April 12th, 2098

13:38:42 [Porthman] Any day where Mop had a day off was a good day. He’d risen relatively late and done his things for the morning (see: morning ritual) with the only deviations being in the length of the call to his mum (half an hour longer than usual) and a blissfully long run with Bobby. You know, all those silly Muggle things he liked to do. He had a thought to continue the charade all through the day – not to worry about wizarding things – but he knew that wasn’t an option. He had to move some money around—which required a trip to the bank. He could have made things quicker and easier for himself, but Mop decided he’d enjoy heading to the Leaky Cauldron through the city via the Underground (you never knew what kinds of faces you’d see there) instead. He wasn’t wrong—there was a certain charm to the whole journey that often seemed more surreal than anything else. Once through the pub and onto the Alley, Mop had a mission—one he had all the time in the world (or at least, until closing time) to complete: get to Gringots, get the money, get out—oh, and tea. Tea would be a nice addition to this dreadfully grey day.

13:47:07 [Gloriana] Mornings. Mornings were usually Glori’s forte, but today… not so much. Her run-in with Kaust and the confusing conversation with Merry thereafter had her up half the night over thinking (the way silly girls do). Her morning routine was somewhat less coordinated than usual and left her looking altogether messy — considering her obsessive affinity for neatness. Tea. Tea was a good idea. But she didn’t want to be the one to make it. She mulled over her options and left her apartment in a lackadaisical mood. The Leaky Cauldron: where you could spice up any cup of tea with a little fire whiskey and start your day like any other magical bum. Glori didn’t even try to conceal her presence, even when a familiar face casually breezed through. “Merry,“ she called, and craned her neck as he rounded the corner. Did he hear her? Did he care? (now that he’s got that hotsy totsy new girlfriend, who needs Gloriana?!)

13:59:18 [Porthman] Gloriana was neither missed nor unheard—Meredith was quick to stop when he saw her ad reroute his plans and direction. “Gllllllooorrria.” He sang as he slipped in the empty seat nearby with an extraordinary amount of grace. It wasn’t so much that it was ‘extraordinary’, actually; the fluidity of the action seemed very natural for the auror—it’s just that he didn’t lift his sloppy façade often enough. A cursory investigation of the woman’s tea gave him all the information he needed. “It’s a little early to start at the bottle, aye? Did I miss the party?” Mop slides his hand over to Gloriana’s drink and experimentally tries to slip it away from her.

14:10:00 [Gloriana] Maybe calling out to him had been a stupid idea. She sipped at her tea and gave a sidelong glance to her lifelong pal, Merry. “Just… trying to wake up, mate,“ she lied, expertly. But, no matter how convincing she sounded, Merry was bound to see through the veil. In an attempt to curb the conversation (and the inevitable game of twenty questions that was like to ensue), she looked him over. “Where are you off to, then? A hot date with the kissy one from the Prophet?“ Her mouth curved in an impish grin, maybe she ought to spike her morning tea more often, it made her almost pleasant to converse with.

14:16:55 [Price] Another morning routine began in separate place; in a mansion with an occupant that wasn’t the rightful owner of the house; a temporary live-in whose frequent travels and busy schedule made owning a home a pointless venture. Despite his stable job his constant relocating made it perfectly reasonable that he would move from home to home, occupying unused residences at his leisure since he was more than capable of making it look like he’d never been there to begin with. He brushed his teeth with a toothbrush that wasn’t his; he ironed his clothes with an iron and ironing board that, in all honesty, didn’t appear to see regular use anyways; he walked around the house in silk boxers that he was thinking about taking, and a plush bathrobe he was considering pilfering. No, he wasn’t committing any form of self-deception in thinking what he was doing was acceptable; on the contrary, he happened to be of the Slytherin mindset that power meant freedom, and freedom meant the ability to disturb the homes of muggles when they weren’t around and fix them when he left, which was always a day before they arrived. Today was the day he had to go, in fact, and so his clothes, work, books, and other miscellaneous items flooded into a –seemingly— infinitely deep suitcase while other things in the house placed themselves in their rightful spots. Thereafter, with clothes neatly ironed, suitcase fully packed, and the Bellamy home tidy again, he disapparated from the home with his things (and the boxers and bathrobe; and an additional pair of white tube socks on his feet) and appeared with a negligible fizzle in the Leakey Cauldron. Now he needed a spot o’ tea. Turning on his heels, he placed himself perfectly at the bar. “Tea please, and a Brambleberry muffin’ if ye ‘ave it.”

14:29:26 Porthman withdrew his snaking hand from his attempts for Gloriana’s drink (albeit hesitant in his willingness to do so). As hilarious as the idea of an inebriated Boulstridge was, he didn’t need to be able to read minds to know she wasn’t delving into the whole truth. He played along, however—for a short time—long enough to answer her question: “Auwh, I wish, donnai?” Meredith admitted, drumming the tabletop. “No, not so lucky. Just headed to the bank and a couple other errands…” the inevitable came thereafter: the invitation. “You look like you’ve got a whole lot of nothing planned. Come with!” For this, he made a heavier-handed effort to drum on the table, putting his palms and his muscle into the display—which ended up louder than anything else in the late morning crowd. It was, perhaps, a hearty gesture that had potential to embarrass his current company if it had not heralded the arrival of a wizard to the bar – glad in little more than a bathrobe. The disturbance disturbed Mop very little—but it, at very least displaced his attention for a milisecond while he tempted to study the newcomer. Unfortunately, those prying eyes fell back on Gloriana and her drink. In attempt to abuse the distraction, he strengthened it: “OHHELL, DISTRACTION!” The Welshman shouted and thrust an arm with a pointed finger in Price’s direction. With that, he was invading Gloriana’s space in a flash to attempt claiming her spiked tea by force for his own speedy consumption.

