April 13th, 2098

12:51:11 [Gloriana] Notes, notes, notes, oh and more notes. Gloriana sat at Liliput’s, organizing her too-many notes from her recent expedition. Her tea floated casually about a foot above the table to free up some space. Puffy mounds of flesh hung beneath her eyes, a red flag for sleepless nights. It didn’t seem to bother Glori, but for the ease of agitation to her mood. She’d considered tipping a little fire whiskey into her tea cup to smooth the wrinkles out of her demeanor, but thought better of it. No use, when she was bound to get another earful if Mop found her here — which he would, in all likelihood. And so, Gloriana suffered in silence, sifting through 6 months worth of research history, cataloguing every encounter. “What? Why are the Maori’s mixed in with the Chewa? They’re not even on the same continent…“ she muttered to herself, annoyed. She fixed the error and moved on, still focusing on the ridiculously minute problem even as she went about categorizing tribes by country.

12:56:12 Porthman invited Huian to meet him (via ultra-adorable puffin-gram) at Lilliput’s in the late morning. He’d labored through the morning sore, but not entirely unwell—more to do with his waking up ‘on the wrong side of the bed’ than anything else. Apparition was the mode of transportation to his destination (a particular, popular Wizarding shopping district) today which was rather quite unlike the people-watching Porthman and his passenger was a little brown cardboard box. Unfortunately for Gloriana, his path was set to inadvertently destroy her day anyway, wasn’t it? So, from his landing point, the auror strode his way down the lane to Lilliput’s.

13:05:41 Huian ◙ That puffin had nearly been attacked and eaten by Meiing by the time had gotten there, and had only saved itself by perching on one of the few beams that the cat could not reach no matter how she tried. But the woman did get the message and set the bird off with a belly full of kippers. Now? She was as fresh as ever. No signs of last night’s drunkenness (She had only been pleasantly tipsy, anyway, but no hangover.) as she strode to Liliput’s, humming some song. Celeste, actually, circa 2087. Good song, it dominated the charts for nearly a year worldwide. She actually made it to Liliput’s before him, though, striding in as the bell chimed a new arrival over the door. ◙

13:12:36 [Gloriana] “Guatemala, Guatemala, Guatemala….“ she mumbled to herself, searching for her most recent notes. She thumbed through another stack with zero results. “Where the bloody hell…“ She heard the bell chime (as it had so many others), but ignored it altogether. Her search became unnecessarily frantic until… “AH! Shit!“ Her floating cup of tea tumbled onto the table and all of Glori’s notes (not to mention her cream-colored sweater). “Blasted… stupid…“ What? She didn’t have anyone to blame but herself. “Ugh!“ She gave up and cradled her head in her hands, ignoring any attention her outburst might have garnered. Not her day. Nope.

13:32:38 Porthman saw his quarry from down the ‘Alley’ as she entered the little café and hastened his step. His entrance to the bistro was heralded by Gloriana’s timely meltdown—something that tore his attention from the would-be exuberant greeting for Huian. His first reaction upon seeing her face was not the most appropriate way to think of your closest friend: well shit. His second was even less savory: retreat. In the end, he opted out. In a seamless action, Mop slid up behind Huian to get her attention (perhaps – just maybe - with an invasive little goose), tip his chin over to the ailing Gloriana, and swan on over to the frazzled-girl’s table to hover until she engaged.

13:39:46 Huian ◙ There was a breakdown. She heard it, and the tables closest to Gloriana had been vacated at the seemingly could be really bad situation. She herself was just watching for a moment, trying to figure out what she should do, if anything. They weren’t friends, but they weren’t unfriendly, and the poor woman looked like she just had her last straw broken. Mop slid up behind her, and she noticed that before she felt…eep! Her face colored, but she laughed, swatting the back of his head as he walked to the table and followed, the heels of her boots clicking on the floor as the rumble of a semi-busy café started up again. Her first order of business? To take the tea cup off the table and wave her hand over it, vanishing the tea that had spilled over the notes and the sweater in an easy motion. “What were you drinking, I’ll get you another.” ◙

