April 16th, 2098

21:03:29 Noriko || Conversely our hero [the querrilous Princess Sparklefists] had met many an anyone to be so taciturn and fun-hating as this Demon Hellwench; this Gloriana. She wasnt talkative and wasnt very happy about Nori's intervention: these were both obvious. Further obvious was that anger could turn her into some sort of vile shrieking beansidhe witch from the wrong side of the tracks. Our hero pulled open the door to Liliput's and held it for Gloriana: "It is lovely to meet you Gloriana; would you allow me to buy you your coffee today in apology for the unsavory assumptions I made about you? I wouldnt feel right at all I didnt." Nori deliberately dialed down her talking and rambling reflex a little bit: she couldnt turn down her energy level, that was constant [our hero could have solved a global energy crisis if you hooked electrodes to her], but she could at least try to direct it in ways less likely to frighten off Gloriana. ||

21:05:01 Cyrus`Valen He merely nodded curtly in response to the girl. There was no point in forcing recognition, given that he hadn’t particularly wanted to be recognized in the first place. He lingered on the train for a moment, allowing the girl to go far ahead of him on the off chance she got another glance at him and suddenly decided she DID recognize him, before finally exiting the train. His attache case was slung over the severed arm-stump’s shoulder and secured across his chest with a trap, flapping at his side from time to time as he shoved his way through the crowd, and eventually, managed to make his way into Diagon Alley without much harassment. And then he heard a voice that stopped him even quicker than the sight of Huian had. Boulstridge. And some girl he didn’t recognize…and he was staring at her. Billie’s daughter with him. He’d already been predisposed to dislike the girl because of that…but she and that other boy…in his mind, they were just as much to blame for everything, as Kaust had been. And some girl he didn’t recognize…and he was staring at her. Billie’s daughter with him. He’d already been predisposed to dislike the girl because of that…but she and that other boy…in his mind, they were just as much to blame for everything, as Kaust had been. And he was simply staring at her through the crowd, shifting closer the best he could.

21:05:39 [Hippolytus] The afternoon had been spent playing Muggle in London shops and Hip was exhausted. Honestly, he wouldn’t have to go to such lengths, but he’d been shopping for a decent house-warming gift and the wizarding world tended to be hung up fashionably in the late nineteenth century… an argument could be made for anything up to the early 1950’s, but it would be generous. So he’d put in his best tweed trousers and gone out among the magicless to make that hefty purchase. His father would probably have a stroke knowing what Hip was doing with his bank account, but considering Hip would be floored if he ever really NEEDED the money they expected him to be saving up for married life, he knew he could slip a few hundred quid from that account with no one being the wiser. Nevertheless, when he stepped off the tube, he took a moment to check his finances on the third watch up from his wrist bone. He grimaced and tugged down the sleeve of his red and white blazer. At least his Gringots account was still happy and plump. He had to stop putting more money into the Muggle economy while neglecting his own. He’d stopped to lean on a pillar near the steps to the surface, using the natural light for his task. When he lifted his head, tongue running idly over his teeth under his lips, his gaze snagged on a familiar face at the top of a tall frame. Facts hastily tried to arrange themselves in Hip’s mind: Irish, but with a name that didn’t sound it. Valen? Sounded right, but he could see it more than hear it anymore. A colorless photo pinned to the tagboard with an orange pin. Hip wasn’t on the clock, but the tickle to his suspicions made it well worth it to begin trailing the man.

21:14:58 [Gloriana] One shop down, Noriko had ceased chattering. Oh please, oh please, oh please let her be done, she begged, inwardly. Maybe she’d go away before Glori entered the shop! No such luck (of course). Instead, the nauseatingly bubbly witch held the door open. Glori gave her an insincere half-smile and stepped in. Damnit. And now the girl was beingnice to her. Why me? Noriko was looking for Glori’s answer, but she’d gotten caught up in her own head and ideas about getting rid of her; so much so that she didn’t actually hear the question. “Yeah, sure,“ she replied, absent-mindedly, now redirecting her attention to the menu. Wait what?! Her muscles tensed and she silently cursed herself for having answered at all much less with an affirmative! This day would be too long for Glori’s taste.

