April 27th, 2098

19:11:42 [Freddie] Soo… Here he was. Still.. In London. The fuck? The original charm of the place was still rapidly wearing off on him and really at this point he was only waiting to decide where he wanted to go next. He might stay a bit to check out that.. Thing, he heard was going to happen, when it happened. Some kinda carnival thing? C..Conclave? Yeah? That was still a thing, wasn't it? Either way! Surprisingly, Freddie wasn't in a bar drinking right now. He, instead, was out at a restaurant getting a bite to eat and a coffee. Burgers and coffee? Fuck yeah, burgers and coffee.

19:27:58 Wyatt 's blonde hair swayed in the wind as he stood outside of a small burger joint on his cell phone. The street was busy as people made their way to and from work, the lunch hour rush as it was better known as. "Yeah I know lock up before I leave. Bloody hell you'd think I was still five or something," he said to whomever was on the other end of the phone. Taking a look around he took the liberty of checking out a few women before glancing straight ahead again. "Yeah, yeah. I'll talk to you later. Bye," he snickered, hanging up the phone. Sighing he turned around and walked into the small joint, pulling his wallet out from his back pocket. "Large coffee, double, double," he said to the boy behind the counter. Reaching into his wallet he pulled out a couple coins and handed them to the guy before putting the wallet back. With the extension charm placed on it it held his most sacred item, his Trident. Obviously he couldn't just walk into a place filled with muggles with a massive weapon like that in his hands. This kept it safe and allowed him to take it anywhere with him. The drawback was he'd have to pull it out in order to use it. But oh well. When his coffee showed up he took it and gave the kid a nod before taking a seat at one of the stools.

19:47:00 Hanna ran a comb through her hair as she pulled it into a pony tail, and twisted a band to hold her gold locks in places before she stepped out of her mom's house and into the street. With her job and her career as a beater before she got a "real" job working for Eddaset she hadn't spent much time with her old lady, or her dad for that matter. He spent most if his time in the Americans, North America to be more exact. The young woman continued on her way down the street to get something to eat, as it turned it Mrs. Collins still didn't know how to cook, and thus didn't bother to keep anything to eat that didn't come out of a package. A smile spread across her face as something crossed her mind, could she really blamed her? And was she really getting anything fresher from anywhere else? Well, I didn't matter, she wanted something to eat, and she didn't quite feel like cooking. As she walked, her hair blowing in the wind, she almost missed him. Well, hey! Wasn't that? Yes it was. It was O'Keefe! The younger witch made her way into the restaurant (or out) and slapped the man in the back. "Well, it's been a while hasn't O'Keef? Heard you retired." she said as she didn't ask for a seat she just took it and order a burger and some tea.

19:55:01 [Freddie] He was being rather to himself initially, just enjoying his food and beverage. However, when he finally did decide to look up and around his eyes immediately took sight of Wyatt. Well, would ya look at that? He smirked some, moving up from his seat and taking his food and beverage in hand. He then moved over to where Wyatt was sitting and laid his food next to the guy, sitting himself down right there, "Well, look who it is. How's it going old buddy? Been a while." He said to the male, going as far as to pat him on the back before drinking another sip of his coffee, "I'm a bit surprised to see you here. Or even that I recognized ya. How ya been, man?" He asked, before yet another familiar face parked her butt next to him, "Hanna!" He said happily, turning toward the woman and smiling, "Yep. All retired and stuff. Now I'm just basking in my money and getting shitfaced all around the world. Exciting, right? So, what have you been up to?" He had a bit of catching up to do on both sides now!

20:06:37 Wyatt was to absorbed in his coffee and thoughts to really pay much attention to the people around him. It wasn't until the tray hit the counter top and some started talking to him that he actually took the time to glance at the person. It was then he finally realized why the guy was talking to him. Freddie had been in his last year when Wyatt had first started at Hogwarts, however he was also the first person to discover the little secret Wyatt kept from a very large portion of the world. Most witches and wizards thought he was a little odd because he used a Trident to cast his magic, clearly a wand was much more useful and in most cases this was true. However as a merman being able to cast magic under the waves was much more important to him. Thus the Trident. "Scared the hell out of me Freddie," he smirked, turning slightly so he was at least facing Freddie now. "It's been pretty good. Been busy as hell lately. First time in about seven months I've been able to really sit and just relax," he stated. His eyes traveled up to the girl who appeared, apparently she knew Freddie as well. He didn't recognize her but he sipped his coffee and offered her a friendly nod none the less.

20:14:14 Hanna looked up and saw O'Keefe's friend as they exchanged pleasantries, well now it was a party. "Hey, nice to meet you. Hanna Collins, I think we might have gone to school around the same time," she stated as she offered her hand across the table. It was up to him whether he took it or not, once he did or didn't she'd put it back to her tea. "Sound like a sad life, O'Keefe, you should go back and keep playing, you're at your prime, don't know why you'd waste it being a lush," she said offhandedly as she looked at something else she could eat here. "I've been working, here for the Conclave, just gave a round yesterday, some of the stuff they have there is pretty amazing. Makes me hope I'll still be alive in twenty years." Her blue eyes stayed on both man as she smiled. "Could have chosen a better place to get shitfaced," Hanna said to Freddie as she asked the waiter for more tea.

