April 19th, 2098

17:13:05 [Hippolytus] ANYWAY. After plowing through some of his stack of paperwork and (stealthily) a good portion of Meredith’s, Hip swanned on over to the target board to pull down some of the most menial tasks. See? Look. He had stuff to do. Aaaand he was gonna go do it. That and since he was SUPPOSED to be the only one to know the details of Hayden Kaust’s relocation, he had some duties to see to there. As he left his cubicle, he shrugged a shoulder for Winifred and jogged down to the floos. As he went, he pulled on his outer robe and, flinging it over his shoulders as he stepped into the portal. Moments later, a puff of greenish dust would herald his appearance back at Meredith’s palace of solitude… which, considering the number of people now lodging there, maybe wasn’t so… solitary these days. His first stop off would be the ACTUAL floo house, where he went looking for Hayden.

17:27:33 Kaust hadn’t gone far, she generally remained in the area where she was allowed to wander, oddly conscience of the fact that the home wasn’t entirely free to explore. Still, it wasn’t like she had much urge to do so. Better, but not entirely whole she’d spent the last few days in the floo house, enjoying the darkness and solitude that came with the little shack like area. Currently she was curled up on the floor (Zner was more comfortable than that dinky bench bed) with her pet, half full bottle of muggle whiskey just an arm’s length away but she hadn’t drunk any. Infact she seemed more aware today and when Hippo slipped on in she’d sit up from the bulk of the lazy sprawled out sphinx and smile at him. “Hallo, Herr Botts.”

17:38:27 [Hippolytus] After knocking, Hip would wait, then poke his head into the door. He hadn’t actually been inside the little shack and now took the opportunity to crane his neck this way and that a bit like a bird on the lookout out of a birdhouse. “Oh… well this is….hhhabitable. Sorry if it’s rustic. It was the first place that sprang to mind. I can’t actually use any of the Ministry’s unplottable points for this.” Hayden wasn’t exactly in DIRECT danger, but like many people who had been possessed throughout history, it was necessary to keep them relatively protected when an incident like in the flower shop happened. Who knew who ELSE harbored hatred towards the woman whose body had been used to do them harm. “Er. Anything you need? I’m just supposed to make sure you’re set up… aaand adjusted.”

17:47:02 Kaust was alright, she wasn’t so prideful that she thought she deserved fancy things. Decent lodgings was just a perk of being a Quiddich player but if she had the choice between playing and living in ditch or staying in fancy places she would have obviously chose the former. She took her time standing up before looking to the door. She needed a walk, being cooped up in the attic probably wasn’t all that great for her mental health any more than random showdowns in flower shops. What an awesome Conclave. “It’s fine.” She gave the male a tilt of her head, “Sorry about… earlier. I… two days ago? Maybe.” Her track of time was a little all over. “I don’t really remember vut happened after I fell out.” Which was for the best. She actually didn’t remember how she’d gotten here. “Vhere ist dis place?”

18:17:06 Hippolytus sighed and leaned on the doorjamb. “Well, it wasn’t your fault. That was…a vortex of criminal intent and activity. All unfortunate all the way around. Cyrus Valen is… well, right back on the wanted list. He used an unforgivable curse on the woman who was harassing you… thought I… rather doubt in your defense considering he attacked us as well. And then I lost them down the sewers. Which apparently is a thing you can do. “ He rubbed the bridge of his nose. “It has been a very bad week. “ That was obviously an understatement. “I shouldn’t have let him get away and I should have stopped him before he caused that much damage.” But it was fine, he’d totally gotten over it, as you can see! It was only a considerable failure in his specific line of work! He’d be FINE. Luckily, he let himself be distracted to orient the Quidditch star a little. “You’re at Meredith Porthman’s house. It’s… very remote, so it was the first place I thought of. I’m sure we can spruce the room up a little…”

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