Another Wizarding World.

Welcome to The Harry Potter RP That Doesn't Suck, an ongoing fanon RP set in an alternate and parallel version of J.K. Rowling's Potterverse. The HPRPTDS began in January, 2007, and has encompassed seven separate but connected RP scenarios.

England's Dreaming

There is no future in England's Dreaming. In 2098, under the long shadow of Kali Anmalyashonjir's bid for deific power, a grand conclave of Wizarding nations has been called in London. Though the violence and uncertainty of the Auror Wars is past, the future is uncertain, and with all the magical world gathered together in Diagon Alley, shadows lurk in the corners…

Old Wounds

Deep roots draw old water, and old water holds dark secrets. The year is 1880, and Singapore is the beating heart of a grand British trade empire in the South Pacific - an empire driven by the interests of powerful wizarding families. With tensions rising between the East India Company, the British Empire, and the growing nationalist movements in China, Malaya, and India, Singapore is also a powderkeg, awaiting only a spark - magical or non - to set it off.

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