14:39:30 [Gloriana] She took another mouthful of Fire whiskey-flavored tea in and drank it down with a grimace, while Merry made a boob out of himself — as per usual. In all honesty, she was grateful for it. He had been her constant companion for nearly six years and he rarely, if ever, failed at making a bad situation worse (which somehow made it better — it was a complicated process). The wizard at the bar had gone almost entirely unnoticed until Merry chose to start waving fingers around at random pub-goers. She averted her attention for a half-second while he went about his attention-starved antics, eliciting at least a few smirks from their intended audience (including Gloriana). “Sorry… about all that. He’s mental, that one,“ she explained, nodding her head in Merry’s direction. His attire was more or less ignored to save face; though it hadn’t escaped her attention altogether, and she briefly judged him for it even if she didn’t make a show about it. And, of course, while she was moderately distracted, Merry stole the rest of her spiked tea for himself. To which she turned and cried, “Oy! Unhand my drink, foul beast, and swatted, mercilessly at him.

14:45:37 [Price] His hot beverage arrived to warm his body from the inside out, not that he needed it with such a handsome robe draped over his shoulders, and it was a matter of personal taste that he chose to wear tube socks instead of slippers. He was preparing to take a sip and thank his server when commotion rose from a place behind him. His turned his head tentatively, sure that they weren’t referring to him, double taking when he realized they were. Oh right, he was in a bathrobe; that wasn’t typically considered decent attire in public. “Hardly mental,” he intoned with his sing song Scottish brogue, “just a thief.” He’d already noticed the male steal her drink, and when she finally realized it to? Well, now they could both agree on the fact and he could go back to comfortably enjoying his drink. “Can I have a room, please?” His second request to his server came with a nod. Yaaay.

14:58:45 Porthman gave Gloriana a finger—‘1’—while he was downing her tea-and-whiskey heavy-hitter. Unless she was going to physically remove the beverage from his hand, swatting seemed of little use. When he was finished, there was another dramatic show: the cup in his fist hitting the table and a satisfied exhale out of the branded ‘thief’. “Just a thief.” Mop repeats, far too pleased with himself. “SO, looks like you’ve finished y’cuppa. Time to head out?” The auror takes both his thumbs and uses them to implicate the door in his plans. “Bank to get to?” Again, Mop bounces his thumbs toward the door. “Errands to run?” A third time, he leans in closer to Gloriana and fishes for her response: “how about it?”

15:06:18 [Gloriana] Thoroughly annoyed with Merry’s attitude, Glori whipped out her wand and, with a flick of her wrist, gave him a pig’s snout! “You great swine. That’ll teach you to steal my tea in the future,“ she tried to keep a serious face, but couldn’t help breaking into a fit of giggles at Merry’s new look. She could scarcely catch her breath, let alone get to her feet and make for Diagon Alley. She altogether forgot about the man in the bathrobe, at least while she was still struggling to inhale; but every time she tried, she erupted in another litany of snickers and laughter. Maybe she’d gone off the deep end?

15:08:24 [Iwamura] Four days until the First Conclave. Five years worth of planning and plotting and scheming and negotiation, for what was to come. And perhaps it was the unexpected singing montage from the night before (with one Hayden Kaust of all people), but Izzy was in bright spirits, and singing brightly (though not especially loudly) as he picked out his path to the Leaky Cauldron. "…I think some company is overdue, I've started talking to the pictures on the walls…" Huh, Not much of a crowd yet. That was good. Huh, guy in a bathrobe. Well, Izzy supposed bathrobes actually weren't that different from standard wizarding attire. Huh, there was Mop and… oh. God. Her. Izzy's immediate impulse was to turn right around back the way he came. There was a history with Gloriana, one might say. And the things she'd done at his behest certainly hadn't been pleasant for her. And, well, sometimes you don't want to be reminded of the people you used and then didn't think about for four years… Bah. She was here, which meant he'd have to acknowledge her existence some time, and now was better than later. Singing gave way to whistling as he stole up next to Mop and Glori. "Hello, there. You appear to be having some transfigurations-related troubles. Might I offer my expertise for the low, low price of just one mug of pumpkin cider?"

15:22:06 [Elliot‘] [A new face appeared rather quickly in the middle of their group, an arm wrapped about Merry’s shoulder, and as they no doubt searched the newcomer's face for recognition, they would have a difficult time. For Elliot too possessed a brand new pig snout in place of his normal nose. That in particular was a Lupin family favorite, as every metamorphmagus since Nymphadora Tonks had shown use of it. The man gave a small, pig-like snort, and spoke.] "Don'tchu worry 'bout it, kid. We swine's gotta watch out for each other." [There was a smirk on his lips, but his eyes remained fairly impassive like a man telling an old joke. Perhaps he was attempting to be funny, but he clearly did not think it was funny. He released the shoulder rather quickly, calling to the barman for a butterbeer, which was his preferred drink. His free hand carried a small black hat, filled with numerous knuts and sickles, and strapped to his back was the signature guitar he was known for always having. His clothing today was as much muggle as it was any day; a pair of baggy black cargo pants and a t-shirt with an ancient band name on it, on top of that he had a thin dark blue sweatshirt left unzipped. As he ordered, the pig snout slowly vanished into nothing and was replaced with a totally normal looking nose. Unfortunately the other man's nose might not disappear quite so easily.]