21:24:07 Noriko || Of course she was being nice to Gloriana: our hero couldnt be anything but nice. Actually untrue she did also have the potential to play top my trauma with the best of them, but Nori only ever talked about The War when someone else tried to use it as an excuse for bad behavior. Nori skip-stepped up to the counter and dug into her pockets for a few silver coins to pay for her: "I would like espresso, three shots please! Also I would like whatever my friend here would like." She didnt even talk anymore than that: waited for Gloriana to order whatever it was she wanted, and then paid for it and tipped quite generously on top of that. Nori didnt make all that much money despite her high profile; what she did make always seemed to slip right through her fingers. Maybe partly to blame was always buying coffee and drinks and meals for strangers. ||

21:36:11 Huang ∅ He was bright. He was colorful. He was here. Cool and does not give a shiiiit. Decked out, made up, tattoos shifting colors every so often, the hair down and topped with a white skullcap adorned with the outline of a skull (Fittingly), tight pants and neon paint splattered boots that clashed an went with the hoodie he was wearing. A biohazard symbol adorned the back of it, and slid over a shirt with the picture of a topless woman playing guitar. Because if he could do it, he could overdo it, with the leather cuffs and bright hello kitty plastic watch…People stared. Stared more before he had slid into a coffee and tea shop looking for an iced Americano. With five extra shots and no water. The fact was, he was waiting for his order to get handed to him before some little rival bitch entered, with some stuffy Brit bird. He knew her face, and slurred an insult in Japanese as way of greeting. (We’re going to let you know it was something about harpies and cottoncandy doing the procreation for Noriko’s birth.) He fucking remembered her. ∅

21:44:15 Cyrus`Valen He’d finally managed to shove his way through the crowd, his anger steadily rising to dangerous levels as he was jostled and prodded along the way, though not at the other wizards and witches, but the girl he’d spotted. By time he’d reached the interior of the shop, the mask had slipped. The statue was clearly and horrendously angry, flushed cheeks and blazing eyes tantamount to this. He was inside…and close, so close, when an Asian male of some sort shoved pashed him and he was nearly blinded by the gaudy colors. This was enough to set him off, at least verbally, for now, “Oi! Ye bloody cunt!” he snapped. The angrier he grew, the more pronounced his accent tended to be, “Try havin’ a look around, you blind numpty…” Fairly tame, all things considered…and given that most Irishmen referred to one another as “cunts” like Americans used the term “bro”. And he was slowly reigning it back in, turning the blazing stare back towards Gloriana.

21:54:06 Hippolytus has to quicken his step, even as he very stealthily moved in Valen’s increasingly disruptive wake. By the time his quarry flew into a shop, Hip was practically running to keep up with the taller man’s stride, trying to close the distance before… before… He didn’t know what he’d expected of the (apparently foul-mouthed) Irishman, but if he’d pictured a worse-case scenario within the realm of probability, he might have pictured something pretty close to what erupted when the ex-con found offense in some punk who got in his way. Hip bolted over the threshold of the shop as the second phrase of abuse was stumbling past Valen’s lips. “Hey there!” With one hand, Hip had reached for his wand and instinct had the other reaching for the Irishman’s elbow, trying to grab him back from the escalating situation – thereby (hopefully) creating a space for the smallish Auror to inject himself physically. “Let’s have none, shall we?”

22:00:39 [Gloriana] Noriko’s order unnerved her. “Are you… sure you want to do that?“ - Three fucking shots of espresso? - “I mean, you don’t want to crash before the opening ceremonies…“ - Nice save. Mostly, Glori was looking to save herself from the nervous wreck that she was going to be in if this thing was hopped up on Espresso and talking a mile a minute; to a Glori that couldn’t escape! “And a Breakfast tea for me, milk and honey please.“ Typical English girl and her Typical Cuppa. She saw the peacocking Japanese man, and he face he made. “Uhh…Sorry,“ she said, with a true hint of sincerity. Her smile was half-cocked and awkward, but she truly did feel sorry for anyone who had to suffer the girl the way Glori had for as long… and it really was too long. She hadn’t held the apologetic look for long when a loud voice broke through the crowd. Glori, with curiosity abound, glanced back to find the raging inferno of her former Potions Master (and her mother’s accused murderer). Her breath caught in her chest, staring blankly at him until Hippolytus interjected. “Hip,“ she breathed, gawking at him as if it would prompt him to do more to rid the shop of Cyrus’s presence. Her eyes were already starting to well up. No, no, no! Go away!

