April 21st, 2098

19:45:30 Huian ◙ It was quiet. It was quiet and she was alone. Except for the cat lounging around her neck, and purring in her ear. Her hand opened the package, the letter…a locket fell out…she blinked, staring at it, picking it up. It was just a locket. A pretty one, and she set it down, before reading the letter slowly. ◙

20:15:36 [Cyrus‘Valen] This is Cyrus’s letter to Huian: "I am not sure how much you remember of me, given your lack of recognition that day on the train. But you helped save my life once, and you were very good friends with someone very dear to me, Charlie Gray. Over the last few years of her life, I fell in love Charlie and her with me. But it’s neither here nor there, and I wish not to get bogged down in sentimental hogwash when there is a favor I request of you. I realize you owe me nothing, but at the very least, do this for Charlie. By the time you receive this, assuming everything goes to plan, I will be dead. I want you to take the locket enclosed with this and deliver it to Charlie’s grave. And tell her that I’m sorry for what I’ve become, for letting my anger rule me. For disappointing her, and walking away from the Cyrus that she loved. Thank you."

20:31:51 [Xia] There was a crack outside of Huian's front door, followed by the soft sound of shuffling and scuffling and a knock on the door. Xia had never mastered the art of apparating gracefully. Her apparating usually ended with at least a stumble or two, if not her falling flat on her ass. But she kept doing it, mostly in hopes that one day she would get better and wouldn't flail around upon arrival. At least she hadn't been splinched. She waited at the door, looking bright as usual, with rainbow colored hair (yes, rainbow), and a bright blue, flowing tank top over a knee length black skirt. Rainbow tennis shoes and a rainbow waist belt completed the ensemble, as though Xia were the poster child for rainbows and everything they stood for. It wasn't unreasonable to assume that she used color change charms on her belt and sneakers. There was no way someone who had lived as frugally as Xia for the first two years after school had turned into a shoe and belt hoarder (possible, but unlikely). "Huian!"

20:39:13 Huian ◙ She didn’t know how to feel about the letter. She reay didn’t. Huian read it, red it again, her expression going from confusion, to slowly horrified realizations, to pity and then…nothing, setting it down. Why ask this of her? Just because she had been Charlie’s friend? Because she saved him in Hogsmeade? Her hand rubbed her scar absently, and she let out a sigh, before hearing the crack outside her door, and then the knocking. Meiling meowed in complaint as Huian moved to open the door, her hair in a messy braid, laying over one shoulder her tank top bright ombre from blue to green, her shorts and bare feet. “Xia!” This was confusing as a visit. But not unpleasant! Oddly, two people in one day saw her in shorts, and she rubbed her hand on her hip. “Come in!” ◙

20:49:08 [Xia] Xia grinned as Huian answered the door, and she slipped inside as soon as she was invited. "Thanks! I brought you something from one of the Conclave vendors. It's alcohol infused chocolates that do funny things to you for a few minutes!" She grinned as she fished the box from one of two bags she carried with her. "He didn't arrive until today, and he said that the fresher they are the better. So I thought I'd bring them by! I have some for Izzy, too. And Mop. I don't know how much they'll like them. But they're getting them anyway." Always a sudden burst of sunshine when it came to Xia. "How are you?" She asked, finally going quiet and turning to face her friend with a big grin.

21:06:59 Huian ◙ “You didn’t have to—“ Get her anything. Huian never accepted gifts. Gave them out like nobody’s business, but if she didn’t have too, she didn’t take them. But it was Xia, and Xia was the closest Huian had to a best friend. Well, s far. She knew Xia’s best friend was Izzy, Izzy hers (Just make out already, both of you.), Mop’s was probably a tie (At the moment) between Gloriana and Noriko (Who seemed to be winning) and…Huian had…Kieran. Who she loved, but sometimes there were things he didn’t understand. (Really, she had not one close friend, not like that. It almost made her feel sad, but not for long.) She smiled, widely, and Meiling moved to sniff Xia’s foot delicately, before meowing and walking away. “I’m…I’m good.” Her leg hurt. That letter made her feel weird. She felt…okay. Just…she looked like she felt. Bothered slightly, but not troubled. ◙

21:12:44 [Xia] A laugh escaped her. "Have to? No. But presents are for good friends! And I like to give them when I can." She studied Huian, considering her reply and the way she looked. "Are you sure?" She asked, one hand coming to rest at her hip as her head tilted to one side, a tuft of red hair drifting over her eyes. She pushed it back, and shifted her weight from foot to foot. "There's been a lot going on. I feel a bit out of the loop."

