April 18th, 2098

19:07:35 Noriko || Lilliput's Tea and Bakery. Welcome true believers! We find our hero [the sensational Princess Sparklefists] in the midst of glorious battle with her oldest foe: a plate of extra delicious dark chocolate and almond cookies. Practice today left Nori with a ravenous appetite; she turned that appetite mercilessly upon her foe. Few enemies existed so crafty and delectable as this: our hero battled valiantly but could conclude only about half of the plate before she was forced to push it away in defeat. Her less dangerous old arch-enemy [a cup of ginseng tea] wasnt so fortunate in its fate as Nori drained it with murderous intent. She was just about ready to leave for other pastures but someone familiar took her eye; our hero whistled cheerfully to Freddie from across the pleasantly noisesome cafe: "Hiii! Freddie! I remember you; Cardiff, April, Meghan's bitterbrew!" Nori had surprisingly keen recollection since she hadnt even been sober enough to leave the bar under her own power; our hero didnt forget a friendly face though. No, not ever! ||

19:15:17 [Freddie] Yep. He could see himself coming back to this place once or twice… More today. Their coffee was fucking awesome, and their food was pretty neat too. But mainly coffee. There was just.. Something about coffee.. Spiked with kahula, that just made him feel warm inside. Yeah, he was drinking. What of it? He was on vacation! He was actually debating in his head whether or not his encounter with Gloria was turning him into an alcoholic, but his thought pattern was interrupted when a familar-sounding voice squeaked his name, "Oh, Noriko? Well, hey there! Fancy meeting you all the way out here. How've you been, missus? Sit down! Let me treat you to something; y'know, if you're not busy or anything." Freddie was always down for a good chat, but he wasn't as much into interrupting someones day.

19:23:53 Noriko || "I aaaam sitting down," our hero quipped right back [with tiny-woman ferocity], nonetheless she did make to join him at his table instead of sticking to hers; just seemed more friendly to do."Dont see why you'd be surprised; World Cup is coming up! The whole team is here you know; not here in Lilliput's I dont mean but here as in here in London. Akio doesnt want to be seen in a coffee shop, I dont think its fancy enough for his refined tastes." Our hero [the exquisite Princess Sparklefists] hadnt even taken time to change out of her quidditch robes; she was dressed all up in Japanese white and blue. The spirit of horrible competition meant she had to sacrifice her sense of fashion sometimes; lucky she made quidditch robes look so effortless. ||
19:32:38 [Freddie] Just smirked and let out a light chuckle at her remark, but was pleased when she'd taken the effort to move over to the table with him. At her mentioning of the World Cup, Freddie just sort've double face palmed himself and let out a sigh, even going as far as to rub his temples before eyeing the woman again, "Right, right.. World Cup. I think I really have been drinking too much lately, I suppose you all would be gathering by now." Apparently it'd taken Freddie less than a year to forget the Quidditch scheduling, which was actually very surprising for him. Retired or not, he was still a very avid fan of the sport. Mind you, it wasn't that he'd actually completely forgotten.. It was just moreso temporary, "Fancy enough? Oh, come on, does it get any fancier than this? It's got like.. Cake and shit. Everyone loves cake, am I right?" He teased, offering her a playful smile as he rubbed the back of his neck, "Who knows, maybe you can pull out a nifty Silver this year eh?"

19:44:09 Noriko || Some insults were simply beyond the ken of even divine forgiveness like our hero possessed; the insinuation that she might lose despite her lucky broom with its perfect 0-0 record was too much! Noriko flung a cookie at Freddie playfully: her aim was very good. A+, couldve been a chaser. "Silver? Nobody beats us this year. Germany is the only team that worries me; did you here about Hayden Kaust? She's playing for Germany again. After all these years; strange isnt it? I like her though. Doesnt have many friends and I think she wants them, only doesnt know how to make them." Clearly even with her cookie flinging fury our hero wasnt actually angry at Freddie; Nori didnt angry like most people even if she got gravely insulted [or stabbed]. She mightve been charmed to be always upbeat by how she acted. "I heard you dont play anymore. Havent lost the touch have you?" ||

19:52:11 [Freddie] Was hoping to get a playful rise out've Noriko, and he'd done just that! When the cookie was playfully flung toward him, he proved just why he was a Seeker for so long by catching the darn thing right in his mouth. He sort've gave a prideful look toward her as he quickly swallowed down the pastry and listened intentively to her as she gave him the scoop regarding Germany, "Bah, it's all good alright? Kick some butt out there. Hayden, eh? That's.. Interesting, anyway. But hey, it's all good. I mean, you wouldn't be worried about Germany if you weren't completely confident in your and your teammates ability. That's what I've always though anyway." When she brought up his retirement he just laughed again, always the cheerful one. Leaning back with both hands on the back of his head, he offered Noriko a coy look and a grin, "Me? Lost the touch? Girly, I could fly circles around you!" He teased, yet again, "I just.. Y'know, 13 years is a long time at the same ol' same ol'. I just want to explore around and see what else I got, that's all."

