Old Wounds

Singapore, 1880.

The Wizarding world, like the normal world, is undergoing great changes. Indeed, the changes in the mundane world have largely been driven by Wizarding conflicts: driven by power or profit or noblesse oblige, western European wizards have overseen substantial colonization of the world, utilizing the military and economic power of their nonmagical brethren as the head of the spear in North America, Africa, and Asia.

The East India Company more than any other entity has seen extraordinary profit from these expansions. So, too, the Watts and White families - pureblood English wizarding lines responsible for the company's foundation and growth.

In Singapore, though ostensibly a Crown Colony of England and a staging port for the East India Company, many factions have come into contact, and conflict. Aside from interests business, national, and criminal, there is a resistance to this new English world.

Nice to meet you.

Old Wounds is a spinoff of the Harry Potter Roleplay That Doesn't Suck, set in Industrial Singapore during the height of British expansion. England are the bad guys, much as they were in reality-world. Fuckin' deal with it. <3 When creating pages for Old Wounds, remember to categorize and tag them as '1880'. Thanks!

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