13:55:26 [Gloriana] “Huh?“ Glori glanced up from her withdrawal into despair to find the last face she’d expected to see — and she wasn’t simply standing there, amused that Gloriana had just had a temper tantrum over some spilled tea. She had actually cleaned the mess and righted her teacup and… asked for her drink order? Did… Huian work at Liliput’s or was she just being kind? She imagined it had to be the former, given their past. “Oh… uh… Breakfast tea, milk, honey? Thank you.“ And there was Mop, trailing behind her. “Oh, hi… I didn’t know you’d be here,“ she muttered. She was both annoyed and excited to see him — annoyed at the prospect of another musical spectacle but excited that her best friend was present to, maybe, diffuse some of her agitation. So far, it wasn’t working. Oh, the life of a basket case.

14:06:34 [Porthman] Huian’s handiwork did its job, but Gloriana still seemed short-winded. “Little frazzled, mate?” It seemed to be that Mop had assimilated with English culture and slang sometime shortly after graduation. Gone where (most of) the days of Welsh vocabulary. The nosy Auror set his box on the table after brushing some of Gloriana’s papers aside and invited himself to steal a seat. He glanced down to her work, identifying this or that thing and committing fragments to memory as if the healer’s scribbles were some ancient language, soon to be lost to the world. Before Huian joined them, Mop had something quick to slip: “if you’re not too busy later, I need you to take a look at something.” That was all he’d say in that vein and he took happily to poking and prodding or plucking as many papers from the table as he could for review after his friend organized them to conform to her compulsions. It appears that was his mission while his tea-date went to get Gloriana her refill.

14:22:37 Huian ◙ Okay. One tea…and Huian grinned at Mop, wanting to know what he wanted before she went off to buy the drinks (If anything, she’d get him a latte. He looked like he needed it.). If she had known that Glori thought she worked there, she might have been a little offended. A little. It was a nice place after all. She took her time though, and slid back with the cups and a plate of fresh scones. The scones were definitely worth waiting for, at any rate, and she slid into the seat, handing each person a drink and set the plate at the center. Her fingers curled around her chai tea, breathing in deeply. Mmm. Smell that spice. “Good morning, of course.” That’s right, she forgot to say that. And…Mop was rewarded with a sharp kick to his shin under the table. That was for the goose. ◙

14:35:41 [Gloriana] Frazzled was an understatement. And he only served to irritate her fragile mood that much more by mindlessly sweeping her papers out of his way. “Oy! You know, just because you’re my best mate doesn’t mean you can just shove yourself into my space… or whatever,“ she could barely articulate in her state. She growled and systematically placed her papers into a messenger bag that hung off the back of her chair. “Can you just… AUGH. It’s like watching after a child, being ‘round you,“ she chided, and snatched the page from his hand. It found its way into her bag just as he requested her assistance with “something”. An austere eyebrow lifted quizzically at him, “Why should I help you? You don’t do me any favors.“ Their conversation was cut short with the abrupt arrival of Huian, and she didn’t bother pursuing it any further. Years of friendship meant picking up on the smallest cues, and Mop’s said he wasn’t asking anyone else to help him for a reason. “Thank you.“ She offered a gracious smile to Huian, but wondered, idly why she she’d brought over so- it hit her. Part of her wanted to blush at the mistake, but her state of mind had her discarding the error altogether. She took a moment to sip her tea and relaxed, “Yes, Good morning.“ Now, anyway. Well, maybe for a few minutes. There was no telling when her irritability might flare up again.

14:56:48 [Porthman] “But I love shoving myself in your space. What would my life be without shoving myself into your space?” Mop retorted, quite pleased with himself. He may have given Gloriana at least one good reason why she wanted to throw him a bone and help him out, but Huian returned with beverages – to which he initially greeted with cheer and excitement. Mop’s mood dampened slightly when he was met with the sharp kick to the shin – which he nursed and gave a feigned look of betrayal to the latte-gifter. “Huian! Here, these…” Mop pushed the brown box over to his tea-date. “Are for that bratty kid—Mikail? Mikail. He’ll get a kick out of them.” The guts of the box could later reveal themselves as old trading cards from Quidditch teams around the world and various memorabilia Lee could use as leverage to keep a spoilt child under control. He took a sip of his hot (woo—HOT) beverage and immediately regretted it. With a smack of his lips, he resigned to waiting a short time and, naturally, chatting the whole way through it. “We have got to stop doing these half-baked Ravenclaw reunions.” He teased with a tone that implied the taunt was loaded and any response meant walking into a minefield.