20:06:29 Noriko || Our hero feigned offence; Freddie O'Keefe fly circles around the intrepid Princess Sparklefists? The very idea. "A time and place where you could fly circles around me hasnt ever existed. Want to prove me wrong, maybe you should try out for Ireland; the rumour mill is all atitter that they havent looked good in practice." Our hero wasnt anywhere approaching old enough to understand she might not want to keep playing in thirteen years; the game she had chosen for herself and she was good at it. So different from the other things expected of her; the things she didnt like to talk about. Noriko clevely initiated topic left turn: "Have you looked at the vendors? Theres one that sells made to order singing chocolates; I saw a quartet of chocolate bunnies singing O Canada in rounds." ||

20:14:37 [Freddie] "No?" He continued to tease, getting rather into this little friendly feud at this point, "So, you're trying to tell me we live in a world of non-existance? That's a bit far to go just to not admit that I'm a superior Seeker you know." Just because he'd retired seeking… It certainly didn't retire his tongue, or his need to use said tongue against another of the same profession. The mentioning of some rumours regarding Ireland put a damper on Freddies spirits if but for a moment. He hadden't really spoken with the team since retirement. He looked thoughtful for a moment, but quickly brushed it off and laughed again, waving the idea off and eyeing her again, "Rumours? Merely a ploy set by the lot to put the other teams in a false sense of security I'm sure. Quidditch is half mind games, you know. Of course, you're still a fresh face to the sport." A topic changer was apparently in order though, and the mentioning of chocolate bunnies singing the Canadian Anthem… Oddly began bringing back his urge to travel. Those friendly fuckers were just always so inviting! "Is that so? Y'know, given the world we live in you'd think such trivial things wouldn't surprise me, but that does actually sound pretty neat. Say, did you want to maybe walk around? Explore? This cafe is neat and all, but fresh air is just calling my name."

20:19:08 [Warwick] There was only so much crowd that Warwick could take before he was nauseated. He found refuge from the throngs of Conclave-goers in the small venue of Liliputs. ‘Small’ could have meant ‘claustrophobic’, but in this case, ‘small’ was ‘safe’. Liliputs was safe place where he could pick out a stuffy corner to sit in, enjoy a calming beverage, and read an enjoyable book without being bothered by the goings-on outside the window. Every once in a while, he found new patrons bustled into the shop and took up residence for a time—and during that time, he spent far more time eavesdropping on foreign conversations than he spent absorbing the book he’d pledged to. He played the guessing game this time just as he had with every other case with the occasional study of their persons and analysis of their conversation. Old friends or acquaintances; Warwick bid himself to read a few more lines and turn the page. Sharing one—a couple common interests; he lifted his lukewarm drink to his lips for a spell but returned to his book thereafter. A few more lines and an optimistic suggestion to enjoy the outdoors had Wawick breaking from the text to cast another glance out the window and the judicious call: no, I’d much rather stay here, thank you.

20:33:18 Noriko || "Theres so much we can do but its always the little things that make me happiest; I think witches and warlocks miss the little things too often." Freddie wasnt a bad sort of person really; his slanderous insinuations were only just barely tolerable at all but luckily our hero [the inestimable Princess Sparklefists] could forgive him his clearly deep rooted delusions. It wasnt nice to mock people for psychological problems! "I cant stay long actually; have only a short time to learn how to wrap gifts. My skills are many but that never made it to me repertoire: never wrapped anything I gave to anyone. I found this beautiful tacky wrapping paper though and Im simply dying to put it to good use now." That was all mostly true; Nori actually hadnt given away many gifts before, or had many friends. But wait, you ask, and right you are to ask True Believers! Our hero wasnt always the radiant glory of today; a time once existed when she was shut-in and afraid of the world. ||

