April 21st, 2098

20:06:23 [Guy_D] Ping, ping, ping. Three little tones, accompanying three little flashes of light. Soft and subtle to signal that soon it would be time. The BroadCast was about to begin. Hopping along the backs of radio, and magic, to reach every wand in the muggle world, and the magical with that secret little charm. That little bit of magic that made them all into receivers for the underground radio, for the wizarding world counter-culture, to be a beacon of disorder for a signal, and a voice. A few magic words and the signal went live, every wand in tune would glow at the tip, like a will-o-wisp, soft and smoky. That gentle haze drawing in and out like a breath until the motion matched the sound and a single exhale billowed that otherworldly smoke into a smile. Or more of a smirk, the single representation of their mysterious host, the avatar of the ever more famous ‘Guy’. A cigarette appeared, a slow inhale, and another outward breath that almost seemed to carry the bluish smoke into the face of every pair of listening ears and watching eyes. “Howdy, y’all. Guess what time it is? Fucking right it is, it’s time for another night-time installment of me. Just me, tonight. I know, I keep promising that interview, but it seems that a certain leading lady, who shall remain nameless for now, is a little worried that you’re all gonna recognize her by voice and lips alone.” A little chuckle, another drag on his cigarette. “And if that doesn’t narrow it down for you a bit, then you obviously haven’t been practicing with your higher brain functions. Well all that bullshit aside, it’s time for that usual warning. This isn’t a show for the meek at heart. This isn’t a show for the timid. This isn’t a show for people who can’t fucking understand, how some fucking people, might use every fucking curse word we know, for abso-fucking-lutely no reason. Other than we fucking want to. This isn’t a show for the sheep who are comfortable with the wolves looking over them. And this is absolutely a show for people who want to strain against those chafing chains a bit. I mean it’s all fun and games to get bent over the bannister and tied down like a pig. But it’d better not be the cold hands of the Ministry I feel checking my inseam.” A deep drag, a breath, as if trying to calm down as a bit of righteous anger had started to creep into his voice. “So if you’re too young, too timid, or too stupid to consider there are other ways of doing things, then turn your wand off right now. Actually… Fuck that. Keep listening, I want you offended. At least that means you’re thinking.”

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