and her midcalf boots. She hadn't worn a mini skirt since she had started working for the ministry. But it felt great. She felt young, without a care, and full of energy. She was handed her drink and took sip. She ran a hand through her long tresses that were now held up in a ponytail.

19:38:40 [Sig] [Sig was leaning back in a thoroughly worn-in leather chair, the two drumsticks in his hands pounding out a beat into the thick padded arm of the chair. He wore a skintight pair of white jeans, an aquamarine shirt emblazoned with 'ROCK!' in black across the chest, and a lose black jacket left unzipped as the final layer. In all likelihood he was wearing more makeup than she was, including a base layer of concealer, black eyeliner and black lipstick, even his fingers were perfectly manicured and painted black. As the man left he stood up, slipping the drumsticks into the back pocket of his jeans and cracked his knuckles loudly.] "Always am, aren't I?" [Nerves weren't a thing that affected Sig, he was always ready to go straight from the gate. He grabbed his own glass of water and took a healthy gulp before stepping towards the door. Soon it would be time, he could hear the crowd getting louder.] "Definitely not our biggest show, but it should be fun, right?"

19:46:20 [Elliot‘] [The door pressed open and Elliot slid into the crowded bar. As soon as he entered he could feel the energy in the air, from the room on the side he could see the room was even more packed than the bar area. Which was saying something because it took him quite a while to spot his date waiting by the bar, never mind if she had been near the stage. He weaved his way through the crowd, and stepped up beside her at the bar with a grin.] "Sorry I’m late. You look great… and happy." [He was wearing a boot cut pair of blue jeans and a black t-shirt with the words 'Rise Against' in white, which was apparently a few sizes too small for him because it was stretched taut against his chest. That, or perhaps he shrunk it to show off. Probably the latter. As the bartender gave him a small nod in greeting, he ordered a pair of firewhiskeys. To start, anyway. Elliot was never much one for getting drunk, nor did he have a particular tolerance for alcohol, so after one or two he would no doubt be switching to butterbeers or some muggle beer.]

19:50:33 Saedis raised her eyes to watch her brother rooster strut. He always had so much more confidence. He was a vibrant creature. Younger Saedis had always teased him, saying his Patronus should have been a Peacock, not a Reindeer. She, she was a Reindeer. Saedis rolled her eyes. Yea, cause anything was ever fun. She stood though and grabbed a little bag off the table. Saedis lead them up the back , side ramps and onto the stage. The room filled with roar, but she didn’t flinch. This is only because in her mind se was going, Dontflinchdumbass, don’t flinch. Once on stage she set her little bag on the floor and pulled out four little objects. Pulling her wand out of it she whispered something and that little objects grew into a perfectly normal sized keyboard piano, a mic, a mic stand and a stand for her keyboard. They always set up left and right , front center stage. This was a double act and no one was “leader”. She grabbed the mic and leaned against her stand as she waited for her brother to introduce them.

19:53:56 Huian ◙ A break. She saw this as a break. A break from some other research she was doing, her pathological note taking on her personal studies. It was nice to get out of her apartment, even if it had been her cousin who had hidden all her notes until she actually went out to a club or something. Of course, he was off in Amsterdam with his teammates, nightclubbing, but well, she didn’t go to these things alone. That was why the invitation had been sent, via a very disgruntled looking owl (Pretty much consisting of ‘Help Me’). This was why she was standing awkwardly in the corner of this place, feeling about as ostentatious as her cousin (Because he also hid all her clothes. He did that once in a while.) even if she didn’t own anything quite as flashy. Knee high boots, colorblocked and white tights under a black dress and a chrome half jacket. A little uncomfortable, without a safety buddy. (Always stay safe kids!) ◙

20:00:33 Hanna smiled at Elliot as he arrived at the bar. "Well, you look great too. Sorry about the other day. Thought I'd make it up to you tonight." Her brow arched a bit as she smiled. "The company is good, great crowd, good music, how can I not be happy?" Her eyes fell on his shirt. "Sucker for muggle rock ey? My mom has a bunch of that old stuff up in her attic. She loved the rock and post hardcore scene back in the day. Although, how she knew of the States scene is beyond me." She said with a smile on her lips. Her head turned a little as she heard the microphones start to come to life. "We should get closer," she said as she pulled him closer to the stage forgetting about her beer upon the bar. The worse thing about a show was getting drunk before it started, or best, depended on whether one wanted to give a show or not. However, Hanna didn't want to be giving anyone a show of her drunkeness so she didn't mind not drinking. She was thinking, maybe she should have brought pants if she wanted to jump and get crazy to the music. Well, she WAS a witch, so there was that.

20:02:59 [Sig] [Sig followed his sister up onto the stage, a wide grin playing at his lips, revealing sharp white canines. He raised both arms up as the applause started up, giving a loud shout before brushing a few stray strands of hair from his face. Mimicking his sister's movements, he removed a few tiny objects from the mokeskin pouch around his neck, and with a quick slash of his wand they all sprung upwards into a drum set, a mic and stand, and a drummer's stool. He pulled the drumsticks from his back pocket, sliding into position on the stool and pulled the mic into position. His magically amplified voice filled the smallish room.] "Hello London! I'm Sig…!"

