April 24th, 2098

22:55:24 [Xia] "Wouldn't it be funny to see a platypus running down the street, Robert?" Kindlebird snorted and glanced up from the paper he held, his eyes narrowing. "No. You're not allowed to learn the animagus transformation." Xia pouted at him, her lower lip jutting out juuust a bit, quivering. "No, Xia. A platypus is a terrible thing to transform into. You'd be noticed by everyone!" Another sigh escaped her, and Xia's head tilted forward for a moment. "I still think it'd be funny, but I know you're right." The only thing that had ever prevented Xia from pursuing the ultimate transfiguration test was that being able to transform into a platypus was basically useless. But it wasn't about usefulness! She just wanted to be able to say she had conquered such a complicated feat. She let the thought go and pushed away from the counter. "Well I guess I'll head out, then. I think the crowds have thinned out a bit." Robert made a sound like he disagreed, but he waved her out the door, the bells chiming as she departed. Her hair was flamingo pink, like something from the 1950s, and the collared, button down swing dress she wore was a shade of teal-blue that matched the style. She looked a little bit like cotton candy. She pranced around in a pair of pink t-strap heels, apparently feeling girlier than usual today as she made her way down the Alley, her gaze shifting this way and that as she considered what she wanted to do with her free time. She had a list of things she should do, but nothing that she actually wanted to do…at least not at the moment. Hum.

23:19:16 [Iwamura] Scribble. Scribble scribble. One further scribble for good measure. One Izuyo Iwamura was quietly minding his own business, quietly, on a quiet bench by the roadside, where it was quiet. And did I mention the quietness? Good, because it was totally important. Which is to say it wasn't a natural sort of quietness, because there wasn't any natural quietness to be found in Wizarding London during the Conclave. Izzy hadn't actually looked at much. There were vendors and exhibits and lectures and panels and all manner of excitement, which he didn't find very exciting. Some girl had released baby dragons into a crowd of people. Also, lots of brawls. And apparently table-flipping was growing in popularity. Izzy, for his part, was just taking in what quiet he could, even if he had to bloody well magic that quiet into being. And using that quiet to observe and write. He had, you see, a notebook and a fountain pen. (Because quills are dumb, guys. Like. You have nooo idea.) Anyway, this post is kind of rambling, much like Izzy's train of thought. The main point was: bench. Quieting charm. Notebook. Fountain pen. Furious scribbling. Occasional breaks to observe. Yes, that about covered it…

23:23:20 [Xia] In one of those moments that Izzy paused to look up and observe, he'd find himself observing Xia, who stood calmly in front of him with a hand on her hip and her head tilted to one side, a few strands of hair falling across her face until she scrunched her nose and pushed them out of the way. She waited until she was sure she had Izzy's attention, and then she smiled, wiggling her fingers at him in greeting. She didn't start talking yet, either because she noticed the magicked quiet (she did) or because she just wanted to wait until Izzy was completely focused (she wanted that, too, but the magic quiet was the big thing). Someone bumped into her, and she took a step forward, scrunched her nose at them, and stuck her tongue out in the rudest gesture Xia had ever been seen making in public.

23:32:37 [Iwamura] "…?" Izzy canted his head at Xia for a fairly extended stretch of time before he dismissed (somewhat regretfully) the charm, returning the usual level of awful noisefulness to the bench. He wasn't entirely sure what to make of her. She was colorful, granted, but Xia was always colorful. Lifting a hand, Izzy waved, smiled slightly, and offered the most insightful comment he possibly could have. "You… are wearing extensomatic tallness devices on your feet today." Dutifully, he capped his pen and tucked it away in the pocket of his very plain white button-down shirt. Izzy didn't dress fancy. It wasn't in him at all. Also, quills are still dumb, guys. "…hi." He folded the notebook closed. No need to worry about that right now, clearly.

