May 8th, 2098

Kindlebird's seemed to be a lively place today, with lots of visitors who were here for the Conclave happening into the shop. They specialized, after all, in not only wands but charms as well. Xia sat on the counter, chatting animatedly with a stooped wizard who had little understanding of how the charm he held worked. "It's really simple, really. It just charms the item you're reading to double in size. Good for small books or pages with small text." She explained. She plucked the charm from his hand and then placed it on a book for demonstration, making sure it was opened to a page with particularly small text. "You just tap it here, like so, and the charm activates." The book swelled in size, almost comically. But the pages were easy to turn and highly legible, and the wizard made an excited sound. "And then just tap it again, same place, and it reduces size and the charm goes dormant. It's good for about…oh…Hmmm. You know. I don't think anyone's brought it back yet saying the charm has faded. But you give me a number when it does and I'll make sure to improve upon it." She said with a cheerful grin.

♀ On the most normal days of her life Ora wouldnt have dreamed of coming into a wand and charm shop; she made her own charms and trinkets and hadnt ever considered the need for a new wand. Her own was perfect for her circumstances which was to say it was a moody little shit but that definitely wasnt a thing she held against it. That only served to make life more exciting. Other things that were serving to make life more exciting today: Terror, the platypus embodiment of terror, had escaped from her and now Ora was in the hottest of hot pursuits! All puns very intended. The pursuit led straight into that wand and charm shop she wouldnt normally have ever fancied: her introduction suffice to say was memorable. “Terror! Stand down this instant, I shant tolerate insubordination of this magnitude! Those do not belong to you!” What didnt belong to Terror? That would be the brief-cut sunshine yellow women's underwear the platypus seemed to have stuck to its hind foot. Those didnt belong to Terror at all. ♀

Just as the wizened old wizard finished paying for his charms, the platypus came scuttling in. An eyebrow rose and Xia stared for a long moment in silence at the physical embodiment of her patronus. She slipped off the counter and dropped into a crouch, nimbly enclosing her hands around the creature before she straightened up. She eyed the bright yellow panties for a moment, then looked up through vividly purple strands of hair at Ora. "I have a pair the same color as those." She said cheerfully. "Also, this is my patronus form. I hope you don't let him near Australians. Because really all these guys wants is to poison them, you know." She flashed a bright grin and then carefully untangled the underwear from the platypus, which was wriggling in her hands as though trying to get away. "Calm down." She coaxed, trying to be soothing. This usually worked…with magical creatures. And cats. And a certain mouse. And owls. But she wasn't tested on the platypus, after all.

♀ For her part Terror was very docile when the violet-haired charmslady accosted her. She made a face that said I am a platypus and I dont approve of this treatment; being a platypus she wasnt very aggressive in her resistance. “I wouldnt count on that; Terror's a girl, only boys have poisonous hoof barbs.” She nearly sounded Australian; its just that instead of sounding like she was murdering English with a rusty spoon she sounded like she was sophisticated and elegant. Ora set her hands on her hips: she wasnt certain how it was that Terror was so very good at evading her. Neither how it was that Terror managed so expertly to infiltrate every place Ora didnt want her; a platypus simply wasnt the most agile or intelligent of creatures! Ora held out her hands. “I can take her. She isnt always friendly; bites sometimes, and that hurts far more than you might think by looking at her.” Despite the chase Ora looked very composed; her hair was still pinned back neatly [bobby pins are magic] and her boots and jeans looked no worse for having just come

Xia lightly ran her fingers down Terror's back, then gently handed her back to Ora, giving a small shrug. "Or maybe that's just what they want you to think." She pointed out, flashing a bright grin. "Platypuses are very wily creatures." She said keenly. True, she hadn't had any real dealing with them, but she was also the type of person who believed in nargles if you asked, so. Perhaps by nature, Xia was just contrary. "Bite by most things hurt. Nothing new there. I'm not worried about that, but she's probably more comfortable with someone she knows best." She grinned, then lifted her newly freed hands to tuck her purple hair back behind her ears. "If it's any consolation, my pets tend to get into things I don't want them in, too." Like when she'd come home and the bras were strung across the floor.

