April 21st, 2098

18:56:57 [Lilium] After such a weird and frankly ridiculous day Lilium decided to get out for the night. She had seen a flyer at Liliputs for a and playing that night at The Firebelly. After grabbing a shower she slipped into a short, casual green dress and some brown tinted tights. She pulled her hair up into two firey buns and slipped on a special, leather watch. After finally slipping into some brown boots she was ready to head out for an evening of hopeful not fights. After checking to make sure she had everything she needed, Lilium grabbed her floo powder pouch and lit up her fireplace. After a moment of breaths she said Diagon and Crest and hopped in. The petite fox arrived right at the end of Diagon. There at the corner was an odd door snugged in that corner. She could hear the music already, but there wasn’t a line. At the door they did a wand swipe before “stamping” her hand. Lilium slipped into the bar and headed for the tender. Having any kind of boobs she caught his attention quickly.“Firewhiskey and cherry fizz please.” She grabbed it as he slid it in her small palm and headed for the emptiness wall she could find. Leaning in like Ramona Flower she watched the world around her.

19:02:51 [Freddie] Had also arrived at said social and media event. Adorned in black jeans and a white t-shirt covered by a black dress shirt, Freddie could be found inside the club with the music playing, attempting to get a drink at the busy bar to no avail. Of course they were going for the women first; there were no women tenders here. Bullshit! Not that he could blame them, he would've done the same thing. Freddies reasoning for being there was quite different from Liliums. Unlike her, he just simply wanted to get drunk again, and this was at the very least something different. Speaking of Lilium, Freddie wasn't surprised at all when the red head walked right next to him and managed to get the tendors attention as soon as she approached the bar. This was his opportunity to get a drink! When she called out her drink to the bartender, Freddie took advantage and quickly wrapped an arm around the stranger, "Double that, chief. On me." He didn't even hear what she'd ordered, but he was sure whatever it was would be fine.

19:10:29 Lilium felt an arm go around her and she went rigid. Who in the sam hell was touching her? Looking up she discovered an annoyingly handsome male. She slid out from under the arm gracefully. She was short so it was easy. “Not on him.”, she said. It was not mean, just a fact. She slipped him her card, but paid for both of theirs. With a nasty grin she took her glass and then headed for the emptiness wall she could find. {Because someone is a lil cheater]Leaning into the wall like Ramona Flower she watched the world around her. The pre-band was up and they weren’t bad. She took non-girly sips of her cups concoction.

19:17:48 [Freddie] Not on him? That was fine. He was just fine and dandy at handling rejection. He mostly just wanted to actually get a drink anyway. But, when the girl had the gall to pay for his drink… Oh, no, that wasn't going to go over with him. Game on! He watched her walking off and sitting at a bar and, before the tender had a chance to get away from him again, he chugged down the drink and ordered himself another one. Letting out a satisfied sigh, he grabbed his drink and moved across the room, straight toward Lilium. In fact, once he got to her, he sat down right at the table with her and leaned back rather non-chalantly, "Y'know, I was gonna pay for your drink because I was standing there forever, so I kinda took advantage of you. But now.. Now you've gone and made it personal missy." He teased, winking playfully toward her and taking a much smaller gulp of his drink than his initial inhale of it.

19:31:00 Lilium looked up as the same green eyed boy took the wall space beside her. She took another sip before raising her eyes to the left, just in time to see that cheesy grin. She rolled her eyes and looked back at her cup. “ I’m on some list now aye? “ She shrugged. After a few more sips she grinned a little. “Shouldn’t have used me. Now. You’ll forever rue the day a lass bought you a drink.”That accent was thick, not caring as the alcohol made her brain all squishy. The little fox raised her head as the main band announced their name and started their first song. She smiled a little, liking the sound. She took another strong swig before swishing the ice around in her almost empty glass. For someone who rarely drank for health purposes she could really put one away.

19:36:19 [Freddie] "Don't think of it as a list, think of it as a… Challenge." He replied to her, smirking playfully yet again and absentmindedly sipping at his drink. At her next sentence, he just laughed and shook his head some, rubbing the back of his neck as he eyed the woman, "Hardly, considering I gave the barkeep more than enough galleons to cover both our drinks for the night. Consider your night covered." It was a bit of a perk of being a retired Quidditch professional; he could toss around galleons! Well, he probably SHOULDN'T, but at least he was on his way to being on the list of people who pissed (literally) their fortune away. Worked for him, at least he was enjoying it. The music kicked in and all, though Freddie didn't pay too much attention to it. Sure it was good and all, but there was alcohol to be drank! Stretching a hand toward the woman, he attempted to gesture a handshake. Whether or not she accepted it, he'd continue with "My name's Freddie by the way."