23:37:07 [Xia] Her smile formed when the spell faded and Izzy made a comment on her clothes. Without hesitation, or invitation, she plopped to a seat on the bench beside him, one arm linking through his as she settled against him. "I am. I felt like being a real lady and making it hard to run." She wasn't true at all. She could run just fine in these heels…but that was because they were A) Strapped to her feet, and B) had thick heels that didn't make her almost break her ankles. "Hi. How are you? I feel like I haven't seen you in ages." Not that it had actually been that long, especially compared to how long it had been between him joining Kijushou and finally getting to see one another again…but he was in London. That meant she was supposed to see more of him, didn't it? "Kindlebird still won't let me learn the animagus transformation. Being a platypus is highly unuseful. He says."

23:46:43 [Iwamura] "Tired. There's a non-zero chance that I flipped a table in public since the last time I saw you." Because flipping tables solved all the things. It was logic most pure and simple. (He had, too. He'd literally flipped a table. In fairness, Mulan was totally an enabler.) "Do tallness devices make you more of a real lady? I found the concept somewhat perplexing, I confess. They produce the visual illusion of longer legs, which could be considered aesthetically pleasing, but has…" Pause. "…and you weren't actually serious. I understand subtext!" Well, most of the time. Also possible he did that deliberately. There was always a note of obfuscating awkwardness to his behavior. "You know my opinion, Xia. You should be the best platypus you can be. I mean, female platypuses don't have the venemous barbs, so you'll have to take out your anger on Australians some other way… but there's the swimming and laying eggs. I'm sure those are both very useful."

23:51:46 [Xia] Silent laughter had Xia's body trembling, and she hugged Izzy gently and then relaxed a little bit. His comments on her legs and such was just making her grin. She turned a little, angling her body toward Izzy's and eyeing him curiously. "I am still sad that I couldn't poison Australians in my animagus form. It's all I really want to do, deep down." A long standing joke that had spanned two generations of Lavine. Perhaps one day there would be a third, but who knew. "If I managed it, I could be adorable all over the place…with my weird duck beak and beaver tail and fuzzy body and all." She trailed off as she considered it, amusement in her eyes. She bit her bottom lip and then shrugged. "Izzymouse, do you want to go and get away from the noise? My apartment is quiet. Aside from the odd bang now and then from three doors down, but that's because Fred doesn't remember to put up a muffliato charm every time he's inventing."

00:03:20 [Iwamura] Izzy wrinkled his nose thoughtfully. "The real question, of course, is the degree to which all those cosmetic charms carry over in an animagus transformation. A platypus with pink fur? With pink eyes? With pink webbity feet?" He actually stopped there quite conspicuously, because it occurred to him that this line of thought might lead to a sort of experimentation he wasn't entirely comfortable with. On account of, err… huh. "Sure. Away from the noise sounds like a good option. I was… engaged in research. Didn't need to hear what anyone said, did need to see them. Well. Okay, probably didn't even need to see them. I just liked the air, really. Also, Kijushou provides room and board, which means sharing my room with Sakako, and sharing my meals with Sakako, unless I cover those things myself. Which is a small sacrifice, really…" She laughed a lot. He envied that sometimes. He had trouble laughing. Unrelenting sass was more his speed. "You could probably fix the walls up with something more permanent. If Fred spends a lot of time, ah, inventing."

00:08:40 [Xia] A grin formed her lips at the thought. "That would be funny. Pink furred platypus seen scurrying down London street." She said the second sentence like a newspaper headline, then shook her head. At Izzy's agreement, she grinned, popping to her feet and holding a hand out to him. "I see. Well. Maybe you will like the air at my house, too. And if you don't want to stay with Sakako, I do have a spare room." She looked thoughtful. "I can make a bed, I just have to make sure that nothing important gets pulled into it." Meaning she could transfigure a bed. "I'm sure I could. They're already mostly sound proofed. Fred just gets…umm…loud enough that sometimes it's a problem. It's a rare occurrence, though." Rare enough she hadn't felt the need to find a fix for it. Yet. "Wanna tag-along apparate?"

