April 14th, 2098

15:27:42 Huang ∅ Fuck this. Fuck that. Fuck London. Fuck Britain. He is cool and does not give a shiiiitttt~. Though with people staring at him, Huang might have said that out loud. Again, see: He is cool and does not give a shiiiiiit. The door to a random door slammed open, and uncaring of what it was, as he was simply burning time. He had to meet somebody when they were done with their workbecause somebody had to be a responsible adult and completely forget when the fuck a favorite cousin was arriving from Russia. Get it together, Huian. Fucking Christ on a carrot. Unfortunately, said shop was Kindlebird’s, and the man, tall and…colorful…with the zebra print hoodie, the lime green and black tank top, the tight pants and graphic sneakers, and the hair. The hair…shaved on the sides, front braided and white, rest of it in a ponytail and streaked with pink and purple…the man looked like a…well…a rock star. Now, where the fuck…”You sell charms and shit, right?” Well, that was a start. ∅

15:38:38 [Xia] The door banged open, and Kindlebird looked up while Xia finished tidying the store. Compared to Huang, her violent colors were almost tame. Well. Sort of. Her hair was electric blue today, which actually paired okay with the sunset orange of the shop's uniform. "Yep." She chirped, making her way back toward the counter while Kindlebird bobbed his head dutifully. If the man was looking for charms, then Xia was going to get to deal with him. "Are you looking for something specific?" She asked, eyebrows rising with her question as she leaned against the counter and studied Huang. He looked a little familiar. Maybe a familial resemblance? She doubted it, but then again…well…maybe? She shook her head slightly to clear it and waited instead, rocking back and forth from heel to toe.

15:48:50 Huang ∅ Light brown eyes were studying Xia, and e strode in, getting uncomfortably close before moving to pluck a loc of her hair quickly. “Bitchin’ ass color. Anyway.” Still uncomfortably close. He didn’t care to be moving back anytime soon. “Shit, I need something of everything. I’m fucking shit in charms. Got other shit I need too.” A list was pulled out of his pocket, before he glanced at it and threw the paper in the nearest bin. “Okay little funny sounding lady haggis, you got color changing shit and cleaning…shit, right? There’s this cat and the fucking fur gets everywhere. Got an app for that? I bet you do. You look appy and charmful.” He…talked a lot. And fast, and swore…a lot. And his tone was cheery the entire time, though. His hand waved around Xia though, vaguely. “And this. You got a charm for this? “ ∅

15:55:02 [Xia] In general, Xia wasn't overly concerned about personal space or silly things like boundaries. Except when unknown men came swooping into them and touching her hair…and called her funny sounding lady haggis. Who called a Scot "Lady Haggis". This dude, apparently. She briefly imagined setting his head on fire, though her smile never wavered as she regarded him. "Yes. Yes. We have all of that. And I am in charge of putting charms of most of this stuff, so…" She trailed off, arched an eyebrow as he waved around her in a vague manner. "A charm for what?" She asked, tilting her head and casually sliding out from between him and the counter. She moved to the wall of color change charms, which were connected to a variety of jewelry and other items…"Gotta have specifics so I don't sell you the wrong thing, after all." He was weird. Abrasive and yet oddly likable in that, "this guy is confident but he's such a dick" kind of way.

16:05:46 Huang ∅ “Well if I fucking knew the adjective I wouldn’t have just…” Another vague gesture. Only more pointed. Pointedly vague. He even rolled his eyes, all eyeshaowed out with pink today. Magenta. Mental. Magental. “I need some color changing charms on a comb, for fucking starters. And a giftwrapping shit. By hand or wand, if I do it, it’ll look like a Christ fucking boggart got in there. But a bitchin’ comb. Or some fucking nice pins. Glittery shit. Bitches love glittery shit. Don’t they love glittery shit?” Rhetorical question. And somewhere along the line, he’d leaned on the counter, tapping painted nails on the surface, head tilting up slightly, tattoos on his neck moving and changing color. (That had cost him a pretty penny, getting color changing ink. Completely worth it.) “You’re a cute bitch, Lady Haggis. Anyway, that…oh shit, that comb. That comb up there. The green and flowers. You like it?” That seemed to be an honest question. Not to get it, but if she liked the enamel comb painted with white flowers. ∅
16:36:09 [Xia] Her eyebrows rose, she watched him, not sure how to reply to that. But she just shrugged it off and fought the urge to laugh as he asked what kind of things girls liked. Glittery things or a comb or pins. She fought the urge to laugh even harder, thinking about who was going to be on the receiving end of all of this pretty color-changing stuff. When he complimented her and called her a "cute bitch" she was a little unsure of how to reply. Was it a compliment or a veiled insult? Probably both. "Thanks. I just prefer being called cute, though." She smiled and then turned her attention to what he was pointing at. "Yes. I like the comb." She said, using a thin metal pole to lift it off the top rack and bring it down to her hands. She set it on the counter, admiring it for a moment. "It's nice. One of my favorite pieces."