22:13:37 Noriko || "Oh no, I dont worry about that. I never crash." That Gloriana should be so lucky! Our hero smiled more sweetly than a British chocolate [and British chocolate is as we know nauseatingly sweet] and was all ready to whisk Gloriana away to a table for further interrogation when interruptions insisted upon interrupting. Whatever vulgar thing Huang said to her didnt seem to phase her; she winked and blew him a kiss. Still a fashion disaster, still obviously hopelessly in love with her; if only he would get the hint that it just wasnt going to happen. The second interruption came into focus then. He was causing this Gloriana distress obviously! There was some dashing British man already on the case but Nori took the opportunity to demand Gloriana's attention. "Gloriana, you dont look well. Should we get you out into the air? It does appear to be quite crowded in here." Our hero [the everloving Princess Sparklefists] could be empathetic when there was cause for it. ||

22:22:41 Huang ∅ Of course the seeker would smile and wink. Huang grinned widely, and ran his tongue along his lip ring, the small gauge in the muscle peeking out as his sight settled on Gloriana, and sent her a look that was…hard to decipher. Not a leer, not a sneer, but more specific. It read ‘Your fucking apologizing to me? Don’t be a cunt.’ Literally. The look said it. Some man was yelling at him the entire time. This wasn’t new. He often got yelled at by…everybody, but the fact the man was old made him grin maniacally and offer a rude gesture, before waggling his tongue at him and taking his drink, downing half of it before he surfaced for air, eyes gleaming as he leaned on the counter. Pretty eyes. All made up in fuchsia and black. “The fuck you going to do, you limey’s cumshot?” We’re going to ignore the Auror, yes, because he is cool and does not give a flying shit about authority, even as his gaze sliped to Noriko. “Sup, cherry blossom bitch? You’re gonna miss a fucking show… but it’s adults only so take the British skirt out. It might offend her prude ears.”. ∅

22:37:58 Cyrus`Valen The fact he was getting mired up with other, petty confrontations and Boulstridge was being yanked out of his grasp did nothing to quell his rapidly spiraling rage, and the minute he felt a hand grasping at his elbow, he was bringing his foot back to sharply drive the heel of his boot into Hippolytus’s shin, whirling with only an irate, “Keep ye hands off me, twat,”. Clearly, the anger that seeing Boulstridge had brought to surface had brought something else with it…a bit of the old Cyrus’s piss and vinegar, the student who’d gotten into duels almost daily and was almost legendary for his foul temper (and fouler mouth), “Aye, lad, I’ll tell ye right what I’ll do, ye wee fuckin’ shit. I’ll give ya a pair of tits to suit the rest of you, and kick ye back door in. Though, I imagine ye’d enjoy it, ye poofy lookin’ knobgobbler,” Clearly, he was still quite capable of a respectable amount of vitriole and could command the art of swearing like only a true Irishman, “Now why don’t ye fuck off and find a few lads to throw it in with before I have to scunder ye, ye manky lil’ fuck?”

22:46:20 Hippolytus hadn’t even realized the identities of the young ladies upon whom the Irishman had first pinned his rage, and now as the man seemed to have shifted gears to have it out with the extravagant punk, it wasn’t really the (equally foul-mouthed) Huang who captured the Auror’s attention. His response to Valen’s attempted dismissal of him was to first dig his fingers into the man’s right arm a little harder, then raise the blindly targeted leg to bring a visually aimed foot down on the back of Valen’s boot heel. Even as he endeavored to trap the larger man, Hip brought his wand up, his expression grim, static and 100% done. “Alright, then.” And he DID remove his grip, but only to step back, delivering a resolute swipe of the wand to cast a body-bind curse at the ex-con’s turned back.

