April 11th, 2098

15:08:25 [Iwamura] One Izuyo Iwamura was in reasonably good spirits today. One Izuyo Iwamura was in such good spirits because, following the first security meeting between Kijushou and the Auror Department, he had been given the rest of the day free! Something about Shoi-grade Aurors not being strictly necessary. Also, he might've put in a request ahead of time, and it might've been on behalf of his entire squad, and he knew very well he might (read: certainly would) regret it later when one Sakako Mitsuda found out why they were off-duty today. But that was of no import! Izzy had shed the dark red Kijushou robes (he hated those so very much, what was it with Kijushou and uniforms) and promptly taken to the streets, moused down to a suitably manageable size. On a normal day, Izzy would have been rather uncomfortable being a mouse in Diagon Alley, with such an abundance of cats and owls about. Today was not a normal day, and going largely unseen in his meanderings was appealing. Also, unlike the human, the mouse had a fine sense of smell, the better for tracking people down with. Although that plan turned out to be ill-advised. There was no way to separate out any one person's smell in the milieu of awful that was Diagon Alley running up to the Conclave. No matter! He had ideas about where to find Xia. Ideas.

15:33:59 [Kaust] The rain and a collection of massive hangovers had given her an opportunity to escape the noisy prodding forced companionship of her teammates. It had all been rather easy after she’d left the Leaky Cauldron the night before, she’d simply stopped drinking… they hadn’t. Maybe that was why they’d kicked her out of their current lodging, tired of her snarky bitter comments and slight smirks taken from their displeasure. It didn’t bother her though, she had an umbrella after all tucked haphazardly beneath her arm while fingertips gripped some random paper she’d snatched (without paying) from a distracted vendor. For the most part the wandering beater was distracted, her gaze a bit confused beyond the gleam of those square-framed glasses. This was not a normal paper… there were some pretty outlandish stories in here but they kept her attention well enough, so strongly that she hadn’t even watched where she was walking nor the placement of her feet. During her aimless stroll she’d just about step on all sorts of things, discarded bottles… stray bits of garbage… a skittering Izzy!Mouse… watch out for that tail!

16:56:07 [Gloriana] She was just back in town from her little educational trip around the world, and who was she going to see? One Meredith Porthman (Merry, for short). Ridiculous and insane though he was, Merry was (very literally) Gloriana’s only best friend in the whole of the universe. She shuffled through crowds down Diagon alley, cursing this Conclave business as someone shoved passed her. “Oy!“ They either didn’t hear her, or didn’t care. She cursed under her breath and pushed forward toward the Ministry. It wasn’t long until she ran into another body along the way. She nearly bowled the woman over; though, this time it was Gloriana’s fault, and not the other way around. “Sorry, dea—“ she began, but as she glanced into the face of her victim, she turned sour. That face, she hadn’t seen in something like five years. Her eyebrows drew together, and she shoved the woman off her, “Oy, watch where you’re going.“ Glori was quick to judge, not knowing the truth about Kaust’s place at Hogwarts the year before her graduation. Either way, it probably wasn’t a brilliant plan to act caustically toward someone with Kaust’s history.

17:11:35 [Kaust] Poor mouse, she hadn’t meant to stumble all over him but he’d made it out okay! See, no dead children on her watch-Oh… Still, she is a bit engaged in the paper, more or less with growing eyes of stormy grey as they read over a particular article. Her… picture was in the article, as well as Porthman and Nori. She wasn’t sure how she felt about it, wasn’t sure how she should react—“I vas not drunken…” She mumbled, taking the time to pause on the sidewalk with brow narrowed in confusion as she broke into a cold sweat. No no no, keep it together… But a figure suddenly collided with her nearly knocking her glasses off. “Ah!” She’s a bit jittery, mostly due to her current state and for a moment she remembers that for the first time in a long time she’s alone in the city, having left her pack-er… teammates back at the lodgings. She doesn’t have time to think on that either though because she’s suddenly being shoved. Immediately the paper is dropped and her umbrella is clutched tight to her personas she closes her eyes. “I…. I am sorry!” If she had a tail to tuck between her legs she would have. She hasn’t even opened her eyes to see who she… she ran into? She only knows that its dangerous out here with people like Mop and Izzy running around trying to make her remember the things she didn’t want to remember.