20:09:33 [Elliot‘] [His grin widened slightly as she returned the compliment, and he gave a small shake of his head.] "No worries, I was trying to come up with an excuse to see this show anyway." [His currently bright blue eyes turned down to look at his shirt, trying to remember which band it was. Ah, that’s right, Rise Against. A bunch of vegan 'save the planet' types who made damn good rock music right after the start of the new millennium.] "Of course. If there's one thing muggles got right, it's rock." [Barely a moment later, she was about to drag him away. He downed one of the two shots before allowing himself to be pulled through the crowd and into the side room with the stage where the band was just starting the show, as it seemed.] "I've only ever heard them on the wireless, I wonder if they'll wow us." [They weren't a bad band by any means, they played music that was just south of mainstream, which was a good thing in his mind. Still, as a musician himself, he wondered if he could spot any missed notes.]

20:22:05 [Iwamura] As it happened, there weren't many things that would've brought Izzy Iwamura into a place like this. It wasn't his scene at all. Which is to say - loud music, confined quarters, lots of people. All things he generally just didn't like. One thing that did bring him out, apparently, was a plea for help delivered by a disgruntled owl. (The disgruntled part was very important. A gruntled owl wouldn't have done the trick at all.) So while he wasn't exactly super thrilled to be in a crowded bar with loud music, he could shrug it off on account of it was for a good cause. "Mulaaaan!" He sidled up next to her, looking every bit as awkward as she. Clearly, this was a bit of a mismatch, the two of them and the concert. "I got your owl. You aren't being held hostage, are you? Who's got the blackmail photos? I'll hex them until they can only see ponies! Nothing but ponies, from horizon to horizon!" He couldn't actually do that. Well, he probably could. Correction: he wouldn'tactually do that.

20:22:06 Hanna laughed. Although, she thought that muggles got more than just rock right. She stood there with Elliot as she was getting ready to be… rocked, or at least she hoped so. Her eyes turned to the Lupin boy as she chuckled. "I hope so too, but if they don't we can always throw our drinks at them… ummm, or we could throw chairs. It's quite convinient that this place has a bar so near the stage. " She said in a kidding tone, but Hannah was most certainly not kidding. Her eyes fell on the lead singer, as his voice told her he was a man, but his booty pants threw her off. Either way, she joined in with the voices of those acclaiming the bad. Oh, she had forgotten how fun this was.

20:25:34 [Saedis] ” ..and I'm Saedis”. She paused for a moment and then together they said, …”And we are Dementor's Last Dance!”. She turned up a preset synth tone as she started the song. She held the note long until finally they both began to sing. ”Tell me, I will shut out the world. Made for chasing dreams and all the little things.” A few lines in the drumming of a solid beat would start beside her. It was oddly energetic for anyone who had watched Saedis before the show. ”“Then lead me straight to the ground. You're so contagious hangin onto every word. You're so far down. “ She didn’t smile, but her bobbed to the beat of her twins drumming and tapped those boots. Seadis bit her lip between lines. They hit the chorus and it was perfectly in sync”“Grass is always green, this is it life. Lead me straight to it.”, then Saedis finished it off as both instruments ceased. “Then lead me straight to it.” The song picked back up and they carried on.

20:32:44 Huian ◙ “Izzypop!” She was so relieved the moment he was spotted, immediately hugging him tightly. She liked to go out and have fun, but on her terms. (Holy crap, in her boots she was almost as tall as him. Damn it Huang!) “Huang hid all my notes and books and all my clothes and said I wouldn’t get them back unless I actually got out of the house and socialed like a person but I didn’t want to and you’re the first person I thought would understand I don’t like this I’d rather be in a club in China or Korea at least they have good music!” Every word had been slightly more frantic. Her books were being held hostage. Her notes. Her clothes. She felt so out of place in a club that wasn’t dancy and when she wanted to dance. She had gripped his arms, her eyes were almost panicked. (Look, Izzy! Using your body this time, if only for an emotional support anchor. You know, with the awkward panda things they had going on.) ◙

20:33:49 [Sig] "…And we are Dementor's Last Dance!" [Their voices harmonized nicely, and soon Saedis started the song. As she began to sing, his foot pressed out a beat on the bass drum and he began alternating between the rim and center of the snare. After the first line he joined in, providing a deep contrast to her voice.] "Then lead me straight to the ground, you're so contagious; hangin' onto every word. You're so far down." [His drumming became more rapid and involved as the song progressed, and he leaned in towards the mic to sing as he played.] "Grass is always green, this is it life. Lead me striaght to it." [A slight pause, he rested his foot and pointed one drum stick towards the crowd. Before the song started again. Sig looked positively in his element as they played, lavishing in the attention of the cheering crowd. This was without a doubt where he belonged.]

20:37:02 [Elliot‘] [Elliot gave a small chuckle, turning his wrist to show her the leather wand holster strapped on his forearm.] "Or we could conjure some rotten fruit, eh?" [Technically straight conjuring food was impossible, but there was nothing to say you couldn’t summon it if you knew where to summon it from, right? The music started and Elliot found himself moving slightly to the beat, no longer trying to nitpick the music apart like a critic and instead just enjoying it. It was pretty good, truth be told.] "Or not! They're pretty good! Must be the twin-thing!" [He spoke loudly and fairly close to her ear to ensure he was heard over the din of the music.]

20:46:57 Hanna listened to the song, their voices were great, but she already knew that. It was all about how they conducted their live performance, which she had never really enjoyed until now. She bounced in place, as the song wasn't really one to head bang but rather just enjoy, pants shant be needed ! She leaned into Elliot to hear his comment and she nodded in agreement before she turned and spoke in his hear. "They are, they're tune is good." She offered as her eyes rested on a couple of awkward figures in a corner. She knew one of them from Japan most specifically Kijushou. Huh, she really didn't take him to enjoy a crowd. She chuckled a bit before she turned back to stage. This was nice, just enjoying some music.