22:52:06 [Gloriana] So Noriko was a hero, after all. Glori was suddenly thankful for Noriko’s presence. She’d been horrendously obnoxious, but she just about redeemed herself to the point of sainthood when she suggested removing Gloriana from the premises — and without making a fuss about the red-rimmed eyes holding back barely-concealed tears. The man from the counter aimed some harsh-ish words in Noriko’s direction, but Glori hadn’t been paying him any attention anymore. Hippolytus Botts to the rescue! He went about disarmingValen before any harm could come to the patrons of the, otherwise quiet, little shop of Liliput’s. And as the body-bind hit its target, Gloriana made for the door, heart pounding and eyes stinging with fugitive tears. She left the group behind and found herself a hiding place in the space between Liliput’s and the next shop. There, she wept with her back to the street and tried to regain composure. First Kaust, now Valen. Bad luck, old mum.

23:03:15 Noriko || "Huang you sultry minx stop falling in love with me, you know I'm saving myself for marriage." Nori brushed Huang off as though he were an offending mosquito; it wasnt a secret that she was hard to anger and irrepressibly cheery. Our hero [the illustrious Princess Sparklefists] mightve called it her superpower: superior resilience to jerks and a good mood that never left. Nori didnt stick around to trade pleasantries with her erstwhile rival, our hero had someone else to tend to, so she followed Miss Gloriana out onto the street. Demon Hellwench perhaps; obviously in a lot of pain. She had something in common with Frau Grumpypants there. "Hey, are you alright?" A hand strayed to the taller girls shoulder. Nori didnt always have a sense of personal space but Gloriana seemed like someone she probably shouldnt kiss [until the third date]. "Someone you know I assume? Dont worry about the history; we should probably keep walking."

23:12:38 Huang ∅ He was loving this. Loving this vitriol spewing from the Irishman, and soaking it up like a cat soaks up a sun’s rays. Fucking yes. His eyes slid to Noriko and the British bint as they left, an eyebrow raising. One day, he’d get a rise out of that little Japanese fairy dusting sparkle shedding glitterbomb. One day. Right now, he just sipped his drink and watched. And glared something awful at the Auror, before eyeing the situation. “You know, he doesn’t have a fucking wand. He doesn’t have a fucking arm. I don’t know about you, but places other than this fucking shitcavern of a country call that authority abuse.” Also…his wand was in his fingers, lazly twirling about before he waved it quickly, turning a table nearby in to a swarm of bees. Or flies. Or June bugs. It didn’t matter, the moment he did, pandemonium struck out, people reacted the way people do…irrationally and rushing to flee, in which Huang took the moment to undo the body bind as he leisurely strode out. He is cool and does not give a shiiittt. ∅

23:23:21 Cyrus`Valen He wasn’t sure exactly what in the hell was going on, other than one moment the guy behind him was coming at him again…this time with an actual assault, and he’d begun to whirl about when he was stunned. He could still see, hear…take in everything going on around him, the sudden swarm of insects…and then he was unbound again. Instantly, he was rolling across the floor he’d been tumbled to, his wand drawn and flicked once. All of the furniture in the store flew about in quite a hazardous manner before stacking neatly against one wall, and he was rising, wand raised. Red light exploded from its tip…a disarming spell, meant to wrench the very same wand that’d petrified him from its owner’s grip.
23:24:19 [Guy_D] Hey… I am a force of disruption, and destruction. DOWN WITH THE MAGISTRY!

23:37:30 Hippolytus cast a moment’s glance at Huang that only lightly brushed on confusion. He wasn’t even on duty – did he know that guy? The fleeting question was eradicated and became very less important than the explosion of bugs that sent a shop full of adults squealing. Hip dodged down to avoid the frantic swarming, but from his semi-crouched position, flicked his wand at the bugs to reverse the charm. As it turned out, he should have let well enough alone and kept his attention on the furious man he’d put in time-out. Normally,petrificus totalis would have kept Valen subdued long enough to assume he’d come out of it with lowered levels of adrenaline, so Hip hadn’t even leveled a mobilicorpus at him yet when the curse broke and the rampaging rageaholic was back on his feet. Hip had a moment to make a pretty classic doubletake before the hex struck his hand, zapping his wand tip over handle out the shop door. “OW! Son of- …” Hip grasped his wand hand with his unharmed one and fought the brawler’s instinct to dive after the device promptly. This didn’t HAVE to be duke out. “ALL RIGHT, calm down!” he instructed his target with a rumble that defied his size. “I was trying to frost your ankles, blud! What on earth has you riled!?”