16:46:02 [Dempsey] [Most of her day had so far been spent taking endless pictures of the crowds, of excited looking people, of the numerous buskers vying for change from the masses. One of these would almost certainly find it's way into the next Daily Prophet, and possibly some other publications, likely with the headline 'Excitement over Conclave Reaches Fever Pitch!' or some such nonsense. Mags didn't bother herself with what they printed in the papers, just as long as they kept buying her pictures to put alongside them. But now she had more pressing business to attend to; the present. It was her father's birthday in a week and she had been putting off his gift for ages. Well, no time like the present, maybe she would find him something interesting while she was here. With much more gentle ring than the man before her, Bridget pushed the door open softly and stepped inside, her pupils dilating as they adjusted to the inside light. Her hair was a mishmash of colors today, longer in the front with purple and red, fading to blue along the middle, and cut short in the back where it finally became green. She was wearing an unzipped white and pink polkadotted sweatshirt with a bunny's head on the breast, with a grey tank top underneath. A pair of black, extremely short shorts with bright red tights underneath followed down to her black runners. All in all, she was an eclectic looking character with nothing that even hinted at normality. Except for the SLR camera hung around her neck and resting just below her bust, finally getting a break from a long day of work. Bright blue eyes turned to Xia and offered a smile as greeting before landing on the other customer inside the shop. Her eyes widened a bit as she realised that the two most exuberantly dressed people were probably both now in this little shop. She took a meandering path towards the counter where the two of them were speaking, glancing about at the different charmed items and goods with little focus. Her true goal was to 'sneak' up to Huang, which would be accomplished within a few seconds in the small shop. Finally finding herself just beside him, her eyes staring unabashedly at his face with a strange sort of glow in them. When she spoke, it was in a true Irish brogue, made thicker by her apparent happiness.] "Good Lord, you're a gorgeous one, aren't cha?"

16:56:15 Huang ∅ “Bitchin’. You got any-fucking-thing else that matches? You think you can charm it for a two way? A color change one way, a reverse another? Is that even fucking possible? Make it possible. She’ll fucking kill me dead if it’s permanent. And pick out what you’d like. I think I’ll fucking trust you with the classy ass shit there. Got that? I’m fucking trusting my life to you, fairy wench.” He’d even leaned over to make his point, lips curled into a scowl he couldn’t hold for long, before a grin was flashed and he brushed a thin white braid from his eyes. Sneaking up? Not a fucking chance, but he did look over this colorful pigeon with a sort of interest one finds with an artist looking at colors. He liked her hair. He liked her style. He fucking hated when she opened her mouth and ruined the fucking awesome package of rainbow gummi bear vomit. Huang’s eyebrows furrowed and his eyes slid up and down, before he sneered in her direction. “ Poshel na khuy , ty irlandskiy garpiyu. Fucking out of my bubble.” His hand had moved, pressing against Dempsey’s forehead and shoving lightly as he spoke. ∅

17:12:41 [Porthman] The first night in the new place was strange. Mop hadn’t realized how absolutely accustomed he’d become to the midnight sounds of his London flat and the midnight city. Sleep was barely there and times of restless tension were broken up with half-productive work on renovations. He was ultimately able to pass out under a heap of blankets in a cozy little chair with Bobby piled on top of him. Equally productive was he during the few hours he worked this morning. Too restless to go home and nap and too tired to bother with moving, Mop very politely figured he would save a very diligent little Puffin from delivering a few of his warmer invitations by taking a personal touch with friends he cared enough to take it with. To that end, Meredith was back on Diagon Alley – and more importantly, on the stoop to Kindlebird’s – to deliver Xia’s invitation (if things went well, perhaps a few others). The auror was, however, met with a very strange scene upon entering the establishment that suddenly felt very cramped with individuals he immediately took to examining.

17:15:33 [Iwamura] WELL then. Kindlebird's was rather full of people today, wasn't it? One Izuyo Iwamura stopped in the doorway for long enough to tilt his head all the way to the side inquisitively. Not just lots of people, lots of people he literally could not have been less interested in talking to. Here, of course, was why Xia could sell things to people and he couldn't - tolerance for the sort of people she had to deal with. He didn't really announce his presence as he slipped in, he saw no reason to draw attention to himself. Everyone else here was doing a rather fine job of drawing attention to themselves already. He drifted straight past the counter as though he belonged, giving a half-wave to Xia as he passed, and a murmur of, "Patience of a saint. You know that?" And then he made to disappea- wait, was that Mop? Yes, of course it was, but Izzy pointedly stayed on his original course and disappeared into the mythical back of the shop. Sometimes Kindlebird didn't like him back there, other times it wasn't an issue, and it really just depended on Robert's mood of the day, which Izzy was more than willing to test right now. Particularly on account of he had a favor to ask, and it wasn't the sort of thing one asked in public where just anyone could see. Also, there might've been an appointment made. Izzy tended to do things all officially and shit, on account of his professional status and all.

17:21:40 Huian ◙ Oh, she was late! She was very late! It would have been an important date…but not really! Her eyes were on her compact, which was open and chiming her in the right direction…though it wasn’t very accurate as far as letting her go too far to the left or the right or wrong shop, the one closer….warmer…bah! It was snapped shut and ticked into her pocket, before she looked up and moved into the shop right after Izzy and Mop. Literally, she ran into Mop. Full into his back, and Missed Izzy by a few seconds. The sound that left her was comical, and rather akin to a squeak of indignation and sheepishness, with a bit of surprise in there. It also sort of sounded like ‘Ablaghaeek.’ Which was very graceful! A very graceful sound for the woman rubbing her nose. ◙

