April 9th, 2098

14:07:45 [Meredith] Being an ‘adult’ was full of awful, arbitrary things like work and shopping (as it turns out, food still has to come from somewhere). Work was good – long, tiring, sometimes smelly and confusing – but, generally: good. Shopping, on the other hand, was the worst part of any day when it didn’t involve a very particular kind of product. It was even worse when you’d put in your hours on the clock before finding out your shopping destination did not have the items you were looking for. The day turned abysmal when the employees didn’t understand his persuasive reference to an antiquated muggle movie. His spirits dampened along with the terribly grey weather, Mop’s only consolation prize was a warm drink and a stop to sip it in front of a shop to watch the fluffy, feathered beasts on the other side of the glass. With his fashion sense he could have passed for an eccentric (Mop was fond of ‘eclectic’) grandfather or a hobo, if not for the cleanliness of his clothing.

14:20:55 [Iwamura] "Meredith Owen Porthman." Izzy would've recognized him anywhere, after any length of time - hell. Five years from the end of the war hardly made the magnificent meandering Mop any less distinct. How many wizards dressed like late-aughts Portland hipsters, after all? "It's been rather a long time, hasn't it?" Really, the unusual thing here was Izzy initiating contact. Usually, Xia (or someone) had to initiate for him. Well, no matter. Judging by his mode of dress - jeans and an untucked white dress shirt - Izzy had taken to heart the whole 'kidnapping' thing and not reported to Mitsuda for assignment in the morning. That, or he was going without uniform, but that was just crazy talk. Either way, here he was before a shop full of fluffy, feathered beasts. And only slightly detached from the people he was usually joined to at the hip. Strange days! Maybe the clouds severed the ephemeral chains, or something.

14:27:12 [Kyla] With her lime green robes tossed aside in favour of more casual wear along with mandatory satchel over her shoulder the young healer grinned while closing the door behind her, now that her office mess was out of sight Kyla happily meandered toward St Mungo’s exit. “I am beginning to think that perhaps lunch outside would make a much better setting.” Grinning at her voiced thought Kyla continued on her way offering the occasional wave and greeting to her fellow healers as they bustled about the never empty corridors before locating a nearby apparation point. Destination: Diagon Alley. Not really paying attention to her surroundings Kyla barely saved herself from stumbling into a couple exiting the Leaky Cauldron, a hushed apology followed by a sheepish smile later saw the healer heading off to one of the local take outs stationed not too far from where one rather eccentric looking wizard stood watching the feathery creatures housed behind glass.

14:46:43 Meredith whirled when he heard a voice explicitly speak his name. In the same moment, his brain was hard at work identifying the voice as familiar, identifying the person it must have belonged to and then, doubting his split-second judgment. The whole thing made him very addled by the time his eyes fell upon their target. “Woooooahyo” was the approximate sound that fumbled out of his mouth as he staggered backward—if it wasn’t dramatic, he wasn’t having fun. In the next second, he was a flurry of motion to approach Izzy and give him a wide-armed, unabashed embrace with complete disregard to the other patrons plowing through the alley or stopping for a pensive look at a handsome (he’d say so) face. It wasn’t even a kind and gentle sort of affection that you’d expect in a reunion. Mop went all-out with a tightly-latched bear-hug that threatened to spill his drink all over the back of Izzy’s shirt and take the wind out of his lungs. A jumble of sounds that sometimes strung together to make words were constantly being loosed from his tongue during the event. “Fuck—bl—fuck—hou—cou—waoht” was the gist of it before: “Iwamura!” Sure enough, some of that tea wouldspill. The only variables were where, when, and who the victim might be.

14:55:18 [Iwamura] So, at least some part of Izzy's subconscious probably should have expected the sort of response he got from Mop. Should have. Didn't, but should have. People were always mercurial and incomprehensible to Izzy, even the ones he ostensibly knew rather well. So the combination of suffocating bear-hug, potentially flying tea, and lots of public displays of affection caught him completely off-guard. "Hup!" Well, it sure was nice, that one time, having air in his lungs. "Itsgoodtoseeyoutoo." Followed by, more pensively, "…can you loosen up a little I can't breathe…" Hopefully this also ended without hot tea down his back, but right now Izzy was willing to settle for just coming away without a punctured lung. How in the hell could anyone so scruffy also apply so much force in his grappling? Clearly, Meredith Porthman was a swarthy and dangerous foe…

