April 21st, 2098

22:53:46 [Xia] After her visit with Huian, Xia had popped back to Diagon Alley, the better to explore the wonders of the Conclave. She had been a very active participant of the first Magic Con. Or at least that's what one of the nicknames was. Delivered gifts, and now back to the excitement! She moved among the crowds with a curious and critical eye, her rainbow colored hair causing her to stick out almost as much as some of the dignitaries from other races. Almost. She fluttered about, asking questions and checking on things, and investigating moments of excitement. Nothing stood out to her this late in the day, however, and with a dramatic sigh, Xia made her way back toward the Leaky Cauldron…but not before she stopped outside of Every Witch's Dream. Her gaze was on the sign, critical and thoughtful, oblivious to the people coming in and out of it. The original EWD had seen a huge increase in business thanks to the Conclave, and the number of people who seemed to need magical help for their hair. "Hmmm…-
22:53:50 [Xia] -.Sign…Can't decide if it's too much or not..</I>" She mumbled under her breath, tapping a fingertip against her cheek.

23:09:17 Noriko || Every morning a gauntlet, every evening a battlefield: Noriko wasnt in her sharpest of moods on this night, still leveled by the weight and trouble of three nights past. Try as she might our hero couldnt keep her mind from settling and storming on the two minutes she couldnt remember. The mothers sins demand payment in blood. Those words haunted her; her words haunted her. She hadnt made practice in the morning, she hadnt even gone searching for Mop [swoon] in the afternoon. Apart from the girl Lilium and her rude clientele Nori hadnt made contact with anyone today. Her soul was dark and needed searching. Purely by chance our hero was passing by [b]Every Witch’s Dreamjust at that moment; in better moods she wouldve stepped right up and dropped money to look pretty. Nori had confidence enough, she didnt worry greatly about her aesthetics, sometimes she just liked her fists [nails to sparkle literally as well as figuratively. >
23:09:24 Noriko < Right now though far too distraught. Not even her cheery tomato red pea coat put her in good enough spirits to worry about her nails; normally that coat fixed everything. “The mothers sins. The mothers sins demand payment in blood. Who is the mother; who has to pay.” ||

23:15:23 [Xia] Noriko did not go unnoticed by Xia, who had seen to many cloudy and uncertain and unhappy faces today. She turned and fell into step beside Noriko, uninvied but not fearing retribution. This was the woman who had deposited Kaust at her table so many days previous. And she looked troubled. "You know, sometimes taking your mind off things will bring you to the answers you're lookin' for." Her voice was pleasant, holding it's usual warmth and enthusiasm, though less chirpy than usual. "I'm Xia! And you're Noriko, right? You dropped off Hayden Kaust at my table the other day. In Lilliput's." She was chatty, friendly, trying to get attention away from bad moods. She'd done the very same with Huian earlier, so why not with a veritable stranger now? It would be fun, after all. Maybe she could even get Noriko's opinion on the EWD sign.

23:22:01 Noriko || “Eight months sounds like a long time until you look up and realize its passed you by; I have eight months, after that answers arent any more use.” Our hero [the tumultuous Princess Sparklefists] didnt recognize Xia at first, she spoke quickly like her mouth wasnt quite keeping up with her brain. Then, click, lightbulb; not about the mother or the sins or the blood, about Xia. “Lady Blossompop! Of course. You were with Miss Bubbles; I remember. I didnt ever come back. Sorry about that. It couldnt be avoided, too much came about too quickly. Thank you for helping me with Grumpypants. She needs friends; I worry about her.” If distraction was the goal Xia was successful; Nori chipped up straightaway when her mind wasnt on the awful feelings of helpless anxiety thatd overtaken her the last few days. This way they could gnaw away in the background like mental diseases are supposed to. ||

23:29:08 [Xia] Xia didn't comment on the "eight months" that Noriko brought up, but she didn't hesitate to latch onto the next bit of conversation. "Lady Blossompop? I like this name!" She said cheerfully. "It's quite all right. We kept Kaust entertained. We even got her to sing with us." She grinned, tucking some of her rainbow hair back behind one ear. "I think she is doing better now, but you can be assured that a lot of people worry about her. Just in different ways, I think." Admittedly, a lot of people were just worried that Kaust was going to get possessed and attack them all again. There were just some things that weren't fun to deal with. "Kaustypants probably needs to get out and see more people, though. She has had a rough week from what I know." Probably an understatement, but Xia was good at understatements.

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