April 21st, 2098

08:02:43 Noriko || Each morning she woke brought her further from those things she cared to forget. This day found our hero [the superlative Princess Sparklefists] pleasantly alone; free of excitement after a few days far too full of it. The prophecy, navigating bureaucracy at the Ministry, those things wouldve been entirely bad enough, unwanted disruptions of her day; it hadnt gotten better. She hadnt slept much since watching Mop face down Cyrus in the Leaky Cauldron: dredged too deep, called back too much she didnt want to remember. Noriko hadnt even shown up to practice this morning. She would explain to her team later; think of something cheerful to tell them and apologize repeatedly. She needed to clear her head, she knew one place better for that than anywhere else in magimysterical London: Liliputs. Noriko’s been at the patisserie almost since the minute it opened its doors for the morning, nursing at a mug of warm chocolate. Searching her soul for answers: finding few. ||

08:23:32 Lilium had also been in Lilliputs for quite some time now. She was not scheduled to come in early this morning because there were no mysteries to be solved and no new merchandise had come in. She was learning to create, but she wasn’t quite ready to make items on her own so Mr. Lupin was watching the store till later in the afternoon. Nursing a cup of orange tea she watched the people come and go. It was very busy still, thanks to the Conclave. She just couldn’t enjoy this mess. The door jingled as someone entered, but Lil didn’t look up. Why would she? No, she was staring at her cup. She finally raised her green eyes when someone was standing at her table. It was the man from the hospital. The one who swore he was being poisoned. “You. I want my money back.” Her eyes blinked, large and bright, but she suddenly tensed all of her muscles, defensive towards the way he spoke. ”Im sorry?” He guffawed at this as if it was plain as day. You abandoned my case, you left it unsolved. I want my money back. Lilium sighed. There was no way in hell Mr. Lupin was going to refund him. She clasped her hands on the table, trying to keep calm and evaluated with him her large eyes. She tried to speak in a smooth, even tone. “Sir, I am sorry you are unhappy, but the case was in fact solved. You are not being poisoned, unless you count yourself. Your doctor assures me it is only food poisoning so I would suggest you either cease eating at grimy bars or learn proper refrigerator use.” She lowered her eyes back to her tea, but not for long as she slammed a fist on the table. ”You’re a thief!, he yelled, practically spitting. The fox was up in a swift slide back of her chair, wand out and suddenly vibrant. The counter clerk came from behind the counter and asked the man to leave or he was calling the Patrol. The man looked back at Lilium, nasty and frankly delusional, but he stormed out. The little fox didn’t look around. She returned to her tea with a huff. Awesome way to start the day…{E}

08:39:18 Noriko || “More excitement,” Nori commented brightly after the commotion had passed; it almost came and went without her noticing, lost enough as she was in her own thoughts but it got loud enough and animated enough by the end she couldnt ignore it. Our hero didnt feel her hero senses tingle at all. That was strange. Usually her hero senses started tingling before there was trouble; then when trouble started they told her she should run headlong into it and throw herself in the way of danger. “Are you alright miss?” Now Noriko only felt her hero senses tell her she should be friendly; this poor woman had just been accosted. She was a consultant of some sort? Private investigator? Nori gathered that much: only way to learn more was talking. “You dont look very much like a thief; that was a rude thing for him to say I think. Though looks arent always a good judge of character, I always learn much more by taste personally. I dont know how you taste, I wouldnt think like a thief.” ||

08:44:39 Lilium looked up as she was addressed. At first she hadn’t really noticed, but the words were clearly meant for her. At the end of the girls spew of words she snorted, eyes wide at the odd combination of friendly and disturbing remarks. She smiled and little. “I thought I looked quite like a thief actually. I must try harder.” She took a sip of her tea and nodded. “I am fine, thank you. He was a client..and a dumb one at that.” She looked out the front windows and grumbled a little. “Can you believe that?”, she said softly, not wishing to raise attention. “He is out there, waiting. As if it would matter.” Lilium couldn’t apparate well, no she meant the fact that she was not scared of this bumbeling moron.