17:22:52 [Xia] There were so many people in the shop, and Xia was not sure how she felt about it…and especially not about how she felt toward the man doing his shopping. Yep. Things were decidedly uncomfortable right now, but her attention turned to the comb, and then swept around the shop. "Yes. It's possible. I can do that with no problem." She said, managing a smile. Even as Huang's attention turned to the woman who'd just entered the shop, whom Xia gave a smile and a nod to when they briefly met one another's gaze. She moved about, collecting some items that went well with the comb, and that Xia herself thought were cute. She made sure the charms were to Huang's needs, and only glanced up when Izzy drifted in and passed her by. She grinned at his comment, as did Robert, who glanced at the familiar face. An eyebrow rose, and he moved to join Izzy in the back for a moment. The claustrophobic feel of so many people in the shop was getting to him as well, it seemed. Xia's attention moved back to Huang and Dempsey…only to have her gaze pulled toward Mop. She grinned and lifted a hand to greet him, only to blink a few times when she realized someone was behind Mop, too. Good lord there were a lot of people.

17:44:53 Huang ∅ Style. “It’s because the fucking U-fucking –K is a cesspool of stylistic failure and it’s where fabulous went to die.” of course he said it like it was the god damned fucking truth, because it was, and he was eyeing her camera like he was going to smash it if it so much as flashed his general way. He hated pictures. Honestly, if a thing could melt from a look, it would have. And then he promptly turned and ignored the fuck out of her (After sticking out his own tongue in return. Not pierced exactly, but a small gauge near the tip. Style indeed.) to stare at the shit the little lady fairy haggis picked out, slipping a hand to clasp the gold pocketwatch and stare at it, back up to blink languidly at the man who passed behind the counter, and turning his head to see who entered the shop. She was fucking late. “So what’s the fucking color, fairy bitch? Do you have a godamn clue or is it a surprise? Is it a comb in or a stick in?” Hah. Stick it in. ∅

17:31:35 [Dempsey] [If she was offended, she gave no sign of it, allowing herself to be pushed and landing on her heels a step further from him, a wicked sort of smile still playing on her lips, which were painted lightly with silver in the middle and a light violet on either side. She continued gazing at him for just a moment, finally deciding to stick out her pierced tongue at him before raising her hands in apparent surrender.] "I gotcha, personal space and all that." [Truthfully she tended to forget people didn't like it when you strode into their 'personal bubble', and even few people liked it when you took pictures of them with no warning, either, but she managed to hold off on that impulse.] "S'just not often ya' see a kid wit' such style in England, ya' know?" [She couldn't remember where she had seen a similar style, but she was pretty sure it was in one of the muggle history books she had read. Either way, people like him were few and far between in England, even fewer in Magical England which was still the most prudish society in the world. Speaking of personal space, good God y'all. The door opened several more times and people seemed to stream in, filling the small shop with bustling bodies and giving Bridget an acute case of the "I gotta get the fuck out of here"s. Casting one last glance at Huang, sorely tempted to ask him how he got his hair so fabulous, she pushed her way clear out of the shop. Breathing rather heavily, she forced her way past Mop, sliding out of Izzy's way, and nearly losing her camera as it caught against Huian's shoulder before sliding out the door. Once outside, she cleared herself of the door, still breathing hard, and pressed her back against the shop window, one hand resting on the camera hanging from her neck.]

18:05:28 Porthman took note of faces, of body language, and several other details – but especially the god-awful heads of hair on the two strangers. He broke off from them in time to see Izzy’s back vanishing to the netherworld. Likewise, he catches Xia’s greeting – to which he tries to return before he’s hit by a two-for of Huian from behind (who he hasn’t the pleasure of recognizing by the imprint her face leaves on his tender-again back) and the vibrantly-colored photographer from a side-swipe. His reaction is a brief buckle and a cuss that slips out and sounds a bit like “fuckssake.” Once Meredith has himself sorted, he turns to the person behind him to make sure they’re sorted out. When he realizes that he recognizes the woman – and she looks all in one piece – he grins instead of worries. “It appears out Fusion Dance failed.” Then, Mop follows up with a somewhat-more-tender: “alright?” The distraction has kept him from his other bullet points: Xia, Izzy, and the freak-haired cretin who had a face Meredith swore was familiar – and he’d soon place it.

18:14:57 [Iwamura] Out of sight and out of range of having to deal with the unfortunately bright and shiny and uncultured people out on the sales floor. He smiled slightly to Xia as she drifted back to join them, offering a folded sheet of paper stamped in wax with the Kijushou seal to Robert. "This is the particular request, Mr. Kindlebird. I'd like it delivered to Sakako Mitsuda as soon as possible. She's - well. You know where to find her." He had a bit of a sly look about him as he said that, though it passed just as quickly as he turned his attention towards Xia again. "Xia! Are you free? I noticed you were tangled up with some sort of… mutant cockatoo person. I didn't want to disrupt that obviously fascinating experience for you." Izzy flashed a grin, then rolled his shoulder. There was still a lot of work he technically needed to attend to today, but he was pretty sure it could wait until later on. Sakako was pleasantly distracted from his comings and goings, which afforded him a degree of freedom he hadn't experienced since signing on with Kijushou nearly two years past. "I think I saw Mop out front too. We could ensnare him for debauchery and chocolate."