20:17:47 Freddie chuckled at Wyatt's initial response to him, smirking toward his old friend playfully, "Good. You know me. Gotta make an entrance and all. Seven months, eh? Jesus man, you don't stop, do ya? Honestly, I'm a little jealous." He said with a good laugh, finishing off his coffee and ordering another one. Might as well, right? Caffeine was great! Offering his attention to his female companion then, he just laughed a bit, shaking his head, "I played Quidditch my seven years at Hogwarts, then I went and played for the Kestrels for the last 13 years. It's time for a change." honestly, he would love nothing more than to go back to Quidditch. But.. Well, it just couldn't happen. That.. Was a different story though, "Oh right! That's the thing I'm sticking around here for. Hopefully it doesn't end up sucking balls. So how about you Wyatt? Are you gonna be checking it out?" May as well try and find some acquaintances to go with.

20:27:14 Wyatt was many things but he most certainly wasn't rude, unless you deserved it of course. Taking her hand in his he shook it before letting it go and going back to his coffee. "Tristan Wyatt, but as Freddie here has already shown multiple times everyone just calls me Wyatt," he stated, flashing his trademark smile and then taking a sip of his coffee. "I'm sure we probably did. I apologize if I don't remember you, a lot of things have happened that have kept me pretty much focused on the now," he responded. Glancing back to Freddie he nodded. "Well you know what it is I do and how picky my clients happen to be … not to mention how much bad blood is between them," he stated, the last part more of a mutter. It had taken this long to stop the Mer from attacking people who swam to close to their homes. Tilting his head ever so slightly he looked a little confused. "Conclave? What's that?" he asked, taking another sip of his coffee before using the same Hanna had to order a second cup.

20:34:54 Hanna looked at Wyatt. "No apologies are needed, it was a big school, and I don't think we're the same age." She smiled and then looked at O'Keefe. "Sounds like like a bunch of dragon pie. What kind of job do you do Wyatt?" Hanna asked as she had known the man for years and had not just in fact met him. Her attention was divided between her two companions equally as to not offend the other. However, she did make a mental note of asking O'Keefe why the hell he had quit. FOr example, she didn't want to live in her parents shadows forever, thus she had found a real job and wanted to become a productive part of the wizard community!

20:49:47 Wyatt Freddie seemed lost in thought so he turned his attention to Hanna. "I'm the Ambassador for Relations between Wizards and Merpeople," he said, keeping his voice low so no one would really hear. He hadn't really paid any attention so he wasn't sure if there were muggles around or not. Either way it was better to be safe than sorry. "Unfortunately the Mer are very … how to put this nicely … stubborn, egotistical and easily offended," he said. "It takes a lot of patience to deal with them." When his coffee arrived, he downed the last of the first one and handed the mug back to the boy before taking a sip of the new coffee.

20:54:41 Hanna laughed. "Sounds about right. That sounds like exciting and painful work. But at least you spend a lot of time close to the water. Must love water sports. How did you two pretty ladies happen to meet?" Hanna asked both Wyatt and Freddie if he was feeling back up to answering and what have you. He had spells of forgetting why he was there or where he was, he had taken more than his fair share of bludgers to the head. A, good times. She missed playing Quidditch. Those had been happy times, for the most part. Hanna had left her tea cup alone and was now just focusing on finishing up her food. The burger was good, she guessed Freddie was no fool when it came to choose a place to eat.

21:27:27 Wyatt smirked a little and nodded. "It's tiring really. Having to go back and forth between them and basically listening to both side whine and complain … some days it just get's irritating," he explained. "Actually I spend a lot of my time under the water," he corrected before he could stop himself and it was most certainly to late to try and correct what he'd said. Oh well, there were charms that would allow someone to stay underwater for lengthy periods of time. "Surfing is one of my favourite sports actually. I also enjoy water skiing. Australia and New Zealand has some sick waves. California's not bad either," he listed off sounding like a fan boy but whatever. Noticing Freddie still sort of lost in space he shrugged and turned his attention to Hanna once more. "He saved me from drowning in the Black Lake once and since then we've been really good friends," he lied, smoothly. In truth Freddie had been with friends when he'd seen Wyatt in the waters of the Black Lake. Being the older student Freddie had come over to tell Wyatt the Lake was off limits after dark only to see Wyatt's tail and … well fish scales. Sirens like himself weren't seen so far North so the only Merpeople readily seen were the ugly as fuck Merrows and Selkies in Ireland and Scotland. This of course had lead to Wyatt needing to find a way to shut the older student up which he found wasn't needed. Freddie had been cool about it and since then had been a good friend to him.

21:40:26 Hanna quirked a brow. "Under water? Well, I can certainly see why, mer people don't spend much time out of the water. " she stated smiled and then leaned back on her chair as she looked at Wyatt. "Wow, O'Keefe a hero, I don't believe it," she said with a slight smirk on her face. "Quidditch star saves kid's life in his early years… Wow, he never mentioned stuff like that. Not that we've had that many heart to hearts." Hanna said as she asked for more water for her tea. "Anyway, we should go check out the Conclave, it's like a convention for the what's up of the wizard world. I found it to be rather entertaining, and I just got to see a few of the things that were set up. Some guy has been working on a magical data base, kind of what muggles have as internet, but it'll all based on magic. Makes it much easier to carry magical information, although I still prefer the written word, books I guess would be more correct to say, as in fact that information is still written." Wizards had been doing quiet a good job of keeping up with muggle technology.

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