20:48:58 [Iwamura] "Huang." Izzy let out one hundred percent of his breath all at once when Huian attached to him. Wow. She had quite a grip. It took him a moment to catch his breath again from that. "It's alright I understand not wanting to go and people like a people, I don't like doing that very much either. We can track down Huang and tie him to a caribou after this is all done." Considering she'd attached herself to his arm, Izzy maneuvered his way deftly through the crowd (with the intent of leading her along) and towards the bar - Huian clearly needed water. (Or alcohol, but Izzy wouldn't ever suggest that to anyone, alcohol was bad and made things like Milan happen. Not that Milan ever happened.) "I don't know, I never liked the music in Korea. These two are… very competent?" He understood - it wasn't his style. He could appreciate the skill, but his music was mostly… instrumental, layered, arranged for thirty performers, and composed in the Romantic mode. So you know. Different strokes. "I even know where we can get caribou. Well-trained. Very friendly. Willing to have people tied to them. Plan?"

20:50:46 [Saedis] The song eventually ended with a holding note from her Piano, much like the first. She wasn’t a show star like Sig. She got joy from the vibrations, the sounds, not the cheering. The crowd barely existed as she clutched that mic like a lover. Suddenly her voice erupted the room, slow and deep. ““Pardon me, I made it. Our own nowhere.” It was oddly beautiful considering the lack of feminine nature. Suddenly the music kicked in and there was both her and the strong beat of Sig, but there was also the even louder beats by their shoes, especially her boots. After a final stomp they returned to the song, once more in sync. “Made no sound then good bye. Could someone deliver us? Break away if you can take and all this time where you belong?” The stomping continued when it was necessary with the beat. It was a powerful song, but a happy one if you listened close to the lyrics.

21:00:26 Huian ◙ Yes, he led her along, mainly because she was frightened he would leave her to drown in her anxiety, and therefore, she couldn’t let him go. Of course, Izzy had never let anyone down before, or left them to drown in anxiety. Except when they followed the spiders. But spiders were interesting. (She very much needed alcohol. Just something light, not the stuff that made Milan happen. And Milan did happen. But alcohol would make her not on the verge of a panic attack.) “Caribou works…you know a place that is fine with it?” What? Her cousin loved to torment her for her own good, but this had gone too far. Her books. Books. She loved her books. And her notes, and her complicated math. “They…they’re well trained? I don’t know…It’s just…I like to dance, and I can’t dance to this and these shoes don’t dance and I don’t feel like dancing, so…” So it was not her scene. At all. Bar reached. Something fruity and fizzy ordered, received, and being drunk. Because fruity and fizzy. ◙

21:02:05 [Elliot‘] [He followed her eye line after she spoke, settling on Izzy and Huian. He wasn’t sure if they could see him from here, but he still raised a hand to wave towards them. As he did so, he seemed to grow nearly a foot, lifting himself above the crowd, and his hand turned bright neon blue. Still, it was fairly dark, so he wouldn't be surprised if they didn't see.] "It's Huian and Izzy. They were part of that 'Ravenclaw reunion' I was in." [He shrunk back down to his normal height as he spoke and directed his voice to Hanna as the music switched to a new song.]

21:15:33 [Iwamura] So Huian went for the alcohol all on her own, and Izzy was just fine with that. Probably kept her a little bit calmer, right? He stuck with water, for his part. There wasn't anything to be gained if he was also drunk. That would lead to misery. (But nothing like Milan. Which never. Happened.) "You could dance to this. There's a consistent beat…" He drummed it out against his hip lightly, to punctuate. "You could even valse to this. I mean, they'd look at us funny, but I'm not really disposed to caring what they all think of me." No, Izzy wasn't actually asking Huian to waltz, although it probably could've been misinterpreted that way. He wasn't nearly that drunk. (And he rarely danced anyway, although - as Chester Flutey could tell you - Izzy was a fine practitioner of the noble dance known as the Charleston. He could foxtrot pretty well, too.)

21:17:14 Hanna her eyes fell on Elliot as he tried to get the two Ravenclaw's attentions. Well, since they were making their way to the bar, she wasn't entirely sure if they would see him. For the moment, she just continued listening to the music. It was nice and mellow, her high energy had simmered down, but she was still having a pleasant time. "Do you want to go over? I'll come with/" She offered as she waited for Elliot to make a decision.

21:25:05 [Saedis] The song died slowly and there was silence for a moment. She was taking a breath. Suddenly though there was a stomping sound. It was her boot keeping a pure beat. She had really strong legs. Soon it switched to her brothers drum and she ceased and replaced it with something similar, but far more playful. Out of nowhere their voices broke through. “From the white a technicolorful life can burn. To survive they burn an image. Took what we were born with.” suddenly it flipped to the chorus and the stomping was back. “I'd spin you around ,spin you around, spin you around, turn your world . “I'd spin you around ,spin you around, spin you around, turn your world .” Just as quickly the song flipped back. Saedis bobbed her head with the beat, eyes closed. She was losing herself in her brothers beats, no longer needing to stomp. The song headed towards the end, Sig singing the last line as it faded, “Wherever she goes, ever she goes ,” and the music stop/faded just as he sang the last line, almost breathless. “I'll be there …” Saedis was held up by her mic as she stared at the floor. The room, realizing the concert was at its end cheered. Saedis left her crap in stage. They could get it later. She stumbled for the bar and ordered another firewhiskey, knowing Sig would soon be on her ankle.