15:05:39 Huian ◙ The betrayed look? Met with the sweetest and most genuinely innocent smile. He deserved it, really. A hand took a scone and she bit into it, eyeing the other two. Mop was sweet and fabulous, but she had never really been close friends. Gloriana was unknown territory with history of bad water and blood between the two, which seemingly had calmed over. Dark blue eyes slid to the box, and she waved her hand, floating it up and under the table by her seat before swallowing and sipping her tea. “He’ll love that. I need to thank you for helping with that yesterday, I don’t think I’d ever had to restrain him from a Quidditch player before. I still don’t understand why it’s such a popular game.” Not that she wanted to. It was just…unfathomable. Her free hand slid up, tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, and grinned warmly at both of them. “I take it you’re looking for a straight party? Drinking and dancing and loud music, presumably while we do what all Ravenclaws do and make a tower out of books to trample the Gryffindors in our path?” Sip. ◙
15:09:23 [Gloriana] There were many reasons she’d end up helping Merry anyway — the least of which was that he enjoyed “throwing” himself in her space. But, still, she didn’t bother snapping back at him. His reflexive movement and the nursing of his leg thereafter certainly put a grin on Glori’s face, if malicious. She glanced up from another piping hot sip of tea — which she didn’t mind burning her mouth a little — at Mop. Huian’s suggestion of a drunken night amongst Ravenclaws was met with a worried look, quickly hidden by another sip of tea. Yes, another drunken event with friends was exactly what she needed (read: sarcasm). Her gaze lifted just above the rim of her cup mid-sip, to Mop for a knowing stare. Instead of outright opposing the idea, Glori opted for idle commentary. “They must have implanted some kind of homing beacon. One weekend back from traveling and I can’t seem to get rid of you,“ she joked. Her rueful smirk curled into a mock sneer aimed, solely at Merry, “Except for you. You I haven’t been able to get rid of in six years.“ She stuck her tongue out at him.

15:53:20 [Porthman] “That’s simple—because it’s a brilliant game, are you mental?” He let his mouth hang ajar at Huian’s confusion for a moment before he continued on, leaving Quidditch behind. “Well, Iwant to have a housewarming party the night after Conclave. Figuring that’ll be the best time to have a party, aye? While we’re riding the feel-good-wave?” Mop wiggled and slide his hand up, down, and forward to pantomime the ‘wave’ part. “Maybe after the Cup, too! I mean, not for a reunion, but for a wicked time—oh, wait, that’s right:” he distracted himself suddenly from his course. “I bought a house. Amazing, right?” His expectant eyes searched Gloriana first – and primarily – before he allowed them to slide to his other companion of the morning. A break in his chatter meant only one thing: he was trying a hand at his latte again.

15:59:35 Huian ◙ Oh, Huian caught the brief worry. She caught it, and raised an eyebrow, before hiding a smile. She might have only been half joking….she did expect there to be wine or Firewhiskey, or even to break out her bottle of Cumberbath’s Best Flaming, but not actually do much besides catch up. Super drunken exploits were reserved for public and international debacles. “Quidditch is a ridiculous game. I may be a bit mental, but I firmly believe that people are not meant to fly on brooms to catch silly little balls, in which, for the longest time, the scoring system was outdated and unfair and placed too much reliance on a single player and you, Mopsie, are just as bad as…as…as somebody who’s bad.” Her cup was set down, and her finger idly trailed along the edge, nodding once sharply at her ‘insult’, before turning her eyes to Gloriana and grinning. “To be fair, my running into you is purely circumstantial. We do have mutual friends.” She might have been snarking, but her tone was too lightand mild. Not measured that way, but rather a response to the joke that was not quite playful, but close enough. For this at least, it was perfect. But wait…Mop…got a house? “You mean you didn’t have one before? Did you rent?” ◙

