April 30th, 2098

20:52:48 [Katysha] It was unusual for Katysha Dalca to meet with anyone deliberately for any length of time regarding, really, anything. Her correspondence was by owl or by Protean charm, never face to face. What personal friends she did have, she still rarely spoke to in personal fashion. So tonight was - distinctly - an unusual event. Still, Katya couldn't exactly turn down the request. If she had a biggest fan, it was the strangely excitable German Quidditch ace she'd met a week before. And she had given a card and a promise to give her priority if she wanted work done upon her vintage, pre-market broom. The venue Katya had chosen was quiet and nondescript: a wholly normal and non-magical bookstore in Muggle London. Muggles, after all, would have little to gain from hearing them speak, even if one did manage to overhear. Katya had been waiting a few minutes - she had arrived, as ever, precisely twelve minutes ahead of schedule, giving her time to scope the location, purchase a periodical featuring an article discussing the possible existence of space monsters, and find a seat. It was the sort of bookstore that had been dying out for the better part of a century, still with the trappings of paper and the eye towards a homey feel, despite the eternal march of technology in the non-wizarding world. She had discerned no threat in the place, regardless, and a muffling charm could account for potential eavesdroppers who'd escaped her initial scan.

21:03:54 [Kaust] Perfect. After escaping a particularly embarrassing scene the best thing to do would be to escape the property for a bit. Her sphinx (daughter) was put up and tucked in and her clothing was back to the usual affair but instead of boasting her usual wrinkled appearance she was pressed for once in cardigan and slacks. It seemed… improper to meet Katysha looking like a bum. She mustn’t give the wrong impression! Didn’t want her to think she was some sort of crazy or something! Still, this is the first time since her break down that she’s been out and about and she feels somewhat strange as she slips past the entrance to the muggle-book store without some sort of guardian (that being the watchful Hippo). Either way she doubted there could be much trouble here and felt practically giddy as she walked down the aisles admiring the whole muggle affair. She’d been a bit of a book worm during her initial first disappearance, back when she’d become a rebel and ‘died’ under the guise of working for the German muggle army. What an exciting experience that had all been… but once a Kaust always a Kaust, it was much too hard to escape the destiny of her family title. Those were thoughts for another, darker liquor filled evening though, and she had a meeting to attend. “Guten tag.” There’s the broom maker! Hayden is all too eager to take a seat across from her, on time—for once—for this gathering. While she did inwardly feel like a child in a candy store she certainly looked like someone who was immensely tired, only offering small smile as she took off her glasses to clean them nervously. “I appreciate this meeting. It’s been a long… ah… few veeks for me. Nothin’ exciting though. Vhat of du?”

21:19:04 [Katysha] "Good evening, Hayden." Katysha nodded politely in greeting, lowering the rather sensational periodical proclaiming that it was only a matter of time before the Mi-Go swept over the Earth like a plague, taking whom they cared to and killing the rest. What, precisely, the 'Mi-Go' were, or why they would sweep the Earth, Katysha couldn't claim to know. "It is an interesting time for me. Tomorrow, I make a presentation in public. I am of mixed feelings on this, however, I do not believe I can withdraw from it. I have made promises, and I really should keep those. I also have… prototypes that I intend to make available." Why did she tell things like this to Hayden? This wasn't the first time she had offered up, unsolicited, information that she wouldn't have told to anyone else. Also worthy of inquiry, why did she consider the odd German woman to be a friend at all? They had, in total, perhaps forty minutes worth of personal contact, most of it devoted to the minutia of antique brooms and the craftsmanship of the earliest work of Ellerby and Spudmore. Hardly the stuff of legendary fraternity. "What, exactly, is it that has been long?"

21:30:24 [Kaust] Prototypes… PROTOTYPES?! The German woman had a hard time keeping the look of utter possessive surprise off her face but she managed to do well enough. Mustn’t frightened the woman off after all. “That sounds more exciting than it probably is.” She can tell from how totally uninterested Katysha seemed to make it appear. Revealing things was probably a pretty irritating process now that Hayden thought of it, filled with questions and probing hands and drooling broom wanting monsters. She could have been one of those monsters, actually. She probably was. Just a bit more tame. “On one hand du get to display your art.” Here Hayden was thoughtful, replacing her glasses upon the bridge of her nose and staring toward the material Katysha had been reading. “But on the other hand du have to… ah… show yer face?” Was that what bothered her? After all, Hayden hadn’t even known it was her until she’d received the card. If she hadn’t gotten the card than she still wouldn’t have known. Identity was precious. “Oh v-vell, du know… a little assult here und dere, some screaming and a little hiding out… ah it vas boring.” Just the average long week, it could have happened to anyone.