20:38:18 [Freddie] "Too true; I suppose that's why this time off has felt more.. Spiritual than anything to me." Which was partially true. Travelling over the world with little to no responsibilities was fucking awesome. Maybe he got sauced a little more than he should, but.. Gotta do what ya gotta do, right? The idea of trying to become an Auror felt slicker on more days than other, but he was sure he'd bring himself to it eventually. Until then, he'd keep that thought on the down low (save for a particular drunken woman he felt wouldn't remember that anyway). At the mentioning of her needing to learn to wrap gifts, however, he just laughed again and shook his head some, eyeing the young Seeker yet again, "Y'know, both my parents are Muggles. I grew up in their world. Wrapping presents? Well, that's as easy as… Wrapping presents! I could always show you if you like. Actually, there are a few things muggle-related I could teach you if you wanted to know it. They're an interesting group of individuals!" Living, and completely functioning in a world without magic.. It was actually pretty damn impressive in his mind.

20:50:33 Huang ∅ “You’re a fucking boring ass piece of shit.” The words came from nowhere, but of course, there wasn’t a nowhere when it came to Huang, the Keeper strolling along, here and there just causing trouble…and then being good, only to cause bigger trouble. Why? For the fun of it, of course. “Your parents were fucking muggles, you limey cumstain? Why is it I read in an interview somewhere you claiming to be half-blood? You trying to bamboozle some poor bitch out of her virtue?” Huang had indeed arrived, his hair down today, bright and flashy as always. Today’s colors were red, pink and electric blue. Try not to have a seizure at the chrome stripes along his black hoodie and boots. Made up, pretty as always, and running his tongue along his lipring, raising an eyebrow. “I always fucking hated you bitchshits for this reason…lying to get where you want, you fucking Islanders don’t have a concept to be fucking happy about where you stand.” Was it true? This was Huang, half the shit he said you shouldn’t believe, and half was always serious, but they mixed and matched so often it was impossible to really figure out where his thoughts were. He could be spouting hateful bullshit, or he could really hate it.

20:53:31 [Warwick] I can’t stay, she said, trying to back out of the conversation or the commitment of hanging out with an old friend. Gift-wrapping - ah; other commitments! The man didn’t let her go so easily and tried to prove his knowledge was pertinent to her situation with life-experience: both my parents are muggles. Warwick tore his eyes away from the window and placed them delicately back on the pair he was sharing the bakery with. His anxious stare lingered a time—long enough for his expression to go flat and his eyes grow distant. Then, drawn from nowhere, a full-bodied myoclonic jerk brings him back into the world with a start and sends his little table out from underneath him. It’s fortunate his tea had found a home on the windowsill and his book remained in his hand; both were safe through the small event. Warwick’s embarrassment was delayed, but he grew hot under the collar and pulled the table back to his personal bubble. “…sorry. Sorry.” He only hoped that he’d be forgotten again when the third (and nosiest) patron blundered in mixing messages with obscenities.

21:05:48 Noriko || Things change quickly; it didnt take the space of an audible comic book gasp for Liliputs to turn into a no longer peaceful place. Huang Zolnerowich: our hero hadnt yet decided if he was her Joker or her Catwoman, moments like this definitely lent him more towards the latter estimation. Nori even subtly flashed a smile at him; not that she wished him or his shit on anyone but he was expertly providing her cover in the way only Huang could and that she appreciated. ”Freddie, this is Huang; an old friend. I really appreciate the offer but I like to learn things for myself: its more personal.” Still our hero [the marvelous Princess Sparklefists] couldnt help but pity him when Huang really started laying in: the Russian could cut to most anybodys nerves, it was sometimes even difficult for Nori to hold up her perpetual good nature in the face of his withering assaults. Nori quickly excused herself from the table snapping up one last cookie for the road; she waved coyly to Freddie as she started for the door. Shouldve made it too but something else happened. Our hero lurched to a stop just in front of Warwick and stared glass-eyed at him; he was righting his table but she didnt notice at all: ”The mothers sins demand payment in blood. In tatters of ancient cloth they will come as crows to pick the bones of the dead. Under cover of dark when the night is longest they will come as specters for her daughters and sons. She approaches even now but she is deaf to the world. The mothers sins demand payment in blood.” ||

