April 29th, 2098

12:57:38 Huian ◙ Not because she had passed out, and not because of Huang. She was eased visibly from the things it was not about, and smiled at him in a manner much more relaxed. Her notes. “Of course. You don’t have to be so formal about it…if you want to look them over, you’re more than welcome to, if they’ll be any help.” Well…her hands closed on the notebook, before looking down at it. “Well, not…not this one, particularly. There’s a problem and I haven’t…I haven’t figured out what it is yet. Maybe you can?” Izzy was a good guy. Rational and intelligent, and not afraid to point out fallicies he saw with other people and their work. She didn’t like admitting something may be wrong, but when she did, it was very much Izzy she would go to. Or write to. She slid the book to him. “I have…I have a magical equation in there…I finished one. But, the red parts I’ve marked…I went over my book last night, and tried to remember when I wrote them down…I don’t remember writing them down, and I know they work, but work, but I have no rational explanation on why they’re there, and you know as well as I do that if it’s just a guess, it’s as likely to be wrong, even if it looks like it fits…And I can’t have that. It has to be right, but…I don’t know how…or when…or why it’s there, and it’s still missing something, right here—“ She pointed, tapping a blank spot. “—that would finish the entire thing and I cansort it. But if I don’t know where these came from, then I don’t know what I’m looking for…” And it was driving her into worried madness. That was pretty much easily unsaid. ◙

14:46:16 [Iwamura] And she confirmed much of what he'd suspected, much of which Meredith had already confirmed earlier, just with that. Ah. This was going to be very sticky in very short order. Izzy wrinkled his nose, brought his tea to his lips, but didn't drink. Pondered for a long moment. "The particular problem you are encountering, Huian, is that your memory has been altered." Well, in for a penny, in for a pound. There wasn't much to be done about it. "Particularly, your memories about your research into Cyrus Valen's condition. I'm not certain what else might have been altered, as the extent of my own involvement was aiding you in the crafting of a theory." He paused, glanced up towards the sky, frowned. It was later than he'd expected… "We hadn't met again to discuss it, though. So I am - alas - uncertain what theory you came to. It seems you developed a working conclusion, but without more information and context, there's little to be done about it." And Izzy had, very much and very deliberately, kept himself out of the whole stupid Cyrus Valen affair. You know, right up until it turned into a giant cobweb of crossed threads affecting his friends. Why was everything at the Conclave so goddamn complicated lately?

14:54:41 Huian ◙ “What.” After that, all she did was stare at him. Blankly. And then sort of give a half grin. Her memory altered? That was a bad joke. It had to be a bad joke. “Izzy, that’s not funny.” It really wasn’t. Izzy couldn’t tell jokes. He didn’t tell jokes because he couldn’t tell jokes. He didn’t tell jokes. Why would…her smile failed, died a horrible and painful death as a look of horror grew in her eyes. She had her memory altered? It screwed up her notes and…her theories…and…Huian looked down at the pages, before looking back up. “How do you know? Was it an experiment I worked on, diid somebody say something?!” Her voice was growing softer, even as it grew more frantic. “Izuyo, what the hell is going on and what do you know that I don’t?” ◙

15:09:35 [Iwamura] What. Izzy could absolutely tell jokes. That was some slanderous, slanderous internal monologue Huian had going on there! Slanderous! Well, you know. His expression never wavered. He put down his cup of tea, still entirely untouched, and folded his hands on the table once more. "I agree. It isn't funny. I consider it rather unnerving. I have potential leads, and reason to believe a copy of your memories still exists. But I don't know much for certain. There are many variables in play, and I've been… removed… from most of what came before this." That whole 'jurisdiction' thing. #notmydivision. Izzy was starting to regret his decision to stay out of it, though. He might've been able to keep things from going this far if he had. There was also a bit of reticence - he did know who had altered her memories, and had a fair guess as to why, but… letting her know right now would create additional problems. And he was still trying to figure out the move after his next one (speaking to Botts), and how it was all going to fit together at the end of his grand plan. Okay, he didn't actually have a grand plan, this was all from the hip. It was harder when his mother wasn't pulling everybody's strings.