23:46:49 [Gloriana] At the sound of Noriko’s voice, Glori’s crying ceased almost immediately. She sniffed back what was left and removed all traces of her emotional breakdown. “Yeah,“ she replied, voice breaking ever-so-slightly as she stepped out of the alcove with Noriko and looked up and down Diagon Alley. Where would they go now? People poured out of Liliput’s and into the streets along with a smattering of bugs that managed to make it out of range of Hip‘s removal of them. Glori quickly retrieved her wand and transfigured the ugly things into harmless butterflies that went sweetly about their business (some of them flew off in the direction of London, others seemed content to mingle with the crowd). Glori’s wand found its way back into her pocket and she had a feeling something nasty was taking place in Liliput’s as they spoke. One glance back into the shop told her Hip was on his own with Valen. He could manage on his own, right? She thought so, until his wand came hurling at her. There was just enough time for her to move to catch it or dodge it entirely, and she chose the latter. It fell on the cobblestone street, only barely missing her head. Knowing Valen’s raging temper, she snatched up the wand and poised to toss it back into the fray. “Hip!“ If she’d managed to grab his attention, she followed up with, “Catch!“

23:56:11 Cyrus`Valen When he saw, to his satisfaction, that the man had been disarmed, he relaxed in the slightest bit, still unaware who or what he was dealing with…at least, until the man more or less identified himself as a random good Samaritan. Typical…someone involving themselves in business that didn’t concern them. The man before him deserved almost as much pain as they did, for that, “You’re lucky, boyo,” he spoke softly, “I could have hurt you.” And then he noticed the wand being flung back in, his face contorting with rage. His own wand shone again and he bellowed, “CONFRINGO!”, sending an explosive spell towards the wand in an attempt to destroy it before it could be reclaimed…and it missed, sailing past and colliding with a back wall of the coffee shop, tearing an enormous hole in the masonry, and the concussive force that followed managed to outright shatter and/or crack most of the windows in the place.

00:06:47 Noriko || Our hero really wouldve rather just gone through with this in a totally mature and adult fashion: whisk Gloriana away so she could calm down and not get involved in the work of Aurors. Then a wand nearly smacked into her companions head and then explosions everywhere. Okay it was only just the one explosion: still it set off Nori and her heroism gene full swing. Huang may have wanted to get a rise out of her but it was Cyrus who managed. "Did he just blast a hole in the wall? He just blasted a hole in Liliput's wall; that is just completely one hundred percent not alright." Our hero was already rushing back into the patisserie, her wand gripped firmly in hand; she was distracted for the present time from Gloriana because there was an Auror who might or mightnt have needed backup. She remembered Botts [not that they had actually met] as the stuffy man Mop called his partner. That meant she had his back any time she thought it might be necessary even if it completely wasnt! "Stand down, evildoer! You are outmatched and outnumbered!" Even now our hero [the delightful Princess Sparklefists] couldnt manage to sound angry or intimidating: she sounded more like excitable Sailor Venus.

00:23:24 Hippolytus kept his hands up to try to milk the calm he saw fighting to settle on the Irishman. “I’m sure you could have,” he said in hopes of assuaging the man’s pride a little. He broke out his best and sweetest Hufflepuff smile. “Now, let’s just-“ And then a few things happened in the span of an instant. Mop’s (girl?)friend reappeared to toss him his wand and perhaps that was what upset the older man all over again, or maybe he’d just been looking for an excuse – it had already occurred to Hip that Valen wasn’t entirely stable. How could he be? The man tossed a nasty curse at the wand that Hip, on instinct now, dove to catch. He tucked his head to avoid the debris that rained down from the point of eruption and wound up rolling to his feet and stumbling forward when he overshot his balance. “Damnit! Cyrus Valen, “ (THAT was it – funny what getting hit on the head with a few chunks of wall can do for your memory) “Put up your wand and stand down! This is ridicu-“ Ridiculous? Were you going to say ridiculous, Hip? Because now there was a tiny Asian woman posing like a superhero in the doorway. “Oh no- Alright, look! You’ve damaged property and harassed civilians! I am with the Auror’s office and I’m telling you to stop now before you get yourself convicted again…” By now he had his wand leveled at the man, primed with the next, not-so-schoolyard hex. “Please. I don’t want to do this. You need to calm down.”