21:12:16 [Freddie] Well then. It seemed as though Freddies relaxing day chatting with an old friend got angry bird'd by a pink, flamboyant flamingo. Just peachy! Freddie was about to retort but didn't have a chance before Noriko made introductions and.. Just left. Peachy, "Okay, well.. See ya." Was he coming off as creepy or something? He wasn't creepy, he was just a drunk! And that was okay, because he was Irish. Being drunk in Ireland is like being sober everywhere else. But then this cock monger started acting quite discriminant, and that.. Well that just wasn't very friendly. With Noriko almost-gone and speaking something that was inaudible to him, he instead moved to stand from his seat and face Huang quite fiercly, "Think you've got a right to butt into anyone elses business and mouth off about their heritage, and their home? Nice presumptions you made there, big boy, but contrary to popular belief not every man has a chat with a woman with intent to get into their pants. In fact, she happened to come chat with me first. I was being friendly. Now, do both me and yourself a favour and sod off before I remove those lips from your mouth to save humanity from having to deal with your shit again, capisce?" Freddie.. Had a bit of a temper sometimes. But it was only when someone pissed him off! And judgemental douchebags certainly did a good job at that.

21:20:55 Huang ∅ If he looked any less impressed with the show of vitriol, he would have been asleep. In fact, he yawned quite widely in Freddie’s face. “Well, yeah. I’ll say it’s because I’m Russian and you fuckers are pussies, or I’ll say it’s because I’m Chinese and you Islanders spend so much time thinking you’re the top of the totem pole, or I’ll say it’s because I’m a pureblood and therefore better than you…or I can just say it’s because your face makes me want to take a shit. Take your pick, they’re all true when it comes to you cumstain. I’m the fucking best, and I don’t give a shit” At least Noriko had made her escape, which was his aim. He had a soft spot for Asian women, before turning on his heel and following her, eyebrows scrunching at the words. Well that was a fucking wrench. “Yo, you Jap bitch, get your candy ass over here and tell me when the fuck my team’s trashing yours.” This was loud. This was very loud, trying to obscure what she was saying to as many people as possible.

21:32:11 Warwick immediately relinquished his table when it was righted enough and the young woman invited herself to it. Her hands lead his eyes up her arms, drawing in every detail on the way to a that thousand-yard-stare that seemed familiar, though he’d never seen it before. More perturbing to some – and the reason for Warwick’s change in tone – was what came next. The frayed man turned a deadly eye on the people making noise beyond them. “QUIET.” Warwick demanded without the intention of leaving wiggle room for questioning. He slid out of his seat to stand nearer to the seer spewing prophecy all over his table as though he might protect her – but dared not touch her – from any outside influence until she was finished and he had made note of every word. It became a mantra that hummed to the recesses of his mind as he continued to function on the terrestrial plane. When it appeared the woman was finished, he tried to encourage her into a seat with a pointed gesture and few words: “are you well?”

21:39:50 Noriko || Oblivious. Thats right true believers, our hero was as blind and deaf to the world as the eponymous she Nori had only just spoken of; not one word of the growing altercation between Huang and Freddie pierced her inactive senses. She looked even like she was going to lose her balance in the trance of prophecy: fortune stepped in [as he so often did for her] and returned to our hero her awareness mere seconds before floor came to meet her face. Nori steadied and came to; stranger was already helping her into a seat before she could object: “It happened again, it happened again didnt it?” It wasnt the first time our hero [the magical Princess Sparklefists] had been given prophecy; she hated it. Hated it so so much. It was like being robbed of a little of her free will every single time; left vulnerable and lost, at the mercy of whoever was nearby. If it had a filter, knew when to wait and when to go: but no. “Im sorry; did I say anything, did you hear what I said? Its very important.”

21:47:25 [Freddie] "Leave it to a God damn Russian to start something and think they can just walk away. For someone talking about how I think I'm better than everyone you're sure thinking high and mighty there you hyporcritical trainwreck. You're the best?" He scoffed then, shaking his head, "At what? Wearing his mothers garments?" And then the cock sucker turned around. Yeah, no. That wasn't gonna fly with him. He ignored Warwicks very verbal request to stop with the noise. Hell, he even ignored his dear friend almost falling on her ass because of her spazz attack. He was pissed, and that he was paying attention to. So, while Huang thought that magically he could turn and walk from his problems, he'd instead find a strong grip at the back of his neck the moment he turned around. He wouldn't be offered any time to react, however, before that grip slammed the male downward and toward a table. Unless Huang foretold Freddie coming at him, he'd find himself going headfirst into a solid wood tabletop, likely causing a spurtof blood and probably a broken or damaged nose in the process, "You ignorant piece of shit, don't think you can insult me and my heritage and walk the fuck away." He snarled toward the man, the grip on the back of his neck remaining tight and pushing him down on the table, unless of course something had happened to stop him from doing it in the first place.

