April 28th, 2098

20:05:18 [Shef] When you want to make an impression, numbers always matter – particularly for a set of twins. And THIS particular set were so impressive together. Apollo was in some of his best robes and his best were yards better and more flattering than most – moss green with gold thread to offset his impeccably combed hair and mossy eyes. But there was more than just presence he had in mind when he’d asked Artemis to accompany him on this little errand. He’d heard that Warwick was possibly a little unstable… so his sister would be welcome back up in that event. But if everything went smoothly, they would be in and out of this… er… hell hole … and on their merry way with the unaltered memory of a prophesy. Juicy. Trudging up the stairs, he looked around them almost cheerfully. “Bloody hell,” he said, swiping a gloved finger at some dust and showing the fuzzy results to his sister. When they reached Warwick’s door, he gave a short little tap with a few knuckles.

20:14:06 [Field] There were a thousand other things she could have been doing at the time of this visit but none of them had made it into her agenda when she’d been drug out the house. Dressed up with a stressed out expression she cringed when she saw Apollo wipe his finger across the banister and display that dust. “….ew.” Filthy but it wasn’t like she was unused to being dirty… There was just a place and a time for being filthy and here, in her expressive fine robes, was not the place. “You sure he’ll be home?” She was all for being backup, just not wasting her time and as it was this was becoming a strange waste of time. “I had a hunt to attend.” In a fancy bar for a soft looking thang, “This isn’t the type of hunt I had in mind however.”

20:21:35 Warwick had a habit of locking himself into his hovel for days at a time if he could afford it. Luckily, this week, he could—and he did. He didn’t, however, expect any company while he was doing it. The creaks in the floorboards out in the hallway warn Warwick that such company insisted upon setting themselves upon his doorstep. The muffled chatting outside was the nail in his paranoid coffin but the knock at the door still managed to make him twitch (and woke up the elderly dog in front of the fireplace). Eventually, his visitors were granted with a door that opened a sliver to reveal a portion of their quarry’s face. “What?” He asked from the relative safety the chain binding the door to the wall provided.

20:28:27 Shef only shrugged when his sister mentioned her hunt. Please. She could hunt whenever she wanted to! It wasn’t every day they got to team up like in the old days and go on a mission. He might have even had a reply ready, but just in time to distract him, the door opened a chain’s width and a third of a haggard face peered out at them. Apollo met Warwick with a very charming smile. “Good afternoon,” he said – even after all these years in London, he still had that Geordie mouth of marbles. “My name is Apollo Sheffield – you might recognize the name – I’m the CEO of the Daily Prophet which… I see you read. And this is my sister, Artemis Sheffield Head of the Ministry’s Beast Division. AS you can probably guess, we are ridiculously wealthy. You might also be interested to know that we are very generous and very interested in prophesies.”

20:38:26 [Field] They were in front of the door to a reclusive, an anti-social hermit man to be sure. She could tell, what with the horrible hallways with their loud suspicious creaking. It was certainly setting off many many alarms within her more predatory mind and the most she could do was give Shef a withered stare as he knocked on the door and the man—that is a man there right?—answered the door. She let Apollo do the talking while she gave narrowed eyes to the male (or rather, his door… just incase they had to force their way in), even her smile is a bit strained and pressed thin. It’s obvious she’s a bit suspicious of the lodgings of the fellow. “Be a tad more respectful, would you? The poor man served our country once upon a time, after all.”

20:48:12 [Warwick] Apollo was met with a door slammed in his face for his grace and diplomacy. Artemis’ comment may have very well been what saved their chances – or maybe he’d simply decided to gain his bearings before letting them in. Either way, a couple seconds – just long enough to be somewhat in appropriate – the sound of metallic fussing and clapping loosed the chain from the door. The door slowly swung open in the next second with their frazzled host practically using the thing as a shield as he allowed them in. “Prophecies.” Warwick restated. The frail-looking dog at the fireplace put its head back down on its paws. “Why?” He stepped back out from behind the door, making a point of leaving the door open before he went to the kitchenette to fuss over something of little consequence.

20:57:15 Shef never seemed to doubt for a moment that they’d be permitted and he continued to smile expectantly while the door was slammed in his face… and then there, see? It opened again, this time without a chain to hold it shut. He turned his smile to his sister and held out a hand that indicated she could sweep on in ahead of him. Following suit soon after, he’d close the door behind him with a lazy waft of one hand. “Mm, yes,” he said as he took a look around. Apparently the dust motif was carried through into this room as well. His glance settled momentarily on the dog. Well. Count Artemis distracted for their visit. He, however, kept his distance, even if the thing looked friendly enough. “Well,” he continued on to Warwick as if it were the most natural and friendly conversation in the world. “I’m interested in prophesies because I like to be prepared. If it’s a good one, I want to know what to look out for in the way of opportunities. If it’s bad, I want to know when to cut town… and I always like to know what ought to be going into print… or not. AND as the Department of Mysteries is likely to sit on anything they have – or think they have – I thought I’d come straight to the source and part with some cash for something pure.”