00:29:21 [Gloriana] Gloriana ducked as a spell erupted from Cyrus’s wand that took out one of the walls of the shop! Glass shattered in a magnificent spray that littered the street and some of its occupants. There were screams just outside of Liliput’s and a few from the employees who hadn’t managed to make it out when the swarm of bugs exploded from the shape of a table. She looked up from the ball she’d huddled herself into to find Noriko chasing in after Hip to assist. “No! Noriko wait!“ She started for her, fought with herself for a half-second, and continued in after Noriko. She caught the girl by the arm, “C’mon.“ Her eyes lifted to Cyrus, a conflicting range of emotion washing over her. Glori leaned in to Noriko’s ear, “This guy’s dangerous, let Hip deal with it.“ She was asking — no, pleading with — Noriko to leave them be. “Please,“ she begged, turning her gaze back to the bubbly little Asian girl.

00:43:19 Cyrus`Valen He was calming down again…slowly tilting his wand to the floor. This was becoming a farce rapidly, what with the apparent superhero wannabe bursting onto the scene. Had he not been in such a rage, he’d have found the “evildoer” term amusing. As it was, he was merely perplexed. Couldn’t they see he wasn’t the evil one here? And then Boulstridge appeared again, and yet some semblance of self control was remaining. His wand raised…twirled, and the damage he’d done to the coffee shop was restored before he lowered it again, “Don’t see any damage here, Auror. Perhaps next time you shouldn’t draw your wand on a disabled, unarmed citizen…much less without announcing your position,” he spat. His wand still aimed to the floor, he tilted his head…and then, thick black smoke belched from the wand in vast quantities, clogging the interior of the shop, giving him the chance he needed to flee through the kitchen and out of the back door.

00:56:58 Noriko || Our hero wasnt going to abandon an Auror in need so easily despite Gloriana's pleading; no. A hero couldnt stand down just because there was danger. If heroes had that attitude the war wouldve been lost and everything would be terrible forever full of ruination and horribleness. That was wordy. Nori shook her head at Gloriana and her pleading; she kept her beautiful silver lime wand leveled upon Cyrus. She was however very happy when cooler heads prevailed then very unhappy when Cyrus blasted smoke all over everything. Dick move! "Your Aurorness, should I help pursue him?" Our hero followed the question with a well-timed bubble-head charm because she liked breathing fresh-air more than she liked breathing smoke. Hip was the expert in these matters and she wasnt going to pursue without his go-ahead. At least she wouldnt pursue if he explicitly told her not to anyway. She did have to worry about Gloriana after all; that was her primary mission today. ||

01:10:48 [Hippolytus] Once he recalled the name, the rest of the file came with it and his last plea was in earnest. The man was under surveillance – he’d BEEN to Azkaban after all and no one seemed to care if he’d been relieved of his sentence. If he was innocent (and if anyone was pulled OUT of Azkaban, most people were damn sure they were), the last thing Hip wanted to see was the horrible experience drive him back there. Granted, nothing Cyrus had done today remotely merited a trip back there, but the unbridled anger in the tall Irishman worried him. It was a deliberate and patient judgment to let him go – and one maybe some of his superiors might not have made. He’d be left to deliberate on that as he watched the man flee as if he were already convinced in that scrambled brain that he was running from Dementors. Hip lifted a hand to rub his eyes with a sigh. He’d have to call the incident in. Valen had a shadow already and they needed to be notified of his temperament. After doing so, Hip returned his attention to Noriko. Now… this. “What? No! That was a minor misdemeanor at best!” And one that he notably let slide simply because he wanted to give an ex-con a change at maintaining that “ex”. “Look, everything is put back to sorts and if he continues causing trouble, he’ll spend a night in the cooler… Er…” His smile flickered tentatively back into existence, “But thhhaaank you…”

