April 18th, 2098

20:16:51 Huian ◙ She had it, his gift, at any rate, for his housewarming. A bag was shouldered, and the other was held in her hands, the box wrapped up and ready. It was charmed to be light, but just a bit awkward to carry. But the flash of green fire, and she blinked, coughing lightly into her hand. She’d sent word she was coming, via a really angry barn owl (One of the Russian team player’s) about her arrival, though if he was there or not…she hadn’t been specific on a time, and Huian strode out of what looked like…a floo house. Just big enough for the fire transport, and very very clever. The woman, in a sheer star pattered shirt with a navy camisole under, dark jeans and bright red ballet flats (For once not wearing combat boots. She really regretted her decision, since she was watching her step here.) felt a bit like she was trespassing. Just a bit, knocking on the door she came up too lightly, and adjusting the canvas bags.

20:32:28 Porthman had finally moved into the main house and was starting to feel comfortable thanks to some hard-working magic and good friends. He’d made sure to be decent after he was practically accosted by an owl with a message and a nasty attitude, but there was no way of explaining the concept of someone knocking on a door in their new home. When Huian knocked, the noise from the large wooden door resounded through the house and Bobby reacted in kind with a jump over the back of the couch and a charge the door with a bellowing series of high-pitched barks. Meredith went the same way as the dog – jumping up on the couch’s cushion and over the back to hurry to the large double door and crack it open. He kept his leg up to block the nosy terrier from pushing through him for all of three seconds as he greeted his friend: “Huian, don’t be sh—“ the dog, who’d been frantically clawing at the old door to get out and greet the newcomer, finally pushed past his master to the outside. Bobby started making wide circles around Huian and continue barking with a tail so fast, it was just a blur. “BOBBY. BELTIT.” Mop demanded of the dog, giving a stern finger toward the inside after opening the door all the way for Huian. “He’s mental. Don’t mind him. Come in.”

20:40:40 Huian ◙ There was barking, and she froze. A smile sort of slid its way onto her face, but she froze as the door was opened, and flinched as the dog made it outside, barking a circling, and her head turned to follow him as much as she could without having to turn around, before nodding to Mop and making her way inside, and looking around the house a bit, hands tightening on the canvas bags. (She wasn’t scared of dogs, no matter how she might have flinched at the barking and stiffened as she was sniffed, because she knew she was going to be. Just…strange dogs. And her cat had rubbed around her ankles this morning…so there was that.) “I’m sorry…I would have brought something for him…I didn’t know you had a dog.” She seemed sheepish, like she should have known, before offering the bigger bag to him. “This is from me, for your housewarming gift. I’d figure you’d get as much use out of it as you could.” ◙

20:54:21 [Porthman] “No, no, don’t mind.” Meredith cast a wave to the dog who had – at very least – stopped barking. Instead, Bobby was attached to their visitor’s leg and took to sniffing her gift with fervor. There was little the dog did without going absolutely… well… mental. It wasn’t long before he was undressing her with his nose. “He’s a spoiled fuck. He’ll survive.” Meredith closed the door and made sure the outside was locked. He followed the dog’s lead once his duty at the door was finished and took up a space next to Huian as she blabbered on. “You didn’t have to get anything at all! Thank you—thank you! What’juget?” Would it be rude to rip into it as soon as possible? Instead, Mop settled for something that sounded gentlemanly: “do you want me to take that for you? Is it heavy?” He opened his hands to insist they were free to take on any burden.