15:01:59 [Kyla] “Maybe if I had put some more effort into these records and actually finished up one or two…” she quietly mumbled to herself while reaching for the satchel resting at her side, shaking off the errant thought Kyla turned her attention back to the present as she manoeuvred herself past one of Diagon Alley’s more vibrant locals. Smiling at sudden burst of colour she quickly set about placing an order for something warm to drink and something to snack on, with her request en-route she found herself peering out at the crowds wandering up and down the somewhat bustling alley. It didn’t take long for her order to arrive and it only took another quick moment before the meal was charmed to fit into her pocket thus saving it for later while she savoured her drink, the nostalgic scent of hot chocolate was a wonderful ward against the chill that hung about thanks to the grey weather, but her moment ended rather abruptly when some wayward tea wound up flying her way. “Hey whoa…?!” Kyla all but lost her footing trying to dodge the incoming beverage, but valiantly managed to end up with her sneakers being the only things to end up wet, lifting her gaze in hopes of finding the culprit she found herself scowling at the pair hugging it out in front of the menagerie. “…gee thanks guys.”
15:16:55 [Meredith] As requested, Porthman dropped his poor, abused friend and then, had to save his tea from the grizzly fate of dropping on poor Kyla’s shoes altogether. His immediate reaction was apologetic—a quick flash of a glance said ‘I’m sorry I threatened you with asphyxiation’ to Izzy and ‘I forgot other people existed for a hot minute’ to Kyla. When he found his words, it was “ouh, ah, oi” followed by “it’s not even that bad. Look’t’at, yoor fine.” Mop’s expressive face contorted in ways that would have made anyone else look like a caricature—but his deeply-wrinkled forehead and tightened mouth were just as at home as a gentle smile. “I mean—apologies. I hope your sneakers recover from my egregious error.” The Welshman’s sonorous vowels not only made him sound somewhat out of place, but made the end of his sentence almost incomprehensible. “I will remember them fondly.” He promised the girl, but was, apparently, all finished with her; Mop turned back to Izzy a second later, sipped his tea, and began conversation like nothing had happened at all. “SO! Whaoht’ve you been up to!?”

15:23:03 [Iwamura] Kyla got an apologetic look from Izzy, and a mouthed but not voiced apology. Mop was terminally the opposite of serious, which usually seemed to work to his advantage, actually. Maybe he'd give lessons some time. "Err. Ahm." It took him a moment to adjust to Mop's accent. Welsh people really did sound like that. Huh. "I, uh. Surrendered to peer pressure and signed on as an Auror. Then I got kidnapped by a fashionista and now I'm here. You know. Just the usual." Izzy rubbed the back of his head with one hand, feeling of a sudden strange and out of place. Clearly everyone was staring at him. Every one of the owls, at the very least. They sensed his mousiness. They were waiting… waiting to strike… "You, ah, you look like you've…" It probably would've been bad to finish that sentence with 'grown taller', so Izzy didn't. Rather, he just didn't finish the sentence. He would let Mop talk. That was a better plan. He wasn't sure, now, what had possessed him to say hello in the first place, seeing as how he was of a sudden well out of his depth.

15:26:47 [Kaust] Noise, grating and frustrating crafted in the form of loud joyous laughter and boisterous taunts. It was the sound of two confident players, well dressed and carefree as they shuffled ahead of a much more subdued figure. They joked and half wrestled feeling secure and free from most fan bombardment in their snazzy disguises of civilian clothing and cloth stitched hats but the human shaped shadow at their backs felt anything but. It wasn’t often that Kaust walked the streets, it wasn’t often that Kaust found herself awake for that matter trapped upon a mental landscape of bitter regret and eternal frustration. Her idea of a marvelous time would have been to drink herself into a stupor but her two teammates, sporting scarfs in the obvious color of the Heidelberg Harriers seemed to think that a little fresh air was much more important than being unconscious. Figures… wasn’t this the reason she’d disappeared so many years ago? To escape the limelight and the self-glorified sense of worth and purpose? She’d only ended up right back here, doing what she loved… had loved… while feeling a general lack of such toward everything. Once vibrant colors just seemed dull, lessened by her emotional stunting and the things she had enjoyed were no longer all that full of enjoyment. Granted, she should have been happy, ecstatic even for her ‘luck’. After all, she’d done some very bad things… very bad things. Yet here she was, trapped between her supposed companions engulfed in the fur-linned leather jacket she’d found out of some muggle store during a tour wearing the very same scarf while she struggled to shove square framed glasses back up the bridge of her nose. So much had changed since her ‘awakening’, other than the… illness she unfortunately carried but one thing was still the same that German sailor hat still sat snuggly upon unkempt hair as baggy eyes wearily watched her two teammates suddenly get distracted and rush off towards a nearby Owl Shop. A shop that currently had a small gathering in front of it. One of which her tired gaze didn’t recognize just yet… instead she was much too busy glaring daggers at the back of her gabbing companions, gushing over silly owls. Oh how she hated owls.