21:41:59 [Katysha] Katysha nodded her assent at Hayden's inquiry. She could be insightful. When she wasn't spilling over the edges like a teenaged fangirl. Not that it hadn't been charming, granted. "I have been in this business for thirteen years without showing my face to the public, Hayden. It has been part of my identity for nearly as long as I can remember - there is one individual who ever learned who I was, without my revealing it." And he'd burned her home town in an effort to leverage her into taking a side in the war… dick move. The sort of move that pushed her to take a side, actually. Just not his. "Assault, screaming, and hiding out do not sound as a boring week to me, Hayden. Unpleasant, yes - but not boring." Carefully, Katysha folded the newsprint into perfect quarters. Even something that simple demanded absolute precision - she was neurotic about such things. No way around it. "I have long made a point of avoiding such excitement wherever I can. It has not always gone as I intend, but I prefer a day to be boring. There is little about remarkable days that is good for work. Distractions - they are most often quite unwelcome."

21:52:06 [Kaust] For a moment Hayden was silent. She wondered what it felt like to have a boring life, to actively avoid excitement and settle in for a casual existence. She’d never felt that before, never had the chance to experience it but she yearned for a small taste of it. It seemed like all the things she’d once dreamed of, stability, predictability…sanity. “That sounds amazing.” But she refused to sit there and sigh in curious wonder. “S-so not as boring as I intended. Definitely unwanted and extremely unpleasant.” Yet she had an issue on her hands which seemed to be Katysha’s discomfort. Could it be solved somehow? Hayden had a number of ideas but she wasn’t sure how well they’d work. “Vhen I vas in school I once enchanted dis doll to talk like me. I thought I vas being smart vhen I sent it to class once in meine place. It didn’t fool anyone but it vas fun to skip class vhile das doll vas a smart ass.” Here Hayden gave a short snide laugh, “Maybe instead of showing yer face du could… ah.. enchant a cat or somethin’ to talk in yer place?” She could see it, the curtains pulling back to display a dancing broom, wouldn’t that be cute?! “Dat vey no one vould see yer face.” Unless that wasn’t apart of whatever deals she’d made. “I am vuuury gud at enchanting stuff.” Just talk to her collection of magical guns.

22:02:13 [Katysha] "Ah, it is a charming thought, for certain. But! I entered into an agreement. It would not be proper to break it. I will be upon that stage, to speak on the evolution of flight over the last hundred years, and to announce the Thundercat! and the Shadowcat!. The names are, a long story." Katysha smiled and waved it off with a flick of her hand - perhaps her feet were getting just a little cold, but it wasn't a big deal, really. It would pass. Public speaking wasn't really her forte… might also have had something to do with it. "And there is one other thing I will announce tomorrow. Can you keep a secret, Hayden?" The inquiry begged her to say yes, as though Katysha really did want to be able to tell someone these plans and curiosities that constantly flitted through her mind.

22:11:43 [Kaust] “Aw… Dat ist a shame.” It really was, the thought of making something for Katysha made her a bit giddy. Coming down from the high was almost painful. Still, she admired that the other had the gall to still go up there even though she really didn’t want to. That and, well, Hayden sorta didn’t want anyone else to know what she looked like… what a weird feeling. Almost as weird as the new names for her two new projects but Hayden wasn’t one to complain or question it. Thundercat was a very cute name—and also the title of a cartoon, Hayden is sure. Rolling her shoulders back she quirked a brow at the next inquiry. A secret? “Jah, I can.” She’d kept Kali a secret for a while and—-Ah, no, mustn’t think of things like that. She’s better now.

22:22:38 [Katysha] "I will be taking on a protege - an apprentice. I will be announcing that tomorrow. I am not certain anything will come of it, however, I will see what interest there is, and see if - perhaps - anybody suitable wishes to learn a very old trade." Katysha had resisted the idea of bringing in anybody at all to her business since she first opened her doors. She was, however, forty years old - perhaps not an ancient woman, but old enough to have considered her own mortality. And more importantly, old enough to realize that perhaps her insistence on being the lone proprietor and artisan of her work was based more on pride than practicality. Not that she had lost her pride - just tempered it, slightly, with the inevitable wisdom that came of many, many failures. "It is, I think, somewhat past due."

22:34:58 [Kaust] Oh what an interesting secret… ah, wait what? “A-an apprentice?” It’s not unusual, sure but it’s still a bit surprising coming from this woman who she was pretty sure was anti-social in all aspects. Did Kat have the patience to teach someone else to make brooms? Was there anyone out there worthy enough for the job? “T-that’s good!” She hopes it is anyway, it seemed like a great idea in theory. “What are the qualifications for that sort of thing? V-vat are du looking for in a candidate?” Not that Hayden could apply, she was to old… and half-insane, things of that nature tended to ruin jobs were precision was key. “It’s just, it’s such huge news.” And a little worrisome. She can’t help but feel a tad jealous about it.

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