21:27:31 Huian ◙ It was a bit to keep her calm, and Izzy was here to make sure she didn’t overdrink in her anxiety. Kieran usually did that and he wasn’t here, and as long as he had water, this wouldn’t turn into Milan again. (Which totally happened, Izzy, there are pictures. Lots of pictures.) “No I can’t. I can’t dance to this. I mean, I could, but I can’t. I can’t find the right beat to start and the words throw off the feeling and…” And she didn’t want to be out in the first place. This was a blackmail. Or…extortion…maybe a hostage situation. Help. Compute down. Her head rested on her hands, and she took a deep breath. “I’m good. I think I’m okay. Am I okay? I feel a little…” Light headed. ◙

21:34:21 [Sig] [As their final song ended, the cheering and clapping commenced and Saedis quickly departed the stage, heading for the bar, he knew.] "Thank you everyone! We have a new album coming out in June, check it out!" [And with that he stepped quickly off the stage, weaving through the crowds to meet up with Saedis. There was plenty of backpatting, groping, and feeling as he went. People tended to leave Saedis alone, for one reason or another, but being that Sig was the much more social of the two, he generally got more contact with the fans. Sliding into a seat offered to him by the person beside Saedis, he grinned and ordered a mixed drink for himself.] "Good work, hun. That was perfect." [Truthfully, it was, it was a top quality show, even for them.]

21:38:09 [Iwamura] "Well, I'd lead, but it looks like they're wrapping up." Izzy winked. He was being playful. Couldn't let Mulan languor in her obvious discomfort! No, he already had a plan- ("Come on!") -which he punctuated by pulling her towards the stage even as Saedis and Sig and their strange darkwave act left. (This wasn't at all like Milan. Which didn't happen, those pictures are fake and probably don't exist anyway.) "You're okay. You're better than okay, you're brilliant. And you know what? So am I." Somewhere along the line he'd pulled her straight up onto the stage… and now he was tapping at a microphone. This was probably a terrible idea. He nudged Huian lightly, murmured just loud enough to be heard over the crowd… "I'll sing if you will, Mulan!"

21:45:27 [Elliot‘] [As the show ended he clapped and cheered with the rest of the people before nodding at Hanna. Sure, why not? He was always up for pestering people. As it was, right as he was going to find Huian and Izzy, he noticed the two of them hopping onto the stage after Sig and Saedis left, and tapping the magical microphone. Oh man, what were they planning? He didn’t have his guitar on him, but if there was singing to be had he felt obligated to join in.] "Come on, let's join 'em!" [He took Hanna's hand and stepped up onto the stage, gesturing towards the two already there.] "Hey Izzy, what are we doing?"

21:52:41 Hanna was following Elliot toward the bar before everything changed, Izzy and his companion were at the stage and she was being pulled there by Elliot's hand. "Emm, what?" She wasn't exactly musicaly inclined but here she was getting dragged in. Her hand came down on Izzy's back. "What's up old chap! Been a while, how is Japan treating you? I hope well, there have been some fotos flying about, I'm not sure what to make of them." She smiled at Huian whom she had only met in passing while at Hogwarts. Hanna looked at Elliot. "I guess I can play a violin if you guys need one." And she made her way to find one, on her way to finding said instrument she saw the leading lady and groped her… Why? Why not? Today was a day for whatever went.

21:55:04 Huian ◙ (If you would just admit Milan happened and those pictures are not faked we could have a happy time you know, Izzy. It happened. You made a fool of yourself. We all did.) Wait…she finished her drink, and she could have sworn Izzy winked. Izzy. Winked. (Oh this is not good.) And then she was tugged, over to the stage…oh dear. Izzy. Izzy what do?! She can’t even English in thought right now as she stumbled onto the stage, the microphone tapped. She was…great. Brilliant. He was brilliant. This was a horrible idea, and she was frozen like a rabbit. Not enough caffeine or alcohol for this just yet…before blinking at him dolefully. Oh. So they could humiliate themselves together. That sounds good. A breath taken, and her gaze slid over the crowd, and then the…Griffindor. Cringe. Inner cringe. Because he had company. Well, they could play. Hopefully, they knew the beat…or at least Elliot would. Okay! She could do this. Deeep breath. In. Out. First notes on silence.“Cast your ideals onto me….And I’ll show you what you really need~…” Yeah, if she was gonna sing, he was going to show off his pretty high notes. She could pull off low and husky. It worked. (She was terrified.) ◙

21:56:32 Wyatt apparently Wyatt was either completely deaf, totally self centered or insanely distracted by what he was doing. Having come into the bar hours ago he'd seen the band setting up and next thing he knew they were done, him having heard absolutely nothing. "So much for my holidays," he thought, downing the last of the amber colored liquid in his glass. Glancing up at the bar he lifted the glass slightly before placing it down again. Staring down at the files in front of him once more he sighed, having made almost no headway with them. Off in the distance he noticed Hanna and Elliot hanging out together. He seemed to be running into Hanna a lot in the past few days now that he thought about it. Then again, that wasn't much of a surprise. The Conclave had brought people here so it was only natural to run into them time and time again throughout the week. The waitress came over with a glass for him, taking the empty one off the table. "Thanks luv," he smirked. Taking a sip he glanced up in time to see the two of them heading to the stage where two other people were, apparently about to sing. "Well this might be interesting," he thought. Pushing the files away from himself he leaned on the table and smirked as the girl began singing.

