May 7th, 2098

It was a beautiful May morning and our hero [the splendiferous Princess Sparklefists] already was in rare form; her infectiously bouncy exterior matched by the jaunty tune she whistled as she step-skipped her merry way down the main thoroughfare of Diagon Alley. She was dressed to kill in knee-cut high heeled black leather boots and a provocatively short dress in candy-apple red; her hair tied back in a quick and dirty french twist; her trusty Calico broomstick hefted across her shoulders. There was no practice this morning, but Nori had gone out to fly anyway; she was in London to win the Quidditch Cup and with the first match less than two weeks away she couldnt afford to be anything less than her best. Not to say our hero [the beatific Princess Sparklefists] could ever be anything less than her very best; far from it. Nori was confident in Nori's own excellence.

The morning of May 7th, 2098. It was earlier than Izzy was usually out and about - he was a bit of a night owl. Something he'd picked up from Xia. Well, not the owl part. Izzy found owls terrifying, actually. It was the inner mouse that did it. Even his own trusted Doc Holliday sometimes left him in a space where he was deeply uncomfortable. Nevertheless, early though it might've been, he was out! The day's exhibitions at the Conclave hadn't yet begun, and wouldn't for another hour or so, which did afford him something he'd seen precious little of in recent days… space to breathe. It was nice. It was also, really, a bit unnerving, seeing Diagon Alley so empty. The earliest of early-morning sun cast a cheerful glow over empty shopfronts and unattended exhibitions. Some few had merchants and exhibitors out preparing for the day ahead, but most remained rather blissfully closed. Indeed, were it not for a certain candy apple wrecking ball whistling his way through the graveyard, Izzy might've just walked on in his own quiet contemplation until the noise set in and Sakako put him back on duty. No such luck. He didn't know Noriko well, but she and Mop and Xia all seemed pretty close. So, just to be polite, really, he smiled in her direction and waved. Maybe the overly-exuberant seeker wouldn't notice him…

No such luck indeed Mr. Iwamura! Our hero [the magnanimous Princess Sparklefists] did notice his smile and his wave and she responded with the closest thing to in kind that anyone couldve possibly conceived of: "Izzypie!" The pure delight in her voice couldnt be missed; she spun about on her foot and sprang like a coiled tiger upon the poor unsuspecting Auror. Through only the most exceptional kind of body control she kept her trusty Calico broomstick [The Mighty Princess Sparklefists] entirely clear of his body; it simply wouldnt do to jab a poor boy with a broomstick while in the midst of a perfectly friendly pouncing. "I feel like we havent talked in an entire lifetime Izzypie; how is that awful woman treating you?" She planted on his forehead a very wet and sloppy kiss; held onto him very tightly and immodestly with arms and legs for perhaps longer than he wouldve been comfortable with then sidled her feet back to the ground. Bounce. "Not Blossompop; Blossompop is loverly, I mean the other woman. The one thats awful."

Frack. That… that plan could've gone more smoothly. Rather before he had time to process what she was even doing, this woman whom he barely knew had vaulted upon him and ensnared him in arms, legs, and… lips?! Gah! To say that Izzy was confused by the situation would be a statement that easily won Greatest Understatement of the Century, if such an award actually existed. Once Noriko was safely off and no longer touching him, he took a quick shuffling step away from her. "Oh, um. Mitsuda. Sh-she's alright." She wasn't alright. "It hasn't been bad at all." He was lying. But complaining about the, ahem, awful woman that he reported to at work was the sort of thing he reserved only for the people closest to him. In much the same way 'touch' was something he normally TRIED to reserve for those people… nevermind. "Blossompop." Oh, right. Xia. That was a nickname she'd given to Xia. "Errm. You're right we haven't talked much… recently…" Ever. "You're. You. How are you?" Wow. Much smooth. Very suaveness. So amaze. Izzy shuffled another half-step away, already looking for excuses to extricate himself from this encounter. It wasn't at all that he disliked Noriko, she was just a little overwhelming, and he had none of his usual people to hide behind right now.

Sadly Izzy's discomfort was completely lost on our hero [the fabulous Princess Sparklefists]; her mission in life was to spread love and joy through the power of singing chocolate bonbons and prolific kissing, it simply didnt ever occur to her that these things couldnt always brighten somebody elses day. "Youre lying Izzypie. That awful woman is awful and you shouldnt still be working for her. Everyone can see it." Nori crossed her arms with a huff; as though it was what she intended all along her trusty Calico broomstick came to a rest leaning against her shoulder. How she did that, a mystery; it couldnt have been luck but it also couldnt possibly have been natural. Even flying tackling hugs and kisses didnt cause her to lose track of that broom. "Dont make me quit for you, Izzy; you dont want me to have to do that." Though she tried and gave a game effort Nori simply couldnt sound cross and stern; her voice didnt possess the required denim-dripping gravitas.

"N-no. That won't be necessary. I'm fine, really." Okay, a little overwhelming would've been putting things lightly. Izzy didn't have any idea how to handle her. He expected delicate attempts at escape to fail, and was reasonably certain it was considered slightly impolite to use an animagus transformation to escape an awkward and/or overbearing conversation. Reasonably. "I, I appreciate your concern. Really, I do. It's just, um. I'm. Happy right now, and." Izzy was actually not the best liar. He had lots of other talents, but fuck this lying thing right in the neck. No good at it at all. "Mitsuda isn't so bad. She's just. It's hard for her because the Shoi don't respect her authority very much. I, um." Quick, think of an excuse for why you have to leave! Nothing came to mind, though, and Izzy settled for one more discomfited shuffle-step away.

"Well. If youre so sure, Izzypie. But I have my eyes on her." Our hero [the indefatigable Princess Sparklefists] made her best Ferociousness Face; it wasnt very ferocious. Maybe it was the most recent step he took away from her signaling at last that he was very uncomfortable or maybe Nori simply had other places to be; now was when she decided to let the adorable Mr. Iwamura escape her inescapable clutches. She wondered where Blossompop was; the two most often seemed as though they were joined by the hip. Nori didnt let it concern her though: "If that awful woman starts being awful to you again though you just tell me; as a hero I simply couldnt stand by and do nothing while the innocent suffer." Nori blew him a kiss then shouldered her broom again, "tell Blossompop that she must learn to speak Huckleberry by next Tuesday; its a matter of grave import." See? Hero.

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