17:21:52 [Gloriana] “I’m sure,“ she replied, heavy on the attitude. All those repressed memories of Hogwarts — before she and Merry made a pact to put that mess behind them — flooding back. If she’d had the capability, Gloriana might have devolved into a mess of tears and shouting right there in the street. As it was, she hadn’t cried since Archie’s death and before that, her mother’s. Anger was her out. It all bubbled up to the surface like a potion frothing over in a cauldron. She clenched her fists to keep from lunging at Kaust, though it didn’t help to be balled in such a manner as punching her was only a reflex away. “You sure as hell weren’t sorry when you and your stupid comrades murdered all of my friends,“ she added insult to injury. With Kaust cowering like an abused animal, Gloriana looked like quite the bully. She’d be lucky to make it out of there without being verbally assaulted back to the depths of hell she came from (or so Gloriana surmised, anyway)

17:31:02 Noriko || It was another day, and our hero [the inestimable Princess Sparklefists] found to her limitless entertainment that her display at the Leaky Cauldron the night before had created a bit of a scene: she and Cute had even graced the splash page of one of the local rags. Frau Grumpypants was on it too but she looked unhappy to be photographed; her avatar on the page kept looking away or rolling her eyes or sometimes hiding her face behind whatever she could find. What was the cute ones name again? Meredith, right, but he wanted to be called Mop. Mop like the thing you clean floors with; that seemed self-depreciating. He was moppish though, that couldnt be denied. It was only pure coincidence that our hero [the delightful Princess Sparklefists] ran aground on Frau Grumpypants for the third time in two days, certainly she hadnt been out looking for her. Timing as they say is everything though as our hero arrived at just the right moment to save the Frau from a rampaging hellwench [or so she naturally assumed]. "Frau Grumpypants!" Our hero injected herself into the budding altercation by sweeping in [long silk scarf trailing behind her in glorious scarlet] and planting a suspiciously sloppy kiss [she left behind lipstick and everything] right on the beleaguered Kaust's mouth. Our hero fortunately didnt understand either modesty or personal boundaries. "Really you must stop following me places, everywhere I turn I run into you!" ||

17:42:20 [Kaust] For a moment she surmised keeping her eyes closed, knowing that deep down in some part of her instinct dictated she become as small as possible to look less threatening, but it wouldn’t have worked, not entirely. Instead she cracked open an eye slowly, the usual cold apathetic emptiness replaced with apprehension and discomfort. No more remembering please, she’s had enough to deal with concerning her nightmares but this woman whom she barely remembered had no issue taking out her anger on her. She ground her teeth as she tried to place a face to the puzzle pieces of her memory but she found herself to afraid to dive so deep into the images. Of all the places she had to walk this was the place she’d managed to do so. “A-ah…” She was trying to hold it together under the verbal onslaught, to frazzled to tell if what she said was true or notI’m not like my father, I couldn’t have murdered anything…but there wasn’t much for her to work with, wasn’t anything to defend herself with because she knew she knew that at some point she had done those things, forced or not. Run… She should run, she had to run, fight or flight and she was all out of the former but there’s a savior bouncing by in the form of Noriko and a kiss. Immediately fear is forgotten in term for indignation. How, why, what?! Whatever cowering she’d been doing is forgotten to rub at her mouth. She CANNOT be seen kissing woman about ten times younger than herself, why had she done that? “Jah I…. I suppose I should.” She can at least calm her rapidly beating heart though and unfortunately for Gloriana there isn’t much fire left in the broken woman… least not then. Though with a somewhat more steady gaze and a tear or two blinked away she’ll glance back toward the woman that had verbally attacked her. “I don’t remember much of vhat happened because of the….” She gave a hasty swallow, she didn’t want to talk about this, didn’t want her weakness exposed, she… she had to get out of here!

18:02:32 [Gloriana] Frau Grumpypants. The stupid name lingered in the air. It might have been comical, were it not for extenuating circumstances. Gloriana’s anger stewed quietly and her face grew a new shade of red in the process of keeping her rage under control. It quieted some (not completely) at the sight of carefully-hidden tears that any other passerby might have otherwise missed. She wasn’t at all satisfied with the idea that she didn’t “remember” what happened, but Glori wasn’t about to bully her on the streets. No, she caught herself (thanks to the interloper, perhaps?) before things got out of hand. Her gaze shifted from the stranger and back to Kaust. “Don’t bother,“ was her final reply, and she chose to leave her there in the street without any semblance of closure or… whatever it was she was going for. The only problem with that, was it left Gloriana in the same position. So, the woman responsible for Archie’s death (maybe not by her hand), and the deaths of so many others, was wandering London — Diagon Alley, to be precise — freely and without consequence. Glori’s sense of justice was not the least bit satisfied. She still harbored so much anger toward Kaust and her “kind”. Too much to hold in. She gave up taking the long way to the Ministry (why had she opted for that path in the first place?) and apparated directly into the atrium of Ministry Headquarters. She blustered around the fountain and into the lifts, headed straight for the second floor and Merry’s cubicle. Glori was on the verge of tears, for the first time in 5 years, she was absolutely miserable. (Drama queen, anyone?)

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