21:58:56 [Saedis] The bartender passed Saedis another glass , sliding it into her little hand as he grinned. She tossed it back, ignoring him. Why did people leave Saedis alone? Well, there was her somewhat striking personality and appearance. {She was called Mademoiselle Spookysaurus for a reason.} But in their circle of fans it was actually because of Sig. Thanks to a helpful hand her brother was now sitting beside her. His words brought a weak smile to her lips. “You were amazing, as always. “ She rested her butt on her end of his seat and wrested her elbows on the bar. A hand touched her shoulder and she turned narrowed eyes over her shoulder. There was a taller man standing there, a little older than herself. Her pushed past her and ordered two Firewhisky’s from the tender. She slid on against her hand with a wink. Her nostrils flared a little. She stared at the glass, jaw tight. Saedis felt smothered here and she didn’t do smothered, not even in comfy blankets, so she leaned over, kissed her brothers cheek and turned back to face that tall male. With what most would call dead eyes she stared up at him for a brief moment before apparating, gone. Poof. {E}

22:07:21 [Iwamura] Izzy might concede this was a horrible idea later, far after the fact. Probably not, though. If it turned out too humiliating, he'd just deny it ever happened. Like Milan. (Which never happened. No amount of arguing otherwise will change that it is simply impossible. You see, Izzy was on assignment in Soviet Russia on the night he was supposedly in Milan. Doing… Soviet Russia things…) He didn't mind at all when she picked a song deliberately to force him to sing 'the high notes' - as it happened, Izzy's vocal range was pretty impressive. And so was his control. All that formal training… he joined in with her at about the third word, once he figured out what exactly it was she was singing. Not something he would've picked, but hey! "Give too much attention, and I'll reflect your imperfections~…" He grabbed one of Huian's hands and lifted it straight up into the air. She was going to have fun dammit. If he had to get them both killed along the way. "Can't you see it's over! 'cause you're the god of a shrinking universe…"

22:11:49 [Elliot‘] [And right as he made it up onto the stage, a bright silver patronus flew through the wall. An elegant looking swan, and a female voice spoke.] "Elliot, honey… your father… he’s in St. Mungos…" [Before it could say another word, Elliot turned to look at Hanna for just a second as if to say 'I'm sorry.', and vanished with a loud crack.]

22:16:00 Hanna okay, so she was left with two crazed Asians, and she herself a quarter Asian…. on stage as Elliot got an emergency message. "Well, ain't that some fun stuff!" She said as she followed their voices with her violin. Off in the audience she noticed Wyatt and she waved at him from stage. Well, at least she had another friendly face to look at. Hanna played half distractedly as she tried not to think about other things, but it was hard. (short)

22:23:36 Huian ◙ Somebody had slid onstage and been nice, playing the drums, and there was a violin from what looked like Collins-Black. Huian remembered her. Thank god, because doing this accapella would have made her faint. “Purposeless survival…Now there's nothing left to die for.” Sure, Izzy was there. Izzy knew the words. Izzy was grabbing her hand and lifting it in the air, and that made her crack a grin. You could not crack a grin when you’re being showcased like a prize fighter in a ring. “So don't struggle to recognize…Now they call it "Heart-felt suicide"….” Her hand clasped Izzy’s though, for support, before she let it go, reaching out for the audience a bit. “Can’t you see it’s over….because you’re the god….of a shrinking universe….” Leadup music. Hit that high note, Mr. Milan doesn’t exist. (How could you be doing Soviet Russia Things, Izzy? Soviet Russia hasn’t existed in over a hundred years!) ◙

22:36:14 [Iwamura] Huian laid out the challenge and Izzy met that challenge! High notes? Check. Warbling timbre? Check. Motherfucking whistle register? Check. (Soviet Russia existed on that night due to a rupture in the space-time continuum. Caused by that time they blasted all the Time-Turners in the Ministry of Magic. It was very science-y. AND IZZY HAD TO BE THERE, NOT IN MILAN, because science.) As it happened, Izzy was actually quite familiar with Hanna. Perhaps not to the degree that he'd call her a "friend" - she'd always been much closer to Kieran, whom Izzy had alternated being jealous of/avoiding like the plague - but hey. Violinning was welcome. At least, for as long as she stuck around…

22:43:52 [Hippolytus] Well last time, he’d had a moment to breathe between work and his “side project”, Hip had been accosted at the Conclave by intimidatingly bubbly women and kissed. So today, he’d picked what he thought would be a much less awkward experience – going to a good old pub for a pint or two. But also feeling the pressure of approaching that static age where one gets set in their ways, he’d tried to branch out and try somewhere new for a change… it was simple misfortune that he’d picked a place having some sort of strange sideshow twin concert. Early on, he’d stepped outside to pretend he smoked for a while and become distracted by the book he liked to pretend he didn’t bring along with him for just this sort of predicament – namely not being cool enough to hang out with “the kids these days.” By the time he stepped back inside, he’d CLEARLY missed some kind of regime change on stage. He made it all the way back to the bar and to a nice, foamy stout before he realized he knew BOTH people on stage. One brow lifted a little, then a lot, and somehow, he couldn’t really stop watching whatever… whatever was happening right there.