15:58:28 [Gloriana] A voice chimed in just as she was beginning to regain composure, a voice that sounded… rather familiar. She looked up to find one Izzy Iwamura and, despite the other party’s belief that she might be harboring resentment toward him, smiled. After all, what was done needed doing and if it hadn’t been for Izzy, perhaps all of Hogwarts might have been destroyed. As it was, she was almost… grateful for his hand in making her an anti-hero. Where Izzy and Xia were concerned, the past was past and that’s where it was like to stay — for now. “Oy, if it isn’t Mighty Mouse himself, eh? Come to stir up a bit of trouble, or are ya here for that blasted Conclave business?“ She thumbed at the back door to the Cauldron, then turned her attention back to Mopsy. “Oh, this? Nah, that was on purpose, mate. Bleedin’ git stole my tea… the twat,“ she mentioned, idly, grinning like a fool. She had every intention of making him suffer the rest of the day with the hideous thing. Another sidled up to the table and tried to console Merry with his own pigsnouted face. It didn’t seem nearly as funny as the first time. Gloriana simply smiled and finally lifted herself from her seat. “Well, I guess we’re on our way to Gringotts. Did you want to join us, Izzy? The more the merrier is today’s motto,“ she declared, and paid her tab with something like ten sickles lying on the table. She was a little sad to find the snout gone when she turned back to Izzy, Merry… and a man she presumed they were acquainted with, “Shall we?“

16:09:12 [Iwamura] "To answer your question, Ms. Boulstridge, yes." Izzy gave her a musing sort of grin, faded quickly. He didn't recall Gloriana having quite such a colorful vocabulary, but then, it did make her more interesting to listen to! That was absolutely true. Somewhere along the line she'd apparently developed a tongue, and a vindictive streak. Poor Mop. He was never going to get out of London alive. "Gringotts. Well, that's a… pleasant place, isn't it? Why not." A shrug. Yes, maybe he had intended to alcohol himself up with some nice mulled cider, but then he would miss all the hijinks that were about to ensue. "So, um, Mop. Last night. Kaust sang classical music. I don't even know what she was doing there, but Huian started singing and then Kaust started singing too. There is officially nothing left in the world that can surprise me."

16:17:33 [Elliot‘] [His bright eyes sat upon Gloriana for a moment, as if trying to remember something he had long forgotten, then they peered at Izzy as well, appearing deep in thought. It wasn’t until Izzy spoke her name that everything seemed to click.] "Boulstridge? Like Head Girl in my sixth year Bouldstridge?" [His face seemed to distort for a second, changing into a more youthful visage with lower cheekbones, darker eyes and lighter hair. It was the form he spent the most time in during school, and probably the same one she had caught him skipping classes or breaking curfew in.] "Been a long time, Elliot Lupin, for those who don't remember." [Probably that was everyone, he tended not to have many friends, despite being able to converse quite easily with anyone.] "And of course I remember you two, Mop, right? And Izzy. Bunch o' Ravenclaws here, eh?" [Truthfully he felt a bit left out, though it had more to do with the fact that not many Gryffindors were still alive and well, due to their tendency to run into danger rather than away.]

16:40:37 [Porthman] “GRINGOTTSSSS… yes. Gringotts.” It was as if not speaking for a whole minute was horribly oppressive and Mop needed to make sure his tongue still worked properly. When he discovered it did, it was hard to pick a place to start. He supposed he should finish up what he’d started when he’d started. “Just in and out and then on to better things” Mop promised as he stood, holstered his wand, and drew his attention back to Iwamura. His face contorted like he would speak, but ultimately, he just looked like he was at a loss. “Aye.” Porthman finally managed. “I can understand… why… that… you know,” his speech quickly became addled and disjointed like he was having trouble making a sentence out of them or deciding which thought should take priority. “I have a thing to—we’ll… yes.” Mop promised Izzy. “Do that later.” Thereafter, he turned a sweeping gesture to Elliot. “Yes, everyone, shit! Elliot!” Elliot – for his bravery – earned the same constricting embrace that he’d come to love to bestow upon his friends in greeting. As with Gloriana and Izzy before her, if he could successfully land two arms around his fellow Welshman, he’d teeter them from side to side before releasing. “Right, bank first—“ he turned back to Elliot “you coming?” and regarded the group once more “—then a cider for Iwamura and more tea and alcohol for Glori to drown her Guatemalan woes in.”