08:53:56 Noriko || He was still out there; now her hero senses were tingling! As the chocolate melted her sleep deprived nerves and glorious purpose burdened her our hero [the indispensable Princess Sparklefists] grew more upbeat; she grew more excitable. “A client? You have a clientele? Thats magnificent; Ive never had one of those. I always wondered what it would be like. Well, maybe you could say all the people I save [I’m a hero professionally] are my clientele but that isnt really true: they dont pay me. Also they cant choose to fire me, I dont allow it.” The services of a hero had to always be free and done without asking or obligation; thats part of heroism seminar 1A. She had a pamphlet that said so. “Do you want to leave in a shoe of solidarity? Hes less likely to harass you if you have a friend; I make a very good single-serving friend. Part of the standard hero package. Whats your name? Its more believable if I dont ask that in front of him.” ||

09:02:05 Lilium could see the woman practically bubbeling. What an odd creature. Like a pretty Chihuahua. She narrowed her eyes a little when she said he saved people. She was studying her for signs of instability. Should she take this little woman to St. Mungos? She began to spew words once more and her head was honestly hurting a little, but this woman was kind and it was a good offer. The fox downed her tea and nodded. “I could use a buffer yes. We can leave when ever you are ready.” She laughed a little and nodded. It was true. “Lilium Lovecraft.”

09:12:10 Noriko || Lilium. Lovecraft. “Lilium is a strange name. My names Nori Sakada. Im sorry; your name isnt that strange. That was rude.” Hot chocolate, meet mouth; our hero was practically shooting sunshine out her ears now. Her energy levels were high you could say. Nori didnt just have signs of instability. She wasnt the sort of person with issues, she had subscriptions. Also she was a proponent of having sex on top of rainbows [its a thing]. “Lets go then,” Her hot chocolate abandoned, our hero put her best-beloved red pea coat on; she even spent all the time to button it properly [leaving the top unbuttoned of course, not a barbarian] and tie the waist. “We shouldnt keep your clientele waiting! That wouldnt be polite at all. Like giving someone a bowl full of worms when they ask for udon. Impolite.” ||

09:22:56 Lilium shook her head with a little laugh. “No, you’re right. It is a weird name. My parents couldn’t just name me Lilian or Lily like normal. They had to be technical and Celtic about it. “ Lilum rose with Noriko and watched quietly as she buttoned her jacket. She had never even unzipped hers. It was a thick leather that suited her skin tone [In the pic, yes Im lazy] The little Fox snorted as they headed for the door. She didn’t know what udon was, but not she was wary. Slipping out the door she ignored the man as they walked, trying to feign conversation as if they were the best of friends. He must have been the chicken shit she assumed him to be, because they made it down the street safe and sound. “Actually, I don’t work till noon. So far no clients today..” Jesus. She sounded like a street walker. Finally reaching the safety of booths she stopped and gazed between snippets of conversation. “What do you do for work?”

09:33:25 Noriko || Nori was actually very glad that it didnt come to fisty-cuffs; she was rubbish in a fight, not that she was ever ever going to admit that to anyone who wasnt Mop if she could help it. Mop’s special, he got to see some of our hero’s vulnerable bits. “I told you. Hero. Magical hero; I vanquish noted evildoers and save the innocent and downtrodden. I even have sidekicks.” Hippolytus Botts, now sidekick to the sensational Princess Sparklefists. Mop wasnt a sidekick; almost all of her other acquaintances, definitely. When Nori walked she had a curious gait; three steps one skip, repeated endlessly, reliable as clockwork. “I play Quidditch. Seeker for the Nagasaki Naiads; but thats just my cover. I couldnt hero freely if everyone thought I was spending all my time heroing. Thats how they catch you.” ||

09:42:04 Lilium laughed, but she listened until she finally explained who she was. “Ah. I don’t really follow Quidditch. I bet that’s a fun job though.” She didn’t know this girl knew Mop. She needed to catch back up with them, but the last time the bumped elbows he was fending off a werewolf and she was protecting said werewolf. Lilium couldn’t help but wonder if this girl had been hit in the head with an unsavory curse or jinx, but she listened non the less. “Have you ever been in Lupin and Weasley Protections? I work there. “ She stopped at a booth of antique items. She picked up one necklace and studied it, considering its properties and value.

09:55:11 Noriko || Our hero most certainly hadnt been hit in the head with any curses [this month], the nerve of anyone thinking that! “Its work. The idea most people have that its just playing a game professionally: that doesnt exactly match the reality in any way. It means practicing twelve hours daily; broken bones and worse as routine as breakfast; studying your opponents to the point of obsession. I love it but, it is relentless.” Noriko didnt say any of it with malice or reprimand; just a standard explanation. She kept it in her back pocket. “Lupin & Weasley. No, no. This is my first time in London; havent been here more than a week actually. Theres only a few places Ive been.” Nori perked suddenly, looking up as though she heard something important: “Im terribly sorry but I have to run. Hero senses. Its lovely to meet you Lilium.” She pressed two fingers to her lips, then those fingers to Lily’s cheek; not a proper tasting. That came later. With a wave of her hand she was off. ||

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