22:58:49 Huian ◙ Oh. Oh Izzy nailed it. Nailed it, sanded it, painted and shipped it out to IKEA fully-fucking-assembled. She smiled widely, eyes closing. Izzy, you ass. You’re as much as a show off as David Bowie, maybe more. (As evidenced in Milan. Which you were there. Completely. There is undeniable, indisputable proof you were there. You weren’t important enough for a time rift in space at the time. Retired hero.) Deep breath, in, out. She knew Hanna. Kieran had known her, but never said much. “Can’t you see it’s over~! Because you’re the god…of a shrinking universe~…” She had to end strong. Izzypop was going all Matt Bellamy Freddie Mercury over here, and she just had to slide around his notes and end strong! Oh, okay, this was fun. Fun with a friend. Even if she felt like her heart was going to stop beating at any moment. ◙

23:10:18 [Iwamura] "Woop, I think that's our cue to gooooo~" Izzy cut off immediately, noting that the proprietor of the establishment - flanked by a pair of large, broad-shouldered wizards he assumed were security - was now headed for the stage. And without giving a moment's thought to it, grabbed Huian and leaped from the stage. Lose the fuzz in the crowd of people! (Okay, this was probably a little bit like Milan now. Where Izzy had definitely never been. He wasn't even allowed in Italy. By order of wizard court. True story. Definitely not because of Milan, though.) Feet found the floor and Izzy cast about for his bearings, then… off to the door! How quickly could they make their escape? Who knew! "Sorry! Letsgo sorry sorry!" He shouldered and wriggled his way through the crowd, rather insistently keeping hold of Huian. Couldn't lose her here. Sure, she could take care of herself, but she'd also specifically asked for his help, so now he was creating ALL THE EXCITEMENT. Which manifested next with his colliding headlong with Hippolytus. Oh. God. "Sorry! Emergency. There's a rogue tomato rampaging all through Knockturn Alley. It'll surely slaughter thousands. Auror business. Have to g-" Oh. Then he realized who he'd bumped into, smiled awkwardly, and made for the door faster! "…go."

23:32:27 [Hippolytus] As the two suddenly fled the stage, Hip was left stopping mid-reflexive applause, with the impression that no, it wasn’t karaoke night after all. “Oh…” Well this was all a little confusing, but he probably shouldn’t get all caught up in it, right? If everyone freaked out at once, then things wouldn’t settle down as quickly. Right? With a thin crease forming between his brows, he set his barely-sipped beer down on the bar and sat up a little straighter on his stool to try to see what on earth was happening. And just then, the crowd parted before him JUST enough to admit the half-tumbling forms of Iwamura and Huian Li from a mere quarter meter as the former came sprawling into him. “WAH!” With red and gray robes fluttering, he was spilled head over heels off his seat and onto the foot bar below. By the time he’d struggled around to right himself, he was just catching the tail end of some cock and bull story about a giant tomato. “What the HELL are you- hey!” And they were off again. God, what a strange encounter. He patted himself down with one kind of ruffled motion, then turned to retrieve his beer… only to find two mountainous wizards bearing down on him at a coupled, bull-like charge – ostensibly after the two had just quit the scene, but also clearly having no qualms about flattening anyone with the gall to be in their way and smaller than they were. “WAH!” With a pinwheeling flail of arms, Hip spun about and took flight as well. In his mad dash, he made a vicelike grab for the back of Iwamura’s and Huian’s collars. That gained, he’d disapparate them from the pub with a pop, then almost immediately apparate only yards away and several above the ground, effectively dumping them out onto the street.

23:45:20 [Xia] "No. It's not going to happen, Emilia. Please don't ask again, because I won't allow it." Another feminine voice replied, and Xia huffed softly as she tossed a shock of orange hair out of her eyes. "I'm not selling anything. Nor are you authorized to. And those papers still need my signature." Seeing as the contracts were incapable of being forged, Emilia stood at a loss for what to do now. "But…But…Lavine! We could make so much money if you allowed for the name to be marketed in ads alongside the strip club!" Xia sighed and shook her head. "No. Now go have a drink. And stop bothering me." One of the few times that Xia looked serious, or upset, but it had all taken place in the quiet doorway of a closed shop. Xia sighed and watched the smartly dressed witch walk toward the Firebelly, and her eyes narrowed for a moment and she shook her head. She lifted her wand and pushed her fingers through her hair at the same time, the orange transitioning to a light shade of blue. Xia was on the -verge of walking off to head toward the Snidget when she heard the resounding crash and thud of bodies hitting paving stones. When she looked back, who could it be but a pile of friends?! Her face immediately brightened, any lingering thoughts of business or the pending mutiny of her public business manager shoved aside for the joy of seeing Huian, Hip, and Izzy. "Izzy? Huian? Hippolytus?" She gave a cheerful grin and waved at them, the long sleeves of her blue sweater caught around her fingertips. A black skirt, and a white tanktop underneath the sweater, plus a pair of blue ballet flats completed the ensemble. "Why are you all laying on the ground?"