16:45:23 [Gloriana] Gloriana was not vindictive! She was buzzed… and attempting at a playful attitude. But then, no one could blame Izzy for his assumptions, it had been about 6 years since they’d even spoken to one another. When he mentioned he and Kaust and Huian all lumping together and singing, she perked an eyebrow, “Is there some kind of checklist I’m not on? Like, Hogwarts-Alumni-Evil-Overlords-Drink-With?“ Really, all of these people who had fought against that vulgar blonde abomination seemed to be perfectly alright with sitting down to have a drink with her. As if they were old friends. It was grating her nerves considerably. Merry piped up, finally, and Glori smirked, “That’s what she said.“ Her mood was considerably improved — you know, except for everyone pal-ing around with Kaust like they were all good friends. She planted a firm smack against Merry’s chest to the sound of a hollow thump, what with his revealing the contents of her teacup to everyone in the bloody pub! “Hm? Oh.. Uhh..“ she fumbled to respond, “Sorry, love. I’ve sort of… blocked most of my 7th year out. But, good on ya for remembering that sort of thing.“ It wasn’t the best idea to bring up the past with Gloriana, especially if you were a former Gryffindor. For all intents and purposes, Elliot was an entirely new entity. “Welcome to the gang,“ she offered with a shake of her hand. Right, no use bringing up painful memories. Everyone could just start fresh.

16:52:03 [Iwamura] Really, Izzy didn't understand why they had been having coffee with Kaust the night before, either. Xia's explanation - a famous Quidditch player dropped her off but will pick her up at nine - really only made sense when he was still certain it was an extended dream sequence. He wrinkled his nose a bit at Elliot. "I was chosen by House Nozomi years before I was Ravenclaw." And he hadn't graduated Ravenclaw, either. Stupid cosmopolitan life. His mother needed him at Hogwarts at a specific time, else he never would've been a Ravenclaw. He wasn't sure if that would be a good thing or a bad thing, though… all seemed a bit strange. "Good to meet you." No apprehension, although he felt a bit… off… about it. There were a lot of students he hadn't known at Hogwarts. And he was reasonably certain that many of them had suffered for his actions. He didn't like to think about it. Calculus of war, right? But when he tried to brush it off like that, he sounded like his mother, and that was pretty much the worst thing he could think of being… "I wouldn't have taken you for a whiskey in your tea type, Gloriana… I recall you being a shade uptight about the alcohol content of butterbeer."

17:01:10 [Xia] While the reunion tour made the way toward Gringotts, Xia made her way out of Kindlebird's. She was finishing up her short shift, dusting off her hands from the charm work she'd been doing. Her uniform for the store had been stashed in her bag (with a well-concealed extension charm…she has bigger-on-the-inside technology), and she looked spring-like in a dress of pretty, girlish colors that had the gossamer look favored by people who liked to dress up like fairies. Xia, of course, liked it because it was pretty. And paired with her currently lilac hair, it looked nice on her. "She stretched her arms over her head with a sigh, her sleeves sliding down to her elbows before she dropped her arms and they promptly billowed out around her wrists. "Hmmm." She frowned, tugging at and twirling a strand of hair around one finger as she turned to look this way and that. Where did she want to go? Home? Find Izzy? Finding Izzy and other friends who were in the area was preferable…but where did she start? Fortunately, as she began walking toward the Leaky Cauldron, she had little idea that she'd be walking headlong into Izzy, Mop, Gloriana, and Elliot.

17:02:50 [Elliot‘] [Elliot wasn’t particularly used to physical contact, though he had his fair share of one night stands, he tended not to do much… hugging. Still, he did not resist as he was dragged into a tight hug by the boy he barely remembered. It was mostly due to him being such an exuberant individual that Elliot remembered him at all, constantly sweeping to the Gryffindor table to speak to… someone. Finally released, he regarded the boy, now man, in question, and nodded. Sure, he would tag along, not that he had enough money to open a Gringott's account anyway. Not counting the fact that the Lupin's were fairly well off and he had a trust vault still in his name, mind. He preferred to make his own way in the world, for the time being. His face morphed back to its normal appearance and he raised a hand to shake Gloriana's, nodding. Plenty of people did not like thinking about their past, especially those in Hogwarts, so he understood. Things like that never seemed to get under Ell's skin, though. Finally, as they would apparently be heading off towards Gringotts, he nodded at Izzy, remembering idly that he had been a transfer student. Still, he was a Ravenclaw in Elliot's mind, as were the rest of them. ] "Aah, you too."

17:23:57 [Porthman] “Yes. There’s a big roster. Didn’t they send it out to you after you graduated? I signed that—“ Mop stopped himself before he let his mouth cuss out the rest “—A-S-A-P.” He finished with a grin. Thereafter, he got the party rolling toward the exit to Diagon Alley. “Iwamura, there’s a lot about Glori that’s changed. She had a spicy encounter with a Latin lover that changed her world. Now she’s doing things like drinking before noon and wearing red lace pannnn…” Mop’s face twisted and he paused as though he were suddenly winded. He even slowed his animated pace before. It wasn’t more than a second or three that he did, but the change was marked. Soon, Porthman was slipping back to a wide grin and speaking up (and fast) to cover lost ground. “SO. Who’s got the honors?” He’d ask, regarding the alley, first. It wasn’t a second later that he continued with a whole new line of questioning (one that would likely continue through the entryway). "Anyone else into house hunting? Where do you think is hot these days?” Mop’s eyes glanced around the party. “Ireland? Yeah. Ireland.” He told Izzy first, then, “naw, not Ireland. Too boggy. I hear the Channel Islands are nice, you know, if you like the bloody cold and rocks.” The Welshman regarded his fellow countryman and his long-time friend.