21:07:59 [Field] Then a slammed door and Artemis gave Apollo a sour look one that obviously said ‘look at what you did?’ but it’ll open right before Artemis prepares to beat Apollo down for his over-confidence, which was even worse. She so hated when he got his way! Yet still she’ll sweep on in giving the home a blank faced look over—-so filthy, grooooss! But it’s the dog that has her attention. “Ahh~” No need for work when there’s a cute little ol’ doggy to play with. That’s where she’ll be, settling near the old dog so she can pet and cuddle and lounge with it in her good robes. She’ll probably regret it later.

21:20:02 [Warwick] “Open that.” Warwick immediately barked to Apollo’s otherwise courteous attempt to provide them with privacy. More obvious signs of stress began to leak out as time went by with the door shut. “It was open for a reason. Open it.” Their host thrust a finger to the door to demand his guests right this wrong. Warwick’s eyes went wide and his arm shook before he forced himself to drop the expression and wait for his ‘request’ to bear fruit. He couldn’t think, knowing that the door was shut, with people in his home. The home itself was – impressively – fairly organized for a space filled with such clutter. Old papers provided the support for his coffee table and a few end-tables around the apartment. Books, texts, and magazines packed the bookshelves that lined his walls. Yet, everything seemed rather impersonal—there were no pictures of family members, no art, nothing. Nothing… except a dog (who seemed rather indifferent to Artemis’ affection), an owl in a large cage in a far corner with another shut door nearby, and grooves worn into the floor boards in a circle around the sofa.

21:26:35 Shef blinked, not entirely expecting to have triggered what seemed to be a panic attack in the man. He raised one brow and looked at his sister, then shrugged and wafted a hand to open the door again. “Of course. How silly of me.” He returned his hands to their clasp behind his back and took a step into the room, eyeing the clutter on the table. He let his gaze dance back to his twin and for an instant, his brow furrowed a little. Really? Well, she was the animal expert, but “Let sleeping dogs lie” wasn’t a saying for no reason. “Now… Sorry. This prophesy? Or, more importantly, your price for it?” He leaned back on one foot, propping the forward foot up on its heel as if he were inspecting his (rather nice) boots.

21:32:35 [Field] How unresponsive! Well no matter she’ll continue to rub all over it, eager to give it her love while her brother takes care of business.

21:40:04 Warwick watched the door swing back open and tried to breathe a little easier. When he could, he glanced over to the woman preoccupied with Polly (who was a gentle and tolerant dog, but not particularly showy in her affection). Warwick tore himself away from the scene in front of the fireplace to face the veritable dragon spearheading this campaign. “Why would you think it was for sale?” He asked, somewhat prickled to Apollo’s presumptions. Of course, that didn’t mean it wasn’t for the right price, but Warwick was less and less inclined to be kind in his price the more insufferable he realized his company to be. At least, he can remind himself, this is no worse than Evelyn. Evelyn Darby was a familiar face, however, and brought a touch more comfort than two strangers based on that alone (no matter how she annoyed him). “So you can run it in your paper? You think the people in the Hall of Prophecy wouldn’t know where to point fingers if this leaked?” His attention drifted from Apollo back to the woman – the ministry agent – fawning over his dog.

21:53:52 Shef quirked a brow and spread his hands in a shrug. “Because I believe everything is for sale in one way or another.” And right NOW, the payment he was willing to part with was in the nice, nonthreatening form of gold coins and protection. “And of course not to run it in my paper. You’ve read my paper. We’re very discerning and I am adamant that I protect anyone who has provided me with information from other prying eyes and ears. Like I said. I simply like to know what’s on the radar. Why should the Ministry – no offense, Artemis (really, Artie? Why are you bothering her?) – why should the Ministry be able to send their jackbooted thugs in and just take important information to sit on it? I’m assuming they offered you nothing for what they took…”

21:56:30 [Field] With a dreamy smile she spent a great majority of the discussion fawning over the dog, but at some point she’d take a break to stare at the men, content to sit on the floor with the animal than stand with the boys. As for the ministry comment she’d quirk a brow and give a wave of her hand. “No offense taken, I’m off duty.” Well, not really, someone of her position was never off duty but her intention wasn’t to come about and flaunt her power, it was to be merely backup and relax. This is Apollo’s show.

21:56:30 [Warwick] “Of course you do.” Warwick retorted with a sneer he managed to reel in some. He waited until Apollo was finished and mulled over his message for a time. Their host busied himself in the kitchen; he ducked under the bar that he was using to separate and guard himself from the people in the living room. Warwick opened the cabinet underneath and rummaged around, otherwise avoiding conversation. He didn’t start up again until he rose from his feet. “And how much would someone like you pay for something like that? How much do you think a prophecy is worth?”

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