18:22:46 Huian ◙ It was decidedly crowded. A bit. A lot, really. So much that she was bumped and snagged into by a camera, and she smiled sheepishly, apologizing swiftly to the colorful woman. (Oh, she missed when her hair was flaming red some times. Other times, it made her look like a tomato when she blushed.) Of course, that only left the person in front of her, when she looked up, and that happened to be Mopsie. Mopsie. “Whoops. I’m still working on my phasing through matter stages in life.” Translation? Perfectly fine. She did hope she didn’t hurt him though, maybe her toes on the back of his heels or something. So much color and noise, and she blinked, looking around him and smiling to Xia, and locking her eyes on the colorful man, a devious smile on her face that faded quickly. He hadn’t noticed her, but she realized, once, exactly who was in the shop. Three good friends (Yes, we hear you Izzy.) and a cousin. Best. Day. Ever. ◙

18:43:20 [Xia] "The colors are wearer's choice. All you have to do is touch wand to item and state the color. To prevent color change, just tap wand to item and say "natural". If there's a problem, we can fix it." To demonstrate, she picked up a pin and tapped it, stating "purple" clearly. When the pin touched her hair, it changed color. She did the same except with the word "natural" and her hair became reddish-brown. When she took it off, back it went to electric blue. She grabbed Robert and made him wrap and tie everything up for Huang, and rang the man up for the total price. She watched as people left and moved about, and also briefly watched Huian, a smile on her lips. She glanced from Huang to Huian, suddenly seeing the similarities. She tilted her head to one side, but didn't quite no what to say, so she let Huian sneak up on Huang. Robert took the order from Izzy with a nod. "I'll get right on it." He promised. He stepped back out front and deftly took over the transaction with Huang by telling her she was needed in the back. She meandered over to Izzy and smiled, exhaling with relief. "Huian is out front, too. She looks similar to the man I was helping. But yes. We should see Mop. And people…and things. I thought you would be working. The Conclave so close and all! And the old man is letting me off work shortly."

18:57:05 Huang ∅ Simple enough, but there was a look on his face that showed intense distrust of charms…”Sweet.” Of course he would take it, take it wrapped up and pay the hefty price. And damn, was it fucking hefty. “I am cool and I do not give a shiiiit.” Of course. Of course he would say that. Because he was cool and did not give a shiiit. Of course, he slid an extra couple sickles on the counter. “For the fairy bitch. She didn’t fucking set me on fire.” He was a foul mouthed asshole, but he had been as polite as he gets to people over a counter. He liked to give them extra for dealing with his attitude. Anybody who could do it with a smile was worth a bit more. And this shop was small as fuck…wait…wait he heard that, leaning over the counter and yelling at the back. “You’re just fucking stagnant, you dirty limey!” Woah. That got stares from the few people besides them that weren’t in the shop. Did Huang care? Apparently fucking not, because he was laughing…laughing all the way up to the girlish shriek the moment Huian snuck up on him. (Presumably by poking his sides.) ∅

19:16:42 [Porthman] Just as quickly as Meredith knew why he recognized Huang, he started to loathe the man’s presence. Mop tried to reason that he really had no right to be so offended by Huang’s abrasive presence – but before he slipped into a steady slope to a death-glare, Huian saved the day. Wait—what? Meredith was an unusual fly on the wall for the moment while he observed Huian and Huang’s familiarity. Once the space to the counter was relatively clear, Porthman slipped in to draw two tiny envelopes from the inside breast pocket of his jacket to hand over to the man behind the counter – Mr. Kindlebird – with a polite smile. “I don’t want to be a bother, but is Xia about?” He knew the answer to that question – and, of course, was fairly (99%) certain there was an Izzy behind the curtain as well. “These are for her.” Mop intended to hand the little things off to the proprietor and be done with it so he could address the matter budding nearby: Huian and Huang’s relationship.

19:27:14 [Iwamura] "I probably should be working, but I decided there are more pressing concerns for me to pay attention to. Things like talking to people whose company doesn't instill in me a desire to commit unspeakable crimes." Not that Izzy ever would've done something like that. Mischief was part and parcel to his history, malice was… probably beyond his ken. If ever there was a wizard in a white hat, it was probably Iwamura. "Anyway, technically this is work. I'm consulting with local businesses regarding their needs for the Conclave, their concerns about security, and their specific experiences with the delegations. I heard the Giant delegation will be arriving later today, so I figured I'd do my surveying before the inevitable complaints start." Pause. "I don't think the Giants are actually going to start anything. But I imagine the accusations will start flying within ten minutes of the first one stepping foot outside Knockturn. Something about… ah. Very old biases."

19:31:39 Huian ◙ Oh. She was laughing. Small giggles hat turned in to deep belly laughs, an maybe a snort or too because she couldn’t breathe. She never got to do that, and Huang never shrieked! It was too good. Of course, she could expect to be cursed out, she could probably expect to be shoved, but it didn’t stop her laughter, just slowed it down before she hugged the taller man and pulled on a braid sharply, before blinking and leaning over at Mop. “Mopsie, this is, as you probably know, Huang Zolnerowich.” Well, of course Mop would know, he was a Quidditch fanboy, but Huian hated the sport, so how would she know the players? Of a Russian team no less? Easy. Her smile was small, and she pulled back, brushing her hair behind her ear. (They did have similar features.) “He’s my cousin. He’s also an asshole. Don’t take it personally.” Please. “What are you doing here, anyway, Mopsie?” ◙

19:47:53 [Xia] "Working is silly. We should just go and do things and have fun. And not worry about it." She said it with the kind of conviction that implied she was -totally serious-. Of course she was. Xia generally felt Izzy going into Kijushou was silly anyway, so it wasn't surprising that she encouraged him to blow off his duties. "Consulting sounds boring. How many shops have you done?" She tilted her head, then pulled off her work uniform to reveal the bright purple and gray raglan she wore underneath, paired with an electric blue belt and jeans…over bright purple tennis shoes, of course. "Giants aren't very appreciated by the magical community. I mean. I don't blame them, considering how often they've destroyed things and murdered people, but I think we could stand to make some friends." She was musing over this, tapping her fingertips against her hip. "Okay. I'm ready to go. ROBERT! I'm clocking out!" An inaudible reply came from Kindlebird, and Xia grinned at Izzy. Ready to go.