17:32:43 [Gloriana] Her cheeks grew hot, and pink thereafter, at Izzy’s comment. She normally wasn’t predisposed to a spiked cup of tea in the morning but extenuating circumstances dictated a whole different Glori today. Of course, her conservative attitude hadn’t been completely wiped from the slate. “I… uhh… aren’t you in kind of a hurry, Mopsy?“ There it was, that subtle difference in nicknames that cried ‘help me’ from a pair of searching brown eyes. She swallowed down that heavy helping of chagrin and hoped against hope that her quiet nudge for distraction would spur Merry to just that. Unfortunately, Mop wasn’t much help. In fact, he was no help at all! At his suggestion that she not only procured herself a lover, but trounced around town in Satan’s Panties, Gloriana screwed up her face in a frown and socked Merry full-force in his weak little arms. “I’m about this fuckin’ close, mate,“ she measured no more than an inch between her fingers, still eyeing Merry dangerously. She took her chance at opening the brick entryway to Diagon Alley with a few rhythmic taps of her wand, and they were off through the arch. And then, a miracle! “Xia! Xia Lavine, just who we needed to complete the circle. And also, another female to add to the group. I was getting concerned with the estrogen to testosterone ratio,“ she babbled, friendly-like at the lilac-haired girl. Their friendship was somewhat tentative, the occasional coffee or and an even rarer lunch on special occasions. Glori hadn’t allowed many people to remain close to her, but Xia was the next in line for “friend” status. There were no guarantees for Izzy, and probably even less possibility for this Elliot bloke, but even still Gloriana was happy with the two people she called friend. She turned to Merry, still a little miffed at his previous behavior, “Ireland. You should try Alaska. The further the better!“ Glori reared her leg back and kicked him right in his arse! He deserved it. On the other hand, any of them who knew her at school might be pleasantly surprised to see she was actually human, for once. Maybe it was her way of trying to forget yesterday altogether, or maybe she was just glad to be reunited with the people she once knew to be friends — sort of. At any rate, she was much more pleasant to be around, right? Right.

17:52:40 [Xia] The sound of someone calling her name drew her eyes up, head swiveling as she sought out the familiar voice. She spotted Gloriana and smiled, lifting a hand and waving to her before she realized just how big the group of people moving with her was. Her eyes widened a bit, but her smile broadened as she made her way over to them. "Are we having a reunion, then? I should get ahold of Huian, then we can have a big party." She was happy and bouncy as she gave Glori and Izzy both her customary hugs (whether they wanted them or not…this was simply something friends of Xia had to deal with), and then her gaze settled on Mop and Elliot. Her smile never faltered. "You know, I haven't seen you in years, Mop!" She grinned, then looked to Elliot. "Hello! I think we were at Hogwarts at the same time. Sorry I don't recognize you. I was a lot less likely to have friends back then." Given her penchant for going out into the forbidden forest and things like that, this was unsurprising. But she also talked to everyone, so Elliot's face was bound to stick out to her as someone she'd probably talked at now and then (because she did that). She fell into step with the group, floating along like she actually did have wings. "Where are we going?"

18:03:10 Huian ◙ Wouldn’t you know that she’d forgotten something last night? That bugged her, right in the middle of setting a lesson for some poor kid who’s parents wanted him to pack two years of learning before they started Hogwarts. Poor as in, that kid wasn’t very bright, and compared to his older brother, that worried the parents. A good kid, but he was eight. Eight year olds are not very bright if you measure them up to older siblings with more experience. (We are not going to get started on how he always forgets to keep his robes away from fire when she was teaching potion safety.) Again, eight. Her hand slid up, tucked a lock of hair behind her ear and out of her eyes, which were locked on the lesson plan in front of her. Spell tutor. Bah. She might as well be Mikail’s personal tutor, with how often she saw him a week and how much she was being paid. She’d even gotten gifts from the family last Christmas. Which was nice and she didn’t mind so much, but Huian was pretty sure it went a bit beyond beyond the professional relationship she was trying to maintain. (It did not help that he was cute as a button and while gave her a series of heart attacks now and then, he did seem to enjoy his sessions with her, even if he forgot to keep his robes away from open flame.) Ah well. Her finger moved, and the charmed ink swirled around and rearranged…trying to figure out how to best manage her time, since Mrs. Kingsburg was coming in later that day for her hour on Household Spells. Hm. People were bustling around her now, because Huian, being Huian, had just stopped to work this out, becoming the roadblock. A very small roadblock, easy to move around, but a roadblock. ◙

18:15:18 [Elliot‘] [Elliot followed the group at a languid pace, he was clearly a third wheel, so to speak, but it did not appear to bother him. He hadn’t ever had a defined group of friends before, he had people he would ocassionally hang out with, or people he would sometimes study with. But more often than not the people he considered 'friends' were few and far between. Still, he had a knack for blending into any group he found himself a part of, and had arranged his face into a relaxed visage as Mop spoke and bounced around, and a newcomer came forward. He recognized her as well, from school no doubt, and smiled as she greeted him.] "Yeah, we were, Elliot Lupin." [He was introducing himself quite a lot today, though he could not complain.] "Xia… something, right? Another Ravenclaw. I feel like I'm interrupting a house reunion."