00:45:21 [Iwamura] "I never want to stay with Sakako. I had Robert make her a peace offering, though. It should smooth over all of our professional disagreements." Izzy paused, for dramatic effect. "Or exacerbate them. It could also do that." As soon as Mr. Kindlebird finished that special project, he would know for certain! His expectations were, one could say, not especially high. Eh, still better than dealing with his mother… Izzy accepted Xia's offered hand and popped up to his feet as well, nodded. "Sure. I'll tag along. All I ask is that you please don't splinch me. I saw that one Hufflepuff… Espinosa? Artur Espinosa. He looked to be in a lot of pain. And it didn't heal right." Pause. "So, um, I'd rather not test it myself." Half-smile. Kind of. Okay, maybe just a quarter of a smile.

00:53:03 [Xia] "He said he was working on something for you, but he didn't say what. Hopefully it makes professional stuff easier. But yes! Stay with me! My apartment gets lonely." The last was said a bit wistfully, but she shrugged the thought away and instead smiled as he agreed to let her apparate them. Her nose scrunched at the thought of splinching. "Izzymouse, don't you know you are in the most capable hands, ever!" Which was both true and not true. Xia was good at those certain-things-she-was-good-at. Everything else was questionable. But either way, she stepped a little closer to Izzy and lightly kissed his cheek. "Don't worry. I won't splinch you." She tightened her grip on his hand just a little bit, and with a crack, they were suddenly standing outside of her apartment. She unlocked the door with a tap of her wand and led the way inside, the comfortable flat not-too-large, but just spacious enough to indicate Xia was comfortable. It was cozily furnished, and tastefully, in a mixture of modern and vintage pieces, with eclectic artwork that was just as indicative of Xia's personality as her hair and clothes were. The main room bled seamlessly between kitchen and living area, and two rooms attached to either side of it, separate bedrooms (though one had become an office of sorts). Across the room, Mouse screeched at them in greeting, tittered a bit, then went back to doing whatever he'd been doing before…which currently amounted to "staring out the balcony door". "Here! Much quieter."

01:05:18 [Iwamura] It wasn't that Izzy didn't have faith in Xia's abilities. More that there was a bit of reticence about the whole apparating multiple people thing, on account of how catastrophically it could go wrong. (Strangely, he never seemed to worry about it, even a little bit, as a mouse.) Maybe it was just easier to feel comfortable about the potential risks when one was safely nestled in a hair-fort. But apparition went without ill event, and Izzy blinked away the momentary disorientation of someone else apparating him. "Much quieter, yes. Hello, Mouse. Please don't try to hunt me this time. It was bad form. No way to treat a host." Oh, the fun he'd had with Xia's owl. He'd carefully trained Doc not to hunt mice, and sometimes forgot that not all owls were so socialized to the small and the rodent-like. "It's nice. It's like you're an adult or something… when did that happen?" He poked her lightly in the side. Somehow they'd both fallen into the trap of adulthood. Huh. He'd even written himself profound warnings not to do that. Gah.

01:12:20 [Xia] A soft sigh escaped her as Izzy asked Mouse not to eat him, and she peered over at the owl with a hard look. "Yes, Mouse, do not try to eat Izzymouse. I would be most disappointed." Understatement of the year, right there. She didn't focus on that, though, and instead jumped when Izzy poked her side. A laugh escaped her, and she led the way deeper into the apartment. "I don't know. I guess when I started making money off the salons. I don't think I'm a real adult, though. After all, I don't think real adults have disco balls ready to drop from the ceiling the minute it seems like dance-o-clock." She grinned and leaned down, undoing the buckles on her shoes and stepping out of them. Her loss in height was immediately noticeable, and she tossed the shoes into the riot of color that was her bedroom. "Sakako can't bother you here!" She chirped in delight, drifting across the room and back up to Izzy. "I don't suppose you went and saw Gloriana, did you?" She asked, eyebrows rising.

01:19:45 [Iwamura] "A responsible adult is always prepared for Dance-o-Clock, Xia." Izzy spoke sternly, as though he was a judge recounting The Law to a taciturn defendant. "It's in the handbook they give you when you leave school. You did get that, didn't you?" It was ever so useful! It included that vital information on when it was acceptable to show mirth, and how many gumdrops could be found in the gumdrop forest. Xia removed her tallness devices, and Izzy canted his head aside. Momentarily, he was pensive. "I didn't. I don't intend to. I promised to help find her, if Meredith needed me. I don't think she cares to see me any more than I care to see her. I'm glad she's alright. We were never close." And that, of course, was a colossal understatement.