19:46:00 Lilium rolled her eyes at his reply. She didn’t like showing off, but she had started this pissing contest hadn’t she? “You missed one small detail. For your plan to work, I have to actually want another drink.”, she grinned a little, but didn’t look at the man till he finally offered his hand to her. She took it, grip strong as they shook. She wouldn’t allow that bending of the hand, kissing crap. She raised her gaze to meet his own. “Lilium.” She released his hand and pushed a loose curl back behind her ears. Honestly she didn’t mind his antics. Besides the band she found bar scenes boring and so at least he was keeping her awake. Studying this Freddie she could tell he wasnt there for the band. He paid them no mind and didnt tap or move in any way. "So, what are you doing here?", she asked somewhat bluntly.

19:51:58 [Freddie] Just laughed again at her comment, "Wow, you're quite the fiesty one, aren't you? I suppose, if you really didn't intend on having another drunk, it'd either mean more liquor for me or a generous tip for the tendor. Either way, I can't say it was a bad idea. But seriously though, you're at a bar, c'mon.. You're gonna drink more, don't deny it." He was enjoying this woman. At least she didn't.. Pick him apart, ignore him, or just kind've sit there and do nothing. Nope! She actually engaged him, which either meant she was genuinely cool or just as fucked up as he was. Either way, he liked it. Bending over hand kissing crap wasn't his style, so he wouldn't even try to make that move when they shook hands, "Nice meetin' ya, Lillium." When asked what he was doing here, his eyes darted back to hers and he just smirked, turning his form to fully face her then and downing the rest of his drink, "What am I doing here? Well, I'm young, retired, wealthy, and most of all.. Bored. So I came here to drink. I just didn't want to endure the other boring bars around here. And, lucky me, now only do I get to drink, but I ended up finding a cute girl to chat with. So, I'd call tonight a success so far."

20:04:55 Lilium watched the band as he spewed a defense against her rebuttal. When he was done she finally turned, leaning on her left arm to face him. She laid one arm over the other and danged the glass in her little hand. “I had actually intended to drink a few. I rarely drink and could in fact come for just the band, but today needs to vanish into a blur of ethanol. “ She laughed a little and watched as he turned to face her as well. It was then his turn to spew words. Lilium soon recognized his accent. Oh super, a potato eater. {tehe} She searched his face. Rich, could be a daddy’s boy. Retired? From what and why? Her brain was spinning with analyzations, but it didn’t show outwardly. The little fox smiled,but rolled her eyes at his final statement. Ah, so he was here for a black out and a piece of ass? Of course. She grinned in a wicked way. “Large consumptions of alcohol kill the brain…as Im sure you’ve noticed by now.”

20:13:57 [Freddie] Nodded somewhat at her comments, stretching his limbs out a moment before offering his full attention back to her, "I hear ya, girly. Everyone gets days like those. Weeks, sometimes." He teased. He did notice the roll in her eyes regarding his last comments, but simply decided to ignore it. Though, he actually wasn't there for a piece of ass. Just the alcohol. He just happend to stumble into her!.. Intentionally, but still. Still though, her last little burn had his smirk turning into a coy grin, "Whoa, really? That explains so much actually. Who would've thunk it. Ah well, might as well get rid of what's left up there, right?" If she was looking for a good drunk, she at least ran into the right guy, "What can I say, though? I like to drink while I travel. And I haven't been to London since I was a student at Hogwarts, so it has been a while. So, do you live around here or something, Lillium?"

20:19:41 [Lilium] A small giggle escaped her lips and she blinked, as if it had even surprised her. She had expected something annoyingly witty, but agreeing with her only amused her more. He was fun , which normally meant dreadful, but he at least wasn’t boring and even slightly clever for a semi drunk pretty boy. Travel. Adding that to her list of Who the Hell is This? Hogwarts? “ I went to Hogwarts as well…let me guess, Gryffindor? “ She smiled , left of the lips curled up in a smirk. Swishing her empty glass she debated something. Man that ice looked boring…and lonely.