18:33:40 Porthman was a whirlwind that didn’t seem to be focusing on anything at all while his attention spun around the group. Indeed, it was hard to think of him as grounded anywhere as his sobriety ebbed away. So this would be an inebriated bank trip with old friends – there was nothing wrong with that. That is, as long as he wasn’t called in to work – so for the second time today, he found himself praying to whatever ‘higher power’ would listen that all dark witches and wizards behave themselves today (and no one fall down on the job). Of course ‘dark’ and ‘witch’ had him recalling his errands here today—which were extremely likely be awful if his motor skills were retarded. He came out of the field trip in his head by the time Xia was merging with the group. “HELLo—well look at us, bloody hell!” For the second time in less than fifteen minutes, Mop engaged his primary attack: the unbearable bear-hug. Xia, however, was much smaller and thus, easier to lift and teeter with than any of his previous victims. It was to be – dare he say it - super effective?? If he had a hold on her at all, he’d release her far sooner than any of the rest (no need to suffocate the pint-sized member of thus alumni team. His attention was quick – or so he thought – to turn on Elliot with a sly grin. “Ohno, Elliot, we need you for the sacrifice to take our final form.”

18:37:41 [Gloriana] “Huian is here, too?“ A hand lifted to massage the back of her neck, nervously. She and Huian hadn’t gotten along very well — it probably didn’t help that Huian’s friend (Kieran Krum) and Glori pretty well hated one another. Gloriana cleared her throat, “Yeah. A party.“ Exactly what Merry had wanted. Glori just wasn’t sure she was on board with the idea. Too many memories, and many of them too painful to relive under the guise of nostalgia. Speaking of Huian… She almost barreled into the group as she passed through on her way to… well wherever it was she was headed. But was it Glori’s place to say something? Maybe Huian still hated her, or maybe they’d butt heads too easy. She opted for being friendly. “Umm hey, Huian.“ It was sure to elicit one response or another from the other party, she just couldn’t be sure which. But Huian was good with Izzy and Xia, the latter for sure right? Maybe even Mop? She rubbed a hand along her face at all the over-thinking she was doing.

18:47:06 [Xia] "Oh! I remember you now. I think I distinctly harassed you on a regular basis that year you were on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. You might have thought it was unsolicited flying advice. I'm sorry." Xia was grinning, though, because her unsolicited advise had often been things people wouldn't have done ANYWAY. For safety reasons. "Xia Lavine. And it sort of looks like it. But that's okay. You can be an honorary Ravenclaw today. And we will get you drunk and make you sing with us!" Well. Xia would make him sing with her…because that's what Xia did. When Mop grabbed her in his SUPER-EFFECTIVE bear hug, Xia gasped, but hugged him back, laughing as he spun her around. "Waaaa. I'm going to be dizzy now." She was about to catch hold of someone when she heard Glori greeting Huian. Her eyes widened, her smile reappeared. "Huian! Look! It's a Ravenclaw reunion! Plus one Gryffindor!" The plus one, in Xia's eyes, was just going to make their party even more spectacular. "He's going to sing with me. You're going to, too!" She hooked one of Huian's arms and pulled her into the group.

19:03:43 Huian ◙ Somebody almost ran into her. Whoops. His was definitely her fault, and she took a couple of steps back to avoid a collision without looking up from her schedule, and not until it was folded and settled in her pocket. It was a couple moments, but she looked up, ready to apologize, and she locked eyes with Gloriana. Her eyebrows furrowed, and her lips settled in a line, and it was clear on her face she was contemplating letting it pass without saying anything (And thus they could both go on their ways) or saying sorry or hello. She didn’t seem angry or hateful, just bemused. And it was settled. “Cheers, Gloriana. My fault. I shouldn’t be sta—-Xia Lady!” Well, two run in in two days, and her expression lightened, brightened, and she hugged the purple haired lady. She had a scarf that shade of purple. “A reunion and singing? I’ll bring the wine! But not too much, we don’t need an incident, ya?” Yes, on very good terms with Izzy and Xia, considering she reached out to ruffle Izzy’s hair and stick out her tongue at him playfully, before glancing at the group. “Is that the ever fabulous Mop and…Lupin, right?” She had been good with names…not on such good terms with many Gryffindors her last year of schooling, but she knew faces and names. “Ni hao. You’re coming to the party, yes?” Of course he was. ◙

19:13:13 [Elliot‘] [Xia, as it turned out, was a rival to Mop in energy levels, that was for sure. He grinned a bit at the latter, nodding his assent.] "If that’s what it takes to start a party." [He said, his tone mock serious. He gestured towards the guitar on his back, as Xia insisted on singing. Luckily singing was one of he few talents, it was in fact the way he made his living money these days.] "Singing I can do." [His voice probably the thing he was most proud of, because it had taken him a while to train his voice to be so good. Unlike the guitar and most other things that came to him quite naturally, singing was not one of those things. He had trained his voice for years for it to sound as good as it did now. Besides, a chance to show off his talents in front of so many cute girls? How could he resist.] "Elliot, yeah. And apparently I am, according to Xia." [This directed at Huian, the newest-comer, another he recognized in passing. He probably should have made more friends and payed more attention in school.]

