Etelson Reis
Personal Information
Name Etelson Reis
Birthdate 24 (February 16th, 1856)
Blood Status Pure
Place of Birth Rio de Janeiro, Kingdom of Brasil
Occupation "Antiquarian"
School Information
Schools Hogwarts Alumnus
Houses Slytherin
Wand 13¼" Blackthorn w/Quetzel Pinion Core
Pets Does the scarf count? It has a name.


Tall and lean, Etelson Reis has a classically handsome face with a varied ethnic background. When he can be, he is perfectly dressed and groomed and looks the part of his wealthy, pure-blooded background. He has thick, dark hair that curls readily, but can be combed strait. His eyes are dark brown and his face is typically shaven, except when it isn't practical.

  • Height: 5 ft 11
  • Weight: 159 lbs
  • Distinguishing Features: Never without his silver-weaved grey scarf. Conceals large scars littering his back, shoulders, and legs - allegedly the leftovers of an animal attack. Always carries a small tin full of hand-rolled smokes.


Etelson is impossibly driven and exceedingly calculating. He has a tendency toward stubbornness when he has his heart set on something he believes he can do, but this does not mark Etelson as a necessarily egotistical soul (though he can certainly appear that way.) A natural socialite, Etelson makes companionships based on how useful someone can be to him at the time and while he isn't unkind, his interests are fleeting and his friendships typically only last as long as someone is in his presence or still holds value. He needs constant movement and replaces tired goals with new ones frequently.


Skilled in combative magic, slinging curses, and defending against them. He knows quite a lot about art, culture, and magical history as a result of his upbringing and current career path. Etelson is, more mundanely, learned in English, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, and Mandarin. Capable of above-standard feats of athleticism and versed in wilderness survival. Moderate/middling occlumens.


Etelson Reis is the heir to the ill-fated Reis family fortune and the surviving son of Portuguese-Brasilian Gonçalvo Reis and Anglo-Egyptian Helen Alderdice. Old money, and collectors of rare and unusual artifacts, the Reis family were socialites who often bought and sold their way through auction houses and flirted their way through dinner parties. Real-world wizarding problems rarely applied to them - and Etelson was no different. Born in Rio, young Etelson often traveled with his family and saw much of the world at a young age. He was home-schooled for his first years, but was ultimately sent away to the prestigious Hogwarts. It was here that he learned a modicum of the social and political issues other students faced and it was here his horizons broadened.

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