15:32:28 Noriko || Miss Twinkletoes, better known as Noriko Sakada, better known [at least in her own mind] as the mighty Princess Sparklefists was on a mission! This was a mission of grave and terrible import; a mission the likes of which few ever embarked upon and survived. She was on a mission most deadly and dangerous, a mission she even now feared might claim her tragic and short life: a noble mission for a sandwich. All efforts had come to naught; her insistence that her teammates go make her a sammich had accomplished nothing! She had armored up for the dangers of the road, in her finest brightest yellowest sundress and her finest gaudiest pinkest sunglasses and her finest silkest blackest scarf; the utter lack of sun no matter to her at all. The dangers of the road proved great indeed when simply minding her own business our hero [the mighty Princess Sparklefists] looked away only for a moment and collided unceremoniously with a much taller, much Germaner woman than she. Why it wasnt just a single German, it was a German convention! A German infestation! A Germanfestation! The shock, the horror; oh, the fresh clean industrious scent! ||

15:35:43 Kyla frowned at the seemingly awkward hug between the two wizards as she shook off the remnants of tea from her shoes, not entirely sure if she should break up the pair or wait it out she stood to the side nursing her drink while keeping a watchful eye on the eccentric and his flying tea. It seemed like just about anything and everything could wind up being weaponized at some point or another. The stray thought took her by surprise resulting in her needing to tamp down the bubble of mirth as she failed to hold onto the scowl from earlier, it looked like her outing was quickly becoming an adventure of sorts, but with Meredith’s impressive facial contortion and outlandish ways she couldn’t help the giggle that burst from her lips. Stunned by his display Kyla was rendered speechless for a moment as she tried and momentarily failed to comprehend his apology, but she did manage to catch Izzy’s silent one and so nodded in reply as she wasn’t all too sure how to follow up with that message to her shoes. “Uh… okay…?” Kyla found herself reduced to syllables but was happy to turn her attention elsewhere as the pair turned back to one another, still somewhat shaken she took a deep breath and found herself watching the newly arrived trio that had stopped in front of the Owl Shop along with the vibrant yellow addition of Noriko. “Never a dull moment in Diagon Alley.” she whispered to herself with a smile before taking another sip of her hot chocolate.

16:00:48 [Meredith] “Good!” Mop immediately retorted, then thought, then reconsidered: “wall, y’no, not ‘good’ that yoou—well,” he fumbled, dropped his words, and had to start all over again. “SOAUROR! Brilliant! Me too—believe it? Me. Hilarious, aye?” His eyebrows bounced up and down and his grin was wide and animated to accompany them. The conversation may have gone further if he had the time and attention span for it, but with a bunch of foreigners rushing the owl shop, Mop’s eyes went to the commotion. Soon thereafter, he jumped a dodge out of the way to keep from getting bowled over. He was about to pardon the blunderers for their transgression, but when he opened his mouth, all that came out was a big fat nothing. When he was finally able to close it, his eyes returned to Izzy. His reunited housemate was fortunate enough to be Mop’s anchor for the time being, which meant he was able to enjoy the rollercoaster of emotion from surprise—to giddy—to shock—to awe—to absolute horror that swept over his face. When it finally stopped, he was back to pleasant, smiling, enthusiastic Mop… who very abruptly stepped a little closer to Izzy, as if his fellow wizard was the only thing that would keep him from being washed away with the flood waters.

