Gwendolyn Crane
Personal Information
Name • Gwendolyn Crane
• Gwen
Birthdate 19 (1 April 1861)
Blood Status Pure
Place of Birth Caerffili, Wales
Occupation Findswoman!
School Information
Schools • Homeschooled
• Fucking prestigiously
Houses • The Esteemed House Crane
• Yes, you have to say the Esteemed.
• Yes, every time. Peasant.
N.E.W.T.s • Are they even around yet?
Wand 8.5", Elm haft, Thestral tailhair core
Broom no?
Pets Jacks the horrible polecat
• Better known by "no" and "whyareyou"
Other • Witching rod!
• your mom


Gwen is short, dark, and cultured; she sports the sort of long wavy hair that nobody likes, the sort of dark eyes that are completely not in vogue in England, the sort of Welsh accent that identifies her inferiority no matter how Esteemed her family is in Wales. Gwen walks with a chip on her shoulder, her every look is appraising, her every word merely a hairsbreadth shy of combative. Gwen also walks in exquisite clothing, beautiful handmade shoes, sprauncy and decadent style: the Esteemed House Crane is wealthy after all.

  • Height: 5'2"
  • Weight: 124 lbs
  • Distinguishing Features: Gwen comes from money; it is blisteringly obvious to look at her. How she walks, talks, dresses, smiles, all betray her wealth and pedigree.


Gwen loves and hates her family as she loves and hates herself; her life is dull, her family name disrespected, her ordained future to marry a nice respectable man from another pureblood family and make nice respectable babies. Gwen wants none of that. She craves excitement, adventure, danger! The only trouble is Gwen herself comes from the lap of privilege; she cant extricate herself from the persona it cultivated anymore than she can cease breathing with her lungs and become a fish. When she struggles, when things dont fall neatly into place, when the danger becomes to real, frustration boils over. Though by no means untalented Gwen is untried and untested; despite that, no force in the world could convince her otherwise.

Her education was exceptional. Her learning, however, is underdeveloped and only now beginning.


  • Extreme trendsetting fashionability! If only she werent Welsh…
  • Eloquent and elegant elocution, expression, and enunciation. If only she werent Welsh…
  • Inquisitive, observant, and alert. Perfect recall. Analytical to a fault.
    • If you can lose it, she can find it for you.
  • Fourteen years of formal piano training. Perfect pitch.
  • Encyclopaedic knowledge of British wizarding bloodlines. If only she werent Welsh…
  • Falling in love with everyone she meets with a dark past and pretty face.
  • More than proficient in the most noble art of buying your way to respectability. If only she werent Welsh…
  • Skillful duelist.
    • Instructed by the esteemed Fairwyn Crane in the arts of rapidly disarming and incapacitating.
    • Instructed by the esteemed Arturius Black in the arts of causing exquisite pain without breaking laws.
    • Instructed by the esteemed Mallory White in the arts of protracted magical defense against overwhelming force.
  • Magical historian par excellence.
    • Perfect recall helps.
  • Superior practitioner of charms and hexes.
    • Quite innovative and inventive, especially with charms that make her look and sound more majestic.
    • Wielder of an arsenal of itching hexes so extensive there will surely be war crime laws written about them.
    • Creator of numerous location and tracking charms, most useful in her adopted line of work.


Gwendolyn is the daughter of Nolan and Fairwyn Crane, of the Esteemed House Crane of Caerffili, the fourth most prestigious pureblood house in Wales. The life of a demure, calm, well-mannered, sharply-educated daughter of the Esteemed House Crane didnt suit her well; she chose the life of a treasure-hunting hooligan instead.

Her parents might forgive her for it. Someday.

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