20:28:29 [Freddie] Yes, travel. Most definitely travel. Seeing the world was a passion and a preferred pasttime of his. He wasn't the type to sit around one place for too long. Which.. Was weird, considering the amount of extra time he'd been spending in London. Must've been the nostalgia? "Oh were you? And yes, I was in Gryffindor. Man, people are always so quick to point that out. If I were to guess yours, I'd say.. I dunno.. Ravenclaw? Most certainly not Slytherin?" It was fun chatting with the woman, even if it was about a topic that seemed ancient to him now. Hogwarts, he'd only be able to go there now if he were an.. (*holding back vomit*) TEACHER. He noticed her flicking about her empty glass and smiled some, finishing off his drink, "Just a moment miss, I believe we're in need of a refill." And, before giving her a chance to really react, he'd be back toward the bar. Truthfully, he should have brought her tits with him to get him a better shot of actually getting the barkeep. Turned out, though, that the sum of galleons he'd produced prior was enough to provoke the keep to come straight over to him! So, it'd only be a few moments for him to return with a drink for them both, given that the little fox hadden't taken off somewhere else in his brief absense.

20:37:34 Lilium nodded at his assessment. “Yep. I’m a book worm.”, not that anyone could really tell these days. The only thing Witch Watching hadn’t changed in her outer demeanor was that icy librarian way she dealt with others, but even that had snagged some flare. Lilium opened her lips to protest, but closed them with a laugh, a roll of her eyes and defeated sigh. Hey, she could set it on the table and bug the hell out of him, but another drink actually sounded nice about now. The little fox leaned into the brick wall behind her and watched him as he went for drinks. The tender met Freddie halfway with their drinks. She let out a little snort and shook her head. When he returned she eyed the drink , but acted like it didn’t exist. She didn’t reach for it or even look at it. Instead Lilium looked at his eyes only, not able to help her little smirk. “Are you in London for the Conclave? “

20:42:50 [Freddie] Service with a smile, he was totally behind that and all. He came back, and the girl hadden't ran away on him! That was always a plus. She didn't pay any heed to the drinks he'd gotten for them, but that was okay, for now. She instead drew up another conversation, "First of all," he started, holding her drink out toward her, close to one of her hands, "I am not beneath drinking both of these if you don't take it. So please, enjoy." he smirked toward her yet again then, taking a rather helping swig of his own then, "And secondly, I.. Guess so? I actually completely forgot about it until people were talking about it. So, I'll check it out. It was actually just on my list of places to see. And, I guess I'll stick around after that for the World Cup. At least, I'll definitely come back to watch it if I do end up leaving. Y'know, you never did tell me if you were from around here or not. Don't wanna tell me your heritance?" He teased, chuckling again then before moving to lean against the wall next to her again. Alright, while I've got it in my mind, I gotta shave to be all ready for wearing an oxygen mask tomorrow for some field work. So, brb while I go do that.

20:54:47 [Lilium] A large grin took over her lips as the glass touched her hand. The cold, wet glass made her skin shiver and goose bump. She took the cup, though reluctant and took a large, but graceful swig. Laughed at his ramblings. He was getting drunk..She felt a little red hue paint her freckled cheeks. As if her accent didn’t give it away! “ I am from Aberdeen.” The word rolled beautifully over her tongue. She leaned on her left arm again to face him, taking another deep swig. Her body felt loose and warm. Her mind thankfully was hardly affected by alcohol. Lilium clapped , turning from him for a moment, as a song ended. They really were good. Shame he was so distracting. The little fox turned back to him and smiled. “So, after drowning your final brain cells what did you plan to do tonight? “ Could Zombies make plans? Did he intend to just pass out here? Hilarious images filled her mind, but this didnt show on her outward appearance.

21:00:14 [Freddie] "Aberdeen, eh? Cool. I haven't visited yet. I'm sure I'll end up there one of these days though." Which wasn't a lie at all, he wanted to visit everrrtthing at some point. At least as much as he could until he became poor. Whichever came first! He watched her clap for the band and, oh yeah! There was a band, wasn't there? He didn't clap though, not on account of being rude or not appreciated the white noise, but just because he was busy taking another swig of his fire whiskey. When she asked what his plans were for tonight he just shrugged, that smug smirk of his apparently stuck on his face at this point as he watched her, "Well, darlin', planning isn't really my thing. I just kinda like to go with the flow. So, whatever happens happens, y'know? Maybe I'll spend it getting to know you a little better?" He didn't mean that in reference to a bedroom, really, but it hadden't really clicked to him too much that it could've been interpreted that way either, "Or maybe I'll just wander about. See what I can see and all that. So, how about you?"