19:34:45 Porthman wasn’t at all bothered by the traumatic events during their last years at Hogwarts. Or, if he was, the scars weren’t readily visible. “Ever fabulous.” He whirled to greet Huian with a wink since <i>someone was currently claiming FAR too much of her for him to greet their latest Ravenclaw with a Mop-style bear-hug. “Singing? Who’s singing?” He asked, mentally stumbling over the skipped embrace. If Porthman knew what conversations were actually flying around him, he either wasn’t really paying attention or he didn’t care – and you could take your pick. “Are we going to sing all the way to Gringotts? It’s not as if we need any more attention.” At this rate, Mop wasn’t entirely certain how he was going to lose some of this crowd… but he’d have to for his second errand… or put it off for another day… which might have been a better option to avoid the unnecessary questions that might spring up. Stumbling around at his intended destination wouldn’t be good for appearances at the rate his sobriety was going to go—but hell, why not, right? Who cared? Wait—no, that wasn’t him talking. "Fuck." The Welshman cussed, nothing to do with anything going on around him.

19:41:56 [Gloriana] She was slowly, but surely, beginning to feel very out of place in this setting. Xia and Huian were hugging and getting along famously. Elliot, Merry, and Izzy were all buddied up. And once again, Gloriana was left to watch from the sidelines. She left a small gap between herself and the group, opting, simply, to listen to the others reminisce — for now, anyway. While they laughed and made merry, Gloriana thought of the prospect of swinging by St. Mungo’s to see if there was any work available. She’d taken a leave of absence, but she almost thought it rude to assume that six months later they could even use her anymore. Maybe she’d see about opening her own little shop in Diagon Alley, maybe even one of the smaller wizarding communities near the Western shore. It was far enough away from London that she might not run into any old acquaintances and close enough to Ireland that popping in to see Merry wouldn’t be too much of a hassle where planning was concerned. What kind of real estate did they have out that way, anyway? Could she even afford any place that might house a potion-brewing set up? Maybe she could just be a family Healer — you know, cater to certain people instead of working at a place like St. Mungo’s. She heard Merry cry out and glanced over, mildly curious at the sudden exclamation of profanity. It wasn’t unlike him to swear, so she quickly brushed it off. Maybe she’d just travel the world like she had the past six months and explore different regions, extensively studying the potions of other cultures, maybe even discovering knew herbs for draughts and tonics. Her mind ticked away the possibilities, silently walking with the others toward Gringotts.

19:47:17 [Xia] "We can sing all the way to Gringott's if you want. I just get the feeling singing will be happening if the night carries on and drinks are had." She grinned, and then she moved over to GLori and hooked her free arm through one of hers, pulling her back into the group with a glance and a smile. "GLoriii. How are you? We last got coffee a month ago." She tilted her head curiously. She and Glori were slowly becoming better friends. It was slow going, though, because their history hadn't always been friendly. Xia had only in the past few years really been able to work around Gloriana's more abrasive attitude (which wasn't always abrasive, really). "And we're all partying, Elliot. Or at least that's what it seems like. So we're going to Gringott's first. Then where?" Because if they didn't have a plan, well…Xia could create one. "Do we need a bar? Or one of our flats?" Xia didn't mind opening up her flat for an evening. She just needed to know what people wanted to dooo.

19:59:21 Huian ◙ Definitely a party. This was the most social she’d been in weeks, and she was struck with the urge to beg Kieran to come out to join them. It wouldn’t be the same without him hanging around. And thus, she was absorbed into the mob of Alumni, in between Mop and Xia, pinching the man’s cheek with a huge smile and resting her arm on Xia’s shoulder as they walked, only shifting as Glori was pulled in. Broken off into boys and girls, with the girls taking the lead, it seemed. Her smile was directed at the ladies, and her finger tapped her cheek. “I’ve got plenty of space. Meiling might not like it, but she’ll only shed on your pants, and my neighbors shouldn’t mind. I’ve got a wine bar built in my kitchen and a cheeky deck, the view of London is great. And how are you Gloriana? I haven’t seen you since…school.” Well, she wasn’t showing hostility, so that was a good thing, right? ◙

20:15:19 [Elliot‘] [Well, that was all the prodding he needed. He slung the guitar around quickly pocketing the change that had been on the hat and slipping it onto his head. A quick few strums to check the tune, and he began to play a song as they walked.] "We’re singing, that's who." [The melody wouldn't take long to become very familiar, as he skipped plenty of the buildup at the beginning, and started the song off fast.] "Just a small town girl… livin' in a lonely world. She took the midnight train goin' aaanywheeere." [He was fairly certain most of them would have heard this song. It did the rounds in the magical community many years after it originally came out in the muggle one. He was sure most people didn't know what 'South Detroit' was, at least in this company. At this point, he didn't much mind where he ended up, if there was a party happening it meant he could play some music and relax for a day, which was pretty much what he lived for.]

20:31:49 Porthman smiled wide with dimpled cheeks into Huian’s ‘affection’. “Gringotts—then… wherever your heart desires.” He replied to Xia’s wonderings, but glanced to Gloriana soon thereafter to remind him: “ah, but… hopefully to someplace with tea—then—“ Mop’s attention went backward, to Izzy “—some cider.” The bumbling auror did little to keep the group from splitting and naturally fell into the ‘boys only’ line by the time Elliot had announced they would begin singing – which, but this time, Mop was ALL ready for. “Aughyiss. This is my jam!” He threw an arm – each – over Izzy (a little more comfortable) and Elliot’s (a little more of an effort) shoulders and HOISTED himself on their weight… which could end badly if they weren’t ready to support it. Of course, no matter how gracefully or gracelessly the whole ordeal ended, Mop was happy to belt out the next bit in his naturally sonorous notes (but with little care for actual artistry): “HE’S JUST A CITY BOYYYY—BORN AND RAISED IN” Porthman’s attention drifts to a couple stalled at a shop window, staring at the display “—hi—“ and continues: “SOUTH DETROOOOIT! HE TOOK A MIDNIGHT TRAIN GOIN’ aaaaahhheeeeennniiiwhere~!”