01:23:50 [Xia] A defeated sigh escaped her, and she collapsed on the plush couch dramatically. "Izzy. I am an adult! What do I do?!" The words came out in a dramatic wail, and she threw and arm across her forehead in her best starlet pose. She straightened up a moment later and peered at him as he explained about Gloriana. She simply nodded as though she wasn't surprised, however, and settled cross legged on her couch. "Make yourself at home, Izzy." She said with a smile, gesturing to any available seat he wanted. Xia had never been overly formal, and Izzy was welcome in her house as if it were his own. "I plan to go see her soon. I just didn't want to get in the way of the others." She shrugged and raked her fingers through her hair, getting it out of her eyes. "I met Noriko the other day! She gave me a new name. Lady Blossompop!"

01:34:09 [Iwamura] Izzy followed Xia to the couch, histrionics aside, and settled down next to her. Talking about Gloriana was a bit of a damper, really. Izzy had, you could say, a wee bit of residual guilt surrounding what he'd pushed her into doing in the early phases of the war. He'd been, at times, manipulative. Scheming. Perhaps even Machiavellian. It bothered him, that he'd so easily done things he associated with his mother. "Lady… Blossompop." Izzy didn't know who Noriko was, but… "I can see that. Lady Blossompop. It's fitting. Who's Noriko exactly?"

01:38:27 [Xia] Whether Izzy liked it or not, once he settled down beside her, she settled against him, curled up cozily in what was a natural sign of affection from her…even though Izzy wasn't exactly good with most physical contact. Xia had always been pretty confident that she wasn't included in that unless Izzy made it clear she was. "She's the seeker for the Nagasaki Naiads. Noriko Sakada. She was the one who deposited Kaust at my table at Lilluput's before the Conclave started." She shrugged, her eyes closed for the moment. "She called me Lady Blossompop the other day, though. I like it. I think I need a superhero costume to go with it. Then I could fight crime! Evil doers beware! Lady Blossompop is here!" She giggled and shifted, settled more comfortably against her friend. "I didn't get to talk to her very long. I hope I see her again. I think she and I would get along well."

01:45:28 [Iwamura] "Oh." A glimmer of recognition. Izzy hadn't met her, but he knew of her, in the vague sense. He didn't follow Quidditch particularly avidly. His interest in the sport had essentially waned to nonexistent when he stopped playing Keeper for Xia. He did, of course, have a certain duty to cheer for TEAM JAPAN, though. That's just the way these things worked. Something something bragging rights over Meredith. "Evil is shaking in its sensible bespoke boots, Xia." He gave a nod. No, there wasn't any part of him that minded Xia's affection. She was probably the only one who could regularly get away with it. Granted, everyone seemed to hug him these days, but he never reciprocated. Because, come on. Weirdness, yo. "Tell me we aren't looking at… I mean you and Mulan already… ah." Wince. "This is going to end in another drunken crawl through an ancient European city, isn't it?"

01:54:09 [Xia] More laughter escaped her as Izzy supported her superhero idea, and she gave a slight nod in agreement. "Of course it is. All evildoers fear the good and light that is the Lady Blossompop." She was smiling, even with her eyes closed, enjoying the idea. When he hesitated at the idea of her and Noriko being friends…and followed it up with mentioning Huian, Xia's laughter erupted once more. "Even better! Huian, Noriko, and I will be a crimefighting team! Magical girl superheroes!" She was buzzing with excitement, even though she didn't actually move. She got the feeling it wouldn't take much to convince Huian or Noriko (even though she didn't know her well) that this was a brilliant plan. They could be [heroes] all over London. The world! "I think this might be bigger scale than a drunken crawl through an ancient city." She went still for a moment, frowned, and opened her eyes to peer at him. "The one you keep saying you don't remember." Of course, there were lots of things about Milan that Xia pretended not to remember, too.

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