19:52:20 Huang ∅ “You’re a fucking cunt.” This was practically snarled at the laughing woman, until his hand roughly pushed against her face to stumble her back, and grabbing his purchases. “Fuck you, no fucking shit for you, you little cunt.” And it was held over his head as the woman hugged him, looking decidedly displeased and practically on the edge of biting her head off, but considering who it was, it was mostly an act. Recovering lost pride. Losing face. Losing it, especially as a braid was pulled, and he gave a long, drawn out, suffering sigh before leaning over a bit and smooching her quickly on the forehead, only to glare as if Mop personally offended him when introduced. “You’re a fucking woolstuffer, aren’t you?” He’d heard Mop speak, and hated the accent. Actually, he hated most things and people on this fucking island, and it showed, eyes scanning the man up and down, before licking his lips slowly, as if savoring his next words, the tongue gauge peeking. “Where’s your girlfriend? Getting sheared? I bet she’s baa-d in bed, I can make a mint, so fucking tell me, right?” Of course he was going to be absolutely a fucktard. ∅

20:15:50 Porthman looked apprehensive to greet Huang at first – not his usual sort of excitement. Never-the-less, he really did try to extend a polite hand in good faith to Huian’s dear cousin. A cordially neutral and equally guarded “pleasure, I’m sure.” He just couldn’t. Not after the shred of conversation he’d walked in on and the further insult to Huian’s upstanding character. If Huang was trying to be abrasive, it was working—yet, he couldn’t imagine there was much in the way of social grace beneath the act (if, in fact, it was one). While Huang was busy jollying himself at Meredith’s expense, Meredith was busy thinking of all the ways he could silence the peacock. Maybe it was evident in his increasingly predatory stare: a green-eyed cat watching a floundering mouse that was begging to be put out of its misery. He was pretty confident he could outdraw the guy in a duel (based purely on speculation of personality) and curse, charm, or transfigure the fuckwit until he had only half a braincell to function with. Even that seemed like too much effort to waste on this guy. No, Meredith would go the good, old fashioned route for this one: a well-placed fist jabbed at the blithe’s nose would do the trick. He certainly wouldn’t be able to toss any more irresponsible words around and maybe – just maybe – Mop could put the fear of God in him. It’s probably for the better that Meredith keeps his a superficial calm when he finally responds, breaking from his thoughtful voyage. He took a departure from his staring contest to briefly observe Huian, but Mop’s deadly intent was back on Huang before a blink. “Huh,” The auror lets his hand, which had been poised to launch a greeting (and maybe a fist) in Huang’s direction, finally relax. “Hilarious.” His dead tone let it be known just how hilarious he thought Huang’s self-jerk was. “I don’t think you’d kiss your mother that way. Why don’t show a little respect to your cousin.”

20:28:58 [Iwamura] Izzy shrugged noncommittally. "I've done exactly as many shops as I feel an obligation to right now." Absolutely true, Xia hadn't been all that… ah… thrilled when Izzy had accepted Kijushou's fifteenth overture of invitation. He'd been worn down by process of constant inquiry and eventual exhaustion. There was an expectation that came with his name (the Iwamura house had a long history of service to Kijushou) and an expectation that came with his ancestry (on the Kojima side), and Izzy always had been a little afraid of disappointing people. His mother particularly… "Sakako's neatly indisposed for the next two days. Nobody in the division seems to miss her. I think we're more productive with her distracted somewhere else…" He wrinkled his nose and shrugged. Suppose it was back out into the wild green yonder, now… "Right, collect a Mop and a Mulan and go find an adventure. Where are we adventuring today?"

20:32:51 Huian ◙ Her expression was slowly growing more and more horrified, but in the way a party you throw gorws horrified. Obviously, she didn’t seem to mind the jabs to her character…that didn’t faze her…Huang had been vulgar and swore and called anybody rude things since he turned eleven and went to Durmstrang. The only difference was, now he could do it in a multitude of languages. Her eyes slid to mop though, watching him at the comment about the sheep, and that’s when she paled. Still smiled, but paled under her blush of embarrassment. It looked like she was going to be sick. So…her favorite cousin insulting her friends, fun. Then tension was palpable…people were clearing out, and she could literally feel the anger. And she felt the need to break the anger after Mop’s…flatness. She wouldn’t have been surprised if a wand or a fist had flown…it wouldn’t have been the first time, it wouldn’t be the last. “So…Mopsie!” See, she could still be cheerful, moving over to him and patting down the front of of his jacket. “I saw fancy paper~. Is there one for me~? With my name all fancy on it?” ◙
20:41:10 [Xia] They left the back room, and Xia took the invitations that Robert had collected from Mop. She looked at them, smiled and opened one up. She held it out to Izzy for him to see, clearly impressed that Mop had gone to so much effort for their reunion party thing. She was okay with that, though. Not to mention the personal invites were a nice touch. "Uuuummm. Let us adventure somewhere with fewer people." because Diagon Alley was still packed with visiting witches and wizards and the like. And Xia had pretty well had enough of people. She hooked an arm through Izzy's and leaned against him a bit, humming as she led the way outside and into the street…and promptly looked around for Huian and Mop. It didn't take overly long to find them, and Xia's eyes widened a little at the scene taking place. "Ah…"