16:06:54 [Iwamura] Stunned silence. Izzy tilted his head and stared at Mop. It was rather fortunate that a crowd of wild Germans appeared, flagrantly disrupting everything, 'cause Izzy's reaction to Mop also being an Auror was a little bit… strained. There were a myriad of questions that raised, the most obvious of them being how, but Izzy didn't raise them. The thing that'd sent Mop's hair on end presently caught Izzy's eye too. Oh, it wasn't just Germans, it was the German Quidditch squad, and of course they had to have her with them. Fuck. Izzy kept his cool! Better than could be said about his behavior the day before. "Hayden. I wasn't aware you were in London yet." Easy does it. Kaust had been pardoned, at least officially. She wasn't a torturous, murderous war criminal, she was a victim of circumstance. Right. Tell himself that enough times, he might even start believing the convenient untruths there. "Where was it you said you were going, Mop? We wouldn't want you to be late." Provide him cover if he wanted to flee. Izzy wouldn't blame him a bit. Kaust had abused Mop with a special sort of sadism.

16:24:37 [Kaust] The idea had been to refrain from actively engaging in the silliness of her companions as they gawked in the window. In her placement on the sidewalk she’d thought herself safe but the collision of a warm body against her back has her stumbling forward and trying to catch her hat before it lands on the filthy street. Lucky for her she’s a bit… faster now, had been ever since the illness and with hat firmly in grip she’d turn somewhat narrowed gaze to the woman—after a quick adjustment of glasses of course. “Are du okay?” Her tone, husky and thick with her accent, is somewhat slow… tired, but underneath that is mild irritation. She doesn’t like being touched, let alone being so close to other people and this gal here… this gal—Her team snatched her attention though as they quickly roared about going inside and she gave off a soft sigh only to have it turn into a choke at the appearance of two figures. Two painfully familiar figures. Lips twitched a bit to repress a smile, one of which that would not have been all that kind as repressed sensations of power and control swept over her. She balled her hand into a fist for a moment, shook off the disjointed illusions and flood of memories before she decided to speak, her tone still exhausted (perhaps from team training?) but strained all the same. “Ah, Herr Iwamura… Herr Porthman.” She hadn’t expected to run into them, such a small world. “I’ve been here for two days.” Drinking and staring out windows and remembering things she didn’t want to remember, “For the… thingy.” Whatever it was, she mostly day dreamed when the team was explaining anything. The only time she paid attention or felt alive was on a broom these days. Still, Izzy seems quick to want to move them somewhere else and Kaust can’t say she’s not relieved. This was awkward, extremely awkward and she can’t help but stare at Mop wondering… did he…. Did he still carry her mark.

16:36:47 Noriko || Our hero [the mighty Princess Sparklefists] wasnt in any mood for this nonsense, not with her mission still unfinished and her palette still unsandwiched! Harumph. The German she had collided with at least had some common courtesy; to respond to the tiredly annoyed question Nori [better known as the mighty Princess Sparklefists] lifted her sunglasses so she could flash her lashes sweet and sultry: "I am fine, I am wonderful; are you alright, m-" Oho but it looked as though our hero had unwittingly stumbled upon an old lover's quarrel; a hipster, an introvert and a wait did he just call the German Hayden? That was why she looked so familiar. An opponent, here to steal her secrets and the source of her power! Not today, evil Germans; not today and not any day! Nori put her hands on her hips [the power pose of a true hero] and interrupted: "Hayden Kaust? In the flesh, really truly really? I used to watch you play when I was a little girl!" ||

16:46:24 Meredith whistled out a deep, long exhale and shook off his negative memories abruptly. As ‘recovered’ as he was, he wasn’t exactly prepared for Izzy to actually address Kaust and bring her attention over. “Oh! Yes, you’re right. Somewhere.” He was a little distracted in responding to Izzy’s question; there was something else burning to get out. “Graced, we are, by such fine athletes. Glad to have you for the games! I mean, you’re going to lose, but—“ Mop injected some laughter here, paused a moment and continued with a new, ambiguous tone. “It’ll still be a good time.” Despite an obvious prod, Porthman isn’t able to absorb his opposition’s reaction; a new challenger appears. It’s a face that is also immediately recognizable now that the newcomer removed her sunglasses. For a second, Mop thought his heart might stop. How was he going to survive with all these famous faces closing in on him!? While she was engaging Kaust (who was determined to be a safe distance away, with enough buffer for security), Mop turned to his comrade with an exacerbated rasp. “I’m going to die here.”