21:57:00 Huang ∅ He heard it, and with the roar, everybody else did. A weakness for smaller Asian women. It would be the death of him, but at least she wasn’t actually related. If she was, he would have obliviated everybody to keep that prophecy a secret. As it was, it was just an inconvenience. One step, two steps to the small seeker, intent on hauling her out to go see a mediwitch or drink a coffee and perk up or some shit, before there was a grip to the back of his neck. Huang bristled and prepared instantly, one step forward, twisting around and with the push and slamming the back of his head against the table instead. Spots before his eyes, but there was a grin on his face. Why? Because his wand had flashed. When had it come out? Did it matter? One did not fuck with Huang when you didn’t have the protection of Huang’s family. That flash of ebony wood was coupled with something spat in Russian, before there was the feeling. The feeling for dear, poor Freddie. Ever have a swarm of bees stinging the inside of your throat? Know what it felt like? Freddie knew. Huang was a duelist through and through. ∅

22:10:09 [Warwick] “Brilliant.” Warwick assured the baffled seer. “I heard.” That was all he could promise before the chicken squawk white noise in the background turned violent. His eye turned to the full-on aggressive displays like one might watch a documentary on the mating habits of mountain goats. Unimpressive – petty was the resounding decree. When Warwick’s attention turned back to the understandably jarred seer, he extended a hand. “Let’s go.” He spoke in a way that implied a question for courtesy. She could stay in Liliput’s and put up with the two butting heads or she could go and wait on the outside for the proper authorities to come and silence the ruckus. Warwick looked as though he’d try to make his way to the entrance regardless and let the cocks duke it out. He wouldn’t—but he wanted to.

22:19:52 Noriko || The dilemma of a hero: Nori didnt know what to do. Her instincts screamed for her to intercede; her heart cried out that she be the star she was always meant to be and punch holes in thesky. Still cloudy though, our hero saw brawling and couldnt keep up with it. She knew at least another couple minutes to ‘wake’. The cataplexy of her trance hadnt left her yet; Nori wasnt sure she couldve intervened effectively. Worse there was only a single witness to her prophey and he wanted her outside. That was the selling point in the end: she needed to know. It made her hero’s heart cry for justice and she had to ignore it, she needed to know. It was more important than Huang or Freddie; there was security on the Conclave that could break them apart, there wasnt anyone else to record her premonitions. “Please I need to know what I said,” she tried again. Our hero would go with him to the door, outside; wherever he motioned, she would follow, “I need to know. Every word, its very important, I have to know exactly what I said. Please.” ||

22:28:01 [Freddie] Wands. Yeah. That might've been a smart move on Freddies part. Truthfully, Freddie was normally a very skilled duelist himself. However, a mixture of alcohol and anger, amongst some other things, had lead him to become the current hard headed fool that currently had a strong grip on Huang. The grip, however, wasn't long lasting when he suddenly felt a, needless to say, unpleasant feeling growing in his throat. He loosened his grip while stumbling back then, gripping his throat as if the tension would remove the terrible pain he was feeling. Unfortunately for him though.. Not only was he terrible at healing spells, but he was pissed the fuck off. So instead of just enjoying this seering pain alone, and knowing full well that it wouldn't be long before the public brawl was seperated anyway, Freddie opted to instead endure the pain while slamming his body full force against Huangs, his head coming forward to headbutt the cock sucker right in his forehead as they both fell toward the ground, given the Huang didn't retaliate appropriately beforehand.

22:49:09 [Warwick] When their escape was decided upon, Warwick did his best not to take Noriko by the hand like a child to lead her out of the establishment, just past the men scuffling in the doorway. It appeared that they may not have to leave Liliput’s—the fight diffused with the disappearance of one of the challengers but the sanctity of the place was ruined and Warwick wanted none of it. He plucked his book up off the table and away he went, out the door and into the streets with absolutely no intentions of sticking around to be pegged as a witness to anything else today. Warwick didn’t have any intention of leaving the seer behind either; he frequently made certain she was following. When he found a place to anchor himself on a nearby building, he did. A dive into his pocket revealed a charmed pad and quill that went to work as soon as he opened the tiny notebook. ”The mother’s sins demand payment in blood. In tatters of ancient cloth they will come as crows to pick the bones of the dead.” Warwick began without any hesitance or dithering. “Under cover of dark when the night is longest they will come as specters for her daughters and sons.” He continued, like reading from a manuscript. The quill flew across the paper he held out for it, to keep up with his quick way of speaking. “She approaches even now but she is deaf to the world. The mother’s sins demand payment in blood.” When the little quill was done, the anxious stranger ripped the sheet from the pad and handed it out to her to usher her away with it. “Go.”