21:01:17 Huang ∅ Score. The man wanted to hit him. His cousin was looking like she wanted to die. Objective complete, offend everybody. The glare was met, green predatory cat eyes meeting the eyes of a fox smug in his taunts, or a blue jay about to call a mob to over swarm a squirrel or something. He looked far too smug in what he was saying, because he was saying it on purpose, just to see how much of a rise could be had, how much this guy could take. Huang liked to know. He lived to know limits of other people. And he was pushing this man’s. Too bad the guy had so much self-control. Hands rose, and he held the package behind his head, stretching lazily. He is cool and does not give a shiiiit. “Why the fuck would I fucking do that? You’re a straight English prick, got it stuck so far up your ass you can’t fucking shit right.” A hand reached out, tugged on Huian’s hair sharply, before turning to leave, and taking a couple strides out. “I’m fucking breaking into your apartment and murdering that pussy of yours. The one that goes meow, you godless bitch.” Why the hell was he so cheery? ∅

21:32:30 [Porthman] Meredith exhaled an insurmountable weight from his lungs when Huian made contact with his jacket. He wasn’t eager – but thankful for – the pleasant distraction. It wasn’t enough of one to leave Huang to his own devices: Mop kept the bleater in his peripheral (an important detail for later). Mop caught Huian’s smaller hand in his during the inquisitive patting long enough for him to jest as he did his best to pretend to ignore Huang: “oh, well, I wasn’t planning on seeing you on my outing! But… I suppose…” The start of motion beyond his friend caught Meredith’s eye right around the same time Huang made the mistake of calling him ‘English’. Poor Huian wouldn’t know what hit her when he used his hold on her hand to deftly remove her from Huang’s course. Unfortunately for the tutor, Meredith had no time for grace. The auror’s free hand launched over the other as it recoiled from its previous engagement to grapple Huang’s outstretched wrist. It should have been easy enough, if his strike was true to its purpose, to use surprise and momentum in his favor and keep Huang moving forward – right into a returning fist, repurposed for a special assault on the Keeper’s nose (but more importantly, his ego). Success would see a follow up before the lightning strike was finished: a low, sharp kick to Huang’s shin, ending in a meaningful stomp on his foot in hopes of sending him straight to the floor—do not pass Go.

21:41:16 Huian ◙ This was going to be very bad. She felt it before it happened. Of course it would be very bad. You didn’t let Huang out in public, but he was an adult and his own supervision. That was a bad idea. Who let him become an adult? And why did he have to test her friends? Was he waiting for a wand and a reason to test out a new curse? (Oh please god she hoped not. His curses were nasty as fuck.) But so far, all she was doing (By turning her back on her cousin), was trying to distract Mop so she could murder Huang quietly in her apartment and have no witnesses. She was smiling brightly, almost pleadingly at Mop as he caught her hand, and was relieved (Silly.) at the conversation shift. And that’s probably where it went to hell. Flung to the side roughly, elbow cracking on the counter (It hurt like a bitch but she could move it), this…this was…ugh. ◙

21:57:23 Huang ∅ Well, somewhere he had pressed the magic button. Oddly, there was a manic grin on his face the moment Mop moved yanking the woman out of the way and reaching for the wrist. Honestly, he could have reacted faster (But he knew he deserved at least one good hit.) but still. ’I win, motherfucker.’ He’d goaded to violence. That was the epitome of winning in his eyes. (His sight was a bit fucked up in that regard…) And the fist slammed onto his face (Which he had turned just a bit to slightly avoid a completely broken nose). Blood spurted, and eyes watered, shin kicked and foot stomped…he didn’t fall though, stumbled and winced and favored his leg, but didn’t fall…in fact, his hand had twisted to grab Mop’s wrist, and somewhere, he had started laughing. “Fucking bitchin’ ass land.” Good punch. ∅

22:06:26 [Porthman] Despite all of the thoughts and plans that raced through Meredith’s head as he took up arms, one factor was unaccounted for: the proprietor. To the over-calculating Porthman, this was a deep wound – a sign that, despite what he thought he was doing, he was acting on the wrong emotion: an unforgivable sin. The realization, Kindlebird’s warnings (threats), and Meredith’s deflated mood had him twisting his wrist in an attempt to snake away from the maniacal Keeper and concede to Kindlebird’s ‘request’ that they remove themselves from the property (lest blasting ensue). Muted, without ceremony, and without apology – sans for the ones he impressed upon Xia’s employer. As long as he was successful in his retreat, Meredith would adjust his jacket and leave through the door.