15:25:00 Huian ◙ Her palm rested against her forehead, before she pulled out the hair pin keeping the locks out of her face, her hair slowly sliding to black as the charm was removed, and she twisted the pin around her fingers for a moment, taking a deep breath. Calm. She wasn’t going crazy. That was a good thing. If Izzy was telling the truth, which knowing him, she believed he was, then she did have rationalities for what she wrote down. And her eyes opened. Her stress was gone. And she smiled. “Thank you. Thank you for telling me.” He didn’t have to. It wasn’t his problem. But in one swoop, he assured her she was not a madwoman working on guesses. Which, really, was her biggest fear. Her hand patted his once, and she closed her book, before sliding it across to him. “Can you take this for a bit? I don’t…want to drive myself into madness trying to figure it out right now, if my memory’s altered.“ She was going to do awful things to the person that fucked with her brain. It was the one thing she prided herself above all else on. This…this was an unforgivable offense. ◙

15:37:59 [Iwamura] "Of course. I'll let you know when I have more reliable information. And I'll make sure to keep this safe for you." He accepted the notebook, with both hands, in proper and polite Japanese fashion. There were certain mannerisms he'd picked up, things he couldn't unlearn. And when this was all over, Izzy was going to flip all the fucking tables. Every table in Diagon Alley. He was going to craft a table-flipping jinx and just go on a rampage. "For what it's worth - and I don't know how much it will help you - you came to me for information on the nature of dark magic. Specifically, you were interested in how a man might replace a lost arm with something… greater… than what he lost. What sort of sacrifices would need to be made, and what sort of intent. And what sort of damage it would inflict upon the soul. It's possible you were looking into a line of research tread upon someone untoward." He lifted his cup again, this time actually drank from it, though rather sparingly. Good tea. He just wasn't at all in a mood for tea just now.

15:49:34 Huian ◙ “I’m always looking into the nature of dark magic. Nature of magic in general…And I gather that much from my notes…I’m just…I’m just glad I didn’t forget on my own.” Her chin was propped up on her palm, and her hair was pushed out from her face. She looked at ease now, at least a bit. Funny what news from a trusted person will do for you. A soothing sense that somebody was looking out for your mental well-being…everybody should have that. “Izzy, just…thank you. For everything.” Her fingers tapped against her cheek, and she offered a half smile. “Just don’t let me down. Or you know, you’ll have let me down. And then I will be sad. I might even shed a tear.” Not likely. Huian didn’t shed tears anymore. She barely got sad. She rarely grew angry, though she was now, if not at him, and trying to hide it. She was furious. ◙

16:03:46 [Iwamura] A half-smile. "Don't thank me too prematurely. I still have plenty of opportunities to ruin everything. I'm rather good at that, you know…" He paused, tucked the notebook away carefully. "But I will endeavor not to let you down. I can't abide people being sad. Never been able to. It's a personal failing, I'm told…" It was later than he thought, and he was supposed to meet with Botts and Meredith and sort out all this stupidness they'd dug themselves into. Okay, Meredith at least still seemed to think his plan was brilliant. Regardless of Izzy's protestations, and regardless of the obvious ethical quandaries with it. Hnn. "I have a meeting I need to keep, soon. Will you be alright?" And if it went poorly, he imagined there'd be another conversation with Huian in the very near future, wherein he revealed everything he knew. Or, possibly, he'd be missing some of his own memories. Izzy didn't know Botts nearly well enough to know how that was going to go…

16:16:48 Huian ◙ “You only make things interesting.” Izzy couldn’t ruin anything, he was the epitome of not ruining things. “And if your mother told you that, you can borrow mine. She’s always wanted a boy to dote on and make fat with her food.” Another grin, and she took a spare notebook out of her bag, and wrote down in it, quickly. Today. Notes about what had happened today, what Izzy told her, written right in front of him. She would not forget again. Would she be alright? “I guess. I’m…angry, to say…but I think a couple of asprin and a nap, and I won’t be as mad. Maybe I won’t imagine cursing the flesh off the person that did this to me, if it was a person. You do what you feel you need to do…And stay safe. Please.” His safety was of very clear importance. Just not for herself. In case somebody thought he might be a threat as well. Tread lightly on unknown grounds. “Go to your meeting. And thank you for looking out.” ◙

16:50:10 [Iwamura] "My mother told me many things, but she never accused me of ruining anything. She had too much invested in me." Rather literally. Memories that weren't his, kicking around in his brain, protected for years by a Fidelius charm. Haruhi Kojima had been, if nothing else, a living, breathing example of der wille zur macht. "I'm sure I'll be fine. I'll be careful. Always am." Well, that was just straight-up not true. Izzy was often cavalier and reckless when it came to his own safety. One might've accused him outright of wanting to die, judging by some of his actions, and had a good argument to make. Obviously irrelevant, though. Obviously. "I'll be in touch." Then, he stood - and with a distinctive crack he was gone. And a moment later, found himself knocking at the door of a charming farmhouse in Wales. He only ever seemed to come here when there was villainy afoot…

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