23:05:40 Noriko || What else could she do? Our hero followed after her nameless benefactor swift as she could carry herself; he didnt make to abandon her but neither did he pace himself. Nori grew stronger every step she took: strength came back to her legs first, the rapid flight ensured it. When finally Warwick was satisfied with a safe place Nori waited anxiously until he recited back the whole thing to her; how little it did to quell her fears. Our hero [the disoriented Princess Sparklefists] folded up the paper when offered, slid it into a pocket on her robe; she looked up at him thankfully: “Thank you so much. My name is Nori; youve done a great kindness for me today.” He was ushering her away so quickly; Nori didnt have the will to fight but she looked back again over her shoulder before she went, “I hope I can repay you.” ||

23:16:01 [Darby] Liliput’s. What a lovely little shop, and always so busy, she thought as she touched down just outside the establishment. And just in time, it seemed, too. The end of a nasty spat had a man apparating off the premises and another clutching his swollen throat. And, “Warwick!“ She crossed the cobblestone to him, “It’s been ages. How are you, darling?“ A small pixie-like woman wandered away just as she approached and her eyebrow quirked with curious interest, “Very well it seems.“ The gentleman inside was struggling profusely with his ever-swelling throat. “Oh, damn. Would you be a dear and hold on a moment, Warwick. That’s a dear,“ she said with the sugar-y sweet lilt of her voice. She patted him on the shoulder and entered the shop, leaving her broom just outside. The man on the floor was gingerly brought to his feet, “There we are, dear. You’re alright. Yes, yes. That’s a nasty little hex you’ve had put on you, isn’t it?“ Evelyn guided him out the door and paused next to Warwick. “Have a walk with me to St. Mungo’s will you, Warwick?“ Her smile was sincere and polite, like you might expect of an old friend or a close relative. There was no command or authority in her voice, just kind coaxing for Warwick to catch up with “an old friend” — if he’d even consider calling her that.

23:23:49 Warwick kept to his plan and folded the pad up to put back in his pocket with the charmed quill. “No.” He – apparently – declined Noriko’s offer. “Go, Nori.” He tried to shoo her away again. Warwick didn’t need a post-prophecy seer hanging around him and she could certainly afford to go elsewhere with her hand-written prophecy. He might have said “good luck” in a show of courtesy if it were not for a voice that tore right to his bone when it called his name. Now he wished that there was a way that Nori might repay him, but he’d much rather she escape with her note than be subjugated to scrutiny if she didn’t want it to be so. So Warwick turned to face a veritable demon as she left the shop to make him her business. How did she even spot him? Why was he still pertinent to anyone or anything? “Darby.” He let her name loose in what should have been a greeting, but only sounded apprehensive. “I would rather saw my legs off.” Warwick tried his hand at a smile that might have turned the corners of his eyes.

23:33:47 [Darby] “Oh, come now. You wouldn’t deny an old ally the chance to catch up. Come along, I can’t bloody well take this poor bloke by myself,“ she prodded, gently. There was a smile turning her lips again, “Come on, help an old bird out.“ It was probably a fruitless endeavor. She was no stranger to Warwick’s eccentricities, but that didn’t put her off being friendly. Still, she didn’t expect him to accommodate her, not after everything he’d been through.

23:39:34 [Warwick] As far as Warwick was concerned, asking him to Saint Mungo’s was like asking an arachnophobe to a house full of spiders behind glass. There was no way he’d willingly – while in (relatively) good health – go near the place, so his decision stood: “no.” Darby was lucky to catch him in a good mood. She’d get more original words out of him than anyone. “Why even go? Isn’t that covered by someone else’s job description?” Warwick’s expression returned to the typical unease.

23:44:07 [Darby] She shrugged, “I suppose I could summon someone here at the flick of my wand, but that’s so very impersonal.“ The man was beginning to turn a bit blue in the face. “Besides, if I did that, you’d still have to put up with me, wouldn’t you?“ The fellow‘s ability to stand on his own was beginning to waver. “Well, another time, dear.“ Her attention turned back to the man slumping into her arms with the loss of breath. “Now then, let’s get you to a Healer, dear. Shall we?“ She turned to smile and wink at Warwick one last time and… Crack! She’d be back for her broom later.

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