01:16:35 [Gloriana] She lifted her wand at the black smoke and, with a whirl of her wrist, sent it out of the shop in a few short seconds. Noriko made the stupid remark of going after him and she jumped in. “No, you don’t go after him! You don’t know him. He’s a monster,“ she interjected. Obviously just because he hadn’t been convicted didn’t mean he was innocent in Glori’s eyes. Either way, he’d destroyed their family from within. She glanced over at Hip, arms now folded across her middle, “But… you’ll keep a close watch on him?“ She’d seen the murderous look in his eye when he hadn’t allowed distraction to muddle his intent. Glori was suddenly cold and tightening her grip around her torso. Clearly she was distressed about Cyrus’s return.

01:28:08 Noriko || Our hero [the courageous Princess Sparklefists] saluted sharply and spun her wand; she would have slipped it into her holster and looked totally badass but instead she missed by the slightest of margins and her wand went clattering to the floor. Noriko didnt seem put off though, she knelt down and gathered her wand back up: "Should you ever need the aid of a citizen hero, your Aurorness, you have my wand! If you see Mop tell him I expect really exceptional flowers after he ran out on me like that." She backed her way back into the doorway. "Glori, can I call you Glori? I apologize. This hasnt been my best apology ever: I promise they dont usually involve brawls in the patisserie. Are you alright?" ||

01:36:28 Hippolytus opened and closed his mouth once, then couldn’t help but smile again. “Of course… but I… I think we’ve got this one.” When the young lady went on to mention Mop, the Auror’s eyebrows rose a little. Mop sure was the central hub of a sizable group, wasn’t he? “I ah… I’ll mention that you mentioned it,” he replied, polite as can be. Holstering his wand properly, he turned a pensive brown gaze to Gloriana. He still wasn’t entirely sure what to make of her, but she certainly looked upset. Her bubbly friend seemed to be sweeping in to comfort her, so he simply offered the best reassurance he had… which probably wasn’t all THAT reassuring. “I’m sorry. But he’s only a person of interest. No one at the Ministry is going to violate his privacy because of a public temper tantrum. This was barely official today.” Or not really at all. He wasn’t one of the wizards in charge of trailing people of interest. He’d simply tried to end a public squabble.

01:45:32 [Gloriana] About half of Noriko’s pledge to Hip was disregarded with deep thought, but a name sprung her loose from her mental binding. Mop. She popped her head up and stared at her bubbly companion. Flowers? Ran out on her? There was a part of her that felt… cheated, betrayed even. Mop hadn’t told her he went on a date with this Noriko girl. Why? Why do you care? The question slipped into the forefront of her thoughts before she could distract herself again. “Hm? Oh uhh… yeah, sure,“ Glori replied, only paying Noriko half (or less than that) the attention she deserved. The truth was, she wasn’t alright. What with Kaust unearthing some of Glori’s post-traumatic stress from the Battle at Hogwarts (Redux); Cyrus exhuming more of her personal demons than she’d like to admit to; and now Mop’s dating someone and not even telling her, it was a wonder Glori wasn’t headed home to shut herself up for the rest of the day… or the millennium. And now, Hip dashed any hope of legal protection

01:45:35 [Gloriana] She thought of Mop again. She hated that they’d fought this morning; that he wasn’t here to defend her, to console her. Her arms wrapped tighter, still around her body until she was practically bent like a pretzel. “Right,“ was her only reply. Right… Her head lifted and she swallowed hard, “I… it…“ -what?- “I’ll see you all later.“ And she made her way out of Liliput’s. Wand-in-hand, she conjured the familiar silver image of a fox, whispered something to it, and sent it off to find Merry. Wherever it found him, all it said was: “I need you,“ in Gloriana’s desperate voice and made to lead him if he so chose to follow. She was suddenly gone from the front of Liliput’s and tucked away in an empty shop in Knockturn Alley with high hopes that her dearest friend would soon return to her and comfort away all the pain like he so often did (in one fashion or another).

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