21:01:58 Huian ◙ “Oh….not…not really heavy…the bag’s charmed…but the box might be…um…” That dog was sniffing her leg, and she was staring awkwardly down at him, before slowly lifting her foot up and pushing his nose away. Very slowly. Of course, it probably would not work, but oh well. Huian was not used to dogs. Her gaze settled back up and she offered the bag, with the wrapped box peeking out, before lifting the shoulder for the other bag she had. “And this is from the Russian team…um, there was a betting pool going on, and since you punched Huang, they all got you a gift. I think it’s signed, too.” See, two gifts. Though one wasn’t from her, she brought them both. And hopefully he’d like the surprise, because she wasn’t going to say what they were. (At least the bottle of the seventeen year aged firewhiskey wasn’t wrapped, and yes, it had been signed by every team member.) “I’m sorry, I don’t…often get to give gifts.” Which pretty much explained her nerves. She liked too, but didn’t like the anxiety of hoping he liked what she got for him. ◙

21:19:09 Porthman laughed a free, uplifting chime while he took control of the bag she relinquished to his care. “Oi, wow. I’ve never punched anyone. I should do it more often, aye?” The auror encouraged his guest to follow him to the kitchen where he inspected the gift he’d been given as a connoisseur. The signed whisky bottle then earned the first place on the windowsill over his sink to stay forevermore with a few audible noises to show his approval. Bobby had, apparently, decided he was done accosting their visitor and trotted off to the couch to perch on the armrest. His dark little eyes watched the stranger closely despite giving up his invasive greeting. “You’ve no reason to be apologizing—“ Meredith glanced to the gift she held onto, but refused to linger on anything but Huian’s face. “I should be apologizing to you. I was—well… I shouldn’t have… just…” he grinned, beside himself. “Thank you.” Mop closed whatever distance he’d put between them to invade his guest’s space for a gentle embrace. Maybe he was just as bad as the dog. Fortunately, Meredith didn’t linger as long and wasn’t quite as fervent about the affectionate display: he was quick to slide away after his point had been made.

21:29:27 Huian ◙ The house was…small. Charming, and probably perfect for Mop, but a bit small. At least the dog wasn’t accosting her leg anymore, and that made her relax a bit, as she watched him put the bottle on the windowsill. She had thought it was a nice gesture from the team, as such as they caused trouble. She had set the gift box on the table, carefully, a moment before she was drawn into the hug, and her face colored in surprise, before she laughed and hugged back lightly, letting go. “I told you never to apologize to me. You don’t have to thank me either. I’m just here, and you’re my friend…that’s that. Done is done, right?” She felt a bit better and tucked some hair behind her ear, smiling brightly, gesturing to the gift. “Now, you open that, and I’ll see if I need to exchange it for you…if you hate it, of course. I wasn’t sure what to get you.” There…the air was relaxed. ◙

21:29:27 Porthman naturally went to the gift to avoid being anything but courteous and tore right in. “I’m certain it’s fine.” He assured and predicted his satisfaction with the gift. Meredith rarely got gifts that weren’t from him or from Gloriana (who he thought of, for a moment, before the really got a look at what Huian brought him. “Perfect.” He smiled excitedly, but failed to find a place to put the thing just yet. While Meredith fantasized about all the charms and enchantments he could try to give the machine a life of its own, he drummed his fingers to the box and tossed his eyes around the room but still… nothing. “I’ll have to find a place for this—but it’s perfect.” The auror resolved with a swift pat to the box and a complete change of subject: “so… you know that warmer I’m having?” He left some room for a short response before cutting to the point. “I might have challenged Noriko to a contest for it—and I want to get her… sssomething. Something. I don’t know what. Have any ideas?” Meredith glanced around the kitchen again and added: “want anything? Cuppa? Water? Food?”

21:29:27 Huian ◙ Oh good! She grinned widely and bounced once on the balls of her feet. That was great. “It’s got a few charms…self-cleaning, just tap it to turn it on, the basics.” And that was that. He liked her gift, Huian felt accomplished in finding him something he would use and liked, and she shifted, leaning on the back of a chair, tapping her toe on the floor lightly. “I’m not sure what she would enjoy. Probably anything, she’s just happy to…” Wait, no, that was said to her, and she kept confidence. Her bottom lip was bit sharply, before she changed routes. “She likes chocolate. In fact, she might adore chocolate, and I know a place in Belgium that makes the best custom truffles. You can get any filling, and I can get you an order form. They have a next day delivery system…I think my last order was white chocolate with a peach liquor…freakishly astounding. And some tea sounds nice, thank you for asking, but try not to feed me, I might come back more often because if it.” ◙

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