16:12:40 [Gloriana] Trying to be civil wasn’t panning out very well where Huian was concerned. She felt, more, the sting of her words, rather than the lightness of her voice. Glori bit back her urge to lash out, if for no one else’s benefit than for Mop’s (and maybe the other patrons of Liliput‘s). In her effort to keep herself from a snide reply, Glori buried her face in her cup again, only to nearly spit her tea back out on the table — Thanks a lot, Mopsy. Lucky for her party, no such disaster occurred. There was, however, a dribble of tea making its way down Glori’s chin coupled with a terrible coughing fit. She covered her mouth with her napkin until she was composed enough to speak again; though her voice was lightly strained (tea down the wrong tube will do that, you know). “You did what?“ Glori was shocked more than curious. How Mop managed to buy a house when he lived in such squalor was beyond her — until it wasn’t. She disbelief wore off shortly thereafter. “Well that explains why you live like a Troll. At least I won’t have to clean a place to sit from now on,“ she teased.

16:27:22 [Hippolytus] “Did you put ‘house’ in quotations like you’re supposed to?” Hip had slid up upon the little meeting and took a station just behind and to the right of Mop so that he was facing the two ladies with a conspiratorial smirk just touching his lips. The low frequency of his voice cut a comical opposition to his frame and stature, which stood not a particular height over Mop’s seated one. He took a sip of his coffee, a cheeky glance sliding to the side to gage Mop’s reaction before he added: “When clearly you mean castle, old boy!” He punctuated his lip with a bright little smile that begged forgiveness for it. His attention rolled its way off of Mop and on towards Gloriana and Huian with a more polite, but less companionably brusque air. “Ladies,” he said, “Good morning.” His glance snagged a little uncomfortably on Gloriana, but he recovered with another well timed sip from his coffee while his eyes found something of interest elsewhere. One could never fault Hip for his flawless Englishness.

16:48:48 [Porthman] There was a sudden explosion of happenings around him. Mop couldn’t – or just wouldn’t – sort through his thoughts fast enough to deal with Huian’s questions, Gloriana’s scrutiny, and Hippolytus’ unceremonious entry. He made a lot of sputtering and sounds that sounded like they could be syllables – but not in English. “Well yes, for your information! I was saving up for a house. I’m not going to live in a studio my whole life!” Meredith had – or hoped he had – a reliable job, finally settled down, and thought he was ready, so why not make now the time, right? “And itis a fuckin’ castle, for HIS” Porthman jutted a thumb over his shoulder toward his fellow Auror, “information. It’s got a bloody—fuck—moat! It’s amazing.” He finally beamed. “And you lot get the pleasure of seeing it for the warmer.”

16:56:10 Huian ◙ She wasn’t exactly sure why there was scrutiny…of course, Huian hadn’t seen his place, or asked (because that really wasn’t polite), or really wondered. He was clean(ish), healthy, sane and well fed, so he must be doing alright. No need to worry about his home. At least he’d been saving to buy, that was a nice thing. She leaned over and patted his hand, curiously staring up at the man who had entered, and shook her head. “That’s nice Mopsie. You own your own home, that’s a big step and responsibility.” Leaning back in her chair, sipping her tea and closing her eyes. Maybe she should actually purchase her apartment from her landlady…hmmm. Rent to own. Oh wait! Her eyes opened again, and she set the cup down, nodding at Hip and smiling politely. And genuinely. “I don’t think we’ve met. Do you work with Mopsie, here?” ◙

17:03:28 [Gloriana] She glanced up at the newest face to join their impromptu tea party, and gave a polite but tight-lipped smile. It still seemed strange that Mop had worked with the man for two years and she’d yet to really meet him. Her thoughts didn’t linger there, but instead moved on to his playful remark about Mop’s castle and Mop’s indignant reply. “My arse. I’ll wager it’s more like a dungeon than a castle,“ she joked, nudging Merry’s foot under the table. She watched Huian lightly console him with a pat of her hand and barely resisted the urge to roll her eyes. As much teasing as Merry did of everyone else, he deserved a little back. She sat idly by while Hippolytus and Huian greeted one another, grinning into her cup. She was just about ready for another cup of tea. In fact. “Is anyone else ready for a refill?“ — Right, busy yourself while everyone else makes nice. That’s not your way, is it?”