20:36:26 [Gloriana] “Hmm?“ A slender arm looped through the gap left by pocketed hands, an arm that belonged to Xia. “Oh,“ she began, tucking a stray hair behind her ear, “Umm, well… you know, I went on my trip and it was… educational.“ She wasn’t sure how interesting the potion-brewing tendencies of Pohnpeian tribes in Micronesia was to Xia. But Xia wasn’t the only one interested in Gloriana’s recent history; Huian piped up, seemingly curious about Glori’s life since school. “Just… kind of learning how other cultures work, herbs and processes we can improve on here on the Continent. Kind of boring, I guess.“ She purposefully didn’t mention invention two different potions in her time since school or being published in Practical Potioneer: Potion-Making in the Modern World. She hated notoriety, it did nothing for her character. The sudden outbreak into song had Glori lifting a curious eyebrow at Elliot, who strummed on his guitar to a tune Gloriana was unfamiliar with… at least intimately anyway. Merry was crooning loudly with the tune and running around Diagon Alley as if it were a concert stage, and he was the Main Event. She rolled her eyes. Really…

20:44:17 Huian ◙ “Socio-anthropological differences in care of sources for potions and standard herbology?” Well, that was an easy way to sum it up. It’s honesty what she thought of by hearing the description. Oh wait. Her head tilted at the strumming, and her hand grabbed Xia’s arm, her smile flashing gleefully. Yes. Yes this song. Yes this song. Journey, she think the band name was, but yes this song. She locked eyes with the purple haired lady, and the next lines, as all of their cues, slid out in unison. “A singer in a smoky room~, the smell of wine and sweet perfuuumee~…” This was why Milan could only have been improved by Mop being there. “For the smile they can share the night…it goes on and on and on and ooonnnn~!” Poor Izzy and Gloriana. Izzy had already been in an impromptu musical the day before, and well, the last woman might have thought the rest of them went crazy. ◙

20:54:27 [Elliot‘] [While he couldn’t imitate the electric guitar portions of the song, it still managed to sound half decent. He was particularly good at 'slapping' the guitar to emulate drums, which added another layer to make it easier to identify the song. It seemed like Izzy and Gloriana were either unfamiliar with, or not in the mood to join in the song. Oh well, he had roped in Mop, obviously, whose weight he managed to hold with no problem, as well as the other two girls, which was plenty enough for him. After all, he was used to singing in front of the uncaring masses completely alone.] "Strangers…waitin'…. up and down the boulevaaard. Their shaadows searchin' in the niiieeiiight." [Mop would probably enjoy the next verse, it was always fun trying to hit the highest notes. Not that Elliot had any doubts of course, a man so exuberant should be able to hit it, right?]

21:11:13 Porthman couldn’t help but grin through Gloriana’s discouraging eye-roll. As good as their relationship had been, he’d have to lie to say that he didn’t enjoy her staring at him for any reason at all. Thus, he was further encouraged to get more attention on their group. “Auwgh, go on, Glor.” Mop implored his the frumpiest (frumpiest!) member of their little tag-team. The Welshman untangled himself from Izzy and Elliot to – almost literally – bounce over to Gloriana, earning more stares from the poor bystanders trying to get on their way and their lives. His aim was to land his arms over Gloriana’s shoulders from behind and go slack over her, forcing her to bear most of his weight while he attempted to teeter them down the road. “Streeeeeeetliiiight PEEEOPLE,” if he was successful, he’d then slide backward, bracing himself with one hand on either of Gloriana’s shoulders “LIVING JUST TO FIIIIIND EMOTION!” He attempted to slide back in again, but this time, took up residence on one side of his freshly-home friend – one arm slouched completely over her shoulders and the other pantomiming the presence an olde-time microphone as he practically doubled over (threatening to take Gloriana with him). “Hiiiiding somewhere in the—“ Mop arched back up and belted: “nnIIIIIiIiiiiieeeeiiiIIIGGGGHHHHT!” And so the troop went down that road, serenading the whole of the wizarding shopping district, embarrassing whoever among them had not the constitution for fame. But mostly Gloriana.

21:16:44 [Gloriana] Her free hand lifted to massage the back of her neck nervously, “Yeah…“ Gloriana silently cursed Huian, Yeah, thanks for making me look totally inept at my own damn profession. The sing-a-long had Gloriana weaseling her arm out of Xia’s grasp and slowed a few steps behind… in case any photographer’s for the Prophet had any ideas at taking impromptu photos of their ensemble — something about the preparations for the First Conclave putting people in the spirit of celebrating. Nope, Glori was just fine with opting out of that photo opportunity. Besides, she didn’t think herself particularly photogenic anyway… today, especially. According to Mop, this train of thought would not be borne. He took her up and down the avenue with his antics, earning himself a few well-placed elbows to the ribs and a heel to any number of toes she could get her foot on. That was the last time she’d allow herself to get caught up in any of Mop’s errands… ever again.

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