23:48:16 Huian ◙ Do you realize how hard it is to run in boots that add a good four inches to your height? (Xia knows. Xia knows because of Milan. Because you had to carry her in the fluffy stolen dress. Because you were there. Because it happened. He wasn’t the only one banded from setting foot in Italy ever again.) It was very very hard. Because all the running, the stumbling, the jumping from the stage…At least Izzy was acting snowplow and she was avoiding being trampled. (That had too many memories connected with Valentine’s Day) At least she was laughing along the way, even as they plowed into…what? What toma—-oh yes. “And it’s sentient! The tomatos will attack and kill! They wish to make Soylent Green!” Oh well, hey, they almost made it out the door before there was a…well…they were out the door. Okay, again. Wearing heels. And a dress. Hip, you wrinkled her jacket that she didn’t buy and only had to wear because they rest of her stuff was hostaged. At least there was a familiar face! “Xia Lady!” She had to get…oop. Nope, still holding onto Izzy. Let go hand. See, that isn’t so hard. Now, reattach to Xia in a hug. “I hate heels!” ◙

23:55:18 [Iwamura] Izzy was having none of this stopping to say hi and exchange pleasantries thing. Nope, no time at all for that. He shook off the momentary disorientation of being apparated by surprise, noted he - and Huian, and apparently Xia - were still perilously close to the Firebelly, and scrambled up to his feet. (Izzy rejects your reality and replaces it with his own. No shenanigans ever took place in Milan. Ever.) "It's really very much a misunderstanding, no time to explain, let's go." Fortunately Izzy had two hands, as it allowed him to grab onto both Huian and Xia simultaneously and take off running again. His destination, naturally, was Knockturn Alley. To, um, do battle with the rampaging rogue tomato out to make Soylent Green. "Civilization as we know it depends on haste and not looking behind you. Really, there's nothing to worry about, just run. As fast as you possibly can." Because, you know, no telling what'd happen if they didn't. (Okay, probably nothing would happen, but where was the fun in that? You run from one shenanigans to the next shenanigans, always certain disaster is at your heels. ALWAYS.)

00:01:16 Hippolytus managed to push himself up to his hands and knees (and spit out some gravel) when he got his bearings. That was probably the worst apparition he’d pulled on a while – he was lucky no one got hurt (much). Looking up, he realized they’d been joined by yet another familiar face (he imagined that this class at Hogwarts was a handful. Not like his at all), but before he could offer up some kind of greeting… or more appropriately excuse for being faceplanted on the pavement, the angry hollers from the Firebelly increased in volume and clarity as the door swung open and spilled out some very fried bouncers. “Now…now…” But when he looked to the others for some kind of back up here, they were off on more adventures! “Heyyy!wah.” Seized, he found himself whiplashed back into the pub to answer to the owner and settle a tab or two faster than he could swallow.

00:09:05 [Xia] There was a brief moment of surprise as Huian caught her in a hug, and she hugged her back. She looked to Hip briefly, about to ask him seeing as Izzy and Huian seemed preoccupied…Only to have Izzy catch hold of her and pull the two women off at a fast pace. "What about Hippolytus?!" She managed, just as the poor auror was yanked into the Firebelly to settle the debts for Izzy and Huian. Xia had to admit she was glad she was wearing ballet flats. Tennis shoes would have been better, but at least she wasn't wearing high heels. (Not like in Milan when she wore the pretty flower dress with the heels so high she could barely walk.) Her eyes moved from Izzy to Huian and then ahead of them, lips parting in slight surprise. "Did you two cause problems in the Firebelly?" She asked, a giggle escaping her at the thought. Not that it would surprise her in the slightest.

00:17:25 Huian ◙ She could not rest in the warmth of what could have been labeled her best friend’s (If Xia didn’t have that weird relationship with Izzy) hug, because there were still…things going on. Milan things. In London. London things. (How’s that for reality.) London things that had her hand and Xia’s being grasped by Mr. He’s A Funny Mousy Wasp and dragged along as Hip (Rightfully) took the fall and allowed them to escape. What a hero. And still, she was laughing, even as she looked back, at men shaking their fists, yelling, right into Knockturn alley. “O wow ow stop! Stop stop, Izzy, feet. Heels. Displaced center of gravity!” Science. ◙

00:23:55 [Iwamura] "So transfigure them into shoes that don't have heels!" What? This wasn't groundbreaking or anything! Magic solved so many little annoyances like 'heels' and 'lack of things to shenanigan at'. Hippolytus, like a true hero, took the fall for them. Although it seemed to be unwitting. Izzy would have to buy him a butterbeer later. You know, assuming he lived. Such hero. "No, no, we didn't cause any problems. Come on, Xia, you know me. When have I ever caused problems for anybody?" No, no, don't answer that. Izzy was happier pretending. Once in Knockturn Alley, he selected a building with a conspicuous corner to duck behind, leaned into the wall, laughing madly. "Alright. I think we need to find some more noble and righteous work to do. Since we've been… doing good and noble and righteous work. Don't you agree, Mulan?"

00:38:29 [Xia] Running was good. It got the lungs really working and it made Xia feel like she was shaking off the chill of the night. But she also didn't know why they were running. But that was pretty standard when it came to anything involving this small social circle. Didn't it? Xia slid slightly when they made i to Knockturn Alley and gripped tight to Izzy's hand so that she didn't wind up tumbling into the street. Izzy's question about when he caused problems was met with a slight raise of an eyebrow and a stare, though it lost most of its effect seeing as they were running and then coming to a stop and all. Poor Hip. Xia hoped everything worked out okay back there. She slowly released both Izzy and Huian from her grip and pushed her fingers through her hair, glancing around. "So what did you do?" She asked, eyes widening.