17:15:12 Hippolytus tried to stop it, but a small grin bloomed in the light of Mop’s indignation. Well, honestly, Hip could be a little jealous – he’d never owned a house in his life. But he’d probably go right on happily renting until some marriage-related apocalypse descended upon him. Currently he was content with an upscale half-address in Battersea from which he could poke gentle fun at Meredith’s rustic purchase until the young man transformed it into something enviably chic. Then he’d happily eat his words. “Ah, the moat! Well you’ve got me there. Sometimes I wish I had a moat. Might keep the relatives out. Nevertheless, good for you, Port.” He tipped his head a little to the women and stuck a hand out to Huian. “That’s right. Office mates, I’d say. Hip Botts. Nice to meet you…” He left the pause open for her name, letting a glance flicker to Gloriana, who took seemed to be bouncing up to hostess a little. Suffice it to say, he knew who she was, but felt a little like he’d be going after an introduction with a club at this point if he tried to waylay her on her task. “Sorry to butt in. Couldn’t resist pestering the rookie!” Meredith wasn’t much of a rookie anymore, but he’d always be two years more of a rookie than Hip, wouldn’t he?

17:37:52 Porthman took a sip of his still-quite-full latte while everyone else made conversation. “It’s beautiful, you’ll see.” He persisted. Of course, he didn’t need their approval – he was still giddy about his purchase and no one could take that away from him. Mop absolutely had to speak up again when Hip introduced himself to the table. “Stay away from this guy – he’s nothing but trouble.” Mop boldly claimed with a jocose grin. He tipped his head back to check on Hip before gauging the girls’ reactions. It was easy for Meredith to make the caution look like a tease, but there was a sliver of truth in it. He locked his eyes on Gloriana when she all bus excused herself from interaction and lifted his barely-touched drink to give it a little shake for her to see. “No, thank you.”

17:41:45 Huian ◙ Refill? Her tea was still half full and piping hot, so she shook her head once, declining. “Thank you, but I’ll be fine.” It was very nice to offer though. A smile was directed to Hip as he introduced himself, her hand slowly taking his and shaking it once. “Huian Li.” Her accent was about as clear as her name. Definitely not British. “If you’d like to join us, you’re welcome to. Scone?” That hand was drifting in a lazy manner over the sconces in an open offer, and her smile hadn’t died. She did take the caution well, and strode it to the back of her mind. Right now, he was a problem that she would like to classify. That problem was Where did he belong as far as categories go. Like a book with no reference works to set in a section. “You’re nothing but trouble either, Mopsie. I don’t hear a warning from anybody else.” ◙

17:47:58 [Gloriana] Glori shrugged, trying to feign indifference to Hip’s avoidance, “I think the general theme for the week has been ‘The More, The Merrier’.“ She certainly wasn’t going to start introducing herself to people who didn’t want to be introduced to her! So, she settled for being accommodating instead. Huian’s comment about Merry’s troublemaking habits hadn’t gone unnoticed, either. To which she added a very surly, “Really,“ and flicked his ear from behind his chair. “So just me, then. Hip? No? Just me,“ she awkwardly concluded about the refill situation. Well wasn’t that just the way of things? Maybe she’d linger a bit at the counter and give them space. She was very aware of the disjointed atmosphere she left hovering around. “Cheers,“ she muttered, and excused herself to the counter.

18:05:31 [Hippolytus] “Thank you, miss” he said (the only polite hint that she hadn’t yet dropped a name he already awkwardly knew), declining the offer with a lift of his coffee cup that indicated the weight still within it. His smile returned to Huian for only a brief moment as she invited him to stay, but his attention was torn away by Mop’s disclaimer. “Aw, that’s not fair!” he protested with a sidelong smirk that didn’t seem to grasp the thread of truth inherent in the warning. He pulled a chair over from the next table to join the small group for a moment. “She seems nice, Port,” he said lowly when Gloriana had excused herself for a moment to refresh her cup. But that was all the input he dared have on that topic. Smoothly, he transitioned to the conversation that looped in Huian. “Thank you, no-“ to the scone. Then: “He should come with all sorts of stickers – but you probably know that already. Hogwarts schoolmate? From his glory days?” His smile was polite and friendly, and betrayed absolutely nothing.

