April 21st, 2098

12:39:51 [Hippolytus] Finally a day off! A day off which Hip had mostly spent walking a generous periphery around Meredith’s house, stopping at all of the key points, wand out and incantations muttered the whole way. Maybe Meredith had already seen to protecting his property with an appropriately paranoid number of spells, but Hip was there with backup reserves of paranoia and was in the process of setting up a very intricate and completely impenetrable protego totalus. He’d just finished up the penultimate point on his walk and was trudging his way to the final stop before he could be sure his work was done. He’d looked into the cryptic note at the bottom of his paperwork concerning Cyrus Valen: Deceased in custody. Well, as it turns out, his discreet sniffing about the issue had proven fruitful and concerning. He’d “poisoned” himself from his own flask. A talented potioneer? Hip wasn’t going to join anyone in clapping the dust of that issue from their hands until he’d paid a visit to the gravesite…something he certainly couldn’t do in broad daylight with his intentions. So for now, he was happy to fortify.

13:07:41 Porthman had been on a run around the pasture with Bobby for the morning when he came across Hippolytus, dicking around with his charm work. The little terrier was quick to bolt to greet the familiar wizard with barks and jumps and tail-wags while his running partner slowed to a jog to ease himself out of the run. “Oi, mate.” Meredith breathed out as he approached. He was rather under-dressed for what anyone was accustomed to seeing: a black pair of running shorts matched with a sleeveless vest and a white tank underneath. Mop’s shoes, however, were an obnoxiously neon shade of yellow, green, and white - contradicting his monochromatic wardrobe and very difficult to ignore. “Having fun?” He asked while Bobby settled down and bounced off to go sniff anything and everything else.

13:17:37 [Hippolytus] “Just in time, get in here,” said Hip with a little waggle of his wand in beckoning. His grim focus was breeched for a moment, however, by Bobby’s exuberance, which was a little difficult to stiff-shoulder. Hip grinned and stooped down to play wrestle one hand around the excitable little dog. “Oh, you get it, you get it! Are you gonna bite me! You gonna bite- ow! Oh… well okay then. “ He chuckled a little and rose again as the dog went zooming off. “I’m just – wow. Some trainers, blud! Getting back into Quidditch form, are we?” Not that Meredith was ever really OUT of Quidditch form, was he? “Here.” Hip stepped back and waved a hand to indicate the very faint divot in the grass that formed a massive circle around Meredith’s property. “I’m setting up a protection spell. You’ll need to use a temporary passage spell to get through it, so I made it as big as I could manage.” When Meredith was behind him, he lifted his wand and his hand and finished the incantation for the last point. Without turning around, he picked up the conversation on a different thread. “Did you get a notice about Cyrus Valen?”

13:30:10 [Porthman] Running was all-around good for Meredith; it kept him happy, it kept him fit, and so far, he hadn’t blown out any knees or hips, so he was doing pretty well! “Wicked.” Meredith commented on Hippolytus’ impressively considerate feat. He’d mention his gratitude if Bott’s hadn’t derailed his attention and jump it to another track. “Valen?” Meredith asked – obviously unaware of what had happened the night prior. “No… no. I haven’t been in the office since yesterday morning and no one tells me shite.” His eyes hardened on the messenger. – the would-be bearer of bad news. “What about Valen?” While Meredith hoped and gave a silent prayer that this would not be disappointing or outright terrible news, the jaded, practical side of his brain was telling him he was hoping for too much. This would undoubtedly ruin his day with worry.

13:36:44 [Hippolytus] From the look on Hip’s face, the news was, in fact, not the good sort and he knew it would probably ruin Meredith’s day. His expression was softened only by a little regret. With the spell complete, he sheathed his wand and then moved to steer them slowly back towards the house. Clearly, the issue had been ruining Hip’s day since he’d stumbled upon it - and no wonder – he’d taken a good deal of heat on the whole matter and he’d been looking forward to the end of it all. His arms folded over his chest, hugging his red and white houndstooth robe to his body against the mild chill. “They sent me a notice that said he’d died while in custody,” he said frankly, then, letting that one sink in a little, proceeded. “So I pulled a string or two and talked to them over at the prison… and as it turns out. He poisoned himself. Because they gave him his own flask to drink from. Tell me how that strikes you.”

13:47:13 [Porthman] There was more than a second where Mop’s typical charade completely evaporated and he was not only visibly perturbed, but absolutely livid. “I must have misheard you.” Meredith announced, trying to disbelieve. Who in their right mind would give an old potions professor (and now, notorious criminal) access to something personal after their apprehension. He knows it wasn’t anyone in their department, but that didn’t change the concern. “You said that they gave him his flask?” Mop put his hands on his hips as if to keep them from picking at anything else. “Why? What? WHO even? Bloody hell. After all that shite we went through and everything the twat did? Strikes me as bloody mental.” Not to mention 'unusual'.

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