April 28th, 2098

00:37:24 [Katysha] A late spring evening in London: Katysha Dalca had, insofar, done well at her goal of maintaining her anonymity. Until her scheduled public appearance (still two days removed), she meant to keep her face distinctly unknown to the world. This hadn't stopped her from - in her own, vaguely off-key way - letting in a fan as to her real identity. Katysha had no particular suspicion that Hayden would let anyone know her secret. Even if she did, Katysha could deny it. Tonight, with the sun fading rapidly, she had found a bench in Diagon Alley, not far removed from the heart of the conclave, and she had taken to reviewing the requests that had accrued on her perennially unmanned booth. She used a Protean charm - a ledger and pen left at her shop, and anything written in it appeared in her own copy as well. Useful, really. Many of the requests were ridiculous: 'Can you make a broom as fast as a Suisei?' I could, but I will not. The sacrifice of performance for speed is a troubling trend among broommakers. And on it went. She was dressed, as she pretty much always was, in three pieces, all trim and tailored to her. Black slacks and a black three-button vest. A deep burgundy dress shirt beneath. Sharp dress was an important part of business - oh, an interesting request! Katysha thought on the specifics this prospective customer asked for (Teak and willow, enchanted for climbing and diving), considered her own work schedule, glanced up at the stars - scribbled into her ledger a cost estimate and a delivery date.

00:46:05 [Xia] The evening was glorious, and Xia had been taking full advantage of it. A late afternoon of flying, as she'd told Hanna she planned upon, and now she was finally coming down for the night. Flying on a broom around London was often considered in poor taste. Too many eyes could see, too many might know that something was amiss. But that was why she'd also used a disillusionment charm. No one had seen her, and now as she drifted down to the alley below, she tapped her wand to her body and reversed the charm. She appeared in all the glory she'd been in earlier that day. Her hair was vivid green with flowers woven into it (now considerably disheveled from her flying), a pair of bright coral jeans, and a comfy black hoodie hiding a gray t-shirt. Plus tennis shoes. She landed just a few feet from Katysha, easy and graceful as she swung one leg off the broom and hoisted it up onto her shoulders. She turned to look around the alley, a radiant smile on her face at having spent an entire five hours flying and testing her skills. She sighed happily, and tugged a watch from her pocket to check the actual time. She supposed she should go home, but then again, checking the Conclave for any exciting events would be worthwhile. "Excuse me, ma'am. Do you know if there are any particular events tonight?" She turned to Katysha and smiled as she spoke.

00:55:13 [Katysha] "Ma'am. I've not been called that in rather a long time." Katysha looked up from her ledger as she spoke. She had a certain poise to her diction, and a faint but distinct accent: a slight roll and a slight coarseness to certain syllables and certain sounds. Without a doubt, from somewhere in eastern Europe, but well-enough versed in English to leave behind all but the most antediluvian of tinges. "There is a concert, I am told: an American band, to do with Dementors. I believe there is also a panel sponsored by the Magikonsortium regarding new techniques in the construction of wands. Neither piqued my interest, particularly. I am here to observe the state of flight, and perhaps collect additional specimens, should I note any of particular appeal. I have long hoped to find a vintage Cleansweep for my collection." It was true - Katysha positively adored antique brooms. From the early Nimbus Racing Brooms she'd acquired at auction to the never-flown Firebolt she'd come into ownership of during apprenticeship with Ellerby and Spudmore, she… had a fascination for the old models. There was, she claimed, often a level of artistry to them that had been lost in the competition between Nimbus, Ellerby, and Suisei…

01:05:59 [Xia] "Oooh. A concert. That might be fun. I wonder if I could convince someone to come with me…" The latter was spoken softly, to herself, but she paused after a moment and glanced at Kat, her eyebrows rising as she mentioned observing the "state of flight". "So you're just here to look at the brooms and such? That's fun! I would look at them, too, but then I'd just be pining for things I can't afford." A dramatic sigh escaped her, and she plopped to a seat beside Kat without invitation. "Vintage Cleansweep? Hmmm. I don't know any Conclave vendors with them, but there's a man on Knockturn Alley who specializes in antiques. He occasionally has some older broom models there. It's…umm…" She frowned, tapping a fingertip to her lip for a moment. "Mysteries and Antiquities. That's it." She grinned at Kat and then shrugged. "My grandad had a Silver Arrow from the mid 1900s. I think it's still in my mum's storage." Xia was just babbling, now, and she went silent for a moment and glanced over at Kat with the look she tended to get when she realized she had been talking too much. It was a look she'd perfected especially during her travels with Izzy, since she had a bad habit of simply sitting down with strangers to talk, while Izzy stared at her like she'd lost her mind. Or nested in her hair. Either way.

01:18:05 [Katysha] "Ah, the Silver Arrow was a fine broom. Leonard Jewkes was an artisan of rather impressive ability. Along with Randolph Spudmore and Gladys Boothby…" The three specific individuals who'd inspired her to go into her trade. "Boothby and Jewkes both, like so many early manufacturers, worked alone and could never match the demand for their products. It led to their loss of market share to a far more efficient business model by Cleansweep." Her eyes drifted towards the sky, lingered there for a long moment. "I have the remnants of a Silver Arrow, but not an intact one. I do have a Moontrimmer from 1903… do you think your mother would consider humoring a curator?" Here, Xia had actually managed to draw Katysha's attention. If it was intact, working, a broom she could fly… Katya was interested. Nevermind that there was little about those early models that was still relevant, the history was important to Katysha. She'd acquired an Oakshaft 79, early in her life, and still flew it more frequently than any of the far more modern brooms she'd added to her collection.

01:24:53 [Xia] Listening to the woman talk brooms was intriguing for Xia, and she smiled at Kat as the woman talked about the broom makers of the 1900s and their different styles for creating. "I think she would. My mum isn't much for having a lot of things in storage if she doesn't need 'em. And the Silver Arrow is just collecting dust." Xia frowned as she thought about how best this woman could contact her. "I'm Xia. Xia Lavine. I could get hold of my mum tomorrow and find out where she has it. I get the feeling it's right where grandad left it, though. Hanging on some pegs in the attic, out of the way but still noticeable." Xia push her fingers through some of the loose strands of green and frowned. Her fingers began coming through her hair, taking it down from the braided style it had been in. The flowers that were woven in it piled up beside her, and she changed her hair color to a neon purple a moment after she'd finished pulling everything loose and disentangling the strands.

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