April 20th, 2098

20:30:22 Hippolytus ’s cubicle and the surrounding area had been entirely unpleasant as of late, thanks not in small part to a slew of howlers his family had seen fit to send him on the event of his inquiry. The one from his mother had been eight pages long, and had kept pausing to sob dramatically, stretching the ordeal out to inordinate lengths that stopped being amusing even for the most spiteful of his coworkers. He knew he shouldn’t have told them anything – they’d so badly wanted him to be some kind of Auror hero that even minor letdowns were events for Grecian tragedy. By the time his mother’s letter had finished sobbing and his father’s explosive tirade had been quelled into a shredded heap on his desk, mostly everyone in the office knew that – once again – his marital plans were on shaky ground. Only the bravest dared try to make jovial passing comments and those who did moved along quickly. By the time he was finished for the day, his office was littered with little piles of shredded, incinerated and doused piles of paper. With fingers threaded through messy curls, he glared down at the last bit of business that was basically a sign off on the case that was causing him so much headache – the flower shop, the drunk and the dark wizard. Hip lifted a lip at it disdainfully and seized his quill to make the most vicious signature he’d ever put on paper. But before the ink was anything more than a splat, he noticed the final, terse and very loaded comment. Deceased in custody. Hip frowned and stood, taking the paper with him as he left his cubicle. Well someone had to know more than that.

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