22:14:50 Huian ◙ Oh fuck. She was rubbing her elbow, watching…and as soon as it happened, it ended. Huang got hit, and it looked like that was what he wanted, if the laughing was any indication. Her eyes flicked to and fro, and without further preamble, because she sent a horrid death glare to her cousin as she slid by him. He had let go, and gathered his things to turn and dissapparate out of the store. She was livid at him, this was worse than when he shaved off all her head. “Mop!” Outside, and catching up, once again, probably stepping on the back of his shoe. It really was an accident. “I can’t fuse with you if you’re walking away!” Um…well, that was a weird statement, but hopefully, it worked. ◙

22:23:07 [Dempsey] [Finally Bridget reenters the scene as Mop exits the fine establishment she'd been half peeking into. Luckily her reaction time was as good as always, and with the SLR's ability to take several photos a second, she managed to get a perfect shot of Mop's fist connecting with Huang's face and him stumbling backwards. Before he could move further away, she stepped easily in front of him, her eyes flashing.] "So, what do you suppose the Daily Prophet would pay for a picture of an Auror punching a foreign quidditch player, hm?" [Unfortunately for Meredith, while she was often regarded as a bit of an airhead, she was very up to date with people. Important or otherwise. Her grin was positively feral at this point. While she was by no means a reporter, merely a photographer, when she was the sole witness of such a situation, they often had her write out a caption for the story. So what was the point of confronting him? Well it was pretty simple if you just thought about it for a second. Why else would you take the chance to have your photo ruined by an angry auror? She was apparently trying to 'hold it over his head'. Maybe she could get a better photograph, a juicier story, or some free drinks out of this.]

22:42:28 [Porthman] The only thing that saved Meredith from another blow from the serial flat-tire-artist was his preference toward a particular pair of boots. His feet stayed securely in their place, but he stalled and turned to let Huian have her moment. He cracked a grin despite himself when she pleaded and, if he wasn’t interrupted, he could have moved onto whatever apology he thought appropriate. Another voice – another presence – made herself important and invaded Meredith’s newfound calm. At first, all he did was stare at the photographer as a child might pick apart road-kill. The vacant expression turned humored in a matter of seconds. “Is this an attempt at extortion?” Meredith questioned the woman’s motives. “If it is, I suggest standing just a little off to the side, you know, so you can be all mysterious and gruff in the shadows. Obviously someone isn’t up to date with their mobster lore.”

22:48:58 Huian ◙ At least he stopped. He stopped and she nearly ran into him, flushing in embarrassment, before apologizing rapidly. “I’m sorry about him. Huang’s always been like that and I just…I’m really sorry. Thanks for punching him though…I mean, I’m sorry you had to, but…it was nice to see him get hit…” Her hand rubbed the back of her neck, and she blinked, before looking at the silver watch on her wrist, biting her lip…blinking at the colorful woman…and then at Mop, before hugging him. (And slipping a hand in his jacket for her invite, because she was Huian and she could do that. With the goofiest look on her face to try and cheer up his day.) “I have to go, sorry again. I’ll buy you lunch tomorrow or something, I’ll be at the Con…” And she moved swiftly, planting her lips on his cheek before taking off. It was a friendly and apologetic gesture…and she had a cousin to murder. ◙

23:02:42 [Dempsey] [Extortion? Oh no, no… okay yes, it was pretty much that. She watched Huian as she gave the man a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek and left before she spoke again.] "Who am I, Al Capone?" [She bounced slightly on the balls of her feet, her grin still firmly in place. One hand lifted up to brush a lock of purple hair out of her face, looking as devious as she could.] "Tell ya' what. I'm not exactly keen on outing one of Britain's honorable Aurors, especially since the guy seemed to deserve it, despite being gorgeous…" [She paused for a moment, head tilted slightly sideways as if lost in a fantasy. Oh what she wouldn't give to be locked in a closet with him… ahem, anyway. She snapped back to reality, staring up at him again with her hands on her hips.] "So, you treat me to a few drinks, and I'll misplace these photos, hm?" [Truth be told, she had been rather… distracted in the last year or so. She had lost touch with most of her old school friends and figured having a few drinks, even if the guy was essentially a hostage, might still be the kind of social fun she needed.]

23:21:31 Porthman accommodated Huian’s show of affection and returned a half-embrace while she stole a card from his breast pocket. He let her on her way without any fuss, confident that they would see each other again –and soon. He can focus on his second adversary thereafter. If he’s not careful, he may build a negative association with brightly-colored hair. Meredith eyeballed the woman as she spoke half-truths and delayed the point. When she finally delivered the punch-line, his response was automatic. “No.” Indignant, Meredith squared off his shoulders, but didn’t dare move his feet (or otherwise act in a way that could be misconstrued as threatening). He didn’t like her ultimatum and there was no reason for him to believe her. So, he made the only decision that was his to make – not prepackaged for him. “You didn’t need to go to such great lengths to ask me around for a date” Meredith promised, adjusted his shoulders and posture again, and continued: “I do not accept your terms. Do what you want with your prize.”

23:32:03 [Dempsey] [Mrrr. Foiled again. And she would've gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling Mops. Still, she could only imagine what the other guy had done to earn him a punch to the face. She was more or less extorting a government official and his reaction was not nearly as interesting as she hoped. If he had flown of the handle on her, well, she could take more pictures of him being aggressive, and she was sure she could convince a few people in the nearby crowd corroborate her story. Or if he had taken her drinking, she would've undoubtedly removed the offending photographs anyway. But such a staunch show of character… what was she to do? She stared imperiously at him for a moment before blowing some hair from her face with a look of defeat.] "Alright, alright, you got me. Nice reaction, though. Think fast." [She popped the back of her SLR open, removing the roll of magical film and tossing it neatly to him. As he caught it, she reached into her tank top, removing a tiny camera from somewhere inside her smallish bust, clicking a quick picture onto the minifilm inside. Hopefully of a serious looking mop catching the film. If she succeeded, she'd give him a grin and a saucy wink.] "This one's for my private collection." [And with that, she would turn on her heel and walk away, shaking her bottom with purpose in his direction as she went.]