18:26:47 [Porthman] “Wuh!” Mop cried in feigned hurt in Huian’s direction. “I am perfectly upstanding.” The littlest auror defended his character – and his ear from Gloriana’s well-timed flick. “A boon to society, even.” Once he was done inflating his ego – so it would seem – and their frazzled friend went for refills, Mop shot Hip a glance askance and tightened his lips disapprovingly when he commented on Gloriana’s presentation. “Don’t” was his one word reply, coupled with a rigid index finger in Hip’s direction. They were spared Porthman’s tongue for a moment while he enjoyed another drink from his cup. His attention slowly drifted to follow where Gloriana had gone in that time, but he was soon to inject himself right back into the conversation – never missing a beat. “Aye—same house.” Meredith confirmed. “Best house, obviously. All hell had to break loose at Hogwarts to try and keep us down.” The joke may have been in poor taste, but Mop clearly didn’t think so by the wide grin he wore.

18:37:17 Huian ◙ She had been snickering into her tea at the barbs and rebound snarking…hiding it behind well timed sipping. Gloriana left, and her eyes trailed after the frazzled woman, before snapping back to Hip and Mop…the latter who had….set a line. And then there was that awkward silence for a moment. Just a moment, before the question was answered and she had to cough a bit to clear her throat. “Same house, for a bit.” Agreement works. “And by far pne of the best houses. I do think only one really wasn’t up to snuff. Bloody Gryffindors.” Sip. Another sip, and her eyes were locked on Hip, calculating sharply even as she smiled. He worked with Mop. Mop was…an Auror, if she remembered correctly. Fellow Auror. Government. In her recent experience, a rather tenuous trust. Well trained, if not powerful. “So~, Mopsie, you plan to let us help you move in?” ◙

19:04:51 Hippolytus batted innocent eyes at Mop’s warning, but took it to heart with a movement of his brows that could have been a shrug with a little more resolve. “Oh? What was it you were again… Ravenclaw?” Hip really ought to know what house Mop had been, but he’d never placed too much weight on the strange, archaic habit of dividing school children by personality profile. It seemed to ask for trouble. Nevertheless, troubling times had cemented some loyalty in those years – loyalty Hip had missed out on for the most part. But one thing they could all agree on: Gryffindors were half daft with crazy. So he flashed a grin at their collective expense before taking another sip. “Hm. Yeah. Let me know if you need a hand, Port,” he said, but his eyes were on his watch – a real, working muggle model – and upon perceiving the time correctly, he furrowed his brow. “Well. Something got loose at the office…” Which could mean any number of things in his jargon, but most likely, it meant just what it sounded like and theywere in a tizzy, calling in everyone they could think of with creature skills. “Good to see you about – Miss Huian, a pleasure – “ He would turn a nod to the still absent Gloriana as well, “-and congratulations on the house, Port – really.” He gave the table a tap as he got to his feet and made his exit.

19:05:21 Noriko || Lillput's was fast becoming the place where everyone in the world gathered; much more popularity and it would have to annex another dozen buildings in Diagon Alley just to hold the growing crowds. Right, right magic and all that: our hero [the intrepid Princess Sparklefists] liked her version better. She spun through the door with a flourish, casting a wink and a flutter of eyelashes at her clearly adoring fans. She didnt actually very much have a need for coffee or pastries today, she was out after companionship: her eyes picked through the people therein and found her targets, Mop and the doll-like Chinese girl our hero had deposited an inebriated Hayden Kaust upon two days earlier. She didnt know the third person with them and didnt care that she didnt know him. She would know him soon and all would be right in the world again! Our hero didnt ask permission [did she ever?] before welcoming herself to their company, nor did she even beg forgiveness after. "Mop! Mopmopmop!" Our hero sounded like she might be excited; maybe even moreso. "You! I didnt catch your name. I'm sorry I didnt come back for Hayden. Thank you for taking care of her. She needs friends, you know; she isnt doing very well. I cant watch her all the time."