16:54:47 [Iwamura] "Of course. It's good to see you're doing well, surrounded by good people." Izzy was being far more diplomatic than he felt. It was a defense mechanism, in large part - a way to tamp down the dark place in his chest that wanted to leap through the crowd of German players and straight-up murder the woman he still held responsible for so much of the horror of 2093. He didn't. He didn't, he was being good. He also wasn't running. Huh. Thought for sure his legs would've betrayed him by now. He looked towards Mop, shrugged… "If you need a getaway, Xia doesn't work far from here… I'm sure Kindlebird would let you hide in the back of his shop." The implicit, but not stated, finish to that… Izzy had done so many times, last time he'd been to London. It was quiet, there, and smelled of all sorts of cut wood. Best sort of place to hide. Then again, Izzy and Mop had rather different stress valves. Izzy often got the impression that Mop liked the ridiculous trouble he somehow managed to constantly find.

17:05:09 [Kaust] Where were they? How long did it take to look at a pair of owls? Though she was staring straight at Mop and Izzy for the most part her mind was wandering, trying to keep track of the woman at her back while keeping tabs on the two people in that group of children that had caused her a lot of issues the so many years before. As for Mop’s proud well, strangely enough he’d earn a soft laugh from the woman—-which was odd, she never laughed not even before—before she moved to place her hat back upon her head. She seemed abit wistful then lips twisted up in that off smirk as she stared at her hands. “Probably.” Did she have faith in her team? She didn’t have faith or pride for much of anything, something she had to talk about with the therapist right? “Meine family doesn’t dink ve vill either, cuz I’m on it.” Was that what he was looking for? She’d laugh a bit more as she rubbed her chin, gaze hidden by the reflection of her glasses and for good reason, she mustn’t let these fools see her pain! But this woman, she’s eccentric enough to snap her out of her impromptu self-depreciation session. “O-oh? Ist dat so? Jah, it’s me… unfortunately. Ah, und vho are du?” She didn’t keep up with the other players, to busy trying to be ‘good’ and all that these days. She had obviously been a fan of her when she’d been wild and happy, way before Hogwarts and before her disappearance. Ugh, so old.

17:14:44 Noriko || "Of course she's going to lose; it isnt her fault. There can only be one winner, and that my friends will be me." Our hero [the mighty Princess Sparklefists] insistently demanded the spotlight in her traditionally cavalier way; the conversation wasnt about her, and Nori didnt like that. "Well, me and my teammates of course: as Captain and self-appointed Spokeswoman, President, and First Tigress they are naturally assumed when I say me." Suitably pleased with her clearing of the air, our hero allowed her hands to leave her hips, folded them behind her back. She flashed her lashes for Kaust again and put on her most expert look I'm adorable face for her introduction: "Nori Sakada. Pleased to meet you. Really, really its an honour; I grew up watching you hurt boys with bludgers. It was truly inspiring. Its why I started playing Quidditch myself!" ||

17:20:31 [Meredith] “Auuwh, aye.” Kaust didn’t exactly give Mop the reply he thought he was going to hear, nor did her teammates jump in to defend their honor. He was lost, now—lost and feeling like a total bastard. “So, that’s—I’m going to be late.” Nori, however, was absorbing most of Kaust’s attention – which should have been a good thing. He should have been pleased! This was his chance to break off easy without anything being awkward. Izzy had given them an out, Nori was drawing off focus… so why did he feel so terrible about leaving? He knew why he was hesitant (after all, what chance would he get to be so close to LEGENDS on the field?)… but the awful feeling in the pit of his stomach… Mop turned to Izzy and agreed to magnificent plan. “Oookay, let’s go! Sorrybye.” With that, they’d be off.

17:40:39 [Kaust] “I… I see.” A nervous glance from Nori will allow her to see the two missing teammates toying with an owl. That meant more time for Kaust to speak with the younger woman and the now retreating Mop. “Guten Tag, Herr Porthman…” If she noticed his disposition as he was leaving she didn’t say anything, turning back to the woman instead. She wasn’t used to being thought of as inspiration. “Pleasure to meet du as vell.”

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