21:06:11 [Lilium] He sure did like to talk. She smiled though. She liked to go with the flow, but it had to be her flow. Lilum laughed as he changed his “plans” quickly as he obviously realized what he had said was rather inappropriate. Silly drunk man. She took a swig of her drink and licked a drop from her lips. Before answering his question. Her plans? She caught his gaze. “Well, I had planned to take a few to tha head before heading home with some sort of chocolate and dazing out to old Muggle records for a bit. “ How did she have something so old and so not wizard? Well, he parents were obsessive Muggles. They were passed down through generations and it was something the little fox cherished. Little Lovecraft finished off her drink and leaned deeply on her arm against the wall.

21:11:13 [Freddie] "Muggle records?" He questioned, his attention quite clearly peaked, "Well, that's actually really and genuinely cool. My father was, err, is a muggle. So I grew up around them all my life. What kind of Muggles tunes? Have you heard the Beatles? I like them the most. Wow. I haven't heard a muggle song in so long." It'd been… Since Hogwarts, since he really spent time in Muggle communities. He visited his parents rarely, and given his fathers old age his mother had taken over.. Pretty well everything, using magic. So that was that, "You're a cool cat, Lillium. Worth every drink I pour into that guzzle of yours." He teased, smiling toward her again before finishing off yet another one of his drinks, "Say, how do you feel about, like, getting a bottle for the road and just walking around all drunk-like? The indoors is only fun for so long, y'know? I mean, if you'd rather stay, I can pound back some more with ya."

21:27:02 Lilium blinked, surprised by his reply for some reason. Why had he started saying was…? She laughed a little and nodded as she spewed about Muggle music, but was she willing to expose her treasures? “I really like the Beatles. “ Nope He would have to discover them one day, maybe, but she’d be keeping that music list a secret, for now. At his proposal she looked back at the band for a moment before nodding. “The band is almost finished I think and I could use some air.” It was hard to breathe in here and the idea of trampsing the empty streets with this drunk fox. {Not that she knew this yet} Firey head bobbed through a wave of people until it reached the bar. She slid her glass back to the tender and paid him for a bottle of spiced rum. She moved quickly out towards the front door and broke the door like a water’s surface and finally came up for air. She stopped her brisk pace to let him catch up. She stood in the dark with a little grin, bottle swinging at her side.

21:32:40 [Freddie] "Damn straight you do." He replied, laughing some then. If you liked Muggle music, then you had to like The Beatles. He was pretty sure that was a law punishible by death. She agreed to allowing him to court her outside for some public drinking, which was fine by him, "Alright, sweet." He replied happily, following behind her and getting himself a bottle of fire whiskey (He wasn't a rum drinker at all, but fire whiskey taste like cinnamon hearts!) After getting the bottle, he headed on outside and smiled happily to her once he eyed her, making his way toward the woman as he opened his bottle and took a swig straight from it, sighing contently thereafter, "Tasty. So, Lilium, is there anywhere around here particular you like to go, or would ya rather just walk aimlessly around?" Aimlessly was… Sort've his thing, it was just nice to be able to share his aimlessness with someone for a night, "So, Lilium, are you here with friends? Family? Boyfriends? Girlfriends? Or wandering about by your lonesome?"

21:41:23 Lilium grinned as the smiling big fox made his way to her. He stopped and took a deep swig. With her strong, Yoga arms she followed suit with her own Rum. Licking her lips she laughed a little. She tilted her head and thought for a moment. Where would she want to go? She shrugged, feeling just as welcome to wandering. She rarely got to these days with her job and it was not even a thought when previously underground for the Ministry. Everything had been pre planned. Here with? She laughed, assuming he meant Conclave and not the bar. “I live here.”, she said, walking slowly, backward. “ I work on Diagon Alley for Mr. Lupin, a protection item specialist.” Lilium suddenly stopped, almost smacking into the big fox She took another swig. “Can you apparate..well?” Was he a good drunk driver?