21:20:27 Huian ◙ Huian had shut the door and gestured t the comfortable looking grey couch… “You can sit if you want…you want something to drink?” She could use another juice box, anyway, walking to the fridge, her scar dark and her tattoos peeking out from her tank top across her shoulders and back. If yes, she’d get her one, if not, Huian would get her own drink…and lean on the white counter… “You know the basics, I’m guessing, eh? Cyrus Valen kidnapped Gloriana. Dropped her in St Mungos. Was captured in the Leaky Cauldron. Used dark magic to restore his arm. Died in custody. If I’m correct, is probably not dead. And Mop might finally have a girlfriend, but he’s off doing auror stuff, Izzy is giving me insight to magical theory, and…I’m…” Ding what with her life? Now she looked bothered, before smiling a bit sadly. “I’m just here. Doing my thing.” ◙

21:32:13 [Xia] She plopped readily into a seat and settled down comfortably. "Yes please." She said with a grin. "I've been running and doing all day. Barely taken a moment to get a drink or have a seat." She pushed one hand through her hair and exhaled, shifting so she and Huian faced each other comfortably. She took the juice box without hesitation, sipping from it slowly. "Well. That's a lot." She said, when Huian finished filling her in, her eyes a little wide. "I've just been helping Ophelia out and working at Kindlebird's all this time." She said, rubbing the back of her neck and sighing. It felt a little weird to be so out of the loop, but then again she supposed if they really needed her, they would have pulled her in. Not being an auror did mean she technically shouldn't be involved in most of the stuff going on.

21:42:47 Huian ◙ She brought back a glass bottle of iced tea for the other woman, and sat in her seat, pulling her legs up to sit cross legged. “It is a lot. I don’t know who Ophelia is though.” And while her tone was mild, it really wasn’t important that she did know. There were lots of people just…”In any case, we’re not in school, so it isn’t our business. But it is, so it is. I don’t…” She didn’t have anything to say. She actually looked uncomfortable in her own home, not knowing what to say. “I think Izzy was looking for you yesterday, but he had a bad day, so I made him flip a table before discussing magical theory with him. I’m sorry.”

21:49:53 [Xia] After a moment of consideration and quiet thought, Xia got up and came over to her friend, hugging her. "Are you sure you are okay, Huian?" She brushed aside the comments about Izzy. She could find him and they would catch up and all that, but Huian was her concern right now. The other woman seemed out of sorts and uncomfortable, and that in turn made Xia worried. "What's eating at you?" She asked, eyebrows rising as she bit her bottom lip.

22:00:09 Huian ◙ She blinked when Xia hugged her. Huian just blinked, and relaxed a bit, shaking her head. “I’m processing things. I feel like I have a lot on my plate, and I need to do more, all because of Valen.” Her eyes lowered, and she let out a breath. “I keep thinking about Valentine’s Day. Just…that day.” He had used something very dark to restore something he’d lost. She remembered being covered in blood, smelling burnt flesh, hiding a limp for weeks. “What he did forcibly reminds me. And then I start thinking about…what it could have been, the paths it makes, how magic works and it’s just so encompassing, referring to everything but having nothing to…” Her hands rose and fell once. She was looking for answers. Her frustration was stemming from lack of them. “Wo de yisi shi…… Ta ma de, Xia.” ◙

22:04:21 [Xia] There was a quiet pause, an uncertainty in what else to say in regards to the situation. She simply hugged Huian again, trying to be reassuring as she did so. She didn't speak for a moment, instead thinking about the things on Huian's mind, what she was looking for and considering. "Pondering questions that may or may not have answers. I can see that being downright upsetting. Takes the comfort away, to be sure." She drew away and peered at Huian for a momnt, listening to her and frowning faintly. "Makes me think you need something a bit stronger than a juice box." This last was said with a slight smile, trying to crack a grin across Huian's face as well.

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