♀ “Wily, that is not the word I would use to describe her,” Ora opined sardonically. There were many words Ora wouldve used to describe Terror; not a one of them overly flattering. Why she even thought it was a good idea to have a platypus. No, that wasnt so much of a mystery. In the line of work of die zirkusprinzessin it paid handsomely to be surrounded by strange and fantastic beasties; the platypus was not magical but still had to it an aura of great mystique. Ora also knew how to colour it all up with purple dialogue when need be. In both arms she cradled the platypus [upside down], nimbly extricating knickers from webbed claws. “I wouldnt get my Alans in a twist about her, except she has such a need to take her thrilling discoveries into the public domain. I cant imagine where she mightve learned that from.” ♀

A shrug followed Ora's reply. Xia didn't seem to mind the difference of opinion. "Well. Wily or something worse, she certainly IS it." She grinned and then settled back on the counter, sitting cross legged and comfortable in her jeans and brightly colored shirt that looked like modern art in cloth form. "Mmmm. I find that animals tend to figure out what's going to cause you the most problem or embarrassment. It's really unsettling for an owl to drag all your bras out and leave them on display when you are bringing home someone you…um…fancy." She cleared her throat and blushed at the memory. "But I think her methods might be worse. How far did she run that you've had to chase her? And I'm surprised no one caught her before this." Maybe other people just weren't as observant as Xia was. Shame on them.

♀ That, Ora simply had to take her conversational companion's word for; she never had brought anyone home who caught her fancy. To do so needed two things which Ora possessed not: a home, and anyone who caught her fancy. “She didnt run, she eluded. I lost sight of her on Downing Street and found her again outside the Leaky Cauldron; she is smaller than I, and proved canny in the use of narrow corridors.” Here Ora realized a different problem; while Terror no longer possessed her unmentionables, Ora had no place to keep them save for her hand. If only she liked them less colourful! Had Ora anything resembling shame it wouldve been far worse. “Small matter, now. You have my deepest and most sincere thanks for your timely and heroic assistance, miss. Would you be the eponymous Kindlebird?” If wrong at least Ora's guess had not been inconceivable. ♀

A small giggle escaped her as she considered the problem Ora faced with a hmmm. "I can see that being a problem. It might be good to invest in charms that make you smaller. Or learning how to be an animagus if you become something small. Or just put a tracking spell on her." Xia was just full of suggestions, from outlandish to logical, and fortunately for Ora she hadn't gone into the depths of them. "You're most welcome. Being a hero is a very important part of the Kitty Kat Crusaders team!" She grinned brightly in remembrance of that particular discussion with Noriko and Huian. And then she snapped back to Ora as she asked who she was. "Oh no. I'm just an assistant. I help make new charms. Kindlebird is really only interested in the wands. We made an agreement a few years ago." She grinned widely. "Xia Lavine. Nice to meet you." Xia shrugged.

♀ “Ora. Ora Moon Summer.” Not, contrary to popular belief, Orabird; that name was reserved specifically for, well, Ora wasnt actually sure who that was reserved for. The people who got away with calling her that! “I did, once, consider taking the considerable time and effort to learn the animagus transformation. There is considerable demand for that sort of thing in my line of work. I sadly found I had little taste for becoming a penguin. Surely, nobody would blame me for that.” In her arms, Terror wiggled and wobbled. Her face still plainly read I am a platypus and I do not approve of this treatment, though Ora plainly was unconcerned with Terror's travails. She adjusted her grip on the discontented platypus as naturally as breathing, so as not to let her escape again: this, Ora had great experience with. “Would you allow me to buy you your next meal?” ♀

Her face brightened at the mention of being a penguin if she went for the animagus tranformation. "Oh. I understand. I wouldn't want to be a platypus personally. Seems like it wouldn't be much of an effective transformation. Just draw a lot of eyes. Not very subtle or anything." She sighed and shrugged with a small grimace. And then she chuckled as the platypus in Ora's arms wriggled and wobbled and generally looked displeased. She tsked, then looked up to Ora once more as the other woman offer to buy her her next meal. She rocked back and forth in her seat for a moment, then gave a nod. "I would be happy to accept your offer, with thanks." Another grin, and then she wiggled where she sat. Xia was not one to turn down free food. A habit she had developed very early in age. She was, if truth be told, not terribly unafraid of mooching if the need called for it.

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