23:35:46 Noriko || Noriko felt her hero senses tingling from far away: there was someone in need of a hero somewhere in Diagon Alley! Quickly our hero [the indefatigable Princess Sparklefists] sprang into action. Okay okay actually she just happened to be passing by that way and happened to have good enough hearing to catch a few words that smelled of extortion; she wouldve intervened then just on principle except the extortion was shot down before she even realized what was happening. More importantly our hero knew the voice that shot down the other voice and she adored that voice. She swept right into the middle of Merry and Dempsey. Timing was everything: she was just about to hero by accidentally crashing into offending rainbow-pop and accidentally talking her ear off long enough to take a shot at the camera; instead the tension defused without need of her help. Well now she felt less than heroic. "That was anticlimactic," she declared as a way of announcing her presence; she actually sounded a little bit miffed, like someone who just had a master plan full of real genius foiled by random happenstance. "I was just about to dust off my hero gloves too." A sad sad day for Princess Sparklefists; she hadnt managed to hero at all.

23:50:23 [Porthman] An autonomic action that caught Dempsey’s film as it flew at his person. Meredith was – admittedly – a touch confused with the way things turned. He heard the shutter while the film came into his possession and for a moment, the auror had even more confusing information to sort through and file. It mattered every little in the end—his dangerous fan made her way off without any further verbal sparring just in time for another challenger to appear. Mop turned to address a voice he could officially say he knew well enough to identify without issue. “Miss Sakada!” He greeted and dumped the film into a deep pocket. “Haaa, well, I’ve had my fill of battles for today; you’re welcome to take the next one!”

23:57:48 [Dempsey] [Mags is sorely tempted to turn around and take a picture of the two who apparently made a scene kissing in the leaky cauldron… but ultimately decides not to. He's just too nice a guy, she supposed. Next person she got incriminating pictures of was getting no leeway.]
00:04:59 Noriko || Our hero certainly was a little bit confused; she didnt know what it was Mop was being blackmailed for or how the blackmail had defused so quickly, that wasnt how blackmail usually went in her experience. She remembered the first time a reporter tried exerting pressure on her with photographic evidence of her absolute shamelessness. "What was Rainbow Bright there after anyway? And who was she? Nevermind, I like Rainbow Bright better as a name for her; at least she has the courtesy to be easily spotted in a crowd." Our hero quickly abandoned her mournful tone in favor of a cheerier one; no true hero could let circumstance keep them down! "I think its probably for the best that there not be battles though. Took more bludgers than I planned to today: my usual plan is zero, you see but sometimes things fail to go according to plan. I know, rude. You arent going to run away on important business this time are you?" Our hero it seemed had only just got off practice: she was wearing her quidditch robes and had over her shoulder her far too expensive broomstick. A custom job by Calico Katya; inscribed in bright and shiny golden letters the greatest of all titles: The Mighty Princess Sparklefists. Yes, our hero named her broom after herself; possibly herself after her broom. Chicken/egg argument. Wannafightaboutit?

00:19:14 [Porthman] “I don’t know.” Mop told his vibrant company and immediately took his hand to the back of his neck for a brief and, apparently, unfulfilled massage. He was eager to move away from the subject after that and rolled with Noriko’s energy. “All is fair in love and Quidditch.” He offered in reply to the Seeker’s disappointment. Meredith couldn’t help but steal a once-over of her broom now that it was practically up close and personal. He played it cool – calm, cool, and did his best to appear unfazed by her broom, her robes, and her implied practice match. “But…” he redirected his focus to its master “no, I have nowhere to be anymore. My job here is done. I considered retirement for the afternoon: go home, dress in a robe and house shoes and putt around like my grandfather. Such is my,” he sighed dreamily “exciting life.”
00:37:25 Noriko || Our hero listened for any hint that her adorable moppish Welsh Mop was going to run away from her again; she heard none. Only that he filled his life with wearing a robe around his house. Nori wondered if he meant a bathrobe or a casual robe or a house robe or something else; it didnt matter really but she was curious. "In that case, I will take your exciting plans as an invitation to inject an unanticipated additional dose of excitement into your day." Twirling her broom with a practised flourish our hero [the intrepid Princess Sparklefists] made to grab one of Mop's hands. "Come along! Tell me Mop, do you have plans for tomorrow evening? If you dont I promise I can make the no-plans more interesting." Our hero smiled with the kind of confidence that smacked of knowing something she wasnt ready to tell just yet: "Also if you do have plans I promise I can make those more exciting too!"

00:49:10 Porthman was glad to hook his hand in hers (giddy—but he kept his emotions safely guarded). “Well!” He exclaimed, “I—Conclave is tomorrow! After Conclave, I’m” this was his moment—do, die, or get on with life. “I’m having a get-together. In celebration… Iboughtahouse!” Meredith wasn’t really sure why he was bothering to tell her. No: he knew—he just wasn’t ready to accept it yet. “So… I’m engaged for tomorrow evening…” After a short pause, he offered: “you’d be welcome to it—if you have nothing else. It’s not a big deal.” He stumbled over his words – presumably – more than he stumbled being pulled along in Noriko’s wake.

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