19:29:06 [Porthman] “It doesn’t seem right to move in without your mates. That’s pretty much an unwritten rule.” Mop replied to his raven-haired compatriot— oh, he’d be asking anyone he considered close enough that had a wand to help in – you could count on that. It wasn’t Hip’s change in conversation that caught Meredith’s attention next and he tossed a glance in Gloriana’s direction. “Some…” he began, drank the rest of his latte, and resumed: “something?” It was the only word he could get out while he stood from his chair in attempt to drag more information out of the auror-in-the-know. After all, when Princess Sparklefists joins the room – you know about it. The loud seeker seeking Mop’s attention earned it tenfold (so badly that anyone else in the establishment faded into the background). “Hel—“ he stumbled over his sounds and struggled to make them a word. “lo.” There is something at the office, Meredith had to keep repeating in the back of his head. “Fancy seeing you here!” He left his ‘at such a terrible time’ unsaid. “I was about to head out…” Mop tried to imply, to both Huian and Noriko, that he’d be leaving with Botts by the importance of body language.

19:30:54 Huian ◙ It was strange. Not so archaic, just strange, and she had always felt like it had her wrong. Of course, there was the theory she had about the sorting hat subtly influencing what the children wanted to know, and by giving the houses their specific qualities, maybe it was the children who picked their houses. Of course, it was just a strange thing. She was probably wrong and didn’t care so much beyond her idle thought. A couple blinks before she realized she was zoning out, daydreaming about something she wouldn’t understand, and smiling into her tea while doing so. At least she caught the departure of Hip, and nodded, as well as the arrival of Noriko, the woman she hadn’t met officially yet, but Mira had informed her. “Huian Li. It’s quite alright, she found her way out.” Bright and personable as ever, but…her tea was gone, and she stood. “You want anything, Noriko?” Yes, yes she remembered. Still didn’t give a hoot about Quidditch. If so, she’d go get something, if not, she was still up to the counter for a drink, and grinning at Gloriana, placing her refill order, and letting Mop detangle himself from Princess Sparklefists. She took the hint and made it easy enough. “You are as about as social as I remember. You never really did like it, did you? Or…people?” ◙

19:44:15 [Gloriana] “Huh?“ A familiar voice called to her from behind, and she turned to regard Huian for a moment. “Like what? Socializing? Oh, uh… yeah. Dunno if it’s ‘cause I don’t like people. People are alright, I guess. I’m just… not real comfortable with… er crowds.“ — Or something. She moved aside to let Huian order — Gloriana was already holding a cup of espresso- spiked coffee to replace her tea — and bumped into wizard at the counter. “Oh, excuse me,“ she muttered, and adjusted around him. Huian had, probably, hit the nail right on the head. “So… do you still talk to Krum?“ She had never ever gotten to a point where calling him Keiran(sp?) was even remotely apropos. But hey, if they were going to get caught up in small talk, might as well seem interested in the other party, right?

19:56:38 Noriko || "Huian. Lovely, its lovely to meet you. I didnt actually come in for anything," Our hero [the charming Princess Sparklefists] blew a kiss to the poor girl; Huian was obviously a very good and noble sort to help with the problems of heroes so readily and without want of reward. She was excusing herself to the counter though, which Nori took advantage of quickly with Mop and his focus. He was just heading out? That was a right shame: she had only just found him again! "Oh, heading out? Its something important, isnt it? No, you dont need to answer. It sounds important." Our hero sighed in a most dramatic fashion, fluttering her eyelashes in mock distress: "I wont keep you. No, no. Not at all. If you have a need for a hero, though, all you have to do is send me a line. I'll come running!" Noriko was usually so much hero she couldnt handle it, today certainly wasnt any exception! It wouldnt have been right to hold up an auror from important work though. She could turn her chainsaw of heroic comingling upon Huian instead.

20:18:36 Porthman smiled – actually, warmly, candidly – smiled to Noriko’s gallant response. He gathered his wits quickly (not that he ever really lost them) and summoned one of his own. “If I ever find myself stuck in a castle, I’ll do that right away, my shining knight.” Mop clasped his hands together on one side by his cheek and performed a girlish bob for effect before he (unfortunately) separated from the group, the shop, and a day in Diagon Alley. His parting wasn’t without a dither at the door to check up on the trio of women left behind before he ditched.

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