April 23rd, 2098

17:09:28 Huang ∅ He fucking hated this fucking shit. Fucking hated the Magicpalooza circle jerk, hated the extra early practice times the team was trying to pull for the fucking world cup, as if any other team was going to steal their super-secret flight patterns of fucking doom and hypnotizing glory. Hated the fucking food he was getting, and hated the fact that he could not get a fucking Turkish Coffee! That’s all that would make his fucking day right now, and the caffeine deprived, volatile, tired and very possibly hung over keeper flipped a fucking table. Not even his table. Just randomly a table and kept walking. ∅

17:17:39 Orabird || “Well that was uncalled for.” The table Huang flipped belonged to someone; specifically it belonged to Ora Moon Summer [dont ask], who had been only just previously in the midst of anice meal. “Is your mother here, or do I need to twist your ears myself?” Ora seeped dignity; she didnt ask so much as lilt in a soothing dulcet voice all basted in New Zealandish glory. There wasnt a point to pursuing him, that afforded this ill-bred barbarian more effort than he deserved: she couldnt bite her tongue though. Rude. ||

17:20:31 [Poppy] She was just stepping out of Pastels and Prints to make the whole ten foot walk to Liliput’s when a table was unceremoniously tossed in front of her. “Jesus,“ she cried, and stabled back to avoid a toppling iron chair. The man(?) who’d seen fit to flip the thing just kept-a-truckin’, pushing past her and down the street. “Hey,“ she called after him, wearing a frown. Poppy sighed and pushed her glasses up on her nose and turned back to the upturned table. “Here.“ She made to help the girl put the table right, “You okay?“ My, wasn’t Poppy unusually helpful lately?

17:27:52 Huang ∅ Oh. Somebody said something Huang did a full one eighty in a slick movement, right back to the table. That they put upright. Hair in ponytail, freshly shaved sides, braids framing the face, one done up more gorgeous than most women. A smirk slid across lips, and his hands gripped the edges of the table, tongue slid long the lip ring. A tight black shirt, a teal and blue pattered vest with silver slid through it, jeans and chrome boots…he was actually fairly subdued today, though that might be because his manager told him he had to be for the interview he was at not twenty minutes ago. “Little birds, I’mma fucking ask you this. You see a man in a fucking bad mood, and you’re going to yell at him? What stupidity was busted into your heads? You want me to flip you?” ∅

17:38:12 Orabird || “Quite alright, thank you,” Ora intoned to Poppy without looking; the ill-mannered peacock had some insecurity issues, made clear when he spun round to return to the scene of his crime. Hands upon hips, Ora faced him down unflinching: “When I see a man in a bad mood, I let well enough alone; when I see a petulant child it is quite another story.” She pointed straight in the direction of something [Ora didnt know what, dramatic license] and ordered: “Now go to your room.” Did she actually just say that? Ora even sounded motherly when she did; she hadnt any children but if ever she decided to this woman would be ready for it. ||

17:45:14 [Poppy] Poppy spun to face their assailant, standing simultaneously (and nearly toppling over with all of her lacking graces). Her eyebrows drew together in irritation, “I don’t care who you are. I’ll charm the hairs right off your head if you don’t curb your temper, ya great peacock!“ It was a fitting enough description, anyway… but their offender didn’t seem like the type to be insulted by much of anything. That was the thing about peacocks, they were very proud creatures. The girl whose table it was had her own mind to put him in his place, and Poppy restrained herself from laughing at the remark and the following command. Instead, she chose to smirk.

18:00:21 Huang ∅ The look on his face showed the amount of fucks he gave were near zero. Maybe half, if because of the way the woman painted herself as a mother sort. Go to his fucking room? The other one, he just sent a glare her way, before slowly straightening up at the blue headed jay bitch. “Listen here, you fucking harpy.” His tone had lowered, he was practically growling. And his voice was a bit deep anyway…it slid straight into a baritone of Oh Fuck Anger. The look in his eyes was…very…dangerous. He had that look right before he was going to hex somebody, stalking forward… ”You think you can fucking order me around, you Island bitch?” Another step, and he was right in front of her. He hadn’t made any sudden movements though…so…that was good? Maybe he was just trying to—-oopp, Quidditch reflex moment, his hands on the side of her face, fingers sifting through her hair. (Huang had several things very wrong with him. It’s assumed that it had to do with actually delving in magic that would warp him a bit.) He did like blue. Which is why he was only biting her bottom lip instead of hitting her like his first instinct was to do. ∅

18:12:38 Orabird || Huang wasnt the only one with quick reactions; Ora didnt show her hand until he was already upon her. His hands ran through her hair, her thumbs dug into his back, applying justenough pressure underneath either scapula, just where they met his spine: Ora wasnt trying to cause pain yet, only demonstrating that she could very quickly. “Harpy? Really, what are we, twelve years old? Youve the mouth of a hosed-down Englishman and the creativity of a stupefied mountain troll.” Ora spoke quite clearly for having a lip between someone else’s teeth; likely there was magic afoot, a little bird sometimes charmed her voice for effect. ||

18:22:04 Huang ∅ He snickered, still biting her bottom lip lightly. Sure, people could say that about him, they could say worse. Her thumbs were problematic though, and Huang doubted he’d be getting out of this without much more than a bruise. So he let her lip go, after running his tongue along it quickly. “Love the hair. Fucking brightens my shitty ass day.” It did, and he bared his teeth in what was very much not a smile…it didn’t reach his eyes…more of a grin of some sort of predatory animal. His hands gripped her hair a bit tighter, before letting go, and lifting his arms in the gesture for surrender. ∅

18:31:49 Orabird || It was a standoff but it wasnt a very long-lasting one; Ora hadnt expected it to be. This nameless brute craved attention, he didnt [she suspected] crave pain. The ones who did were more a problem to stare down. “I am glad my hair can be of service,” Ora replied; she waited until he lifted his arms all the way off her before removing her thumbs from his back. Her eyes stayed steady on him: her dance partner was wildly unstable, she didnt know what to expect next. Maybe he walked away and this all passed into memory, maybe he made a move and she had to inflict more sense on him. ||

18:38:40 Huang ∅ That look was still in his eyes. Yes, he was unstable. Functional but unstable. And looked like he was having fun. That was never good, Huang lived for spice in his life. But then again, he had coffee to find o get past the pounding headache he had, so all he did was…uh…step closer? And come very close to licking the tip of her nose before turning away and walking down the Alley with a laugh. Well, he hadn’t been violent, though he had been wobbling on the edge of it. That was always a good thing, when he wasn’t. ∅

18:48:46 Orabird || Huff. Talk about damaged goods; Ora didnt know his mother but she pitied the woman, sympathy for any parent trying to mold something recognizably human out of that. Couldnt they at least have helped with his fashion though? His look reeked of conscious effort in the worst way; it wasnt shocking, just trying really hard to be. “I need a drink,” Ora declared [to herself], such had been the afternoon: she left money on the table Poppy had righted then left on her own way, quite notably in the direction that Huang hadnt gone. That wasnt a person she cared to have a second meeting with today; tomorrow possibly when she had new stores of give a fuck built up. ||

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