21:46:32 [Freddie] 'Is that so?" He asked, smiling some then. So she lived here, huh? Well, at least that meant he'd probably be seeing a bit of her while he was in London. He was okay with this! "Protection item specialist? Sounds tricky, must be fun. I should try and get me some kinda fancy job." He teased, laughing some then as he followed along with her. He hadden't noticed her suddenly stopping to swig her rum because, well, he was busy swigging his whiskey, so he did end up bumping into her. He just laughed it off though and smiled down toward her, "Apparating? I can do that. Where did you have in mind? Well, maybe I should just let you lead the way, hm?" It made a lot of sense to him, but that wasn't necessarily a good thing.

21:54:42 [Lilium] :rolled her eyes as he teased her. She didn’t tell him her job, but that was for a more trusted audience. As charming as he might be, she had just met this Fox. Her lead the way? Lilium felt a warm hue fill her little cheeks as she stared up at the giddy man. “I cant apparate..”, she said softly. But she quickly changed the mood by returning to her point. “Could you poof us to my apartment? I’ll show you my Beatles records.” It was like trading at lunch. Apparate my sleepy, drunk body and Ill trade you my old ass Muggle music. She rubbed her eye, clearly sleepy, but it was a cute action from the tiny little Fox. Alcohol sometimes made her active and swarthy, but often enough it made her warm , sleepy and cute as a kitten.

21:59:09 [Freddie] Can't apparate? Well, fancy that. He thought she was a book worm! Ah well, it was alright, kinda, "Poof us to your apartment? Well, I could, but.. I'd have to actually know where your apartment is, and what it looks like, y'know. I mean, I can take us to my apartment, but I don't have kickass records." He rubbed the back of his neck and laughed a little then. He did notice how tired the woman was getting. Him? Well, he could stay up drinking all night really. But that was fine! "So.. Give me a hand here with getting famialr with your apartment and its location, and then I'll go right ahead and apparate us there." Well, moreso TRY to apparate them there, but still!

22:10:23 Lilium shook her head and shook her bottle. “No. No you don’t have badass music. “ She grinned though. Oh please. Not this night young man. She laughed again when he mentioned needing to know where she lived. She looked up at him with a silly grin. “The other end of Diagon Alley, past the large fountain. I live at Front Street..Im just too tired to walk..”, she said with a little giggle. It was like a ten-fifteen minute walk. Hopefully that would help him though. She really did want to lay, stretch and curl up. Sleepy little Fox. Instead though she led him down the street towards her apartment. On the way she pointed out places she liked to shop or stop along Diagon Alley. At the fountain plaza she stopped for a moment to touch the water. After staring briefly at the ripples she headed towards her apartment. The wooden door was a lovely shade of green. It appeared to have no lock or door handle. She pulled her wand from her boot and placed it against the door and whispered something. {C}
22:10:42 [Lilium] There was an odd clicking sound and Lilium pushed the door open. Lilium lead Freddie up and flipped on the lights. Once in her living room she wandered over to a large glass case. Inside, amongst numerous books, was a record player a stack of records. She put on a Best of Beatles record and plopped down on her couch. Lilium set the bottle on the floor after another chug. She slipped off her boots and laid down on her couch. The little Fox patted the spot beside her, but despite whatever he chose to do she was out like a little light only moments later. [https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSA8XT0huB-WgwRfyCf5O7_a-F0Og3Q1ksgHzWhnOqgqY6Slyypxw]{E}

22:14:46 [Freddie] Really, once she'd told him a general vicinity, he could've just apparated them fairly close to her apartment. But instead they opted to walk, and he was alright with that. Well, it was more of a stumble, but either way it got the job done. He listened in and made mental notes of all the places she said she'd want to shop at and visit and all've that stuff. Heck, this might end up being a genuine friendship or something and not just a random chat with a stranger like he was used to. Fancy that! When they got to her apartment he moved on inside with her, eyeing around the new environment while taking random swigs from his bottle. When gestured to go sit with her he did just that. The Beatles were like candy for his ears, it'd been so long. Drunk or not, this was the most comfortable he'd felt in a long time, "Hey, Lilium, this is pretty —- Oh." She was out cold. Fancy that. He wondered whether or not he should leave, but The Beatles was playing here! So instead, he just sat next to her unconcious self, drank
22:14:56 [Freddie] the rest of his bottle, and enjoyed some good tunes before eventually passing out himself.

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