April 20th, 2098

19:20:13 [Warwick] The trouble with being the only person to witness a prophecy meant that eventually, the Ministry would be knocking on your door. In this case, the Ministry came in the form of an owl bearing a letter he would sooner burn than acknowledge. In his shut little upstairs apartment on Diagon Alley, Warwick mulled over the note for a while before he chose what he was going to do. So, after much pacing, worrying, and deliberating, Warwick cast the summons into the fireplace to become another pile of ash – indiscernible from the rest. He’d rather not take that trip today… or ever. This was the trouble with people. How could he possibly be as unlucky to become the sole witness to a seer’s prophecy in the middle of a public space? Warwick continued to pace tracks into the old wooden floor. The fading on the polish insisted he did this frequently; habitually. Meanwhile, there were plenty of things to blame for this indiscretion: maybe if he’d had water instead of tea, he would have left earlier. If he’d read just a few more pages of his book the day prior, he would have been done sooner. How is it possible he met what was likely to be the one fucking seer on Diagon Alley. It’s not like they were a dime a dozen. The fault, however, truly fell upon the two hooligans that tried to trash the quiet little tea shop. If they’d only listened to him when he tried to draw their attention… or if they’d not been so inherently foul… Warwick wouldn’t be in this mess. He wouldn’t have to burn a summons to the Ministry because he wouldn’t have to be the only witness to hear from. The fretter finally sat on the dusty couch he’d been pacing around. Warwick remembered the men’s names… what were their names… Nori—the seer—she’d introduced them. A moment of consideration was all it too before he heard himself speaking instead of simply thinking. “Freddie.” An old staghound on a bed by the fireplace lifted her head when he spoke, but soon dropped it again for sleep. “Huang.” The names were barely a raspy whisper.

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