00:39:01 [Hippolytus] “WHY ARE YOU SO UPSET ABOUT THIS!?!?!” Hip had found himself in a back room, muscled between what amounted to two thugs and a bar owner who thought he was some mafia don. And they were all quite upset about someone crashing their stage. It all seemed like an irrational power play to him – mainly because he’d asked the same question four times now and had yet to get a direct answer. He’d only been subject to a speech about respect and paying dues – a speech he suspected this man had had pent up inside of him for some time now and had perfected in front of the mirror. So. Good. He got to deal with disillusioned small business owners tonight. It could have been worse. He could have been bored. A logical discussion evaded once more, Hip brought both hands up to pinch his fingers over the bridge of his nose. “This is ridiculous, please listen…” But they didn’t. Two minutes later, more of the Firebelly’s crowd came spilling out into the streets, along with several barstools and the somersaulting figure of one of the uncooperative hulks. The second appeared moments later, arms latched in an unsuccessful attempt at restraining a rampaging Hippolytus Botts. “I swear I will @#%$ you so %&@# until your #&@$ can’t $%@# and you’ll have to #$%& sideways!”

00:48:10 Huian ◙ “And fall on my face?! You’re mad as a hornet’s nest!” What, have you never transfigured your shoes while running? Not even the craziest people would do that. Not even those people that stepped in the shower before turning it on. “Problems? We have no problems. This is London. It’s like Milan, only more tame and worse food.” She had to grin at Xia as she said that, though when they stopped, her hand was waving, and she was very intent on holding onto somebody, before she fell over. Ahaha. “Oh yes. Straight up heros. We’re going to find a caribou later, right? Like, that is still on, correct? Because I need a caribou.” ◙

00:52:35 [Iwamura] Izzy had absolutely transfigured his shoes while running before. It's all part of basic Auror training. (You can ask Hippolytus if he survives.) "Yes. We are absolutely going to go find a caribou. If we don't, how can we lash Huang to a caribou? I think he should be naked. And lashed to a caribou. Then released into the wild in downtown Oslo. Are you up for a little trip to Norway?" This was obviously super heroic, this thing he was planning. Shenanigans of the finest order, and ones that Huang absolutely deserved. It was meting out righteousness and wizardly goodness IN THE NAME OF GREAT JUSTICE. Yes. Izzy took a moment to catch his breath. It was made harder by all the laughing. "We didn't do anything. Nothing serious anyway. I mean, really, we were barely anywhere we shouldn't have been. And it was only a couple minutes. The point is they're clearly over-reacting, and they'll absolutely get what's coming to them when they harass Botts too much."

01:04:25 [Xia] She giggled and shook her head at the two of them, going on about caribou and strapping Huang to one, naked, and sending him through the streets of Oslo. That was a shenanigan she could get behind, even if the vulgar man had seemed semi-fond of Xia. "Oooh. Can we cover him in things that would attract other animals, too? Eventually he'll get loose, so we can't make it easy on him!" It certainly didn't take much to get her as involved with the fun as the other two were. More giggles escaped her as Izzy caught his breath, and Xia reached out and held to Huian as the other woman staggered a bit. "So what you are saying is that you did everything you shouldn't have done. Excellent." Xia grinned brightly, though she also felt a little jealous that she'd missed out. She managed to keep her smile in place, the ulterior emotion never actually breaking free to be noticed. "So! Are we off to find a caribou, or should I be making sure you two get to bed okay?" Xia could be the motherly caring type when she was sober…clearly…maybe. Sort of

01:14:45 Huian ◙ Nooo, no no no! “You do not want to know how much of himself is tattooed! I don’t want to see him naked ever again!” There was a pause as she thought about it, before smiling, a clear idea I her head. “Put him in a tu-tu!” Okay, that drink she ordered was kicking in, if the giggles were any indication. “And of course, overreactions are the leading cause of mishaps and misdemeanors, and possibly wars. We didn’t start a war, I don’t think. And if we did, we’re great. We’re awesome.” Another giggle, burying her face into Xia’s shoulder. Huian Mulan the lightweight. Take a bow, but don’t fall over. “Can’t be tonight. He’s with his team and they don’t like to have their parties interrupted. We shall get him when he no longer has my books hostage…my feet hurt.” ◙

01:24:13 [Iwamura] "Shoes off, Mulan. That's an order." Izzy slipped down along the wall until he was sitting, legs splayed out in front of him. No trip to Oslo tonight? Alright then. That might've been for the best. This had, for a moment, threatened to turn into another Milan. (Not that there ever was a Milan, or anything.) He was probably about done with the excitement - he figured his task was finished, on account of Huian wasn't stressing out in a corner of a noisy publican anymore. Hah. "Right then, sounds like caribou waits until another night. Could do it tonight just to be ready, but then we'd have to keep the caribou somewhere, and they need a lot of space. And food. They like food, I'm told…" Really, that was some top-class logic there. Izzy was in rare form tonight.

02:01:38 [Xia] Another round of giggling escaped Xia, and she closed her eyes and shook her head at the two of them. Izzy slid to a seat, and Huian wasn't long to follow as she got off her feet as well. Xia watched them, idly toying with a strand of hair as she tried to figure out what she should or shouldn't do with her companions. It didn't take long to make a decision, though, and she gently caught hold of both of them and apparated them back to her apartment. Huian she settled on the couch, and Izzy she left sitting in an arm chair until she was done getting Huian settled in. She looked over at him, and smiled and sighed softly. "Here, Izzymouse. Settle in." And in fulfillment to what she owed Noriko for the chocolate, she lightly kissed Izzy on the forehead, then moved to get a glass of water for both him and Huian. They were going to need it.

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